Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 541 - A Temporary Pause

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Chapter 541: A Temporary Pause

Translator: _Tat_ Editor: Rundi

At the Wan Jian House’s entrance, Ling Xian was fighting with pure bravery. He paved out a path and revealed his undefeatable prowess!

Though he had the help of five Heaven’s Favorites, they merely helped him stop the continuous attacks. The major reason for his victory was because of his own powerfulness.

He was powerful enough to fight against so many enemies solo and not back down!


Without hesitation, Ling Xian’s Winged Blitz flattered and he transformed into a band of light that flew by. Without those foreign kinds’ powerhouses’ obstruction, he very easily unleashed the full potential of the Winged Blitz.

Fast like the wind, powerful like the thunder, Ling Xian’s silhouette disappeared from everyone’s eyes within a few breaths,.

This scene shocked everyone who was here!

All the spiritual beings s.h.i.+fted their gazes to afar and their faces were full of incredible.

Ling Xian’s silhouette was completely gone, which meant he had succeeded in his rampage! Even under the stress of being trapped by multiple powerhouses of the foreign kind!

Yes, he rampaged, not escaped.

Though it might appear no different, they were very different in essence.

Remember that there were three original leveled cultivators who were present at this battle. They forced Ling Xian to betray the Wan Jian House under everyone’s watchful eyes and forced him to choose the escape route.

Without a doubt, this was a huge form of humiliation. Anyone would feel extremely humiliated. However, that situation was only seen when Ling Xian was extremely stressed, hopeless, and has to escape exhausted.

But right now, was he showing even the slightest trace of fatigue?

Even though he was covered in blood and greatly injured, he, in the eyes of everyone, was extremely bright, glorious, and honorable!

To have fought solo and defeated a group of enemies, how much power was needed for that? To have struck down all his enemies and paved out a path, how unbelievable was that?!

If he was forced to escape in a state of pure exhaustion, then naturally it would be a huge humiliation. Yet just now, he killed at least 30 completion leveled cultivators and sent chills down everyone else’s spines.

This was also a form of humiliation. The one being humiliated, however, was not Ling Xian, but the foreign kinds who were completely beaten up!

This included the three original leveled cultivators who set themselves high above the They were also the receiving end of the humiliation!

Remember that every single spiritual being was extremely powerful. An alliance of them was even more powerful and enough to destroy the controlling force of Yunzhou. Yet this alliance was not enough to stop Ling Xian, and, on the contrary, it was defeated by him. What did this mean?

To Ling Xian, this proved his powerfulness. To the foreign kinds, this was a giant humiliation.

“Dammit, he managed to escape!”

The surviving foreign kind powerhouses tightened their fists and felt a great humiliation. When they came, they came with arrogance and threatened the Wan Jian House. They were so arrogant that they thought they could easily stop Ling Xian with the flick of their fingers.

Right now, someone was indeed stopped. Sadly, it was them who were stopped by Ling Xian!

“Dammit, what a bunch of tras.h.!.+”

The elder in black robe shouted angrily and cried out, “You trash, why aren’t you chasing after him?!”

Hearing this, the surviving 20 something foreign kinds recollected themselves and made their move. They headed towards the direction that Ling Xian was flying to.

But Ling Xian was already long gone. As to whether or not they could catch up to him, it would depend on the luck of these spiritual beings.

In order to help Ling Xian escape successfully , the two battles were still going on.

Dao Wu Ji was playing his sword like it was weightless. Every single strike matched the rhythm of the Heaven and Earth. His swordplay was flawless and fatal.

Though there was nothing particular special about the Qi it gave off, his swordplay was profound. He had reached the highest level possible in terms of swordsmans.h.i.+p. The blade of his sword appeared unadorned, and there was nothing terrifying exuding out of it. Despite this, the emperor didn’t dare to be reckless and was concentrating on every one of his movement.

From this, it could be seen how Dao Wu Ji lived up to his t.i.tle of being the best swordsman in the continent.

The war above was even more destructive. Horrifying vibration of Qi was rippling, dispersing the cloud and crumbling down the sky.

The demon proved himself to be once of the fifth level of cultivation. Even though he had fallen back down to the original level, his capabilities were not at all lacking. Using his own strength, he was able to defend against the three original leveled cultivators.

Though he was at a disadvantage and appeared very exhausted, he blocked these three and completed the second task that Ling Xian ordered him to do.

“Get the f*ck out of my way!”

The elder in black robe was furious. Extending all six of his arms, he headed towards the demon!

However, against the violence of the six armed gorilla, the demon didn’t feel afraid at all. An infinite amount of demonic power continued to soar out of him and formed an armor that stopped the arms of the elder.

“d.a.m.n you, why are you so desperately blocking us?” The man in black was now delirious as he called out his best techniques in hope of killing the demon.

“If I am asked to do something, I will do my best.” The demon responded with ease and continued to defend against the original leveled cultivators’ attacks.

Logically speaking, since that brave young man was long gone and the the Demon Defending Monument had no threat to him at the moment, the demon should have stopped his fighting. Pity though, Ling Xian had predicted this and ordered him the third task already.

The general content was that after Ling Xian escaped the battlefield, he needed to block the three original leveled cultivators for half an hour more.

In other words, as long as the demon completed this task, then he would no longer be trapped by the holy promise and could regain his freedom.

Therefore, he naturally had to do his best.

Just like that, the two battles continued. Terrifying Qi rippled out on and on, turning the entire area barren.

It was just that the two sides were slowly losing their anger.

The situation was very clear. Even an idiot could tell that unless the original leveled cultivator should have pursued Ling Xian, the completion leveled foreign kinds would not even be able to catch up to Ling Xian, let alone killing him.

On top of that, the main target of the war was already gone. Who still had the exhilaration to continue fighting?

After around half an hour, the demon exploded with an immense amount of energy that forced the three original leveled cultivators backwards. Then, his body trembled and he disappeared right from where he stood.

“Haha, I have finished my last task. From now on, I am as free as a fish in the sea and a bird in the sky!”

Noticing that the demon had left, the three original leveled cultivators’ expressions dropped but they did not pursue him. Not only would that be completely meaningless, they would also end up falling into an endless war.

“Ling Xian is probably long gone by now.” Dao Wu Ji secretly smiled. His Unadorned Sword continued to slash and slice, forcing the emperor to step back.


The emperor was gloomy at the moment. He knew that even he displayed all the techniques he knew, he could not defeat Dao Wu Ji, and not mention to catch up to Ling Xian.

Therefore, he made no comments and turned around to leave.

“Dao Wu Ji, we three foreign kinds will not forget about you.” The blond elder had a frigid expression on his face. He didn’t attack Dao Wu Ji, but he did leave behind a threat.

They were all very much aware that asking the Wan Jian House to give up Ling Xian was purely for revenge and that the 10 Dynasties and nine Houses would only stand by watching. However, if they should declare a war against the Wan Jian House, then they would be challenging the humankind, and a war would break out all over Yunzhou.

Especially now that Ling Xian had announced in public that it was no longer a.s.sociated with the Wan Jian House, they had no more reason to start a war.

Because of all these, the three original leveled cultivators stared at Dao Wu Ji deeply, flapped around their sleeve, and left.

Seeing this, Dao Wu Ji sighed in relief. Everyone in the Wan Jian House sighed in relief as well.

They now knew that they had averted this crisis. Not only did they not fail at this, they actually succeeded greatly.

Yes, three original leveled cultivators convened here to try to destroy the Wan Jian House and suppress Ling Xian.

However, at the moment, it was because of Ling Xian’s words and powerful combat power that the alien army would return frustrated. To a certain extent, this was indeed the defeat of the alien army.

In other words, Ling Xian had won.

A temporary pause had been placed.

The rattling battles and the revenge story that will incur thousands of years later will not reach its end this easily.

Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 541 - A Temporary Pause

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