Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 559 - Breaking Through the Breakthrough

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Chapter 559: Breaking Through the Breakthrough

Translator: _Tat_ Editor: Rundi

One had to admit that the Technique of the Physical Body was extremely miraculous.

After Ling Xian injected his own soul into the clone, he realized that this clone, all his organs and meridians, were the exact replica of himself. In other words, he now possessed two different bodies.

One was the original with the cultivation level of completion; the other was the clone that had never practiced Taoism.

The clone was extremely real, almost identical to a real human being. The only point of differentiation was that he contained Ling Xian’s soul, therefore, Ling Xian was the only person who was in control of his body.

Other than this, Ling Xian also discovered a giant surprise. The surprise was that though the clone’s body had no cultivation, his meridians and dantian were not any different than the original.

It is well known that a person’s meridians grow alongside cultivation.

When the meridians are thin, they absorb comparatively less spiritual energy. When the meridians grow larger, it’s easier for them to absorb and release spiritual energy. Additionally, thicker meridians can inhale more natural energy from Heaven and Earth and transform them into Qi.

From certain point of view, it means a faster cultivation speed!

It is just that when humans are born, their meridians are generally the same sized. Only as their cultivation levels improve, the thickness of their meridians enlarge little by little.

Yet at this moment, an empty sh.e.l.l of a body without any cultivation possessed the same meridians as someone in the completion level. What did this indicate?

It indicated that this body would have an insane cultivation speed! It would for sure break all norm and progress aggressively!

Because of all this, how could Ling Xian not feel excited? Originally, he was worried that this clone would not have enough natural talent to attract the attention of the officials from the Shang Qing Sect. After investigating and realizing that the clone’s meridians were the same as his own, he no longer worried.

The larger the meridians, the faster the cultivation speed. This was something the entire Taoism community agreed upon.

Because Ling Xian possessed the divine ancient blood, his meridians were larger than humans of his own level. This was one of the reasons why he was able to progress in cultivation so fast.

At the moment, an empty sh.e.l.l of a body that had never dealt with Taoism had meridians of the same size as one in the completion level with pulses of energy that surpa.s.sed those of the same level. There was no need for explanation for what this would indicate.

In term of purely cultivation speed, this clone’s cultivation speed should surpa.s.s the original Ling Xian’s!

What could he? Ling Xian’s original physical body was far too powerful. The body created using that original as foundation would of course be better than the original.

However, this fast speed was only applicable for cultivation levels prior to becoming the advanced stage of the completion level. When this clone’s physical body became equivalent to the original, then it would not be able to catch up to the original’s no matter what.

It was just a clone after all. Plus, it was a product formed for the purpose of allowing Ling Xian to succeed in his mission, how could it be compared to his actual body?

Despite this, having this clone will help decrease Ling Xian’s total required training by a decade. How could he not be excited?

“Originally, I thought I would have to start all over. I didn’t think the clone would end up being so naturally capable. No… I should really say that my actual body is too powerful, powerful enough to make this amazing clone.”

Ling Xian’s lips curved into a satisfied smile. He could clearly feel that if he began to cultivate using this clone, then the insane speed this body could achieve would astonish everyone!

Even the top talents of the cultivation community would be in awe of this!

“There is still some time until I have to leave this place. Might as well try out this clone and see just how terrifying its speed of cultivation is,” Ling Xian’s eyes flashed with antic.i.p.ation. He formed a hand seal and called out to the natural energy of Heaven and Earth.

Then, an unimaginable scene occurred.

The s.p.a.ce around him stopped moving. Cracks… no, drops of materialized spiritual water began to pour from the empty s.p.a.ce. Then, the spiritual water increased in volume and eventually, there was enough volume for it to form a stream that rolled into Ling Xian’s body.

It was a widely known fact that when spiritual energy was dense enough, it would materialize and turn into spiritual water. In the Taoism community, other than some strange and rare spiritual energy that could achieve this, there was another method for this to occur.

It’s based on how much spiritual energy one’s body would be able to attract. In other words, the larger the meridians, the denser the spiritual energy would be attracted.

At the moment, not only did the spiritual energy formulated into water, but there was also enough of it to turn into a stream. This alone was enough to prove how powerful Ling Xian’s clone was!

Especially under the circ.u.mstance that the clone had never cultivated, this reaction was enough to shock everyone!

“This feeling sure is wonderful.”

Bathed under the spiritual stream, the corner of Ling Xian’s lips kept on curving upwards. He couldn’t help but to reveal a satisfied smile. He could feel it so clearly that after the spiritual energy entered his body, there was no need for him to use any of his techniques for the energy to transform into Qi.


Similar to thousands of horses raging on, the spiritual energy inside Ling Xian’s body was transforming in such an intense speed that his cultivation level immediately broke through to the first level!

This was just the beginning.

The extremely dense spiritual energy poured into his body and was absorbed by his dantian in a speed that was just as fast. It transformed all this energy into Qi, allowing his cultivation level to shoot through the air and began to break through at an unstoppable speed!

The second level, the third, the fourth… In the twinkling of an eye, Ling Xian’s cultivation level broke through to the ninth level!

The speed didn’t even slow down after and continued to transform his body using that unbelievable speed.

As this was happening, even Ling Xian himself was severely surprised at his progress. As much as he was shocked, he was more excited and happy.

For him to have such a fast cultivation speed, it meant not only would he garner much attention from the officials of the Shang Qing Sect, it would also save him years of hard training as his clone and his original body would be able to converge very soon.

Once that happened, his cultivation level would increase exponentially, and it’s quite possible for him to break through to the original level.

“Phew, such an insane speed. Even I am finding it hard to believe,” Ling Xian deeply sighed. He dispersed the spiritual energy all around him and paused his cultivation level at the ninth level of Qi.

Though he could break through easily if he chose to, don’t forget his plan was to join the Shang Qing Sect under the t.i.tle of a disciple. If his cultivation level was too high, then he could have tried to join using his actual self.

Therefore, Ling Xian stopped himself from progressing any further.

“This whole thing has been off the chart unbelievable. Thank G.o.d there is n.o.body else here, or else he would be pa.s.sed out at how fast I have been advancing.” Ling Xian smiled and shook his head. Even he himself was finding it a bit hard to believe.

However, after thinking about it for a bit, he stopped dwelling on it.

Honestly, this speed was insane, very insane. But don’t forget, the original body of the clone was someone of the advanced stage of the completion level. After all, Ling Xian had been at all of these different stages.

In other words, there was no such thing as bottlenecks even though he was restarting in another body!

Because of all this, why wouldn’t the speed of his cultivation be heaven defying?

“I have gained far too much on this trip. To have made a clone like this, not only did I increase my chance of s.n.a.t.c.hing the fortune by at least 10 percent, my capabilities will also grow greatly.” Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction. Then, he summoned his soul back to his original body.

Because both of these bodies were him, he could switch back and force without even a second of lag.

“Okay, since I have completed this task, it’s time for me to speak to the Chu Zhong Tian about what to do with the Mu Clan.” Ling Xian flapped around his sleeve and tossed the expressionless clone into the Painting of the Nine Immortals. Then he stepped out of his room.

Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 559 - Breaking Through the Breakthrough

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