Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 568: - A Reminder

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Chapter 568: A Reminder

Translator: _Tat_ Editor: Rundi

Chu Zhong Tian sighed in relief. He feared managing the most because it would delay his training. Now, Ling Xian was telling him not to worry. Naturally, he stopped worrying.

Then, he suddenly remembered something and asked, “I wonder who is this candidate you are thinking of?”

“You know the person as well.” Ling Xian softly grinned, “Little Er, come out.”

At his voice, Huang Er walked out from a room on the right. His frame was scrawny and skinny; his face resembled a squirrel’s. The vibe he gave off was that he was calculative and at the same time, someone who utterly ignores the rules.

From the eyes that were almost in slits, slyness was flickering. It was as if he was an old fox in hiding.

“So it’s you.”

The moment he saw Huang Er, Chu Zhong Tian’s brows furrowed. He didn’t know about Huang Er’s hidden intelligence. He simply thought the man was a cheater and thief.

Therefore, of course he had no good thoughts about him.

“Your Excellency, please forgive my bluntness.” Chu Zhong Tian made a fist and cupped it with the other hand, “if you are planning on handing the City of Sin to someone like him to manage, then I would rather take a longer time with my training and manage the city on your behalf.

Hearing Chu Zhong Tian’s accusations, Huang Er frowned. However, he didn’t say anything in response.

The reasons for this being, one, Chu Zhong Tian was very capable and thus terrifying. Two, he knew that that man has vowed to the heavens about Ling Xian and thus he was extremely loyal. If he argues and says otherwise, then he will find himself in an awkward situation.

Therefore, he smartly chose to stay silent and smiled cunningly.

“Chu Zhong Tian, don’t question my decision.” Ling Xian faintly smiled. Though it appeared soft, it was extremely resolute.

Immediately, Chu Zhong Tian became fearful and quickly explained, “Your Excellency, I am not questioning your decisions. I simply think this person doesn’t have much to offer and cannot shoulder such heavy responsibilities.”

“About that, you will find out soon.”

Ling Xian’s expression was calm, just like a G.o.d who was above everyone else. He wasn’t angry nor mad, he simply glanced at Chu Zhong Tian. “You just have to understand one thing. Don’t question my decisions.”

“Yes, I will remember.” Chu Zhong Tian nodded. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Ling Xian, he simply didn’t think Huang Er could do this. He was thinking on Ling Xian’s behalf.

Seeing Chu Zhong Tian agreeing, Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction,

“Don’t underestimate Little Er just because he is behind on cultivation and he doesn’t have a great temperament. His brain is fast, and he is definitely a prime candidate for managing this city.”

Hearing this, Huang Er chuckled, very proud of himself.

Chu Zhong Tian frowned and checked out Huang Er with a look of inspection. However, he didn’t say anything because he didn’t think Ling Xian would make such a choice without good reasons.

“Little Er.”

Ling Xian s.h.i.+fted his gaze to Huang Er. “From this moment on, you are the manager of the City of Sin. You will be responsible for all big and small issues the city faces. I wonder if you have any objections?”

“No objections. Of course, I have no objections.”

Huang Er’s entire face was smiling, and he was slowly turning into a flower. Even though he had guessed Ling Xian’s plans, hearing it in person made him feel like he was surrounded by happiness and that he was about to die from this joy.

Remember that he was once just a normal cultivator at the bottom of the food chain in this city. Every day, he was bullied and taken advantage of. Most people in the city teased and taunted him, but he had to treat them nicely with a smile on his face and not resist.

Yet before his eyes, Ling Xian was making him the general manager of the City of Sin. This was a position that was above everyone else. Why wouldn’t he be extremely happy?

If he had objections, then he would be an idiot.

“Good. It’s good you have no objections. Then from this moment on, you are the general manager of the City of Sin.” Ling Xian smiled and stared right at Huang Er. “Do well and don’t disappoint me.”

“Do not worry. I will not disappoint you!” Huang Er was extremely excited – to a point where he can no longer control himself.

The general manager of the City of Sin was someone that could control an entire city and act above everyone!

In other words, from this moment on, he will be the second most powerful figure in the City of Sin, responsible for all trivial and non-trivial issues regarding the city. Whoever sees him has to respectfully call him the General Manager, why wouldn’t he be excited?

Never in his dream did he think that one day, he would be able to stand at a place so high. It made him feel like he was dreaming.

Try and imagine, before, he was someone who could only look up to others. Now, others have to look up to him. How unbelievable of a revenge was this?

All of this was thanks to Ling Xian.

Without him, Huang Er would still remain the low leveled cultivator bullied by others. He never would get the opportunity to stand on such a high position and look at the scenery from up there.

This is something Huang Er knew very well.

Therefore, he repressed the excitement in his chest and bowed to Ling Xian. He said in a genuine tone, “Thank you for changing my fate. Thank you for allowing me to stand somewhere so high. My life is now yours, I am willing to do anything and everything for you!”

“Very good.”

Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction. He could sense the niceness in Huang Er’s tone and said, “If you are truly thankful, then take care of this city well. It is the best way to repay me.”

“Don’t worry, I will do my very best to keep this city well managed.” Huang Er’s expression was serious and his tone was powerful.

“I believe that with your capabilities, managing the city won’t be difficult.” Ling Xian smiled, “But, you have to remember. Other than listening to my orders, you will also have to listen to Zhong Tian’s.

Remember that.”

“Yes, I will definitely listen to senior brother Chu.” Huang E chuckled. He peeked at Chu Zhong Tian with his peripheral vision. Seeing that he wasn’t furious at the use of “senior brother”, he stopped worrying.

Originally, Chu Zhong Tian wasn’t that willing. However, after hearing Ling Xian ask Huang Er to listen to him, he was extremely happy and didn’t want to focus on the other matters.

“Call him the ruler of the city now.”

Ling Xian softly spoke out and looked at Chu Zhong Tian, “From now on, you are the ruler of the City of Sin and Huang Er will be the general manager. The two of you will be a team with one specializing in martial arts, the other in academics. One will take care of those who mess around in the city, and the other will manage everything about the city. I believe that if you two work together towards a common goal, you will develop this city well.”

“Do not worry, I will remember what you said well.” Chu Zhong Tian nodded.

Huang Er had a serious expression on his face and carved what Ling Xian said onto his heart.

Both of them knew very well that it was all because of Ling Xian that they are having their today. Therefore, their thankfulness came from the bottom of their hearts and so was the admiration they had towards him. Of course, they have to remember what he was saying.

“Then, I will stop worrying.” Ling Xian revealed a satisfied smile. He was very happy about handing the City of Sin to Chu Zhong Tian and Huang Er.

Chu Zhong Tian was a completion leveled cultivator, which was enough to control the entire city. Plus, he had made a heavenly vow that secured his loyalty for Ling Xian. Therefore, he was the best candidate to rule the City of Sin, and Ling Xian didn’t need to worry about his betrayal.

Huang Er though looks very wretched by appearance, was actually extremely intelligent and meticulous. For him to manage all matters related to the City of Sin was very suitable. There was also no need to worry about his loyalty because even if he does get bad thoughts, there was not much drama he can create with Chu Zhong Tian, the completion leveled powerhouse here.

Like he said, one focuses on military needs the other civil; a great balance that doesn’t create any conflicts.

Because of this, Ling Xian, of course, was not worried. He trusted that the two of them could help develop the City of Sin into a prosperous future.

“Hehe, giving the City of Sin to senior brother Chu and I is not something you should worry about.” Huang Er chuckled, finding it hard to hide the joy on his face.

Chu Zhong Tian didn’t speak. However, the resolved expression on his face indicated that he would protect this city with his life.

Of course, rather than saying he wants to protect the city, it was more like, he didn’t want to disappoint Ling Xian.

“Of course I am not worried about leaving the City of Sin to you. Now I don’t need to worry so much as I continue to march on my journey.” Ling Xian grinned, his eyes flickered with antic.i.p.ation.

Everything he wanted to do here has been taken care of. It was time for him to go to the Shang Qing Sect.

“Your Highness, I dare to ask you, where are you going?” Huang Er hesitated and finally asked.

Chu Zhong Tian didn’t speak, however, his expression revealed his curiosity.

Ling Xian shook his head gently, “You don’t need to ask too much. Just take care of what you are supposed to do.”

“Okay. I understand.” Huang Er read the situation and didn’t ask anymore.

“Okay, I have something to talk about with Zhong Tian. You go down first,” Ling Xian said.

Huang Er nodded. After bowing, Huang Er left the greeting hall.

At this, Ling Xian moved his gaze towards Chu Zhong Tian and said in a low voice, “I need you to do something for me. Remember, you need to investigate in the dark and do not startle anyone.”

“Please speak of it,” Chu Zhong Tian’s expression changed. He could read Ling Xian’s face and realize when he was serious. Also, since he told Huang Er to leave, this must be an important matter.

His guess was correct. The reason why he asked Huang Er to leave was that he thought this was a serious matter and it was important for him to hand it over to someone he trusted.

Chu Zhong Tian was without a doubt, the best candidate.

“I need you to research all the books about the City of Sin secretly. On top of that, you need to a.n.a.lyze the information and dig out all the secrets related to this City.” Ling Xian’s expression remained stern. Because no matter how he saw it, both from what he heard and the strange reactions the city showed him when he first arrived, only one conclusion comes to mind.

There are far too many secrets hidden inside the City of Sin.

Therefore, Ling Xian needed Chu Zhong Tian to help him find out about these secrets.

“Secrets from the City of Sin?”

Chu Zhong Tian frowned. After a short pause, he continued, “I have heard my ancestors claim that many secrets are hidden inside this city. As for the details, n.o.body really knows.”

“This is why I need you to investigate secretly,” Ling Xian said in a low voice.

Chu Zhong Tian nodded, “Don’t worry, I will not let you down.”

“Very good.”

The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curved up, and he reminded, “Remember, this is something only you can know. Do not let anyone else find about this. n.o.body.”

“I understand.” Chu Zhong Tian smiled, feeling like he has gained Ling Xian’s trust and was extremely happy about it.

“Since that’s the case, then go and prepare. In 10 days, you will host a ceremony that formally announces yourself as the new ruler of the City of Sin.” Ling Xian grinned.

“Yes, I will leave now.” Chu Zhong Tian paid his respect and left the greeting hall.

As Ling Xian watched him leave, antic.i.p.ation flashed across his eyes. He mumbled, “In 10 days, I will leave as well.”

Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 568: - A Reminder

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