Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 632 - Exhilaration

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Chapter 632: Exhilaration

Translator: _Tat_ Editor: Rundi

Inside the meeting hall, Ji Qian Bai and others were struggling internally. They looked at Ling Xian and stopped talking.

The situation was very clear. If they wanted to ensure the Array of the Astonished G.o.ds could succeed, they had to beg Ling Xian.

Yet they were all just slapped in the face by Ling Xian. Though they weren’t exactly angry, they didn’t feel very good. And since they were required to speak the words to ask him to do something, they didn’t know where to find the face.

To know that all of these people were important figures of Yuezhou. Which one of them wasn’t high in position and was not respected?

For them to have to ask someone something first, especially after being slapped in the face, was something impossible.

However, the Array of the Astonished G.o.ds was far too important. It was the lifeline of the Shang Qing Sect. Without this array, this extremely powerful force’s capabilities would decrease by 30 percent!

Therefore, Ji Qian Bai gritted his teeth, “Xian Ling, I really hope you can lend us a helping hand and allow the array to transform successfully!”

“Honestly, I can ensure this array have a successful transformation.”

Ling Xian revealed a soft smile. Then, before everyone’s excited gazes, he uttered out a statement that enraged them!

“But, why should I help you?”

As soon as his voice faded, Ji Qian Bai and others were furious and gushes of Qi poured out of them. If this meeting hall wasn’t protected by defensive techniques, it would’ve crumbled under their Qi.

Ling Xian’s face turned pale white and couldn’t help but to step back 10 steps.

If he was his original self, that wouldn’t have happened. But don’t forget, his cultivation level was only of the meditational. To have only stepped back was already impressive.

“This is the att.i.tude you show towards someone you need a favor from?”

Ling Xian carried a sarcastic and cold smile. Though his entire face was pale from their Qi, he did not show any fear.

He had been cultivating for years and he was no longer the young cultivator he was back then. If he called out his original self, then the combined force of the group before him wouldn’t even be able to stop him.


Ji Qian Bai froze and slowly retracted his Qi. Everyone else did the same.

Because Ling Xian was right. If they wanted to ask him to do something, they had to do it right.

Though based on their status, he was nothing compared to Ji Qian Bai and others. But based on what was happening, if they wanted the transformation of the array to succeed, then they must act nicely towards him!

“Headmaster, as the pupil of the Shang Qing Sect, rationally speaking, I should help.”

Now that everyone had retracted their Qi, Ling Xian’s lips curled up, knowing that because of how much they feared the Array of the Astonished G.o.ds, they would bend down. If he didn’t use this opportunity to teach them a lesson, then it would be a waste.

Therefore, he sighed, “But, because you didn’t trust me, my heart feels cold.”

Hearing this, Ji Qian Bai and others appeared embarra.s.sed and helpless.

To ensure the success of the Array of the Astonished G.o.ds, they had to sacrifice themselves. Even if they lost their face, they had to ask Ling Xian for help.

“Aye, whatever, I will temporarily give up my reputation.”

Ji Qian Bai gritted his teeth and decided to let himself go. He slowly bent down his upper body, formed a fist with another and cupped with another, and he requested, “Xian Ling, I apologize for what happened just now. I hope you can forgive the past and help us now.”

At this, everyone was stunned.

Who was Ji Qian Bai?

He was the Supreme Headmaster of the Shang Qing Sect, one of the three most powerful forces of Yuezhou. Whether it was his capabilities or his ident.i.ties, he was amongst the best of Yuezhou!

At this moment, this important figure, was being so respectful towards such a low leveled cultivator, how unbelievable was this?

Why wouldn’t anyone be shocked?

Even Yu Wu Xiu, who hadn’t said a word, lifted an eyebrow and her expression changed.

Ling Xian was moved. He didn’t think this major character of Yuezhou would overlook his status and bow down.

What happened next moved him more.

Perhaps it was because they saw how even the Supreme Headmaster had apologized, the four peak leaders and the three grandmasters all bowed down to Ling Xian. Though they said no words of apology, their movements showed their att.i.tude.

They were apologizing to what just happened.

To know that though their statuses were slightly lower than Ji Qian Bai, they were all important figures. Yet now, all of them were acting like they were low leveled people. How shocking was this?

Luckily, n.o.body else was here. Or else they would be petrified at this scene.

Everyone’s action made Ling Xian exhilarated. He felt like he didn’t waste his time coming here.

Who were the people before him? Though they couldn’t rule the entire Yuezhou, they were still huge mountains here with statuses that could shock anyone!

In the entire world, who would they ever have to bow down to? Perhaps Ling Xian was the only one.

Don’t forget, these people were just slapped in the face by Ling Xian yet they were still willing to put aside their statuses and apologize to him. Who wouldn’t feel satisfied at this?

He was exhilarated, but Ji Qian Bai and others were acting like a kid who just ate p.o.o.p. The color on their faces was not attractive.

They were slapped in the face by Ling Xian and yet they had to act lowly and beg him. What was happening!

Ji Qian Bai and others were full of bitterness. They felt like they had lost all their reputation.

However, even if they had to give up their faces, they had to endure this! They must!

Because they could not allow anything to happen to the Array of the Astonished G.o.ds. And Ling Xian was the only one who could help this array!

Therefore, everyone swallowed the shame and humiliation they were feeling. They continued to bow down and waited for Ling Xian’s response.

“Not bad, not bad, the Supreme Headmaster, the four peak leaders, and the three grandmasters are all bowing down to me. This is something I never got to experience inside the Hidden Territory.”

Ling Xian silently laughed. Feeling good head to toe, completely exhilarated.

“This sure feels nice.”

Looking at the important figures who were bowing down, Ling Xian revealed a satisfied smile. But he also knew that he could not milk this. Especially since he had to stay in this Sect for a while.

If he angered these important figures too much, then things wouldn’t end well for him.

Therefore, he faked a nice att.i.tude and said, “Aye, why are you all torturing me like this? You are all seniors to me, why would I ever let you bow to me like this? Please straighten up.”

Hearing this, Ji Qian Bai and others felt mad. Naturally they knew Ling Xian was faking it.

Since they had already lost face, then they didn’t really care about this little thing. Therefore, they all straighten up and looked at Ling Xian hopefully.

“Xian Ling, we have all gave you our most sincere apology. I hope you can forgive the past and lend us a helping hand.” Ji Qian Bai said in a low voice, his eyes were full of antic.i.p.ation.

Ling Xian revealed a faint smile. To help boost his own position and to not burn bridges, he had to choose to help fix the array.

Therefore, he smiled lightly and uttered out a sentence that brought great excitement to everyone.

“Since the Supreme Headmaster and the grandmasters have requested my help with such sincerity, of course, I will have to do you a favor and help you out.”

Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 632 - Exhilaration

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