Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 645 - Depression and Anger

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Chapter 645: Depression and Anger

Translator: _Tat_ Editor: Rundi

Dong Fang Yu had been severely depressed lately.

Her life before was extremely joyous and she was able to act however she wanted like she was the ruler of the world. In the entire craft division, very few people dared to provoke her.

However, ever since Ling Xian appeared, her life turned into a messy roll of yarn.

First, he questioned her in public in her cla.s.s. Then, he slapped her in the face. Naturally, she was angered.

Yet she couldn’t find a reason to teach Ling Xian a lesson.

Therefore, Dong Fang Yu’s chest felt inflamed by this wildfire in her heart. She felt like she could snap any time.

Especially when Xiang Ru Gu placed the eighth realm Spiritual Sensing Rock before her, her anger boiled and she almost lost it.

Therefore, when she witnessed the person behind all her anger entering her home, she shot up from her seat and stared directly at Ling Xian. The fire was shooting out of her eyes.

When Ling Xian saw Dong Fang Yu, he was a little startled. He didn’t think he would meet this beauty of a professor here.

“Xian Ling, you dare to come here!”

After a furious shout, Dong Fang Yu’s hands formed into fists and she stared at Ling Xian with her sword-like eyes.

If a gaze could kill, Ling Xian would’ve been killed a hundred times.

Sensing the enraged gaze, Ling Xian touched his nose sheepishly, “Professor Dong Fang, what a coincidence. How come you are here also?”

“Why am I here also?”

Dong Fang Yu clenched his teeth, “This is my home. Why do you think I am here?”

“Your home?”

Ling Xian was a little startled but quickly realized. He laughed bitterly, thinking he was a sheep that landed in a tiger’s mouth.

This was something obvious. Dong Fang Bi and Dong Fang Yu both had the last name “Dong Fang”. Since she was also here, it was enough to prove that these two are relatives.

“You, Xian Ling!”

Dong Fang Yu’s face was green as her chest rose up and down from anger. She continued to gawk at Ling Xian as she snickered, “I didn’t go fetch you and you came to find me. It seems like you are tired of living!”

“Professor Dong Fang, you have misunderstood.”

Ling Xian bitterly smiled and planned on explaining to Dong Fang Yu all about Dong Fang Bi’s invitation.

However, before he could say anything, the woman interrupted him.

Dong Fang Yu’s face was pale as she continued to stare right at Ling Xian with boiling anger that could heat up an entire ocean.

At this, Ling Xian frowned slightly but he didn’t say anything.

“Hmmph, you humiliated me twice. I will have to avenge myself.” Dong Fang Yu’s expression was cold. A foundational level of Qi poured out of her and shocked the entire palace.

“I had no intention of humiliating you.”

Ling Xian shook his head and mumbled, “I did not question your power in cla.s.s and I did not question your abilities. You simply misunderstood.”

“I misunderstood?”

Dong Fang Yu’s anger continued to shoot out of her head, “You slept in my cla.s.s. What is that if not provocation?”

“I was enlightening myself with crafts, I wasn’t sleeping.”

Ling Xian said softly, “You might think it’s because I didn’t respect you. But honestly, I have nothing but respect for you. I simply felt like the knowledge you were teaching differed from the path I wanted to follow.”

“Good, very good.”

Dong Fang Yu’s lungs were about to explode from anger. “What about the second time? You asked Xiang Ru Gu to bring me an eighth realm Spiritual Sensing Rock. What did you mean by that?”

It would’ve been better if she didn’t mention it. At the mention of this, Ling Xian was getting mad as well.

Anyone could’ve seen that by asking him to make an eighth realm craft, Dong Fang Yu was trying to give him a difficult time. Yet at the time, he didn’t say anything and merely gave her what she asked him.

Yet now, Dong Fang Yu was using this against him. Why would he be angry?

His expression turned cold, “You dare to use that situation to blame me? First of all, you asked me to make the eighth realm craft. Second of all, you intentionally asked me to do to give me a hard time. You don’t allow me to strike back after all that?”


Dong Fang Yu froze but couldn’t find any words to argue against him with.

She knew very well herself that she was purposely giving Ling Xian a hard time. Therefore, at this moment, she had nothing to say.

“Speechless, are you?”

Ling Xian had a sarcastic smile on his face, “Professor Dong Fang. I suggest you sit down like me and we can have a chat. If you think about it, there is really not much between you and me, why must we turn it so messy like we are doing now.”

Then, he brought himself before a chair. However, before he could sit, this obviously valuable chair crumbled into pieces.

Dong Fang Yu had made a move.

She really could no longer oppress the anger she felt. She planned on trapping Ling Xian and teaching him a lesson.

“Professor Dong Fang, it seems like our battle is unavoidable now.”

Ling Xian raised an eyebrow as his expression remained cold. However, he suddenly remembered something and revealed a bright grin.

“Professor Dong Fang, are you sure you want to fight me?”

“You humiliated me twice. I have to avenge myself.” Dong Fang Yu’s face was pale, “But don’t worry. I won’t kill you, I will at most, hang you up and beat you up.”

“You are that confident that you can hang me up and hit me?”

Ling Xian joked. After sensing Dong Fang Yu’s Qi, the smile on his face intensified, “Don’t blame me for not warning you. It’s better if you don’t start with me. Or else you will for sure regret it.”

Dong Fang Yu smiled in disdain. Only confidence was on her face, “I admit that I have underestimated you. But that was about craftsmans.h.i.+p. With your low cultivation, I can defeat you with one finger.”

One finger?

Ling Xian was speechless, thinking that if he could use his original self, she would be the one dead under one of his fingers. However, of course, he can’t say that now. What would happen today won’t need him to make a move after all.

“Xian Ling, accept my sentence.”

Dong Fang Yu’s lips curled into a smile that said she was sure she would win. Like a predator staring at a prey, she said, “Don’t worry. I will not kill you. But physical pain won’t be something you can get away from.”

Then, her hand turned into a talon that waved before Ling Xian.

Immediately, a shapeless wave of power trapped him, disabling him from moving.

Ling Xian didn’t try to dodge him nor was he scared. He was as collected as ever.

This angered Dong Fang Yu. She wasn’t sure why Ling Xian was so calm even after being trapped by her.

“Good, very good.”

Smirking, a long, red whip that was rough on the edges appeared in her hand. She then slowly walked towards Ling Xian.

“I sure want to see if you can remain calm when my whip hits your face.”

Then, the long whip slapped through the air and headed towards Ling Xian’s face.

If it landed, his face would’ve been ruined.

Against this attack, however, Ling Xian remained collected and not at all fearful.

Because he had calculated that someone would come and save him.

Just as he predicted. Right before the whip landed on his face, a man wearing a white robe abruptly dashed in and stood between him and the whip.

Then, the whip disappeared and the trap was destroyed as well.

Following that, a loud voice full of scolding echoed throughout the palace.

“Dong Fang Yu! You, you, you! How dare you treat a master in such a manner! Do you want your grandpa to die! I raised you for more than 20 years for nothing!”

Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 645 - Depression and Anger

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