Painting of the Nine Immortals 712 A Demon

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Currently, the Sun was hanging high in the sky, shedding down warm and bright light. However, the coldness in the air could not be chased away.

The entire place was eerily silent. As if time and s.p.a.ce had been frozen, everything dropped into a deadly silence.

Only the b.l.o.o.d.y rain composed of the elderly woman's corpse continued to move.

Everyone's eyes were widened and their breathing stopped. All the arrogance and confidence they felt from before all disappeared from their faces.

What replaced it was fear. They all felt coldness take over them from head to toe.

What just happened was far too shocking and far too unbelievable!

The strongest attack from a completion leveled cultivator did not harm Ling Xian even the slightest. On the contrary, he crushed the opponent into mush. Just how terrifyingly capable was he?

Why wouldn't everyone tremble from this?

Only after a long while, did everyone regain their composure. Then, statements full of fear began to echo throughout the area.

"Demon! He is a demon!"

"He is far too powerful. I didn't even see him making a move, yet Elder w.a.n.g vanished with her weapon!"

"Don't forget, Elder w.a.n.g was crushed to pieces after making a move. The move she made was her full potential! A move at the peak of the completion level!"

"Unbelievable! Just who is that person? Isn't he far too insane?"

Everyone was screaming and shouting. They were all looking at Ling Xian like he was a monster. Their bodies all trembled uncontrollably.

The upper management of the Qing Ming House reacted in the same manner. They all felt agony all over their body as if they had just seen a ghost.

The impact brought on by witnessing the death of a completion leveled cultivator was intense. Especially since n.o.body even saw Ling Xian making a move before the person and her weapon were squashed…

They could not imagine, what kind of capabilities was required for a person to so silently crush a powerhouse who was at the peak of the completion level!

They couldn't imagine and decide if the person before them was a human or a demon wearing a human's skin!

"I told you to stop, but you all laughed at me. Since that's the case, then let me end your lives."

Ling Xian marched forward one step. Similar to a G.o.d, his temperament was extraordinary and at ease.

With the b.l.o.o.d.y rain as the backdrop, to others, he was without a doubt, a demon!

The steps he took to march up was slow, like a ticking timer from the G.o.d of Death. Every step he took, others felt like they were one step closer to death.

The atmosphere turned depressing yet again. Everyone felt like they were being engulfed by an endless amount of hopelessness and fright. There was no light in sight.

This depressing atmosphere dialed up everyone's fear level. Those with a poor mentality started to cry.

But for some reason, none of them were running away. It wasn't that they didn't want it, it was that they were too stunned by Ling Xian and had no more courage to escape.

"Do not be afraid!"

The Supreme Headmaster shouted, "There are so many of us. What are you afraid? Let's all attack together!"

Then, he formed a hand seal. A giant that was at least a hundred meters tall formed before everyone, emitting an unstoppable amount of Qi.

At this, the six elders' eyes flashed with hope. They quickly prepared for their best and strongest technique in hope of killing Ling Xian in one go!

The first one to make a move was the giant. Though it was made out of spiritual energy, it was basically real. By standing there alone, the ground was cracking open and the s.p.a.ce was shaking.

It was holding onto a hefty and heavy sword that was aimed directly at Ling Xian!


The swing of the sword was extremely threatening and was full of terrifying spiritual energy. That plus the giant's long body, altogether, the attack was unstoppable and extremely dangerous.

Compared to this giant, Ling Xian looked extremely small. He could even be described as an ant who had no ability to defend.

The result was that everyone once again fell into awe!

The moment the heavy sword hit the ground, Ling Xian slowly extended his right arm and placed it above his head. Then, the sword hit the ground and created a tornado of debris and dust.

After the storm, Ling Xian appeared unharmed. Even his robe remained untouched and it was actually the sword that showed a small crack.

This scene made everyone's eyeb.a.l.l.s pop out. He really didn't think Ling Xian would possess such terrifying physique.

"Boring. This is so weak it's sad."

Ling Xian shook his head, unwilling to waste more time with these people. Plus, he had been defending all this time and it was his turn to attack.


Terrifying Qi washed up the sky and uprooted all living organisms.

Ling Xian attacked. He grabbed onto the giant's feet and with all the might in his body, he lifted the giant over his head!

This scene once again astounded everyone!

The ant-sized Ling Xian had just defended against a giant who was as tall as the cloud. How unbelievable was this?

What shocked everyone, even more, was that he was now slammed the giant onto the ground and began a startling physical battle!

Bang, bang, bang!

Ling Xian threw his fists and made aggressive moves without seeking help from his Qi. He used purely his physical strength as he thumped on the giant.

The first punch made the giant's chest cave in.

The second punch cracked the giant's entire body!

The third punch completely crushed the giant!

Everyone's expression fell, especially the Qing Ming House's Supreme Headmaster. He never imagined, not even in his dream, that his proudest and strongest technique would be defeated by Ling Xian with three punches!

"Weak, far too weak."

As the light from his punches dissipated, Ling Xian spoke and completely lost interesting. Then, he slowly turned his body and terrifying Qi howled and engulfed the entire area.

Instantly, everyone stepped backward by a step and were all stunned by his energy.

Only one person remained where he stood. That person was the Qing Ming House's Supreme Headmaster.

Even though he was white-faced and was sweating from head to toe, he still held himself up and disallowed himself from stepping back even a little bit.

"I do not believe you alone can end my Qing Ming House!"

Shouting, the Supreme Headmaster once again forced a hand seal and asked the other elders to attack together in an attempt to end Ling Xian.

Different techniques were summoned. Some showed up in the form of weapons, others in the form of thunders and lightning. All of them, without exception, were powerful and aggressive.


All six elders shouted as they converged their techniques and attacked Ling Xian. Heaven and Earth shook in the face of the attack!

"This attack is somewhat impressive."

Ling Xian smirked. Quickly, however, his smile disappeared and coldness crawled up his lips.

"Pity though, a thousand bunnies cannot stop a lion."

At that, he hurriedly attacked!


Ling Xian summoned the Disorder Conquering Immortal Fists! They exploded with an unimaginable amount of energy and crushed all six techniques. Then, the Sword of Extinction appeared, slashed across the sky, and landed right between the Supreme Headmaster's brows.


The sword dashed across, showing off its sharpness. Before everyone's shocked gazes, it pierced through his bros.

Then, carrying with him much regret and unwillingness, he fell to the ground.

This scene silenced everyone.


The Supreme Headmaster died?

Everyone's face was full of fear and only one thought pa.s.sed through their brains.

The Supreme Headmaster had died. The Qing Ming House was over.

Completely over.

Painting of the Nine Immortals 712 A Demon

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