Painting of the Nine Immortals 883 Almighty

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In the sky, a golden door appeared, exuding vibes of ancientness and age.

At once, everyone's eyes s.h.i.+fted over. They were filled with pa.s.sion.

Even the most talented Ye Xiao Yao's face revealed much antic.i.p.ation.

What could he do? The Great Mausoleum was far too tempting. There is basically n.o.body who can remain calm before it.

Then, everyone made their move. Using the fastest speed possible, they flung themselves towards that door, terrified that if they are late, the treasures would be s.n.a.t.c.hed away.

At this, the G.o.d of Gold hissed, "You are lucky. The Great Mausoleum is activating so I will spare your life for now. But remember, I will take your life sooner or later."

Hearing this, Ling Xian smiled.

The Great Mausoleum had activated so he didn't want to fight on any longer. That wouldn't benefit him. But the G.o.d of Gold had made a statement that basically meant it will not give up until someone dies. It wouldn't be Ling Xian's style if he doesn't teach that roc a lesson.

Therefore, Ling Xian held up his sword and using the sword's bright rays, he responded to the G.o.d of Gold.


The sword cut down, incomparably sharp, forcing the golden roc to manipulate its Qi. However, it couldn't escape fast enough. Its left wing was ripped down.

To the roc, this was a huge humiliation.
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However, he knew that continuing to struggle with Ling Xian would not benefit him. Therefore, he sucked up to his pain and turned into a ray of light that slid into the Great Mausoleum.

Seeing this, Ling Xian didn't pursue. From certain point of view, he had won this battle.

Plus before his eyes, the Great Mausoleum has activated. He didn't want to waste any energy on this monster.

"A powerful enemy should not be underestimated. I wonder how this golden roc compares to Su Li Yu and the others."

Ling Xian took back his Zi Yao. He stared at the golden door leading to the Mausoleum and his eyes were shooting heat.

It wasn't just because it was the Great Mausoleum. It was also because there were many powerhouses inside!

"Let's go. After I find the stream of life first, then I will look into the connection betweent this place and the Palace of Fortune."

Ling Xian smiled. He tore open s.p.a.ce and headed to the golden door.

Very quickly, he marched over the arch and entered the Great Mausoleum. Then, he felt a wave of dizziness, which only made him exclaim over the fact of how the different places even have the same transportation method.

When he reopened his eyes, he paused right where he was.

Everyone else who were also transported, were stunned as well.

This was all because before them was a giant cemetery. At first glance, the countless monuments made everyone's hair stand on their ends.

But very quickly, they all remembered the rumor about the monuments and their gazes turned heated.

Ling Xian remembered the same things.

Therefore, he marched forward in giant steps. He wanted to see just what makes this Great Mausoleum strange.

Just as he walked forward, he suddenly frowned. His right arm carried a ton of weight and slammed towards the left.


After a loud rumble, the s.p.a.ce cracked.

Next, a giant brown bear puked out fresh blood and found it hard to conceal the shock in its eyes.

It saw Ling Xian standing still and planned on killing him while he wasn't paying attention. After all, to kill an unguarded humankind would've been great help for its kind.

What it didn't expect, was how sharp his senses were and how it was discovered before even making a move. It truly didn't think it wouldn't even be able to handle one strike!

Therefore, this brown bear didn't utter a word and left.

What a joke!

Against such a terrifying human, was it going to stay and wait for death?

Sadly, Ling Xian had already discovered it, so why would he let it escape?

"Your life stays."

Just then, Ling Xian raised his right arm and slammed down his fist. The s.p.a.ce broke into pieces and the brown bear exploded into bits.

Everyone was stunned by this. Though the brown bear wasn't a top tier Heaven's Favorite, it was still a famous powerhouse. Yet it died after two slaps from Ling Xian. Why wouldn't they be surprised?

What Ling Xian did next shocked them even more!

"Hmmph, a mere clown is trying to sneak attack me?"

Hissing, Ling Xian's hand clenched into a fist. He swung it backwards and instantly, wind howled and s.p.a.ce shook.

Then, a giant red bird with flames circulating it shrieked in agony. Both of its wings were beaten to pieces.

At the same time, Ling Xian hurriedly turned around. A person, exactly like him but of as a smaller version, flew from between his brows and emitted seven heavenly lights. Then, this mini person crashed into a silver wolf's brain.

The giant silver wolf was instantly petrified.

Then, its entire skull exploded. Its body collapsed onto the ground powerlessly.

After seeing this, the giant red bird revealed how shocked it felt. Suppressing the pain it was feeling, it headed out to escape.

"You had the guts to try and kill me but no guts to fight me till the end?" Ling Xian spoke. His right hand exploded with s.h.i.+ny gold light that dropped down like mountains.


After a loud rumble, the entire place became engulfed by an infinite amount of gold light. After the light dissipated, the red bird was no longer breathing and collapsed onto the ground.


In the blink of an eye, three powerful beasts were so crisply killed by Ling Xian.

This shocked everyone there. Though those three beasts were not the most powerful Heaven's Favorites here, they remained powerhouses. Yet now, they were killed by Ling Xian alone. How overbearing was this?

What the!

Why did he have to be so insane!

Everyone was in awe and they didn't know what to say. They looked at Ling Xian like he was a monster.

What could they do? This entire ordeal was a little bit shocking. To kill three giant beasts so easily was extremely aggressive!

After killing three sneakers, Ling Xian glanced over everyone emotionlessly. The way he looked at everyone was like he was the G.o.d above everyone else.

This made people tremble. Especially the powerhouses from the foreign kind - they were terrified that Ling Xian would get mad and slaughter them.

"Is there anyone else who wants to try and kill me? Come, I will give you the opportunity." Ling Xian spoke lightly. His white robe pranced in the wind.

Especially after he had just killed three monsters, everyone there was now quivering.

Therefore, n.o.body stood out. Even though many of the foreign kinds didn't like the sight of him, n.o.body dared to fight him directly.

"You all saw what happened to the three beasts. I cannot stop you from trying but I warn you, think carefully before you try anything. I am not one to go easy."

Ling Xian spoke and no longer paid attention to these people. Instead, he walked towards the cemetery.

To him, this was merely a small interlude that didn't even have the right to be minded by him. These beings before him definitely had no right to hold his attention.

He was at the highest level of the original level, which meant his energy had the acuteness that far surpa.s.sed everyone else. There was no way others could sneak up on him.

This was why even before the three beasts could make a move, he had already finished his killing.

Therefore, Ling Xian felt too lazy to pay attention to these people. He walked directly into the cemetery and decided to check out the rumor about how each tombstone was a Dao. He wondered if it was true that each grave instead buried a different Dao.

Painting of the Nine Immortals 883 Almighty

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