Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 941 - A Joke

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Chapter 941: A JokeTranslator: Tat Editor: Rundi

Inside the stone room, the shocking playback of the past disappeared. Han Qing Xue and the others were now bright-eyed with ill intent displaying on their faces.

One was because the treasures were valuable. Two was because Ling Xian was now soaked in blood and was having difficulty breathing.

If this was before, they wouldn’t dare to think badly. But right now, he was heavily wounded. Naturally, they were thinking bad thoughts.

Xu Chuan, in particular, has hated Ling Xian for a long time. Now that he was looking extremely weak, killer’s intent filled his heart.

Ling Xian wasn’t surprised at this. Nor was he fl.u.s.tered.

He peered at Xu Chuan and the others, then Han Qing Xue and Fang Mu. He asked softly, “You have the same intent as well?”

Fang Mu laughed at this, “There are four treasures here. Getting rid of a person to share it with is good news.”

“I see.”

Ling Xian softly nodded and looked over to Han Qing Xue, “What about you?”

Han Qing Xue’s eyes were bright as she stared at Ling Xian unmovingly. Then, she made up her mind, “Their suggestion is nice. I agree.”

“I knew you were not a kind person,” Ling Xian said, not at all surprised.

He has been defensive against Han Qing Xue since the beginning. He merely didn’t expect himself to be so hurt because he wanted to find out the reason why the omnipotent failed to break through.

Now that he had lost the strength to defend, it was normal for people to be thinking bad thoughts.

After all, those four treasures were valuable. Who wouldn’t be tempted?

“Not even in your dreams did you think today would come for you, am I right?”

Xu Chuan chuckled, acting arrogant like he was a G.o.d. He continued to look down onto Ling Xian, who was limp against the wall, “But you sure are looking exhausted. The person who killed two demons… the person who defended against sword rays… how did that person become so pitifully exhausted?”

Hearing this, Ling Xian glared at him. He didn’t respond.

It was true that he had weakened greatly. After all, turning back time has a price. Plus, he was viewing the life of an omnipotent, naturally he would get injured.

“Haha, nothing to say am I right?”

Xu Chuan laughed, his face was full of sarcasm and disdain. “I admit that I cannot be your opponent when you are well. Sadly, right now, I can snap you with two fingers.”

“You can try.”

Ling Xian shook his head. Though he was weak right now, he was not someone who would be taken advantage of by anyone.

“Hmmph, you are faking this.”

Seeing that Ling Xian was treating this so lightly, Xu Chuan hissed and laughed. “You are my prey now. You cannot escape my palm.”

“Oh really? Just who is wrong about this will be found out soon enough.” Ling Xian said and manipulated the Pearl of Emerald Blood to heal himself.

This item was a healing treasure. The moment it was used, it unleashed strange energy that reddened his face.

This startled Han Qing Xue and she said in a crisp voice, “Xu Chuan, if you want to kill him, do it now. Or else you will have a difficult time.”

“Merely useless trash. I can easily overpower him.”

Xu Chuan laughed in disdain. “But your suggestion is good. I will kill him quickly so we can divide up the treasures.”

Then, he walked over to Ling Xian. His look made it seem like victory was already in his hands.

Han Qing Xue and Fang Mu both laughed, thinking that Ling Xian was dead meat.

Though they had witness his powerfulness, his weakened state was very real. Therefore, they all appeared to be watching a show as they waited for Ling Xian to be killed.

“Leave peacefully. That is the price you will have to pay for embarra.s.sing me.”

Xu Chuan walked over in large steps with happiness on his face, “Do you regret it now? Do you regret embarra.s.sing me? Haha, pity. It’s too late.”

“I don’t like feeling regretful. Plus, even if I have regrets, my regret would be not killing you back there.”

Ling Xian’s expression was calm without much emotions. His body continued to lean against the wall without moving.

Xu Chuan continued his mockery, “You sure are calm. I sure want to see if you can remain so calm before death.”

Just then, a black spear appeared with the intention to kill.

Han Qing Xue and Fang Mu both smiled. They thought that Ling Xian had no hope of surviving this attack.

The next second however, their eyes widened with disbelief.

All because that black spear, when it arrived 3 inches away from Ling Xian, was stopped by him. It refused to move forward.

“A dog tries to take advantage of a tiger.”

Ling Xian’s expression was cold as he looked around the room. “Sadly, a tiger remains a tiger. No matter how weak the tiger is, it will not be taken advantage of by you people.”

After those words, an immense amount of energy poured out of his body. It shocked the heaven and the earth!

At the same time, Ling Xian straightened his body. Like an undefeatable immortal straightening up his back, his energy suppressed on for three thousand miles and astounded the heavens!

At once, Xu Chuan lost his composure. He made an aggressive move.

“Get the f!ck away!”

Ling Xian shouted. Using the Disorder Conquering Fists, he slammed through s.p.a.ce and made Xu Chuan puke blood.

Next, he reappeared before Xu Chuan and slapped!


Energy continued to flood the s.p.a.ce, generating an infinite amount of gold light. This slap was impossible to defend!

Xu Chuan’s expression changed drastically. He hurriedly called out his best technique to defend. But at last, he couldn’t defend and was slammed backwards.


After a mouthful of fresh blood, Xu Chuan was now stumbling. Fear once again filled his eyes.

Not even in his dreams did he think that a weakened Ling Xian could still explode with such terrifying battling power. He truly didn’t expect himself to look so useless before Ling Xian!

This made him realize that he was a giant joke. Ever since the beginning, he was never the predator. Even before the exhausted Ling Xian, he remained a prey.

A prey Ling Xian could kill at any time!


Ling Xian’s expression was cold. He slammed towards Xu Chuan and his terrifying energy smashed the area. At the same time, it smashed this person’s head.

Fresh blood splattered everywhere. Liquid from his brain splashed. Han Qing Xue and Fang Mu both widened their eyes. They couldn’t believe Ling Xian was so powerful!

But it was not the time to be shocked.

They were very aware that since they have already established their intention, they had to fight against Ling Xian until one of them dies. There was no way around it anymore.

Therefore, the two of them exchanged glances and attacked!

These two were both at the peak of the original level. While they were not top ranked Heaven’s Favorites, they were pretty good.

The way they attacked were rather impressive.

“I told you. Even though I am weak right now, I am not someone you guys can fight against.”

Ling Xian’s expression remained cold. His hands glided across, generating terrifying energy that startled all the land. A reaching wave was created that angered even the heavens!


The entire stone room boiled as terrifying vibrations rolled out, shaking up the entire stone room and cracking down the s.p.a.ce!

Han Qing Xue and Fang Mu both attacked in a hurry. It was to get the treasures inside the grave but also to protect themselves.

“Die! All of you!”

Ling Xian attacked again, his energy filled the air and like an immortal descending, he was undefeatable!

Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 941 - A Joke

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