Shadow Hack Chapter 1

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[Do you want to understand the meaning of your life? Do you really want to be alive?]

Within a small warm room, just as Li Yunmu had turned on his computer, this line suddenly popped up in front of him.


Isn’t this the marketing strategy for that game ‘Darkness of Mankind’? Countless people have already milked it previously. Now, which idiot wants to use this to attract people's attention?

Li Yunmu clearly knew that regardless of whether he chooses yes or no, the result would be the same, that he would be falling into the trap of another person.

Perhaps the computer would exit to some promotion link of the game or perhaps some trojan horse would enter the computer, causing it to crash.

Moreover, Li Yunmu was an extremely bored person. He neither wants to know the meaning of life nor worries about what was meant by really being alive. In any case, as an ordinary person born in an ordinary place, there was no need for him to learn the meaning of life.

Speaking frankly, with his family, his genes, his background, his heritage, he was basically bound to be an ordinary person from the moment he was born.

Without any unexpected accidents, his later generations were also doomed to be ordinary, unless some miracle occurred!

"Since you have worked so hard for this master, I will play with you a little."

Thus, even if Li Yunmu knew that he shouldn’t be fooled, the most important thing was…..he was senselessly bored, so he lightly clicked on it. As soon as he clicked on it, the scene on his computer screen quickly changed.

[Do you want to obtain the skills to surpa.s.s others? Do you want to realize the true essence of life? Do you want to stand at the peak of this cosmos? If you want to, then drop your blood to bind this system…..]

When the outdated, broken, small loudspeaker of the computer said this in its enticing voice as always, Li Yunmu almost puffed blood on his computer screen.

"Lying b.a.s.t.a.r.d, who is trying to prank me, does he believe that I have no brain?"

This time, Li Yunmu’s excitement was stirred up.

"Interesting, interesting, this has some creativity, this has taken mischievousness to new heights, but who will be so foolish as to really cut their fingertip and drop blood on the computer display?"

But regardless of whatever was said, Li Yunmu’s next movement fully reflected how ‘busy’ he was. He was so extraordinarily free that being free had also become a pain in his a.s.s.

He laughed mischievously and lightly peeled open the wound on his thumb, which seemed fine after observing it carefully. This small wound had been cut in the morning while slicing a fruit and it still had some semi-condensed blood.

Immediately without thinking, he raised the thumb’s wound and lightly pressed it on the strange icon that had appeared on the screen. The outcome was seen within a flash, his whole screen was filled with golden lights.

[Congratulations, you have successfully bound the Supreme Shadow Hack System, you are currently the only binder of the system.]

[Ding, detecting a huge disparity between world’s information and system’s data, the system cannot provide a map for practising, the system will import the real world map and update the data.]

[Magic Beast Abyss, Barbarian Ox Cave, Devil Spirit’s Well, Nine Dragon Slope, Deep Tiger Gorge, Moonlight City, Witch Subduing PaG.o.da, Restricted Area of h.e.l.l, Heavenly Sanctuary, Ancient Road, Beyond The Heavens Sword Mound…...and so on, the hack map is now deleted, the system has begun to enter the information based on the current world data and produce an all-new map... Please be patient.]


This slightly stunned Li Yunmu, what Supreme Shadow Hack System? What the h.e.l.l is this? This seems like a cheating software to level up, wasn't it supposed to be outdated?

Nowadays, who still plays such a game where one increases one’s levels on computer? If his financial situation had been any better, he would have already purchased the Dimension Helmet and entered the virtual world to pa.s.s the time.

Could it be that this broken computer was a genuine product of the dark era? Once he thought of this, Li Yunmu’s heart burst with joy!

He had just bought this computer yesterday from the ‘Antique Street’. It was just an outdated product, so the price he had to pay was also only 13 Fourth-Dimensional coins.

But Li Yunmu clearly knew that even though it seemed like a genuine antique, in reality, it was just some cheap imitation made by some dishonest dealer. After all, if it really was an old product from dark era then why would it be sold for some measly Fourth-Dimensional coins?

A genuine computer from the dark era would certainly have a starting price of Fifth-Dimensional coins, how could such a commoner like himself have the qualifications to access the Alliance's Fifth-Dimensional coins?

After few minutes, a ‘ding’ sound came from the system, transmitting a commanding notification which caused Li Yunmu to become serious:

[System had been upgraded, does host wants to use Shadow Hack and level up?]


Li Yunmu was full of expectations, he excitedly observed for a moment. Soon after, he decided on a training location and clicked on it to confirm.

[You have selected a high-level region, the "Forbidden Countryside Region" as the training location. Since you have selected a high-grade map, with your low-level strength comparable to dregs, there is no doubt that you will get rekt, so the system proposes that you choose a low-level region "District Garden" as a training location, do you wish to accept it?]

Just as the computer beeped, Li Yunmu was thoroughly dumbfounded, this hack map area can really take away someone’s life, wasn’t it supposed to just be a prank from the beginning? You gotta be kidding me!

"District Garden?"

What is this, could it be that this District Garden also has some monster in it? While regretting that he even couldn’t pick the choice that he desired, he callously clicked on it to confirm.

[Supreme Shadow activated, training location is "District Garden", monster bots cla.s.sification---- Grade One ant, Grade One flea, Grade Two ladybug, Grade Three caterpillar, Grade Three moth, Grade Three honey bee, Grade Three b.u.t.terfly, Grade Five spider. Warning: Avoid dimensional and mutant insects as much as possible.....]


Li Yunmu looked at the warning which had popped up on the screen and was once again almost on the verge of puffing blood:

"This, this is the game of the dark era’s elders? The monsters are all ants, honey bees, this kind of insects?"

It had to be said that at this moment, Li Yunmu felt quite sorrowful for the elders from the Darkness Era, the quality of their entertainment was quite worrying.

But in the next moment, he cried out in fear when under his attentive gaze, his shadow suddenly came to life.


Yes, the shadow formed from light had suddenly come alive, it then shrunk to the size of one centimeter. Under Li Yunmu’s shocked gaze, this little shadow started to walk slowly, gradually speeding up...….


Then it ran out of the bedroom, not getting obstructed when pa.s.sing through the room, then the hallway. After it crossed thirty-six floors, it finally arrived at the district garden downstairs; it went under the gra.s.s and immediately began to look for monsters, at this moment, a series of characters and sounds began to appear on computer screen.

[Automatically entered hack map.... automatically began to search for monsters…..found Grade One ant.... Super Shadow Monster Killing Mode, engaged…..]

At this point, Li Yunmu’s figure became lifeless!

Shadow Hack Chapter 1

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