Shadow Hack Chapter 91

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"Quickly check the online forum of the dimensional battlefield, Tang Ruochen, who had been silent for many days, has come online."

"What are you making a fuss about. Li Yun had defeated that guy long ago, why are you still so infatuated with him."

"That's not it. He has issued a challenge towards Li Yun on the online forum just now. So this guy, who had been defeated previously, had been unable to stand that loss and wants to battle again after so many days."

"What? Then has Li Yun agreed to his challenge?"

"Still not. I think he will accept after he is done with this battle,."

"Hmph hmph, he dares to find trouble for my YunYun. That r.e.t.a.r.d is simply asking to be humiliated."

However, even after getting rid of the current opponent, Li Yun still hadn't accepted Tang Ruochen's challenge. It wasn't that he refused, but Li Yunmu truly didn't care about this stupid pompous boy.

At this moment, Li Yunmu, who was spectating Li Feng's fight, had also heard about the spirited discussions. However, he didn't pay much attention to it. While using the hack, only if he had been hit on the head would he go looking for a fight with those top ten most formidable with his present strength. Not to mention the fact that he now knew that those top ten most powerful do not actually represent the top ten most powerful. 

The truly powerful newcomer fluxers were not put in the limelight. After ignoring the commotion around him, Li Yunmu concentrated his attention on the fight in front of him, where Li Feng was making rapid improvements. From the beginning, where he required eighteen minutes against a silver crystal fluxer that had opened four flux points, after experiencing countless fights, he had lowered the amount of time required to settle the fight to ten minutes.

Just at this moment, Li Daxiong called his stellarcomm again:

"Yunmu, my brother, I have been waiting for you for long. Come fast, we have lost miserably this time."

Li Yunmu looked at the stellarcomm and then checked that the hack of both shadows was running smoothly. After checking on the shadows, he didn't stay at Li Feng's spectator zone anymore and asked Li Daxiong to invite him to join their battle squad.

Regarding the fights between battle squads, Li Yunmu was filled with expectations. Unfortunately, he only had two shadows right now. Otherwise, if he had enough shadows to form a five-man shadow squad, then he could obtain s.p.a.ce elements more efficiently.

At this moment, at the location of the big bear battle squad. Li Daxiong and others were standing with furious expressions on their faces, who knows what sort of bad luck had fallen on them today. With the steel castle flying towards the next target, they found a lot of idle time on their hands and decided to enter the dimensional battlefield and gain some military achievements. 

At the start, everything was good. It was natural that their group would lose some fights. However, they were winning more than they were losing. But some time ago, Li Daxiong suddenly received a challenge from some other battle group of mysterious origin.

Big Xiong's group of three had recently learned A Grade battle skills and had gained confidence after winning some fights, so he didn't consider much before accepting.

However, they lost miserably in this battle. Furthermore, this loss was even more unbearable for big Xiong and crooked teeth Qiang as Li Zi and Zhang Kai had joined their squad for today.

Losing the fight in such a miserable fas.h.i.+on, furthermore, also involving two women in such a defeat. This was a complete loss of face.

"Still wanna fight? What an annoying bunch of noobsh*ts. Even after losing a few times, you still couldn't accept your loss."

"Pah, you stupid fu*ks. Don't think that just because you've learned some A Grade battle skills, you have become some sort of champions. Even if morons like you learn some battle skills, what about your battle talent? Ha ha ha….you can't even use the skills you learned properly."

"Ha ha, Ling Shuang has already returned back to Fenghua City. Without the backbone Ling Shuang, your big bear battle squad is just sh*t."

"h.e.l.lo, two beauties. Why don't you join our squad? Otherwise, you will continuously be oppressed by following these three idiots who only know how to waste money."

"F*ck your mother, come once again. I have already called someone. If you have guts, then wait for us."

Crooked teeth Qiang was unable to bear this loss of face, especially after they had tried to take liberties with Zhang Kai and Li Zi. He instantly talked back.

"Alright then, we will wait another few minutes. Let's see who you have called. Don't tell me, it is that Li Yunmu? Without him, you all would have certainly died in the hands of the dwarf witches."

Both sides continued to trash talk. However, big bear battle squad continued to get anxious.

"What about Yunmu, why hasn't he come?"

"I have already sent the invitation twice. He has probably encountered some opponent on the battlefield."

"Oh, he came. Elder brother Yunmu. Our big bear battle squad's backbone has finally arrived."

Suddenly a silhouette was transferred to the dimensional battlefield.

When the people of big bear battle squad saw who it was clearly, they felt as if they were looking at their white knight. Crooked teeth Qiang even jumped towards him.

"Get lost, you rascal."

Li Yunmu advanced forward and used Insect Step to sidestep, dodging crooked teeth Qiang, who was jumping towards him. After sweeping a glance at the whole scene, he asked:

"So what's going on here?"

When he looked at the scene, he discovered to his surprise that even Li Zi and Zhang Ying were also here. On the opposite end of the battlefield, there was another group of people, which also appeared to be a battle squad. Looking at the situation, both groups of people seemed to have drawn their blades towards each other and were waiting to fight.

"We all had thought of using the free time until the steel castle reaches the next training ground to practice the A Grade battle skills we had learned. In the beginning, everything went fine, but for some reason, these people concentrated their attention on us. By now, they have already beaten us a few times."

Big Xiong's face darkened and he mumbled as if trying to hide something.

"Is that true?"

When Li Yunmu saw the faces of the idiot trio filled with guilt, he immediately realized that these fools are still hiding something and haven't told the complete truth.

"They didn't admit defeat even after losing several times and have lost few hundred thousand dimensional coins by now."

Li Zi suddenly spoke up.

"Ehh…..I don't care about the money."

The more Li Daxiong spoke, the quieter he became.

Rich fools. What did rich fools look like? Exactly like this.

Li Yunmu continued to silently observe the group of big Xiong. Four-eyed brother thin was still quite alright, but Li Daxiong and crooked teeth Qiang were complete idiots.

During a fight, both victory and loss were possible outcomes. Also, it was useless to accept the challenge again directly after losing. As long as they didn't accept, the other party couldn't keep watching them for the whole time. Since they were weaker, they were sought by the other party to cause trouble for them. But these morons still accepted their challenge. What kind of mental illness did these guys have?

Furthermore, this illness didn't seem to be a light one. They actually dared to gamble?

"h.e.l.lo, are you all still coming or not? If you are not coming, then this elder brother will go. We don't have a lot of time to waste on stupid fools like you."

The opposite party yelled again.

"Come, this time we make a large bet. We will exchange one person and bet 100,000"

With Li Yunmu's arrival, crooked teeth Qiang's confidence instantly soared as he immediately raised the bet.

"He he, you look for a helper as soon as you find someone you couldn't beat? However, since you all have exchanged for a person, then for the purpose of fairness, we will also be changing one person."

The five people in the enemy squad exchanged a meaningful glance with each other and then smiled faintly.

Success, the fish had finally taken the bait.

"No problem."

Before Li Yunmu or anyone else could speak, Li Daxiong yelled loudly and started laughing. He was fully confident of winning now as there wasn't much disparity between their strength and enemy squad's strength.

Now that Li Yunmu had come, big Xiong's idiot trio immediately became much bolder. Let alone speak of 100,000, they were ready to bet even 300,000 on this fight.

As for the enemy changing one person?

Big Xiong and other two idiots started to smile, showing all their teeth!

So what if the enemy changes one person? They all knew that their Yunmu had even fended against a half-step golden crystal fluxer and had escaped unscathed against his attacks.

So if you want to change, then change. Who gives a f*ck!

However after a long while, when the new person of the enemy battle squad was finally transferred to the battlefield, the wide grin on the faces of the idiot trio was frozen.

Shadow Hack Chapter 91

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