Shadow Hack Chapter 106: World Power Rank

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Chapter 106: World Power Rank

Translator: Mercurial Editor: TheRealSeal

Regardless of whether it was Chu Qingyu or Lin Li, he wasn’t familiar with one and the other was already in the past. Hence, he didn’t want to acknowledge their presence. Feigning unfamiliarity, he moved towards the transfer channel for the heavenly world in large strides.

Presently, he was completely covered by the crystal armor, including his face. Hence, he thought that he didn’t need to worry about them recognizing him. However, he had still underestimated a women’s intuition or their delicate sixth sense.

"Wait a minute, that person walking in front, please stop for me."

Suddenly, Chu Qingyu loudly called him from behind.

The fluxers in the surrounding couldn’t help but be attracted by this girl’s loud voice. Once they saw who it was, a bitter smile instantly appeared on their faces.

Surprisingly, it was Hidden Rain City Chu family’s eldest daughter!

Everyone then looked at Li Yunmu whom Chu Qingyu called. When they saw he was an ordinary crystal fluxer, they all had one thought, regardless of whoever he was, he didn’t seem like a normal fluxer.

After all, Li Yunmu had surprisingly endured the transfer channel’s spatial tearing by relying on an ordinary crystal flux armor. There wasn’t anyone here who would think of him as ordinary.

"This lady, you called me?"

Li Yunmu helplessly halted his feet. He turned around and said, pretending to not recognize her.

"Yes, I called you. I can sense that there is something familiar about you. Do we know each other?"

Chu Qingyu arrived in front of Li Yunmu with her sword maidens and looked at him oddly.

This girl had just instructed little Xia that they certainly mustn’t provoke these fluxers with low cultivation base, lest they court trouble for themselves.

However, little Xia and Lin Li didn’t find anything out of the ordinary. What kind of character was Chu Qingyu? She was the proud daughter of heaven belonging to the Chu family of Hidden Rain City, one of the ten citadels under the control of Heavenly Cloud City. Furthermore, her mother’s family was closely related to the Heavenly Cloud City’s city lord.

It could also be said that in all the cities governed by Heavenly Cloud City, she was one proud daughter of heaven that was even more influential and domineering than Tang Ruochen of the Heavenly Dragon Tang family.

"No, who are you? Although you seem quite elegant, but hasn’t your mother told you that you should not take the initiative to converse with a male unless you want people to misunderstand."

Li Yunmu didn’t know what came over him when he saw the beautiful little face of Chu Qingyu. His old problem recurred again and the only thing on his mind was to provoke her.

"You definitely know who I am!"

Chu Qingyu was startled at once. In her whole life, no one had dared to truly tease her. However, the most repulsive thing was that this person, apart from familiar conceited behavior, also had a vile mouth. He had surprisingly dared to treat her as a little girl who didn’t know about the world?

Instantly, Chu Qingyu was driven mad. She wanted to have a duel with this person who was hiding his face. d.a.m.n it. She wanted to teach a proper lesson to this youngster and make him understand what humility was.

However, next instant, she discovered that this person who had arrogantly teased her directly entered the heavenly world’s transfer channel without saying anything.

He ran away… Surprisingly, he ran away without saying a word?

Within a split second, the seemingly familiar action of this person made Chu Qingyu remember another cheap person. But according to logic, that cheap person should still be at Lucky Wind Great Courtyard. How could he suddenly appear in the guild’s territory? What did he really want?

As for Li Yunmu, he suddenly threw down a line and immediately escaped without saying anything. It wasn’t because he had a change of heart. The main reason was that he discovered that Lin Li, who was beside Chu Qingyu, was looking at him suspiciously.

As he didn’t want to expose himself and didn’t want Lin Li to recognize him, he silently walked towards the heavenly world.

Once he entered the heavenly world, Li Yunmu’s heart was filled with shock.

The heavenly world of fluxer guild’s creator. Now this was a true heavenly world!

After pa.s.sing through the heavenly world’s transfer channel, a vast cosmos appeared in front of him. The sky was filled with many evenly distributed stars. The number of stars was almost countless.

The seven incomparably enormous stars were hanging overhead in the sky. The warm starlight from the different stars illuminated everything, causing the whole land to be filled with colors and light.

Countless fluxers with all layers of cultivation base could be seen walking around in this heavenly world. There were ordinary crystal fluxers, black crystal fluxers, silver crystal fluxers, golden crystal fluxers and even the peak cultivation allowed in the Fifth Dimension--rainbow crystal fluxers.

Li Yunmu knew that this didn’t represent all the fluxers present here. After all, he was still within the region where fluxers were automatically transferred after coming out of the transfer channel. Probably, in other regions of this heavenly world, there might be even more powerful people. Even seeing the rare Flux Sage was also possible.

"Enormous heavenly world. The seven-star world’s master. Surprisingly, the creator of the fluxer guild is the master of a seven-star world!"

Li Yunmu remained rooted to the ground and mumbled in a daze.

Originally, the existence of a World Master should just be the stuff of legends!

But as his strength had increased, the things he had access to also increased. Li Yunmu had recently discovered that there really were such legendary characters standing above the Earth.

Imposing, lonely, independent, like deities who couldn’t be disrespected.

Li Yunmu had known that within a short two hundred or so years, those that had cultivated to the terrifying level of Flux Sage stood at the pinnacle. But presently, the heavenly world of a genuine World Master possessing his own seven-star cosmos was in front of him.

Although he himself had a heavenly world, his heavenly world wasn’t even worth mentioning when compared to the heavenly worlds of other fluxers.

"My G.o.d, how many flux crystals have been used to make this heavenly world expand to such a state!"

Li Yunmu mumbled again in his daze.


Strictly speaking, the land in the heavenly world was completely different from the land which existed on Earth. It was just a piece of land naturally floating in the starry sky.

The starry sky above his head was infinitely large. There wasn’t any atmosphere and the land directly faced the sky without any kind of screen as there was no permanent heavenly bodies here or any sort of cosmic rays since this was an extremely stable personal world.

According to the fluxer guild, the flux energy cultivators were distributed into the following based on their strength:

Flux Disciple, Flux Master, Flux Sage.

Flux Disciples, as the name implied, all the Flux Disciple practicing flux energy were known as fluxers. In other words, Li Yunmu was currently in this layer. This layer was divided into ordinary crystal layer, black crystal, silver crystal, golden crystal layer and rainbow crystal layer, these five layers formed the hierarchy of this level in ascending order.

Flux Masters. The flux energy in these experts had advanced by one layer to enter the realm of transcended flux energy. The difference between flux energy and transcended flux energy was a transformation, a complete qualitative change. Only when the flux energy in fluxer’s body completely transforms into transcended flux energy could the fluxer be truly considered as a Flux Master.

Altogether, it has three stages. Namely, transcendent layer, temporal layer, and nirvana layer.

Finally was the Flux Sage!

It also had three stages, namely ordinary sage, domain sage and battle sage.

Ordinary Sage was the first level of the Flux Sage realm. To become an Ordinary Sage, one must genuinely transcend worldliness. He could neither be subjected to the bindings of the mortal world nor be constrained by mortality or the cycle of life, death and reincarnation. Once you become an Ordinary Sage, your life expectancy would increase to 500 years.

Domain Sages possess their own sage domains. Inside one’s sage domain, others were just like ants and moles.

Battle Sages could merge their domains into their body, allowing their fleshly body’s combat strength to even surpa.s.s deities. The sage domain was their body and their body was their sage domain. With each and every action, their combat strength shoots through the sky. No person would dare to stand equal to them. They were existences which don’t have any holes or flaws, They were completely without any weakness.

Why was Ling Shuang considered as a taboo by people? To the extent that no one was willing to talk about her? That’s because her master is a battle sage, a supreme unrivaled existence.

The personal disciple of a Battle Sage. That was already an ident.i.ty which people would dare to criticize.

However, Li Yunmu had never expected that above the Battle Sage, there would still be an existence like the World Master!

Strictly speaking, until the present day, humanity hadn’t been able to determine the limits of a World Master’s powers as humanity was just fumbling through things right now. After all, the history of humanity’s flux cultivation was barely two hundred something years old.

Long before, those people who were considered to be extremely knowledgeable had claimed that after cultivating up till Battle Sage, there was no further path of cultivation.

If one wanted to become even more powerful, then there was only one way and that was to become a World Master. Once, when the human race had gathered together, the Almighty one had deduced that the World Master layer had twelve star ranks. Every star congealed was cla.s.sified as one rank.

The simultaneous appearance of twelve stars would make them like G.o.ds, possessing their own worlds.

Naturally, all of this was just rumors and predictions. However, Li Yunmu hadn’t expected that today, he would really see someone actually accomplish it. The creator of the fluxer guild had surprisingly congealed seven stars in his own heavenly world. How could he not be extremely surprised to see this?

Perhaps every fluxer that entered for the first time all feel this extreme shock, which wasn’t much of a surprise. There were fixed transfer channels to the fluxer guild creator’s heavenly world opened in all seven major cities. After all, he wasn’t worried about any person or any nature of power.

But desiring to become a World Master was extremely difficult. The first and most important requirement that one must possess an origin dimensional stone.

Yes, Li Yunmu had already fulfilled the first prerequisite but becoming a World Master was still too far in the indefinite future. In fact, no one would even be confused between the two of them. The threshold requirement of possessing an origin dimensional only certified that Li Yunmu could be considered as a world power holder.

That’s right. Compared to a World Master, a world power holder was too far away that he couldn’t even be talked about in the same sentence.

Even the World Master level was extremely far away from him. Let alone speak of being powerful enough to congeal seven enormous stars in his heavenly world.

Finally, who was more powerful between Battle Sage and World Master? Apparently, it was considered a controversial topic in all books.

The former had merged with his own domain and he was the master of a domain while the latter possessed his own heavenly world and was the master of a world.

One had a domain while the other had a world. From the name, it would seem that a World Master was more powerful compared to a Battle Sage and the reality was also the same. But arguing on the basis of solely combat strength between the peak of Flux Sage layer, Battle Sage VS World Master, no one could definitely conclude whose combat strength was more formidable.

However, everyone agreed to one irrefutable fact. That was that when a World Master could complete the full circle of twelve stars in his heavenly world, then this World Master with twelve stars in his heavenly world would be the only G.o.d in the present world.

Although no human could rival a Battle Sage, a G.o.d could!

Naturally, all of this was just a legend. Whether it was true or false, humankind hadn’t been able to confirm it until now since humanity still hadn’t given birth to any G.o.ds.

Shadow Hack Chapter 106: World Power Rank

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