Shadow Hack Chapter 92

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"100,000 is too little. If you want to bet, you must bet big. I have a Snow Guzzle Cold Blade here that's built from the cold essence and black blood mine from the Sky Mountain. Although it couldn't be compared to A Grade runed weapons, it can at least be cla.s.sified as a B Grade weapon. What do you think?"

The silhouette that said this just now slowly walked over, gradually revealing his ident.i.ty together with a dazzling sharp-edged blade which he inserted into the ground.

"Tang Ruochen, you are Tang Ruochen."

The expressions of the idiot trio became unsightly. Zhang Ying was also startled. Li Zi, however, seemed to have thought of something and looked at Li Yunmu anxiously. 

Finally, all of them understood that the battle squad causing trouble for them didn't actually care about them. Rather, it was just to draw out Li Yunmu.

In fact, as the students of the same courtyard, how could Li Daxiong, Li Zi and them not be aware of Li Yunmu's circ.u.mstances. However, everyone has their own secrets. Since Li Yunmu didn't want to talk about it, no one went around asking.

Li Yunmu's Violent Blade Skill had earned great fame after Li Yun had used it to defeat many of the top ten most formidable. Today, Tang Ruochen's sudden appearance must certainly be because of Li Yunmu.

After all, given other party's status and background, they wouldn't stoop so low as to create trouble for Li Daxiong and them. Although it was unpleasant to hear, Li Daxiong and them didn't have the qualifications.

Although both Lucky Wind City and Heavenly Dragon City fell under the command of Heavenly Cloud City, the difference between the son of Lucky Wind City's richest person and that of Heavenly Dragon Tang family was the same as the difference between heaven and earth.

Lucky Wind City was situated at the coast. The climate was extremely cold, the land was barren, and because it was situated near the sea, it constantly faced the attacks of evolved beasts and dimensional beasts from the sea. Thus, Lucky Wind City's comprehensive strength belonged to the lowest tier among the 136 cities governed by Heavenly Cloud City.

However, Heavenly Dragon City was different. It was one of the towns situated closest to Heavenly Cloud City. Not only was its geographical location one of the safest, it was also extremely prosperous. Thus, it constantly expanded and was currently several times larger than Lucky Wind City. Heavenly Dragon City could be considered as second only to the seven major cities.

Belonging to the largest family of Heavenly Dragon City, the Tang family, Tang Ruochen's status was much higher than the son of a merchant from Lucky Wind City.

Thus, Tang Ruochen hadn't paid any attention to big Xiong's group from the start. Not only that, he only briefly looked towards Li Zi, whose beauty could be said to belong to the highest level.

At this moment, Tang Ruochen's gaze was fully concentrated on Li Yunmu.

Li Yunmu remained silent for a long time. Then he looked at the Snow Guzzle Blade inserted in the ground near the opponent. He couldn't deny that Tang Ruochen had acted extremely cleverly, he had carefully checked Li Yunmu's situation. Otherwise, he certainly wouldn't have come and gambled a cold blade built using the highest quality materials.

Although this Snow Guzzle Blade was only considered a B Grade weapon, its potential and value far surpa.s.sed other B Grade weapons. If Tang Ruochen had found some rune engraving flux master to carve runes on it, then it would certainly be cla.s.sified as an A Grade runed war blade.

Furthermore, if a soldier soul could also be refined and inserted into it, then this blade would be certainly be upgraded to the pinnacle of runed treasure blade. It was perfect for Li Yunmu to use the dwarf witch king's resentful soul. If he could refine and insert the soul into it, then it might even surpa.s.s the highest quality treasure blades existing in the Fifth Dimension.

Precisely speaking, this Tang Ruochen had dropped a bait which was extremely enticing for Li Yunmu right from the start. It was extremely hard for Li Yunmu to reject this weapon and the other party understood this.

After all, even though Li Yunmu had the Sage Bow containing the soul of an underworld raven king of the Seventh Dimension, the weapon he was presently most proficient with was still the war blade. Furthermore, the war blade of the battle soldier equipment could only be cla.s.sified as a C Grade weapon at best.

Last time, when the shadows were battling with the dwarf witch king, if he had a war blade of higher quality, then it certainly wouldn't have broken so easily.

A good quality war blade was one of the most basic needs of blade users. As long as he had a blade in his hand, the world was his.

The temptation was extremely difficult for Li Yunmu to refuse, making him unable to decline the offer. A cold blade made from pinnacle quality ore, calculating its value was also extremely difficult. However, the gamble of the Snow Guzzle Blade made him mull over what should he take out to match the bet?

The battle hatchets he had obtained from the dwarf witch king? That would be foolish. They were genuine fifth dimensional treasure weapons of the highest grade.

If it wasn't for Li Yunmu's nature being incompatible with heavy blade techniques, then he would have used them for himself. Since that wasn't the case, he couldn't allow them to see the light of day until he learns a technique suitable for them. He must give up instant gratification for long-term benefit.

But apart from those hatchets, he had no weapon of equal grade to bet. Witch fiend's energy?

That also wouldn't do. This witch fiend's energy couldn't be used as a stake. After all, dark flux energy was far more valuable than a B Grade war blade.

"B Grade war blade? That won't do as the stakes as we don't have the capital to match it. How can we n.o.bodies compare to young master Tang?"

At this moment, Li Daxiong finally acted like a decent person. Although usually kept shooting his mouth, this time, he promptly shook his head to reject the opponent's proposal.

At least, being the son of the richest person in the city, he wasn't a complete idiot and understood his limitations as the other party's status was far higher than his. Moreover, Li Daxiong also wasn't a fool and knew that Tang Ruochen was just using this bet to trap Yunmu.

"You don't need to bet anything. If you beat me, then this war blade will be yours.Even if you lose, this war blade will still be yours."

Tang Ruochen seemed to have been prepared for every situation.

"You mean regardless of whether we lose or win, we will obtain this war blade?"

Zhang Ying's mouth opened widely in astonishment, she was completely unable to understand the thoughts of this proud son of heaven.

"That's right, as long as ...."

"As long as I can persuade Li Yun to appear and have a battle with you. Correct?'

Li Yunmu didn't have the patience to continue with the other party's act. Since he started using the super shadow hack, it was his exclusive privilege.

"Ha ha ha, intelligent people make the conversation easier!"

Unfortunately, the second young master of Tang family, Tang Ruochen hadn't understood this.

Thereupon, Li Yunmu glanced at the other party with a complicated expression and said after a long while:

"Alright, I agree."

"Ehh? So quickly? Are you certain that you can influence Li Yun to come out and battle?"

"If you didn't believe it, then you wouldn't have schemed so much to make me agree to call him for battle. Come then, as a man, you must be itching to battle."

Li Yunmu was getting annoyed with other party's nonsense. Although the idiot trio was afraid of other party's status, that doesn't mean he was.

Being the only person who possessed the shadow hack in the whole world, he was bound to stand at the pinnacle of this world's food chain. Thus, he could not live in fear!

Since the opponent had schemed to draw him out, then he shouldn't be blamed for being ruthless. He had once heard from the system that by absorbing s.p.a.ce elements twice from the same person within ten days, it could cause that person's cultivation to become extremely unstable. A backlash might even occur and that person's cultivation could be entirely wasted.

This was the main reason why Li Yunmu had deliberately chosen to enter dimensional matchmaking and allowed the system to meddle since he didn't want to hurt others. The system's interference made sure that no same person would be his opponent for the second time.

Who could have known that his kind intentions would go to waste with the appearance of Tang Ruochen, who wanted to make his comeback? Since Tang Ruochen wanted to give him the Snow Guzzle Blade, then Li Yunmu couldn't do anything but accept it. In any case, he was the second son of Heavenly Dragon City's Tang family, cultivating from the start for the second time shouldn't be difficult for him.

"Good, clear and straightforward answer. Then allow me to first deal with you, Li Yun's fellow disciple. Then I will go battle with that Li Yun. I, Tang Ruochen, will completely wash away the shame I had to face last time."

"Ha ha, sure sure."

Li Yunmu faintly laughed at the opponent. Even representing big bear battle squad to agree to the other party's gamble. 

After which, both battle squads started the ten-minute preparation countdown to the fight. At this moment, another news suddenly popped on the online forum of the Cloud City Warzone:

"Mysterious Li Sect's third disciple VS Heavenly Dragon Tang Ruochen in his battle to regain lost face."

Following Li Yun and Li Feng, their third disciple had finally appeared to battle. The opponent was surprisingly Tang Ruochen. Once this news came out, instantly, countless people, who had heard about the rumors of the mysterious Li Sect, rushed to fill the spectator area of the fighting area where the fight between the two battle squads was going to take place.

Shadow Hack Chapter 92

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