Shadow Hack Chapter 108: Heaven Shaking Viciousness

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Chapter 108: Heaven Shaking Viciousness

Translator: Mercurial Editor: TheRealSeal

His consciousness turned dizzy as he was transferred. When he became sober again, he discovered that he was already inside the Tower of Glory.

He raised his head to look up front and discovered that there was only a simple writing board in front of him. The board which emitted extraordinary grandeur had only three words written on it--- the first level.

The first level, clearly, this was the first level of Tower of Glory. Presently, Li Yunmu still hadn’t truly entered the first level. There was a gate in front of him. Only when he crosses it could he truly be considered as a challenger of the tower.

Once he enters the first level, then he could not stop. Even if the challenger encounters a life-threatening danger inside, he could only rely on himself.

Therefore…the Tower of Glory wasn’t so easy to charge through. It was both, a supreme honor of fluxers as well as their burial site.

Ordinary fluxers don’t come into the Tower of Glory because they have self-awareness.

[Ding, critical system warning. The host is currently in an extremely sinister dimensional s.p.a.ce. The system’s estimated time to scan the Tower of Glory completely, 3 minutes and 56 seconds. Requesting for the host to wait.]

Suddenly, Li Yunmu received the system’s repeated notification, which instantly halted his feet from taking another step.

"Critical system warning? Sinister?"

A trace of fear appeared in Li Yunmu’s heart. This type of warning and tone had never been used by the system before.

Tower of Glory was extremely dangerous. He was aware of this and had also prepared for it mentally. But the usage of word sinister did deserve proper investigation.

This Tower of Glory was created by the flux ancestor, the grandest legendary hero of mankind who was the protagonist of many folklores of humanity. But now, why had the system described this place as sinister?

Li Yunmu slightly calmed down and patiently waited for the system’s scan to be completed. Now that system’s intelligence had been upgraded to the third level, its a.n.a.lyzing and scanning speed had become extremely quick. The three minutes or so taken didn’t reflect that Tower of Glory was simple, but rather that it was very complicated.

During this short while, time seemed to be pa.s.sing very quickly. Finally, after several minutes, the system’s notification echoed in his mind again:

[Tower of Glory has been scanned completely. It has been added as a super shadow hack location. To prevent the host from being subjected to dangerous situations, the system will perform in-depth a.n.a.lysis. Requesting for the host to wait patiently for its completion.]

Another thing that astonished Li Yunmu even more was that the system, which had always been calm and composed, after entering here, seemed to have become tense. Even after performing the scanning, it had launched an in-depth a.n.a.lysis?

Fortunately, Li Yunmu didn’t have to wait for long this time. Roughly in the same amount of time it takes to prepare a cup of tea, a series of notifications from system rang out in his mind:

[Ding, the progress of the in-depth a.n.a.lysis currently 31% complete. The system has discovered that the tower possesses extremely strange absorption ability. Of the total flux energy released by a fluxer within the tower, 30% of the energy will be silently absorbed. The whereabouts of the location where the absorbed energy is transferred is unknown. The purpose behind this also unknown. Tentative speculation, this absorbed amount of energy will be used to support everyday ordinary working of the tower.]

[Ding, in-depth a.n.a.lysis progress report, 48% completed. This tower is composed of many small and independent dimensional s.p.a.ces. The host’s present location, the first layer, is also a similar independent dimensional s.p.a.ce. The tower has altogether 3,333 such independent dimensional s.p.a.ces.]

[Ding, a.n.a.lysis progress, 69% completed. Within the dimensional s.p.a.ces of this towers, the souls of a large number of dimensional beasts and monsters have been bound. While they exist inside the tower, they can be reborn an infinite times after being killed. Only after their soul’s essence has been completely used will they truly disappear.]

[Ding, a.n.a.lysis progress, 82% completed. In case a fluxer dies within this tower, it will absorb the s.p.a.ce elements of the dying fluxer....]


When Li Yunmu heard this, he couldn’t remain calm and collected anymore.

Surprisingly, this Tower of Depravity absorbs the s.p.a.ce elements of fluxers like the system? However, therein lies the difference between the system and this Tower of Glory.

The system absorbs s.p.a.ce elements only from opponents defeated by Li Yunmu on the dimensional battlefield. Unless it absorbs s.p.a.ce elements from the same person within ten days, there are no residual effects on that person.

But what about this Tower of Glory? It directly absorbs s.p.a.ce elements from the dying fluxer?

Is this still the Tower of Glory as considered by humanity or the Tower of Evil? Within an instant, Li Yunmu finally understood the reason behind system’s abnormal state and extreme cautiousness.

[a.n.a.lysis complete. After a series of deductions and a.n.a.lyzes, the system has determined that this is indeed an evil tower. The creator had used origin dimensional stone to build this tower and is baiting all the elite fluxers from all six continents to challenge this tower by using rewards. He is exploiting the greed of fluxers to make them overestimate their abilities to challenge even higher levels. Thus, causing lots of fluxers to die within this tower and get their s.p.a.ce elements absorbed thoroughly. These s.p.a.ce elements are being used to expand this heavenly world’s area.]

After a proper in-depth a.n.a.lysis, the system made several successive deductions and finally uncovered the terrifying secret of this Tower of Glory.

After hearing everything, Li Yunmu became completely depressed.

This was the legendary flux ancestor? This great person, who was the first person to awaken flux energy two hundred years ago, was surprisingly harboring such sinister intentions. This Tower of Glory was just a cover to hide his evil plans?

I am afraid that perhaps no person on the Earth including all the fluxer on the six continents know this secret!

No wait, that’s not possible!

After all, if there was a group of idiots in humanity, then similarly, there certainly should be a group of wise men too.

It was impossible that they hadn’t discovered the conspiracy in the countless years this Tower of Glory had worked. For example, how could people who had cultivated to the sage layer, the Ordinary Sages, Domain Sages or Battle Sge lords not know this?

Are they really not aware of this?

I am afraid that’s not the case!

If what I am thinking was really true, then the darkness in this world was much more terrifying than I had imagined!

Either these people who know about the situation have joined hands with this "flux ancestor" or they know what’s happening and presently don’t have the power to stop this conspiracy.

Yes, that’s it. There could only be these two possibilities.

Li Yunmu continued to ponder on this issue for a while and came up with two possibilities. He was inclined towards the second possibility. After all, he was convinced that if the entire upper echelon of the humanity was filled with these sinister people, then the human species would have been exterminated long ago.

If the people standing at the peak considered both ordinary people and fluxers only as fertilizers for themselves, then what hope would this race still have?

Moreover, the main reason why Li Yunmu didn’t believe that these people were in huge number was that when the flux ancestor successfully condenses his twelve stars and become the supreme deity of the present age, what business would he still have with these people? It wasn’t like they were also becoming deities. Hence, there were no benefits for them. On the contrary, they would be under the control of others. These people standing at the peak of humanity certainly wouldn’t engage in such an unprofitable deal.

Shadow Hack Chapter 108: Heaven Shaking Viciousness

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