Shadow Hack Chapter 109: Incarnated Tower, Thou Path

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Chapter 109: Incarnated Tower, Thou Path

Translator: Mercurial Editor: TheRealSeal

The fluxer guild’s power and influence were enormous. The personal power of the flux ancestor was equally terrifying. The flux ancestor had already congealed seven stars in his heavenly world and his cultivation had reached the sage layer.

This being the case, the other powers of humanity could not possibly contend against him. After all, apart from the human six continents fighting overtly and covertly to increase their influence and not uniting as one, there was also the threat of dimensional monsters. Weren’t thesealso the problems responsible for humanity’s lack of development?

Regarding this situation, Li Yunmu wasn’t aware of it before. After all, with his cultivation, how could he know what the people sitting at the top of humanity’s pyramid were thinking.

But now, since he already knew this terrifying secret, what should he do? Should he still try to obtain the ancient freezing rune or not? And what about the ancient thunder rune?

"System, you said this tower is an incarnation of the flux ancestor. Then isn't each and every single movement within this tower being monitored by him?

Suddenly, Li Yunmu broke out in cold sweat when he thought of another frightening probability.

[The host doesn’t need to worry. The system had already detected it. To congeal twelve stars and become a true deity, this flux ancestor had already incarnated as the tower and his consciousness had completely vanished for the time being. Presently, the control of this heavenly world and Tower of Glory is in the hands of a low intelligence spirit creature.]

After performing the in-depth a.n.a.lysis of the flux ancestor’s Tower of Glory, the system had once again recovered its calm. Li Yunmu could even detect a trace of disdain in its tone when it mentioned the low intelligence life form.

"So, you mean that this low intelligence spirit creature can only follow the commands left by the flux ancestor before he incarnated into this tower? It cannot discover anomalies like us?"

[Yes, that is the general idea. Although it is a low intelligence life form, it can make some adjustments outside the most core set of commands it had been given. However, the core purpose of its existence is only to act as the administrator for this tower. As long as we don’t threaten this heavenly world’s activities and purpose, it simply wouldn’t pay any attention to us. Moreover, it is impossible for this life form to discover the system’s presence at its intelligence level.]

The system’s calm and composed manner of speaking gave relief to Li Yunmu.

Only now did his thoughts calm down enough to allow him to consider this situation properly as he begun to think about it.

Some seventy years ago, as written down in the books, some sages had joined together and attempted to attack the heavenly world of the fluxer guild’s creator. At that time, these sages and fluxers all thought that this ‘flux ancestor’ had silently perished.

This was because the flux ancestor hadn’t revealed himself for a few decades. Even the control of the heavenly world had also been handed over to his subordinate and no one could find any sign of his existence. However, when these sages entered the flux ancestor’s heavenly world to create trouble.

They were trapped and their strength was sealed by the world power laws of the heavenly world. At that moment, people finally realized that the flux ancestor hadn’t perished. He was still alive.

As for where he stayed, he was still living in secret in his heavenly world. That’s why people didn’t find out.

After this battle, there weren’t any more sages who would dare to intrude in his heavenly world and create trouble. The reason was very simple. Although the combat strength of sages shot through the roof outside the heavenly world and they weren't afraid of a World Master’s power, battling within the heavenly world of a World Master was a different story. The World Master was like a G.o.d here.

When Li Yunmu remembered everything written in the book, only then did he finally realize. Perhaps as early as one hundred years ago, the flux ancestor had incarnated as the tower to attract the attention of all the elites of every continent to come and challenge this tower.

Because of this reason, seven enormous stars had been created by his heavenly world within a short hundred years.

He only needs to congeal five more to become a deity!

"Extremely frightening!"

The person considered as the greatest hero of humanity by the majority of fluxers and even ordinary people had surprisingly been hiding such an extremely sinister plan to become a deity.

However, why on earth am I worried about this?

Li Yunmu didn’t consider himself a good person. If he didn’t have the system’s a.s.sistance, then it would probably have been extremely difficult for him to resist the urge of using this sort of shortcut to rapidly congeal all the stars.

Soon, he shook his head, smiling self-mockingly. Could a little Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple like him escape in the face of such danger? He didn't need to be concerned with such matters at all. If the sky fell down, there were those taller than him to hold it up.

Then for now? Of course he would continue with challenging the tower.

Immediately, Li Yunmu decided in his heart. So what if this Tower of Glory is the incarnation of the flux ancestor? As long as he doesn’t get killed because of his greed, he could earn rewards by venturing further into the tower like the others.

Presently, Li Yunmu knew the complete truth about this place. Hence, he would be even more careful and wouldn’t allow his greed to consume him. Thus decreasing the chances of him peris.h.i.+ng here even more. Since everything was settled, he should start now.

The current actions of the flux ancestor had provided a good reference to Li Yunmu. The system didn’t require the fluxer to die to absorb his s.p.a.ce elements. In that case, what if after coming out of the Tower of Glory, he also allowed fluxers of the whole world to enter his heavenly world and absorb their s.p.a.ce elements?

When this idea entered Li Yunmu’s mind, he decided that trying it was completely worth it. He possessed the system which was even more advanced in absorbing the s.p.a.ce elements. Thus, absorbing the s.p.a.ce elements wouldn’t require him to sacrifice his life and incarnate as a tower. However, the prerequisite was... his strength and background were too low. He must possess a sufficiently powerful background and strength to bring this idea into reality.

Next instant, Li Yunmu didn’t delay any longer and entered the door of the Tower of Glory’s first level.

Only after he stepped in could he be considered to enter the true Tower of Glory. Sure enough, there really was an independent s.p.a.ce inside the tower. When he had a.s.sessed the first level of Tower of Glory from the outside, it seemed to have a diameter of merely 10 m, but the independent s.p.a.ce inside had a diameter of 100m.

All around him were tower walls constructed from some unknown material. The height of this s.p.a.ce was also 100m. However, there were 99 exit pa.s.sages built spread evenly on the tower walls.

When Li Yunmu, a stranger, entered inside, nine out of the ninety-nine exits pa.s.sages begun to emit a frightening presence. Soon, nine calf sized rats rushed forth from them.

"It's dark claw h.e.l.l rats!"

Nine rats. Each of them had a cultivation of the first layer ordinary crystal layer. Compared to a person who had opened twelve flux points as well as condensed his ordinary crystal armor, their strength could be considered inferior.

However, these were the creatures of the true Fifth Dimension. Their fleshly bodies were much more formidable than humans. Thus, it could be concluded that the strength of a single dark claw h.e.l.l rat was the same as an ordinary crystal fluxer at his peak.

Usually, an ordinary crystal fluxer might not be able to catch one of these rats on his own. However, nine of them had currently appeared all of a sudden.

Li Yunmu discovered that his eyesight really hadn’t gone bad, he hadn’t counted wrongly. There really were nine dark claw h.e.l.l rats. Only now did he know the difficulty of the first level!

However, Li Yunmu wasn’t your average ordinary crystal fluxer. This task basically didn’t require him to make his move. Next instant, the shadow behind his body slowly shook and instantly divided into two.

Immediately, Li Yun and Li Feng, these two shadows, used the Charged a.s.sault to rush towards the nine dark claw h.e.l.l rats.

Charged a.s.sault, Violent Blade, Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike...

When the two shadows attacked using the eighteen stacked chops ending with a final critical leap strike, these nine that were sufficient to give nightmares to any normal ordinary crystal fluxer were instantly beheaded.

From the start of the fight to the end, Li Yunmu himself didn’t even need to lift a finger.

Quite alright. Perhaps his present cultivation couldn’t be compared to those proud sons of heavens. However, if he just wanted to advance through the tower while killing monsters?

He he, in that case, he would just have to kill every monster attacking him, right? It must be known that his present true combat strength was equal to three Li Yunmu and not just one.

Shadow Hack Chapter 109: Incarnated Tower, Thou Path

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