Shadow Hack Chapter 11

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This time, Li Yunmu somewhat understood, after defeating the enemy, he could absorb from them the origin energy of flux energy--s.p.a.ce element?

"What benefit does this s.p.a.ce element bring me?"

[There are great benefits, s.p.a.ce element can be used at different dimensional stores by the host to obtain all kinds of dimensional cultivation methods and battle skills. The higher the grade of dimensional cultivation methods and battle skills, the greater the number of s.p.a.ce elements required, do your best.]

Following system’s explanation, a screen immediately appeared within Li Yunmu’s mind. This screen’s projection was the same as the hack system’s menu on the computer.

On the menu, previously there were only the options of hack mode and Li Yunmu’s personal information, but now, on the upper right corner, there was a new option to access the dimensional store.

Li Yunmu clicked on that little icon and it really was a store. Once the store menu opened up, it had a lot of Fourth-Dimensional cultivation methods and battle skills. The Admiralty Cover, which he obtained from the dimensional box that dropped from the ant he killed, was also included within. Furthermore, apart from this, there were also Fifth-Dimensional, Sixth-Dimensional, Seventh-Dimensional skills and so on, which weren’t available yet.

This short moment was a feast to Li Yunmu’s eyes and even after some time, he couldn’t see the end of the list. However, he was clear about one thing, this dimensional store contained thousands of ancient cultivation methods and battle skills, and as long as he has sufficient s.p.a.ce elements, he could purchase these skills.

"My G.o.d…...this isn’t a joke, right?"

Li Yunmu’s heart was in peril over the ancient battle skills and cultivation methods.

From the lowest D Grade cultivation methods and battle skills to the highest A Grade battle skills and cultivation methods, everything was there. Moreover, the number of s.p.a.ce elements required was different for each of them.

The lowest D Grade cultivation methods and battle skills required 10 to 99 points to purchase, C Grade required 100 to 999 points, B Grade required 1,000 to 9999 points, with A Grade requiring a terrifying amount of at least 10,000 s.p.a.ce element points.

In other words, the Admiralty Cover ancient cultivation method from the dimensional box he had obtained from killing monsters previously, had a starting price was at least 10,000 s.p.a.ce element points!

He couldn’t help but look at his own information about s.p.a.ce element points----3 points. Oh my G.o.d! Doesn’t that mean that if he wanted to purchase another Fourth-Dimensional A Grade cultivation method, he would need to defeat 3333 more opponents at the same level as the one he just defeated?

At this point, Li Yunmu finally became aware of the rarity of the Admiralty Cover which he was currently training in.

The system had already informed him that the probability of a dimensional box dropping from the body of monsters was infinitesimal.

This minute probability meant that the frequency of the box dropping was once every ten thousand monsters killed.

Moreover, the chances of an A Grade cultivation method or battle skill coming out of the dimensional box were even smaller. Thus, if Li Yunmu wants to rely on dimensional boxes dropping from monsters killed to obtain high-grade cultivation methods and battle skills, it would just be a dream within a dream.

Previously, when the A-grade skill, Admiralty Cover, came out, it was his first time opening a dimensional box. The system had been greatly benevolent and he had hit the jackpot in the first attempt, but he wouldn’t be so lucky the second time.

"It seems like if I want to use s.p.a.ce elements to get even more high-grade cultivation methods, then challenging opponents that are even more formidable in the dimensional battlefield is the only choice."

Li Yunmu made his choice in a split second.

It had to be said that the dimensional store appearing was something that he was greatly looking forward to. This way, he simply had an a.r.s.enal of ancient battle skills and cultivation methods available to him. As long as he could acc.u.mulate sufficient s.p.a.ce elements, he wouldn’t need to worry about not being able to learn formidable battle skills and cultivation methods.


Thinking about this, Li Yunmu immediately began to find his second battle, the dimensional battlefield quickly began to automatically matchmake him with an opponent.

Defeating his enemy in the last match had given a great boost to Li Yunmu’s confidence. Although he was currently just an new Flux Disciple rookie that hadn’t learned many battle skill or cultivation method, it was not like he was completely lacking. At least, he has the formidable Admiralty Cover to reduce the damage taken and his newly acquired Arrow Evasion Step foundation skill.

If they were used against an ordinary fledgling like himself, the effects would be tyrannical.

In a few minutes, the dimensional battlefield quickly found his second opponent.

Location: ancient compet.i.tion battlefield.

Equipment: ?

Oh, it would be good to choose the most common battle suit, armour plating and blade.

Begin…. Li Yunmu clicked ok. In the next moment, he arrived at the ancient compet.i.tion battlefield. The whole compet.i.tion stage only had a diameter of 30m.

This time, he learned his lesson from the last fight and moved to a more advantageous position to hide.

"Yi, this opponent is unexpectedly a girl?"

Carefully watching the opponent, he discovered that this time, his opponent was surprisingly a female. Moreover, she didn’t seem that much older than him, it seemed like they were of similar age.

But what about it? Li Yunmu wouldn’t go easy just because the opponent was a girl. At this moment, there was only one thing on his mind and that was to earn more s.p.a.ce element.


Li Yunmu launched the most simple attack towards his opponent. Since he only had the chainmail armour and blade, he naturally used the most direct method of close ranged attack.

"You have ordinary flux energy?"

"Strange, why did the brain match you, an Ordinary Flux Disciple, as my opponent…."

Seeing Li Yunmu’s attack, the female slightly creased her brows. Apparently, she couldn’t understand why she would be matched against an ordinary opponent with only one win, with her level of power.

"What Ordinary Flux Energy? I don’t care, die for me."

After crossing more than ten meters in a blink of an eye, Li Yunmu instinctively slashed the blade towards the female.

"Trying to cut me with only your level of skill?"

That girl smiled and sidestepped slightly, dodging the attack.

After that, the opponent completely changed Li Yunmu’s battle experience. Li Yunmu kept on attacking the opponent, slas.h.i.+ng again and again, but that girl dodged everything easily.

Oh my G.o.d.

Li Yunmu’s heart sunk, he knew that the opponent he that had encountered this time was much stronger than his first opponent. They say that when experts make their move, it would be clear whether or not they were one.

This girl surprisingly has an excellent side stepping posture. He had successively stabbed 18 times, but the result was that he wasn’t able to touch even a single hair of hers.

This failure was sufficient for him to realize that perhaps, earning s.p.a.ce elements wasn’t that easy. The crucial point here was that his present strength and battle skill was only at a very basic level.

After trying to stab her 18 times, Li Yunmu began to gasp for breath. A basic level Flux Disciple’s flux energy basically couldn’t support him attacking for so long.

"You look tired, it's my turn."

That girl laughed faintly. Within a split second, her figure moved at twice the speed that she used when she was dodging. Revolving around Li Yunmu, she resembled a charging hurricane.

"Thousand cuts Thirty-Six forms....."

The girl shouted loudly. Several short blades revolved around Li Yunmu like a hurricane.

*Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* .....

Within a split second, Li Yunmu faced that girl’s sudden violent a.s.sault, it was terribly frightening.

Even if he had battle instinct formed by killing hack monsters for the past few days, he was only able to stop 5 stabs in front of him. Then, two short blades, with strength greater than others, stabbed at Li Yunmu’s body

"It’s over."

Li Yunmu was very irritated.

Where did this female come from? He was aware that with his basic level Flux Disciple's strength, it should have been impossible for him to be matched with this kind of opponent. He could barely sense that the flux energy attached to the last two short blades exceeded strength that a rookie could produce.

Whether it was the flux energy’s quality or quant.i.ty, it was far stronger compared to himself. The most depressing thing was, not only was opponent’s flux energy was stronger, she had even grasped a high level dodging arts and an even stronger battle skill.

Motherf.u.c.ker, how was this a fight? It was simply bullying him.

Shadow Hack Chapter 11

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