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"What a surprise, you are completely fine?"

Seeing Tang Ruochen who had come to find him, Li Yunmu was a little flabbergasted.

The system had previously said if he absorbs s.p.a.ce elements from the same person within ten days, then there was an extremely high possibility that that person's cultivation might become unstable. In more critical case, that person might also lose all his current cultivation.

However, nothing was absolute in this world. Moreover, the system had only said that there was an extremely high possibility that the above-mentioned would happen. Hence, there was an extremely low possibility of nothing happening as well. Surprisingly, Tang Ruochen didn't seem to be having any trouble with his cultivation base at this moment.

This also clearly showed that these proud sons of heaven from powerful clans have a st.u.r.dy cultivation base. Apart from having profound cultivation resources compared to ordinary fluxers, their strength wasn't a fluke. At this moment, Li Yunmu was completely sure of this fact.

"What problem should I have? I haven't lost to you, I only lost to that Fifth Dimensional treasure weapon of yours."

Tang Ruochen sneered but still kept his promise.

He removed the long jade box from his back and laid it on the table:

"This is the Snow Guzzle Cold Blade. This jade box is similarly created specifically for this blade using the Heavenly Mountain's Millenium Cold Essence White Jade. When you are not using the cold blade, you should keep it inside the jade box for constant nourishment. This will make the freezing energy of the blade itself become stronger.

"Okay, I know."

At this moment, Li Yunmu's gaze was fixated on the jade box. He couldn't help but acknowledge that Tang Ruochen's moral character was quite good. 

The agreement only included the Snow Guzzle Cold Blade as the stake in their bet. However, this person had also delivered an equivalently precious jade box together with the blade.

"No need to thank me. I just don't want someone to ruin such good blade, that's all."

Being defeated by the Underworld Raven sage bow seemed to still be gnawing at Tang Ruochen's mind. Naturally, his att.i.tude wasn't very good.

However, Li Yunmu didn't argue with him and just let the matter go. He faintly smiled and opened the jade box slowly. Instantly, the whole room was filled with cold energy seeping out of the box while the temperature dropped many times.

"Good blade!"

Feeling excited, Li Yunmu couldn't help but praise it loudly.

Presently, this blade could only be considered as a B Grade weapon. That was because he still hadn't infused it with runes and a weapon spirit. Speaking of the materials used to build this blade, the Millenium Cold Essence and Black Blood Ore could certainly be considered as humanity's highest quality materials in the present times.

The Snow Guzzle Cold Blade's name wasn't in vain due to its innate ability to give rise to a trace of cold energy. Even a Golden Crystal Flux Disciple couldn't completely resist the cold energy of this blade, let alone speak of fluxers who were less powerful.

Similarly, apart from producing cold energy, it also had an additional ability to drink blood. A rare variation of Black Blood Ore enabled this cold blade to possess the additional characteristic to drink blood. The more it drank the blood of the enemy it had defeated, the higher the blood essence quality rises and the stronger the baleful aura around the cold blade becomes.

If it was nourished properly, then the baleful aura could make the enemy lose more than half their combat strength. This blood drinking and nouris.h.i.+ng property weren't shown by the blade yet as this cold blade still lacked a formidable soldier soul.

"Good, our agreement is now concluded. I have destroyed the contract."

With a wave of his hand, Li Yunmu collected cold blade in his storage badge. Following which, he immediately destroyed the contract any nonsense.

"Quite straightforward. Now that our agreement is complete, let us battle again. I haven't lost yet."

Standing at his location, Tang Ruochen's battle intent burst out of his body. It was quite difficult to stop his desire to battle.

However, Li Yunmu was left gobsmacked. Why were these people so troublesome. Still want to fight?

Ling Shuang was like this. And now? This Tang Ruochen was following in her footsteps. Do these people have some sort of mental illness? Why don't they take some medicine for it.

"There is no use in fighting again. Even if you used that fifth fimensional treasure weapon that projects a mad beast, you still won't be able to stop my Violent Blade."

Li Yunmu shook his head and said, showing his complete disinterest in fighting.

"That won't do, let's fight again. As long as you don't use Violent Blade to defeat me, all the previous fights won't be counted."

Immediately, Tang Ruochen became frantic. He seemed to have gone completely crazy.

After careful examination, Li Yunmu noticed that absorbing s.p.a.ce elements seems to have no effect on this person. However, it might also be that no major problems revealed themselves as this person's cultivation was quite st.u.r.dy.

"If I said I won't fight, that means I won't fight."

Li Yunmu said to him coldly, completely ignoring the other party's battle intent or his crazy behavior.

From childhood, he had been amenable to coaxing but not coercion. In any case, he had even defeated a king grade clan chief, so what about a silver grade fluxer from the top ten most powerful?

He he, Tang Ruochen was unable to threaten him even if he had a fifth dimensional treasure weapon.

"This time, if you use Violent Blade to defeat me fair and square, I will hand over the cultivation relaying globe of the Tyrannical Cross Shaped Arms Skill to you."

Tang Ruochen firmly stared at Li Yunmu.

"Tyrannical Cross Shaped Arms Skill?"

Li Yunmu's expression changed but he still didn't accept:

"Not enough."

He had to accept that the Tyrannical Cross Shaped Arms Skill was quite enticing to him. This was a formidable B Grade battle skill that focused on defense. It was extremely famous. However, the Heavenly Dragon Tang family didn't teach it to outsiders.

Hence, it basically hadn't spread to the outside. It must be known that battle skills of the same grade were divided into ordinary and extraordinary. This Tyrannical Cross Shaped Arms Skill belongs to latter. Furthermore, if it was repaired and completed by the system, then he was quite hopeful that this B Grade defensive battle skill could break through to the A Grade.

However, Li Yunmu still didn't agree. There was no need to ask why. He was quite headstrong and had the system. Hence, which kind of cultivation method or battle skill didn't he have access to? At most, he would need to spend some time to acc.u.mulate the required s.p.a.ce elements.

"Then what you do need? As long as my Heavenly Dragon Tang family has it, I can make the decision to give it to you."

Tang Ruochen had gone completely crazy.

He had also made Li Yunmu, who was completely unable to make any sense out of these proud sons of heaven, go crazy. Why were these people so fixated on victory or defeat. When he thought about it, he realized that even big Xiong was also unable to accept defeat. Who could have known that this Tang Ruochen was even crazier than him. He was the perfect example of a fool having a lot of money.

However, when he observed Tang Ruochen's earnest expression, he immediately understood. This matter had been his sore spot!

Apparently, from the time Li Yunmu used his Violent Blade to chop him into two, that defeat had already become a shadow in Tang Ruochen's mental cultivation.

If he doesn't take of this matter gnawing at his heart, then perhaps his future cultivation would become difficult.

Instantly, Li Yunmu felt that he was extremely fortunate!

Fortunately, the system's cultivation method had nothing to with his mental fort.i.tude. Otherwise, this matter would be quite troublesome. If Li Yunmu had any mental state, then it would be only one, that was----only me.

He didn't want too many problems and only wanted to do what his heart desires.

"I want your Tang family's secret notes containing the translation and explanation about the true Fifth Dimension's language and symbols."

Li Yunmu suddenly said.

"Secret notes on the true Fifth Dimension's language? It is impossible for me to get that for you."

Tang Ruochen was startled when he heard it and declined immediately. It wasn't that he didn't want to, rather, the object requested by the other party was too extreme.

What were the notes on the true Fifth Dimension's language? Frankly speaking, these were the translation of the true Fifth Dimension's language. However, these were the Tang family's knowledge reserve obtained after experiencing many things.

It could also be said that these were the secrets that made up the profound reserves of large clans. They absolutely could not be spread to others. How could he lightly hand them over to the other party. Sometimes, knowledge was worthy of being treasured even more than some A Grade cultivation method, like in this case.

"I will not scam you. I will be using this as a stake."

Li Yunmu was also clear that he had indeed gone too far this time. He thought for a moment before he revealed a blood-red ball of light.

"Dark flux energy? It really is a source of dark flux energy."

Tang Ruochen absentmindedly cried out.

"That's right, this is a dark flux energy source. If you beat me, it will be yours. But if you lose to me again under my Violent Blade, then that Tyrannical Cross Shaped Arms Skill and the translation notes of the true Fifth Dimension's language will be mine. I also want you to not trouble me with another challenge."

Li Yunmu said while attentively watching Tang Ruochen's reaction.

Shadow Hack Chapter 98

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