Shadow Hack Chapter 104

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"Stop stop, stop."

It was unbearable for Li Yunmu to see Li Daxiong and his group distort the facts even more, so he quickly told them to stop. Then spreading his hands, he asked:

"Big Xiong, can you lend me 1,000,000 dimensional coins? I will return it to you after a few days."

Once Li Yunmu opened his mouth, big Xiong and his idiot trio was so frightened that they started to s.h.i.+ver. The first thing he spoke was to ask for 1,000,000 dimensional coins. What kind of major business was he trying to open?

"Why do you need such a large amount of money?"

"To refine my blade."


Following his reply, all the people who had come to visit him coughed up blood. Even if big Xiong was the son of the richest person in the city, he wouldn’t be able to easily raise an amount like 1,000,000 dimensional coins.

Even for the pinnacle grade silver base equipment, his father had to clench his teeth to produce the large sum to buy it. However, this Li Yunmu expressionlessly asked for 1,000,000 to refine his blade.

The idiot trio was left speechless on the spot when they heard Li Yunmu. But then, they immediately remembered the Snow Guzzle Cold Blade which Li Yunmu had won last time. With that blade’s quality, what were 1,000,000 dimensional coins?

This amount was far from sufficient. Even an ordinary crystal grade ancient freezing rune had a cost of 1,000,0000. Furthermore, if he doesn’t infuse at least a silver crystal layer ancient freezing rune on a blade like the Snow Guzzle Cold Blade, then he really would be unworthy of obtaining a blade of pinnacle quality. Just this blade alone was enough to provide an impression of Heavenly Dragon Tang family’s reserves.

"Cough cough. If you really want to refine your blade, then our Lucky Wind City can support you. This 1,000,000 dimensional coins, I as the representative of Lucky Wind City will provide you. But if you need any more, you have to obtain it yourself."

Tang An, who was having a big headache from the side, said while clenching his teeth tightly.

"Senior, you are only the representative of the great courtyard, do you have the authority to make a decision on this matter?"

This time, Li Yunmu asked suspiciously. He didn’t want to create troubles for this senior who was showing kindness to him.

"He he, you are somewhat uninformed about this. Our senior Tang An isn’t simply the representative of Lucky Wind Great Courtyard, he is also the son of the city lord."

Crooked teeth Qiang walked to Li Yunmu’s side and said mysteriously while patting his shoulder.

"Son of the city lord? Which city?"

Li Yunmu was startled.

"Our Lucky Wind City, where else."

Tang An smiled bitterly after hearing Li Yunmu’s question. Being a city’s lord son, how could he be considered as only a second-rate official.

However, according to Tang An, this wasn’t anything to boast about. The main reason for that was Lucky Wind City being extremely poor. A powerful family like the Heavenly Dragon Tang family could easily suppress the authority of the city lord. As for boasting about being the city lord’s son? That would depend upon the city.

However, the amount of 1,000,000 dimensional coins requested by Li Yunmu was barely within Tang An’s authority.

Soon, the one million dimensional coins were transferred to Li Yunmu’s account.


With this amount of money, Li Yunmu had finally obtained sufficient "pa.s.senger fare". In the case that senior Tang An hadn’t supported him, he could only choose one of the treasures he had and sell it off.

But presently, he was saved from the trouble. He hadn’t informed anyone that he was going to the heavenly world of the fluxer’s a.s.sociation. Even when his friends like Liu Noujie received the news and came, he didn’t say a single word about it. Because this time, he had to return to the real world, the Earth.

Presently, the Earth was an extremely dangerous place for Li Yunmu. As long as he came out of the Fifth Dimensional World and went to Earth where there were no restrictions on cultivation, if he had to face a Flux Master, then he would be crushed like an insect. In short, he didn’t dare to think about returning to Earth unless he had sufficient means to defend himself. 

This time, he clearly had no choice.

After half an hour, he returned to the war chariot trading company he had visited with the idiot trio. He didn’t spend much time here and quickly purchased a one-man delta speed G.o.d war chariot for 350,000 dimensional coins.

This war chariot’s price was even higher compared to the five-man thunder G.o.d war chariot purchased by big Xiong. While it only had one seat, the c.o.c.kpit was of a higher grade war chariot from the delta brand. After carefully observing it once,

However, the difference it had compared to car engines was that regardless of whether it was the wheels, the engine, the vehicle armor or weight capacity and so on, they were in two completely different worlds.

This vehicle could be considered deserving of Li Yunmu’s hard earned capital. This war chariot had three special characteristics that caught his attention. First was speed. This war chariot was 2.5 times faster than big Xiong’s thunder G.o.d war chariot. The peak average speed it could attain was considered to be the maximum speed of higher quality war chariots. Its average speed surpa.s.sed 700 km/h.

The second outstanding characteristic was its all-terrain pursuit. It had even higher control abilities in all types of terrains compared to the thunder G.o.d war chariot. It could move over all sorts of obstacles even more steadily. Furthermore, in urgent situations, it could even enter nitro-mode. By drawing support from the nitro, it could achieve low alt.i.tude flying for a short amount of time.

The third outstanding point was the crystal armor’s performance. Even with the war chariot’s small size, the vehicle armor density mounted on it was its best feature. It could barely resist a single attack of a golden crystal fluxer.

After purchasing this delta speed G.o.d war chariot, Li Yunmu soon spent another 120,000 dimensional coins to purchase an exoskeleton jet bouncing armor ---Walker M 16th generation.

This walker exoskeleton armor was actually used only after the speed G.o.d war chariot had been destroyed. It wasn’t for the war chariot, but rather, his personal armor. After mounting his equipment on it, the fluxer could save a lot of energy while rus.h.i.+ng through the wilderness. It would be anyone’s first choice if they wanted the best speed, endurance, and reduced energy wastage. It could similarly allow for short time low alt.i.tude flight over a distance. As for how long the flight would last, it was entirely reliant on the flux crystal provided by the fluxer.

It could be said that regardless of whether it was the delta war chariot or the walker armor, during their flight, both of them were endless pits that couldn’t be filled regardless of how much flux crystals he supplied. Even if he had the hack system, he wouldn’t be able to save himself from going bankrupt of flux crystals if he used the nitro feature for a long time.

After spending 470,000 dimensional coins, Li Yunmu had spent more than half of the original 700,000 something coins he had previously. Finally, he purchased a single person fort type 3 battlefield tent, spending another 30,000 dimensional coins and completing all his preparations.

Within less than an hour, he had spent 500,000 coins. This was the best example of money being used like water.

However, all the above preparations were completely worth it. After all, this time’s preparation was actually for the Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain.

After a long while, Li Yunmu appeared at the Cloud City Steel Castle’s transfer plaza center.

"I want to be transferred to Cloud City’s fluxer guild on Earth."

At this moment, Li Yunmu’s crystal armor had appeared. From head to toe, everything was covered by his crystal armor, even including his face.

"Cloud City’s fluxer guild on Earth, one million Fourth-Dimensional coins or ten contribution points or one stable golden energy flux crystal."

The person responsible for the transfer array expressionlessly replied.

Li Yunmu didn’t hesitate much as he immediately paid the one million dimensional coins. Following which, he was allowed to enter the transfer channel formation circle which had a diameter of less than 2 m.

Clearly, this transfer channel was either for a single person or at most three people. It was completely different from the transfer channel used by Li Yunmu when he had come here from Earth. 

Otherwise, if Li Yunmu had to return to Earth using the transfer channel from last time, the cost certainly would’ve greatly surpa.s.sed his budget.

"This is the ticket for the return journey, keep it safe."

The official didn’t speak anymore and with the same wooden expression as before, he launched the transfer channel.

Li Yunmu’s figure gradually began to grow dimmer and finally disappeared.

"Report to the lord. An ordinary crystal fluxer suspected to be Li Yunmu had just used the transfer channel to go the Cloud City fluxer guild on Earth..."

The wooden faced official suddenly lowered his head and mutter in his stellarcomm.

Shadow Hack Chapter 104

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