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"Hey, why are you standing there like an idiot. Are you so stunned by flux ancestor’s heavenly world?"

After entering the a.s.sociation’s heavenly world, he continued to stare at the seven enormous stars hanging in the sky.

However, the melodious voice of a female that seemed to have a lot of knowledge woke him up from his daze as someone suddenly patted his shoulder. There was no need to ask who it was. This girl, Chu Qingyu, had followed him. Perhaps it would be better to say that her destination was same as his, the heavenly world of the a.s.sociation. 

"Flux ancestor?"

However, Li Yunmu didn’t pay any attention to whatever she was saying. Instead, he only paid attention to this term ‘flux ancestor’.

"Ha ha, flux ancestor is the creator of the fluxer guild. So troublesome. Haven’t you been instructed about history by your high school? You don’t even know the flux ancestor?"

Li Yunmu sighed deeply. His high school really hadn’t taught any fluxer related knowledge. Lucky Wind City itself had fallen behind in progress. The sixteenth high school had even sunk down to the level of an ordinary school. How could he compare to a proud daughter of heaven who had been taught all sorts of things regarding fluxers ever since her childhood?

It could also be said that the difference between a character like Chu Qingyu and him was originally as large as the difference between heaven and earth. But presently, his fate had already changed.

"Even though he is the creator of the fluxer guilds, is flux ancestor another ident.i.ty that he is more widely known by?"

Li Yunmu couldn’t help asking.

Flux ancestor, what did this t.i.tle represent? Probably almost all people knew his t.i.tle of Almighty one but obtaining this t.i.tle wasn’t so easy.

"This is what you don’t know. The creator of the fluxer guild has another ident.i.ty. He was the first person to awaken flux energy during dark ages, which provided a hope of survival to mankind. Tell me, is suitable for this t.i.tle or not?"

"Ehh? Senior from Dark Ages. From two hundred years ago..."

This time, Li Yunmu genuinely understood. A person from that period surprisingly still exists. He felt a new door being opened in his worldview.

However, if he really was the first person to awaken and also the supreme creator of the fluxer guild, then he did deserve the t.i.tle of flux ancestor.

"Forget about it, there is no use talking to a blockhead like you. I am going to the Tower of Glory, but before that, do you have the guts to battle with me for a second time?"

Chu Qingyu suddenly asked.

"What second time? Lady, we have met for the first time. I have never met you before today."

What sort of person was Li Yunmu, how could he let the other party coax him into revealing his ident.i.ty?

However, there was no doubt that this girl Chu Qingyu was more or less certain of his ident.i.ty.

"Are you really not that stupid blockhead, Li Yunmu?"

Seeing that Li Yunmu wasn’t duped, a hint of suspicion flashed through Chu Qingyu’s eyes.

"No, I am not. Are you talking about the Li Sect’s third disciple? How could I compare to such a great character."

Li Yunmu remained completely unfooled and said with a faint smile.

"However, you are going to the Tower of Glory at the perfect time. I also want to temper myself in the tower. I can just follow you. You lead the way."

This time, Chu Qingyu had truly verified that this person standing in front of him was certainly not Li Yunmu. However, he was still a bast*rd like that Li Yunmu.

"Alright then, walk behind me and stay close, don’t lose your way."

After learning that the person in front of him wasn’t Li Yunmu, Chu Qingyu instantly lost most of her interest.

Since it was no use staying at the public venue, she started moving forward with her two sword maidens. However, Lin Li would occasionally steal a glance of Li Yunmu from time to time. Clearly, Lin Li was still suspicious of his ident.i.ty.

However, it doesn’t matter. Since they have met then, he would just follow them without any worries about his ident.i.ty being revealed. Having someone to guide you was always better than running around wildly.

He had to accept that flux ancestor’s heavenly world was indeed incomparably extensive. Even though it was only a place for fluxers, the area of this landma.s.s surpa.s.sed Lucky Wind City by many times.

His surroundings were filled with some ancient style buildings. This was the permanent encampment of the fluxer guild. The entire ground was covered with limestone tiles and walking on it gave people a feeling of time travel.

Li Yunmu kept following Chu Qingyu for the greater part of an hour when they finally arrived in front of an ancient tower emitting multicolored light.

When he raised his head to look at it, he saw that the ancient tower was divided into 108 levels. As one moved to higher levels, s.p.a.ce becomes increasingly smaller. Apparently, this was the Tower of Glory, whose name was enough to send tremors through all six continents.

According to rumors, this tower itself was constructed from origin dimensional stone. Perhaps in the whole world, only the flux ancestor could have the luxury to establish a tower which itself was a small heavenly world in his heavenly world.

"This Tower of Glory has 108 levels altogether. Since you dare to challenge it, then you should have known this before. However, I am certain that you don’t know that it actually has an additional 108 hidden levels."

Chu Qingyu puffed up her chest and said proudly, showing off her knowledge to Li Yunmu.

"Ehh? It also has 108 hidden levels?"

Li Yunmu said while pretending to be amazed. However, he really didn’t know this inside information.

"Naturally, these 108 hidden levels don’t appear above the surface. Rather, they are spread under the ground. People call it the Tower of Depravity, the opposite of the Tower of Glory. Only those who have left hidden domains and have depravity have the qualifications to temper themselves in the Tower of Depravity. As for what rewards the Tower of Depravity holds, he he, I won’t tell you."

Chu Qingyu laughed and didn’t bother with Li Yunmu anymore. She led her two sword maidens through the tower’s steps and soon, she was transferred to inside the tower through the familiar transfer channel.

Li Yunmu sighed deeply. This girl was a little repulsive. She unexpectedly left just before telling him the climax. He climbed the stairs and arrived at the tower’s platform where Little Xia and Lin Li were standing.

After carefully looking through it once, he noticed that a black colored stele was erected on the platform. The stele contained the ranks of the most glorious challengers of Tower of Glory. There were 100 names on the stele.

The list was set in ascending order. The highest ranked challenger was a rainbow crystal layer fluxer who had reached 87th level.

Under him, there was a line of rainbow crystal fluxers. Only after crossing the top fifty, did he find the name of a Golden Crystal Flux Disciple.

Finally, after 83rd rank, he found some familiar names.

Xun Qianxue, rank 83, silver crystal fluxer, the highest tower level reached---26th level.

w.a.n.g Ming, 87th rank, silver crystal fluxer, highest level reached---24th level.

Ling Shuang, 97th rank, black crystal fluxer, highest tower level reached ---21st level.

"Ling Shuang? Dang, so that silent woman Ling Shuang, has her name on the Tower of Glory’s rankings."

Li Yunmu was sighed deeply. Having a backer surely is awesome. These people with a powerful person backing them learn about everything first and know what to do, unlike him who has to rely on making inquiries.

Ling Shuang was one of six black crystal fluxers who had their name on the list and had become famous after entering the top hundred, which was absolutely terrifying.

But there two more characters who were relatively more amazing. These two people had the cultivation of ordinary crystal layer and were ranked in succession at 99th and 100th position!

First one was an ordinary crystal fluxer from the Desolate Continent, named Man Tian.

Dang, what a f*cking name. Once Li Yunmu saw the name, the first thought that entered his mind was that this was an arrogant protagonist of some novel. The second person had come from Northern Sea Continent and was called Hai Yue. She was a female. Both of them had reached the 20th level. 

Both of them were a newcomer, same as him. One belonged to barbarian race, while the other was a person of the Sea G.o.d. Too incredible, charging into the first hundred ranks with a cultivation of ordinary crystal layer. It must be known that within all six continents, there were only two people who had charged into the top hundred with the lowest level cultivation.

Not even most of the golden crystal fluxers or silver crystal fluxers had the qualifications to enter here, so was it incredible or not?

When Li Yunmu saw this list, he instantly felt greatly pressurized. Initially, he had thought of charging through the first twenty floors and earning some good quality runes. But now, he discovered that charging through the first twenty floors wasn’t so easy as he thought. 

No need to be scared, just go!

After taking a look at the list, he didn’t wait anymore and touched the stone stele. Following which, his whole body disappeared and he was transferred to inside the Tower of Glory.

Shadow Hack Chapter 107

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