Shadow Hack Chapter 123: Decked In Gold

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Chapter 123: Decked In Gold

Translator: Mercurial Editor: TheRealSeal

At this moment, Li Yunmu, the main character himself, was completely unaware of the many changes happening in the outside world. He didn’t even know that his current status was that of one of the thirty-six Heavenly Major Generals of Central Continent.

After advancing past the fifteenth level, the number of tower badges he obtained began to rise exponentially. After all, starting from the fifteenth level, the number of golden crystal harpies would increase by one each level, and killing each of them would earn him extra thirty tower badges.

Fifteenth level, 45 tower badges.

Sixteenth level, 76 tower badges.

Seventeenth level, 108 tower badges

Eighteenth level, 138 tower badges.

Nineteenth level, 169 tower badges.

When reaching the twentieth level, Li Yunmu, who was leading a group of ravens, cleared the previous level so quickly that he suddenly realized something.

If he advanced past the twentieth level... then given his speed, the time he had taken to advance through the tower would certainly be less than that of Man Tian or Hai Yue. So he would certainly be ranked above those two newcomers.

That’s why, if nothing unexpected happened and he was able to clear the twentieth level, then his name would certainly enter the ranks of the hundred people whose names were written on the stone outside the tower. But if that happened, he would gain unprecedented glory and fame, and it was something he certainly didn’t want.

Because presently, he still lacked a sufficiently powerful backer and strength. If he had relied on his own strength and used the seventh dimensional underworld raven sage bow, then reaching the fifteenth level checkpoint would have certainly been the limit for him and the two shadows.

If he entered the list right now, the glory would be completely useless to him. Not only would it have no use for him, instead it may even attract trouble.

Thus, Li Yunmu didn’t immediately step inside the twentieth level.

Moreover, that place was a major checkpoint. Even if his brain was in his knees, he would still know that there would certainly be a rainbow crystal harpy great boss waiting for him before it.

Li Yunmu quickly considered whether he should take the risk of entering the twentieth level or not.

"System, help me calculate, what’s the probability that I can clear the twentieth level and what’s the probability that I will die?"

Fortunately, he still had the system by his side. He stopped moving and requested the system to make a detailed deduction.

[Deduction in progress…..]

After several tens of seconds, the system completed the a.n.a.lysis and spoke up again.

[If host only depends on his personal combat strength, then the probability of clearing the twentieth level is equal to zero while the chance of peris.h.i.+ng is 100%. If the group of underworld ravens is also added to the calculation, then there is a 99% chance that you will clear the twentieth level, however the number of the underworld ravens in the group will be greatly reduced.]

Soon, the information about monsters Li Yunmu will encounter in the twentieth level, as deduced by the system, appeared in his mind.

Black crystal layer harpies, 99

Golden crystal layer harpies, 5

Rainbow crystal layer harpies, 1

This was the result of the system’s a.n.a.lysis regarding the difficulty he would face on the twentieth level. Li Yunmu approved of it within his heart, the system’s deduction was pretty good indeed.

If he didn’t have the group of underworld ravens, then just by relying on the combat strength of himself and the two shadows, reaching the fifteenth level would have been his limit. Because from the sixteenth level, the number of golden layer harpies increased by one in each one, and he couldn’t possibly fight even two golden layer harpies at the same time.

For him and his two shadows, dealing with a golden layer dimensional beast was already the limit. This was the conclusion Li Yunmu had reached without including the Wind G.o.d Tornado Kick in the equation.

However… Wind G.o.d Tornado Kick wasn’t effective towards all types of dimensional beasts. For example, the harpies, they possessed the head of a bird and the body of a woman. Furthermore because of the innate structure of their bodies, they also possessed a pair of bird monster wings. Thus, the Wind G.o.d Tornado Kick was completely useless against these types of monsters, because they weren’t restricted in the air and could move in it freely.

Thus, if Li Yunmu wanted to clear the twentieth level, he could only rely upon the group of underworld ravens, who became more and more formidable as they continued to battle.

Presently, all the underworld ravens in the group of fifty-one had temporarily broken through to the silver crystal layer. That’s why it wouldn’t be much of a problem for these underworld ravens to clear the intense twentieth level which contained five golden crystal harpies and one rainbow crystal harpy.

"Alright then, let’s go all out on this level."

Instantly, Li Yunmu considered all the merits and demerits, and at once, firmly decided to enter the halo.

The next instant, he entered the legendary checkpoint of the twentieth level.

And sure enough, there wasn’t much deviation from the system’s conclusion. Ninety-nine black crystal layer harpies instantly pounced on Li Yunmu.

In a moment, he was bombarded by windblades, fireb.a.l.l.s, mental attacks, and other abilities which the harpies could use.

However, Li Yunmu with his two shadows didn’t put these ninety-nine black crystal layer harpies in his eyes.

"All the underworld ravens, attack the five golden layer harpies and this rainbow crystal harpy without holding back."

Li Yunmu immediately issued his final command to all the underworld ravens.

The fifty-one silver crystal layer underworld ravens immediately divided into six squads. Each one rushed towards the six different boss level harpies.

As for the ninety-nine black crystal layer ordinary harpies, Li Yun and Li Feng had already reached them and went on a killing spree among them. Due to little Li Ying swallowing all the mental attacks of the harpies, such tricks were completely ineffective.

After a long while, all the black crystal layer harpies were completely annihilated by Li Feng and Li Yun. Once the opponents’ ability to affect the consciousness lost its effect, they were even unable to break the shadows’ defenses.

As for the next battle, it was completely unrelated to Li Yunmu.

Fifty-one silver crystal underworld ravens VS five harpy witches and one harpy empress.

According to logic, the fifty-one silver crystal underworld ravens would certainly lose here. However, they were creatures that became more powerful as they battled more. After absorbing the vitality and blood of their fallen comrades, their strength would continue to increase.

Soon, the number of the silver crystal underworld ravens began to fall rapidly, as they were ma.s.sacred by the boss level harpies. But with the death of each underworld raven, the strength of the still-alive ones increased.

Fifty-one, forty-seven, thirty-nine, twenty-six, nineteen, twelve… Finally, only twelve underworld ravens were still alive from the group of fifty-one.

Li Yunmu discovered to his astonishment that each of the survivors received an increase in its cultivation base. Instantly, all twelve of them were upgraded to fourth layer and became golden crystal layer underworld ravens.

Instantly, the five golden crystal harpy witches who had suffered many injuries were annihilated by the surviving birds whose strength had increased rapidly.

The twelve golden crystal underworld ravens finally surrounded and attacked the rainbow crystal harpy empress.

However, this battle didn’t last for long. By the time all of the harpies on the twentieth level were killed, dropping their tower badges, only six golden crystal underworld ravens remained.

When they fed on the dead corpses of the harpies, although their strength didn’t increase, but all the injuries they had suffered during the battle were healed. Their blood was replenished and they once again reached their peak condition.

"Six golden crystal layer underworld ravens are more than sufficient!"

Li Yunmu fiercely clenched his fists. Great, the results of the battle were far more ideal compared to what he had expected.

He still had the capital to continue forward with confidence!

In this level alone, Li Yunmu had earned 270 tower badges. The final rainbow crystal layer harpy empress had dropped 100 tower badges by herself.

Do tower badges drop so easily?

No, they don’t. The main reason is because the strength of a rainbow crystal dimensional beast has almost reached the pinnacle of power.

Furthermore, if Li Yunmu’s cultivation base wasn’t at an ordinary crystal layer, that this boss certainly wouldn’t have had a drop rate of 100%. So basically, if someone with even slightly higher cultivation base would have charged through the tower, then they would not have earned so much.

Thus, within the Tower of Glory, the lower the cultivation base of a fluxer who challenged it, the greater was the opportunity for him to earn rewards. Although the flux ancestor harbored evil intentions, but he also left a great opportunity for the newcomers who had great strength.

Like Li Yunmu. Even if he stopped moving forward right here, he had already acc.u.mulated sufficient tower badges to exchange for dimensional treasure tools and many other resources which were even more terrifying than the equipment he already possessed.

Next Li Yunmu counted the number of tower badges he had acc.u.mulated in total. Altogether, he had earned eight hundred something!

My G.o.d, so many tower badges?

Li Yunmu was completely astonished. With this amount, how many higher dimensional treasure weapons could he obtain? What a fortune this was!

Shadow Hack Chapter 123: Decked In Gold

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