Shadow Hack Chapter 114

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As Li Yunmu, the main character of this debacle, hadn’t personally appeared to provide an explanation, it caused even more people to believe that the so called mysterious Li Sect’s disciple was just a show off.  

"Ha ha, whom are you all looking for? Li Yunmu hadn’t dared to show his face. Even Li Yun or Li Feng also didn’t dare to come to the dimensional battlefield today. If they don’t have a guilty conscience then what else is stopping them?"

"Some people are just unwilling to resign -- especially those who have the surname Li. Do you guys still believe that there is a great hidden sect who will appreciate you . Ha ha ha, keep dreaming."

As the time gradually pa.s.sed, those supporters who had full confidence in Li Yunmu also began to waver. Did Li Yunmu really lose the fight in the real world? He even kneeled to admit his error?

These supporters initially didn’t dare to believe, because regardless of whether it was Li Yunmu or Li Yun or Li Feng, the battle prowess they had shown on the dimensional battlefield was witnessed by everyone personally. Even if dimensional battlefield didn’t let a fluxer use the crystal armour, Tang Ruochen shouldn’t have had such a great advantage in the real world. The disparity between the two of them shouldn’t be so great.

"I don’t believe this, even in real world, our YunYun could easily dominate the fluxers in the top ten most powerful list."

"Precisely, although that Li Yunmu’s true strength couldn’t compare to Li Yun or Li Feng, however everyone here witnessed the power of that deadly bow skill and that fifth dimensional treasure weapon. They aren’t something to be trifled with, not to mention, he also uses the Violent Blade Skill."

Many people weren’t willing to believe this matter. But given the fact that Li Yunmu and other two hadn’t appeared to refute the rumor, many followers who weren’t their staunch supporters also began to believe it.

However, at this moment, another new post regarding this scandal appeared, which decisively concluded Li Yunmu’s miserable defeat.

Because this poster was surprisingly from the Lucky Wind Great Courtyard and also a fellow newcomer like Li Yunmu, her name was Zhou Jing.

As a member of Lucky Wind Great Courtyard who had personally witnessed the whole matter, her testimony sealed the fact that Li Yunmu was completely dominated by the opponent and had even kneeled.

Moreover, two more newcomer fluxers of Lucky Wind Great Courtyard also posted to guarantee that this had indeed happened and they had personally witnessed it.

This time, the incident of Tang Ruochen defeating the mysterious sect caused great commotion on the Cloud City Warzone.

"Quickly look, their fellow students of the same courtyard have confirmed this. Moreover, it is not just one witness, rather three. Where is that Tang An? Would you still continue to cover the true facts?"

"Pah! Defeat is defeat. Why try to hide it? Why be a sore loser? Lucky Wind Great Courtyard’s senior Tang An or even that light energy fluxer, Liu Noujie, would they still try to save face for Li Yunmu? We all misjudged you previously, you people are completely without any morals."

With the sudden appearance of Lucky Wind Great Courtyard’s Zhou Jing and other two, the debate immediately became one sided. Originally, there were still some people who supported Li Yun and his fellow disciple. They instantly felt extreme despair. Furthermore, since the protagonist hadn’t dared to appear personally, this time, the debate was complete over.

These disciples of so called mysterious sect were surprisingly unable to endure even a single defeat.

Just when, everyone believed that Li Yunmu had really lost and knelt down. Even Zhou Jing, this crazy woman, was finally convinced that she had completely shamed Li Yunmu’s name and taken a proper revenge for Hou Wu.

Suddenly, an extremely dazzling piece of news appeared on every fluxer’s stellarcomm:

"Congratulations, Central Continent. Li Yunmu, as an ordinary crystal fluxer had successfully broken through the tenth level of Tower of Glory."

"Congratulations, Central Continent. Li Yunmu, as an ordinary crystal fluxer had successfully broken through the tenth level of Tower of Glory."

"Congratulations, Central Continent. Li Yunmu, as an ordinary crystal fluxer had successfully broken through the tenth level of Tower of Glory."

Three successive repeated global announcements from the fluxer a.s.sociation, immediately startled each and every fluxer.

Tenth level of Tower of Glory!?

He had crashed his way through alone?

Who is this Central Continent’s Li Yunmu?

Who is he exactly?

Instantly, every fluxer’s thoughts had gone completely wild.

"Heavens, this is the three successive global announcements from the fluxer guild which forcefully catch the people's attention. This news was just announced at the Tower of Glory."

"Supreme glory!"

This name wasn’t in vain. All the fluxers who possessed the fluxer a.s.sociation’ badge and were registered, at this instant, were left completely dazzled by this news which was announced with special lighting effects. 

Tenth layer of Tower of Glory!

Easily cleared?

It depends on the cultivation of the fluxer. If a golden crystal fluxer had cleared the Tower of Glory’s tenth level, then fluxer a.s.sociation will certainly not make any announcement, let alone speak of global announcements.

If it was a silver crystal fluxer who achieved it, then fluxer a.s.sociation would make a public announcement only once in each of the warzones of all major cities of the continent from which the fluxer hailed.

If it was a black crystal fluxer who had accomplished it, then fluxer a.s.sociation would make one announcement to the entire continent which that particular fluxer belongs to.

Then what if the person who cleared the tenth level of Tower of Glory was a fluxer at the lowest layer, the ordinary crystal layer?

Then the majestic event like presently happening would occur. In all the six great continents, as long as one has a fluxer badge and is registered as a fluxer, all would receive the supreme glory of the global announcement filled with lighting effects. Moreover, the announcement would even be repeated three times to gloriously declare the victory in all continents and notify all fluxers in the world.

Instantly, the thoughts of fluxers went wild.

Ordinary crystal fluxer, no one expected that today another super rookie who could clear the first ten levels, would appear.

Silence, complete silence!

After the three successive notifications of supreme glory were announced. All the fluxers of the Cloud City Warzone who were originally causing a commotion, saying that Li Yunmu was forced to kneel down in front of Tang Ruochen, were instantly silenced at that very moment.

The silence continued for a long while.

Suddenly, the number of posts on the online forum explosively increased. Immediately entire Cloud City Warzone’s online forum exploded.

"Li Yunmu? Is it the Li Yunmu who we were just arguing about?"

"F*ck you, how is that even possible? How did an ordinary crystal fluxer clear the first ten levels of Tower of Glory."

"In our Central Continent, we have almost 3.6 billion. There are countless fluxers among them, I don’t believe that the Li Yunmu from the announcement is the guy from our Cloud City’s Lucky Wind Great Courtyard."

"Ha ha, phony, it is certainly someone with the same name. How can a person who was forced to kneel down in front of our Cloud City’s ten most powerful people be the formidable person who obtained the supreme glory."

Although at that moment, most of the people were completely shocked by the suddenly declared supreme glory announcement, but then, everyone again returned to laughing.

Even the supporters of the three disciples of the mysterious sect were left even more helpless by this sudden global announcement.

Why did this happen? How could this Li Yunmu be so unlucky. He was already being burned on a stake, but who could have known that a powerful person’s name would be suddenly announced for clearing the first ten levels of Tower of Glory and he would have the same name as Li Yunmu. There wasn’t any need to imagine what's going to happen now. Both of them would be compared. Lucky Wind Great Courtyard’s Li Yunmu would be insulted even more, he really was extremely unlucky.

However, just when everyone had believed that this Li Yunmu wasn’t the same as the Li Yunmu from Lucky Wind Great Courtyard. Suddenly, a post flickering with red colour was made in the online forum of Cloud City Warzone. The post was pinned at the top of the online forum and its t.i.tle was ---

"Time to celebrate, congratulations Lucky Wind Great Courtyard’s Li Yunmu for advancing past the first ten levels of Tower of Glory and proclaiming supreme glory in the whole world."

When the official of Cloud City Warzone’s online forum posted this red coloured s.h.i.+ny post, pinned at the top of the online forum, everyone became lifeless.

"Huh, are they the same person? This can’t be true!"

"d.a.m.n, it really is Lucky Wind Great Courtyard’s Li Yunmu? He advanced past the first ten levels? This can't be real!" 

Shadow Hack Chapter 114

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