Shadow Hack Chapter 137: Leaving at Night

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Chapter 137: Leaving at Night

Translator: Mercurial Editor: DarkGem

"You’re saying that there is a dual cultivation secret technique hidden within this pisces jade pendant?" Li Yunmu asked with an odd expression.

"Yes," Lin Yuerou answered, with her face turning slightly red.

"Then what are we waiting for? We should quickly start dual cultivation," Li Yunmu suddenly said.

"You, you…"

When Lin Yuerou heard this, she was completely stunned. How could she have expected that this Li Yunmu who had been able to resist being enticed by Little Xia just a moment ago would suddenly raise the request of dual cultivation with her. Moreover, he acted so bold and confidently, no wonder Chu Qingyu had wanted to beat him until he was half dead.

In the end, Lin Yuerou, the G.o.ddess of Heavenly Cloud City, barely managed to say two sentences. "We can’t do it right now. We aren’t too familiar with each other."

"What are you afraid of, you just said that the city lord chose me. Moreover, you also view me as your future husband. Since we’ve chosen to walk on this path, success will follow gradually."

Li Yunmu laughed.

He stretched his hand and grabbed Lin Yuerou’s hand. He had to admit that holding the lily-white hands of the G.o.ddess of Heavenly Cloud City really made him feel enormous self-satisfaction.

"No, what are you doing, we can’t do this! The main reason is that the difference between our cultivation bases is too large. Presently, even if we practiced dual cultivation, it wouldn’t be successful."

At this moment, Lin Yuerou had finally began to panic after seeing Li Yunmu’s forceful actions.

She tried to free her hand but wasn’t able to. Li Yunmu’s hands were large and powerful and he tightly held onto her. Naturally though, with her Temporal layer cultivation base, it wouldn’t be a problem if she used flux energy.

However, she had many apprehensions about really doing so. After all, this was her future man. Also, this was the first time she had been so close to a man, so she lost her desire to resist for a moment.

Li Yunmu suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and said, "That’s alright. Since you don’t want to lower yourself to my level, I’ve thought about it carefully and decided that we’re not compatible. I will return this half of the jade pendant to you."

The next instant, he really took out the piece of pisces jade pendant from his storage badge and squeezed it into Lin Yuerou’s hand with complete seriousness.

"What? You’re really turning it down? You do know the significance of this jade pendant, right?"

When Lin Yuerou calmed down, she suddenly understood everything.

From beginning to end, this Li Yunmu had been acting with reason and simply didn’t want to be together with her. But how was this possible?

An extremely good opportunity to become a deity was surprisingly renounced so stubbornly by him. If it wasn’t for his decisiveness in doing so and the complete lack of reluctance in his actions when he pushed the jade pendant in her hands, she would’ve thought that he was trying to use reverse psychology by provoking her into accepting his demand.

But what she was even more unable to understand was that he did not care for her. She was Lin Yuerou, the woman who had countless proud sons of heaven trying to get close to her, but he didn’t show even a bit of interest.

"It’s simple, really. At the moment I’m being mistaken for someone who possesses the battle sage bloodline and I can’t prove it to them that it’s not so. I don’t want to increase the threat to my life by keeping this,"Li Yunmu replied. After a moment, he also added indifferently, "Besides, we’re not compatible."

We’re not compatible…

Li Yunmu pushed Lin Yuerou away without much thought, with just that one sentence. He, surprisingly, rejected her?

"Why are we not suitable?"

Lin Yuerou, who was at the Temporal layer, quickly calmed herself down. But she still couldn’t help but ask what was on her mind.

"Because there are no feelings between us. But you don’t need to worry, I will keep this secret close to my heart. I cannot be your future husband and neither can you be my future other half."

Li Yunmu withdrew his hand.

"No, since my father delivered me to you, I’m yours. As for having no feelings, we will slowly get used to each other. I believe I can do it, originally I wasn’t so certain, but now I’m sure of it," Lin Yuerou stated, shaking her head.

"Still no."


"Because you’re older than me, you’re almost thirty years old. You’re almost fit to be my aunt at this age."

Wait, what?

This time, Lin Yuerou became truly angry. Her body began to emit an invisible aura, for she finally understood that this Li Yunmu truly didn’t want to bother with her.

What thirty years old, this was just an excuse. Even ordinary people wouldn’t mention this kind of a problem, let alone those who were Temporal Flux Masters with the life expectancy of three hundred years.

This Li Yunmu was too repulsive.

"Right, forgive me. This jade pendant’s secret is extremely terrifying. With my low level strength, I simply cannot protect it. It’ll be better if you keep it."

Li Yunmu looked directly at her, without the slightest sign of fear.

"Ok, I will properly safeguard them. But you’re my man, this fact won’t change. I’ve investigated about your past, and I’m not that Lin Li. Since I’ve accepted you as my man, I will make sure that you become my husband. We will talk about this again when your cultivation overtakes mine,"Lin Yuerou suddenly declared her intentions.

This time, it was Li Yunmu’s turn to panic. Why was she taking all this so seriously? He was extremely afraid of this type of woman!

As for whether he truly didn’t want to enter the deity’s secret location? That was correct, he didn’t.

The main reason for it was that his present cultivation was too low. Moreover, he was absolutely clear it wouldn’t be easy to enter the secret region, let alone speak of obtaining the chance to become a deity.

Who could guarantee what was inside that secret region anyway? There might really be some deity bloodlines hidden there, but it was also possible that there wouldn’t be anything there and he’d be just throwing his life away due to greed.

If he didn’t have the hack system and his heavenly world, maybe he would’ve taken this gamble. But since that wasn’t the case, there was no need for him to risk his life for this secret region which could even make battle sages go crazy.

"Don’t mention this now, take your time and think about it. Maybe before you can even consider it I’ll be crushed by that sage after me." Li Yunmu once more pushed the jade pendant into Lin Yuerou’s hands and breathed a sigh of relief once she took it. At that time, he asked, "I want to leave Earth now, do you have some method with which I could quietly return to the Fifth Dimension?"

"This is the city lord’s residence, even a Flux Sage couldn’t publicly attack the city lord’s residence of a secondary city. What are you afraid of?"

Lin Yuerou was becoming more and more confused by this person standing in front of her. He still had the imprint of a Domain Sage on his body, so why was he being so cautious?

"I will tell you, I don’t have the battle sage bloodline and I’m also not a descendant of some battle sage. My martial aunt isn’t my nanny, either," Li Yunmu said solemnly.

Lin Yuerou calmly looked at him for three seconds, then said, "Then you follow me."


Li Yunmu had guessed correctly that the Heavenly Cloud city lord’s residence would have a private transfer formation. It was a closely guarded secret within it.

Given the fact that Lin Yuerou had led him here, she really didn’t treat him as a stranger anymore. At this moment, Li Yunmu’s heart moved a little, but he just wanted to get out of the city lord’s residence currently. He felt restrained at this place.

"Where do you want to go?"

Li Yunmu thought for a moment. He considered transferring directly to the Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain, but once he thought that the whereabouts of his transfer may reach the ears of the Flux Sage of fluxer guild, he changed his mind.

"I want to go to the wilderness camp at Setting Sun Garrison."

He immediately changed the place of his transfer to Central Continent’s independent garrison camp in the Fifth Dimension. It was 2,000 km away from Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain and thus was relatively close.

Shadow Hack Chapter 137: Leaving at Night

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