Shadow Hack Chapter 122

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Chapter 122: Great Transformation

At this moment, Li Yunmu was obviously unaware of the rules of Tower of Glory. Similarly he also didn’t know that the outside world was going crazy because of him advancing past the fifteenth level.

Especially the fluxers of the Cloud City Warzone. After confronting the fact that Li Yunmu was so formidable, all of them sensed an invisible pressure suppressing them. This sort of character, how could he lose to Tang Ruochen in the real world?

What a joke!

Sure enough, the Heavenly Dragon Tang family couldn’t just keep watching anymore. If Li Yunmu had stopped after clearing the tenth level, then with the background of Heavenly Dragon Tang family, they could just barely treat him with indifference. But presently that person had just advanced past the fifteenth level.

What did that mean? It meant that if the Heavenly Dragon Tang family didn’t personally appear to refute the rumor, then they would certainly become the center of public criticism. Soon, a representative of the Heavenly Dragon Tang family personally made an announcement on the official forums of Cloud City’s fluxers’ area, refuting the rumor.

It said that the fight between Li Yunmu and their Tang family’s Tang Ruochen was a secret betting match, and there wasn’t any condition that the results of the battle must be publicly announced. Given that someone was now using this battle as an excuse to smear the name of Heavenly Major General Li Yunmu, they, the Heavenly Dragon Tang family, wanted to make a special declaration - Li Yunmu hadn’t lost to Tang Ruochen. Heavenly Dragon Tang family would now investigate and make sure that the person who had started the rumor will get the deserved punishment under the law.

Forced by the public pressure, the Heavenly Dragon Tang family had to make a public announcement. Regarding this, the public had a profound sensation that due to Li Yunmu’s battle strength, the influence of his ident.i.ty had become terrifying after increasing greatly today. In fact, Li Yunmu really hadn’t lost to Tang Ruochen. How could a person who had advanced past the fifteenth level of Tower of Glory lose to Tang Ruochen?

It was a fact that the present Li Yunmu—although only an ordinary crystal fluxer—had already become a major player in the Heavenly Cloud City.

Furthermore all of this had only happened because he had cleared the fifteenth level. At this instant, there was only one question in everyone’s hearts - whether this person will continue to move forward. And if he did decide to move forward, did he have the strength to clear the twentieth level?

Would he finally become the third person among the newcomers to achieve this feat?

Regarding this, many people were looking forward to it, filled with countless hopes. But those fluxers who had higher cultivation didn’t think there was any suspense left in this matter. They thought so simply because it was extremely difficult for ordinary crystal fluxers to overcome the hurdle of the twentieth level. It was equivalent to achieving something impossible.

Man Tian and Hai Yue, the other two newcomers who had charged past the twentieth level in one try were able to do so because of their bloodlines, who were far superior compared to others in this new age. Furthermore, the background of these two formidable newcomers was also extremely remarkable, but what did Li Yunmu have to rely upon?

Only the fifth dimensional treasure bow as well as the extraordinary battle skill, Violent Blade? If that was really all he had, then it wasn’t enough!

However, ignoring that, it was still a fact that Li Yunmu had cleared the fifteenth level, which had attracted the attention of many powers and great characters. Given his capabilities, it was no wonder that the War G.o.d Temple had given him presented him with the right to partic.i.p.ate in the trial by fire, due to which he could enter the temple.

"Li Yunmu, I really hadn’t misjudged you. See

ms like I also need to work hard."

At some secret territory in a wilderness in Fifth Dimension, after receiving the news that Li Yunmu had cleared the fifteenth level, Ling Shuang raised her head slightly to look towards the sky. Her thin lips curved upwards into a smile.

She was the only person apart from the Lord Manager of Cloud Castle who had personally witnessed Li Yunmu entering the Battle Sage Entranced state. As for the idiot trio of big Xiong, just forget about them. Those three didn’t even know what it meant.

In the Heavenly Dragon Tang family’s castle, a person was speaking

"Sh*t, this was disastrous, why is my luck so bad. This guy really advanced past the first fifteen levels? This time, the family will certainly create more trouble for me.

"But…" Tang Ruochen clenched his fists tightly. His eyes shone brightly with determination. "But… I’m not that easy to defeat!"

It had to be said that this Tang Ruochen was really a great warrior who wasn’t defeated by difficulties. This person had surprisingly gotten over the soreness in his mental fort.i.tude by himself, and at this moment, an even more powerful presence burst forth from his body.

At some great courtyard in the Steel Castle, a group of people had gathered together. Gloomy expressions covered all of their faces.

"Chief, the last time’s matter was my fault. I didn’t expect that this person’s combat potential would be so terrifying. I shouldn’t have made that mistake," said a golden crystal fluxer who had a broken arm, feeling ashamed.

"Forget about it, this matter wasn’t your fault. If this mission had been given to anyone else here, none of us would have expected that an ordinary crystal fluxer would be so formidable either,"said the person sitting on a chief’s seat after a long silence.

Instantly, someone from the group asked, "But what should we do now? Now that the t.i.tle of Heavenly Major General has been conferred to him, and given his combat strength as well as the strange things Niu Jin told us about, maybe he has some way to confirm that out great courtyard was also involved in those"

"Niu Jin, right, I have no choice but to wrong you. You cannot stay at the Cloud Castle anymore, you must go to the wilderness camp and lay low there until this matter dies down."

"No problem, I understand. For this great courtyard, I will now leave the Cloud Castle…"

It has to be said that Li Yunmu charging past the fifteenth level had really caused many people to become nervous, including those who had started the rumor to shame him. At this moment, Zhou Jing’s eyes were filled with despair as she stared fixedly at the announcement made by Heavenly Dragon Tang family to refute the rumor.

"All this happened because of you, f*cking b*itch, if you hadn’t incited me, why would have I done this. We’re finished, the Heavenly Dragon Tang family will personally hunt us down and we will certainly die."

"Yes, everything happened because of my greed. I shouldn’t have accepted the benefits given by Hou Wu’s family. We’re done for."

Zhou Jing and the other two males had stirred up a hornet’s nest this time.

However, the Heavenly Dragon Tang family hadn’t made their move, when suddenly the door of the room where these three were talking was kicked open.

"Zhou Jing, w.a.n.g Zhi, Chen Qiang? We’re from the Central Fluxer Trial Organization. You’re all suspected of spreading a rumor aimed to shame Lord Heavenly Major General Li Yunmu. Obediently come with us to the Fluxer Trial Courtyard."

The squad of patrolers of Central Continent, who had the average strength of silver crystal layer, suddenly crashed the group’s door and came in. They forcefully took away Zhou Jing and the other two whose faces had already turned deathly pale.

Fluxers had privileges, but this didn’t mean that they could do everything they wanted. Above them, there was still the Fluxer Trial Organization, the inst.i.tution responsible for collecting misbehaving fluxers, putting them on trial, and then punis.h.i.+ng them.

If the rumor started by Zhou Jing and the other two had only shamed a low level ordinary crystal fluxer, that would have been fine. This organization wouldn’t go as far as to create a fuss and arrest people for such a small matter.

But presently, the person they had tried to shame had become the Heavenly Major General of the Central Continent. Furthermore, this person had cleared the fifteenth level not too long ago, thus this situation had become extremely sensitive.

Not only was Zhou Jing and her accomplishes arrested, even Hou Wu’s family was also arrested at the same time in their small compound in Lucky Wind City. The efficiency with which this matter was dealt with was enough to make anyone’s hair stand up from fear. 

The people of Lucky Wind Great Courtyard were helplessly looking at the three people being taken away. Complicated expressions could be seen on everyone’s faces, but no one could deny that Li Yunmu’s current status was different from a day ago.

Shadow Hack Chapter 122

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