Shadow Hack Chapter 127

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Chapter 127: What Does the City's Situation Have to Do with

"Li Yunmu, the person who spouted half truths that day was indeed you. Good people don’t live long, whereas scoundrels live a thousand years. Well, this time I finally caught you red-handed, didn’t I?"

As soon as Li Yunmu entered the city lord’s residence, he wasn’t able to remain calm.

What is power and glory? What is the age of flux energy being paramount? What is extreme polarization? The outskirts of Lucky Wind City, a small city situated at the coast of a sea, were haunted by bitter cold. This place was occupied by more than a hundred thousand slum dwellers who had to face the dilemma of life and death every day. 

Day by day, they struggled to survive, numb and apathetic. Every day, they put their body through h.e.l.l, not knowing if they would last till the end of the day. They had no warm home, no secure environment, nor any guarantee of being able to eat a full meal. 

But what about the official residence of Heavenly Cloud City’s city lord who had control over 136 cities?

The atmosphere, the splendor, as well as the pavilions and gardens, which Li Yunmu had yet to finis.h.i.+ng pa.s.sing even after he’d walked for more than ten minutes, were unending. Truthfully, he was no saint, but the grandness of city lord’s mansion appalled him.

This region represented the administrative core of more than a hundred small cities, similarly to how a king’s castle represented the lands that its owner ruled.

That’s right, in the new era of flux energy, the city lord of a secondary grade city was no different from the kings and queens of the secular world.

At this moment though, Li Yunmu was troubled by another thing—he hadn’t expected to be so out of luck. Even though he had managed to enter the mansion with great difficulty, but even before he could see the city lord with his own eyes, he ran into someone whom he didn’t have any great desire to see. 

It was none other than Chu Qingyu.

It was not that Li Yunmu disliked this stubborn la.s.s, but she was just too much of a headache. She was too vengeful!

Back when he’d just started, he once oppressed her on the dimensional battlefield. They hadn’t ever come face to face in the real world, but she still put him deep into her memory.

Of course, if it was just her alone, he wouldn’t have felt much of a headache. The real problem resided in the maid behind her, Lin Li. He felt quite embarra.s.sed at this moment. For the sake of courtesy, he’d already removed the crystal armor.

Li Yunmu didn’t know why Lin Li would become Chu Qingyu’s maid, but the latter’s explosive progress eventually answered his question.

In the beginning, this girl was just like him, a newcomer fluxer who hadn’t opened even a singly flux point. However, at present, she was already a fluxer who had condensed silver crystal armor.

A month!

In merely a month, Chu Qingyu had rushed to the threshold of golden crystal fluxer. What kind of speed was this?

However, since she had currently appeared in the mansion of the city lord, Li Yunmu eventually understood. This girl was indeed a person with deep background.

Even so, Lu Yunmu couldn’t help himself and asked, "What’s your innate talent?" 

"Hehe, naturally the pinnacle grade innate talent . Jealous? We’ll battle again now. I’ll surely beat you until you start weeping and call for your mother and father." Chu Qingyu chuckled giddily, feeling extremely complacent inside.

She was naturally aware of Li Yunmu’s lower mid grade innate talent. Otherwise, if not for the lack of innate talent, he would have certainly been an incomparably dazzling character, given his battle prowess.

Pinnacle grade… Inwardly, Li Yunmu couldn’t help but shake his head.

Fortunately, it wasn’t exceptional grade, only pinnacle. She was indeed blessed by heavens. With sufficient resources, such a fast improvement was no surprise.

Having good innate talent makes things easy. As for

why, it’s simply because they need to absorb less flux crystal to advance. This is a very simple thing. Broadly speaking, flux cultivation is just opening and filling all the flux points in one’s body. 

Generally it is divided into two parts: the first is opening a flux point and the second is filling it up. 

The flux points of people with good innate talent were naturally loosely closed, therefore they didn’t require many resources to fully open them. On the other hand, the flux points of people with bad innate talents were completely blocked. Due to this, they then required a lot more resources to completely open them. 

The filling of flux points followed the same logic as well. When people with good innate talent absorbed a flux crystal, the percentage of energy which transformed into their own was much higher. 

For example, the amount of flux energy absorbed by people who had high innate talent was around 70%-80%. If one had low innate talent though, then they would only absorb about 20%-30%, thus naturally requiring a pile of flux crystals. 

As a result, a person with both high apt.i.tude as well as background and resources would find advancing only too easy. At least before reaching Flux Master, one could advance extremely quick.

This was the reason why the number of cultivators on earth who had reached Flux Master layer was extremely low when compared to those who had become Flux Disciple. After reaching Flux Master rank, cultivation was no longer just a simple matter of using resources to advance.

"You two know each other?" 

Lin Yuerou was smiling while watching the two youths. Things seemed to be going quite smooth between them. Little Yu seemed quite familiar with this Li Yunmu.

Chu Qingyu turned around and furiously said, "Humph, no we don’t." 

Who could’ve thought that this person would rise even higher. The main reason for her anger was that she had believed that she would be the one to s.h.i.+ne within Heavenly Cloud City. She had imagined that she would quickly advance through the first twenty levels of Tower of Glory with her silver crystal layer cultivation and shock everyone. 

However, what had happened was that this person with his trifling cultivation base of ordinary crystal layer had simply advanced past the fifteenth level and instantly stolen all the glory that should have rightfully belonged to her. 

Chu Qingyu bitterly hated this conceited person. So naturally, after encountering him, she was intent on destroying him completely. 

"Ha ha, indeed we don’t know each other."

Li Yunmu laughed and didn’t explain any further. His gaze fell on Lin Li at that moment, but she was just looking at the ground. 

Until now, Li Yunmu still hadn’t greeted her. This was mainly because he didn’t want to destroy the life she had chosen for herself. 

If she, a half-awakened fluxer was targeted because of her relation to him, she wouldn’t be able to endure the hards.h.i.+ps. Li Yunmu just sighed regretfully in his heart. 

His words from that time were quite correct. After the day of Dragon’s Leap, both of them were indeed people of different worlds. Although the directions their lives had moved in were different from what they had expected, but the result was still the same. The two of them couldn’t return to their starting point. 

"I wonder why did city lord specially invite me to come over?" After their group sat down and the maid served tea with refreshments, Li Yunmu asked the main question. "I’m, after all, just a trifling ordinary crystal fluxer, so I really didn’t expect that I would catch the discerning eye of the city lord."

At this moment, Li Yunmu was no longer the inexperienced and easily frightened youth like earlier. He didn’t have the slightest fear regarding city lord’s position, for he had the system and the heavenly world. Furthermore, now he also had a sage level tool in his profound reserves. The confidence then naturally stemmed from his heart. 

When a person possesses sufficient foundation to have confidence in himself, the people and positions which he previously looked up to gradually lose their power. The person thus becomes indifferent, unafraid, unperturbed, and a.s.sured of their own standing. 

For example, before, Li Yunmu considered the city lord to be high up there and looked up at him with respect and admiration. Now, however, he didn’t much care about that person. 

Lin Yuerou secretly sized up Li Yunmu. His confidence and calmness made her come to the conclusion that he certainly wasn’t as simple as it was stated in the investigation report. 

If he really was just an extremely ordinary person from a small city on the seash.o.r.e, as was written in the report, then how could he remain so confident in this place. 

"I don’t know Heavenly General Li. What do you think of our Heavenly Cloud City’s current situation though?" Lin Yuerou softly asked, after a while. 

"Heavenly Cloud City’s situation? I’m a mere ordinary crystal fluxer, much too insignificant in front of the enormous powers deciding its fate."

Li Yunmu had never expected that this woman known as the G.o.ddess of Heavenly Cloud City would find him to talk about Heavenly Cloud City’s situation. 

He didn’t give a d.a.m.n about these matters. Moreover, whatever had happened in the Heavenly Cloud City had no relation to him. But that wasn’t important, the real question was why had the other party just called him Heavenly General Li?

"When referring to the Heavenly General, you mean… me?" Li Yunmu asked with hesitation. 

Shadow Hack Chapter 127

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