Shadow Hack Chapter 148: Gathering at Setting Sun Garrison

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Chapter 148: Gathering at Setting Sun Garrison

Translator: Mercurial Editor: DarkGem

Everyone started to move. Secret region of a deity—these few words were sufficient to rouse all the formidable bigshots of the Central Continent.

As for ordinary fluxers, it wasn't that they didn't believe this information, but this deity's secret region was just too far from them. Due to this, this information wasn't much different from nonsense to them.

However, those who truly hoped to advance to the next level, they all began to prepare for battle. But the problem was, where was Li Yunmu presently?

Not many people knew, and those few who did knew that he won't come out and reveal himself.

In the short time of two hours, the Cloud City's Steel Castle in Fifth Dimension witnessed the influx of a large number of fluxers with a cultivation of silver crystal layer or higher. Many of them had come alone, but there were plenty of them in squads, too.

There were silver crystal fluxers, golden crystal fluxers, and even few rainbow crystal fluxers who were preparing to ascend to the higher dimension. All of them came over now.

However, all these people weren't there for themselves—they were all followers of the major powers in the Central Continent. A secret region of a deity wasn't a place where they could enter or even glance into.

Their task was only to find the path taken by Li Yunmu before others, that was all..

Unfortunately, the majority of Cloud City Steel Castle's fluxers had already entered the Devil Ox Valley Battle Zone by now. Otherwise, when these high level fluxers from every city of Central Continent transferred over, they would have had a once in a lifetime opportunity to see such a crowd.

In the city lord's residence, Lin Yuerou's complexion sank to the extreme.

She had naturally been informed that Lin Qingyang had divulged the secret on the main official forum of Central Continent.

"Young miss, it is not safe to stay at the city lord's mansion at the moment. We should withdraw from here. I'm extremely worried that some Flux Sage who is unable to endure will come here personally to deal with this matter," Youyi suggested.

"Doesn't matter. Master already knows about this matter and, when all is said and done, this is still the city lord's residence. I, Lin Yuerou, am not only the daughter of the city lord but also a disciple of Blue Cloud Sect. Uncle Zhong, you should ask the Secret Heavens to find Li Yunmu and inform him that presently the outside world is too dangerous for him."

The flux ancestor lived in hiding, but the fluxer a.s.sociation, this monstrously powerful organization still worked according to the guidelines he'd set before disappearing. The might of the flux ancestor was just too terrifying to act any other way.

But in other fields, the fluxer a.s.sociation had gradually strayed from its initial goals and had been divided into different factions by numerous big shots, who made all the important decisions and controlled the guild as their private power. In broader terms, this organisation was like a dragon without its head.

If these numerous big shots weren't afraid of the six continents' government intervening, they would have already turned the fluxer a.s.sociation into a handful of sand and established themselves as warlords in some big cities.

However, even with the present situation, fluxer a.s.sociation's Chief Administrator of a given city was still the most powerful authority locally.

"Did Lord Sage give any orders?"

"Yes, he did. We're to search for Li Yunmu's current location and where he is moving towards. Whether it's the battle sage bloodline or that piece of valuable jade pendant, we must seize both of them."


Cloud City's Steel Castle's Lord Manager had already arrived at the city's guild house, but, since he came, he didn't see the Lord Sage who held the supreme authority in his hands.

Lord Shadow, who always accompanied Lord Sage, transmitted the order on his behalf.

Lord Manager asked in hesitation, "According to rumors, Lin Yuerou also has a piece of that valuable jade pendant."

"This matter doesn't concern you. You're only responsible for monitoring Li Yunmu's half. Lin Yuerou is the disciple of the sect master of Blue Cloud Sect, so it wouldn't be good if we made a move against her at the moment," Lord Shadow answered in a faint voice.

"Blue Cloud Sect's master, even Lord Sage needs to worry about him?"

"Ha ha ha, Lord Sage isn't worried about the sect master of Blue Cloud Sect, but their supreme elder. As long as that old monster is still alive, no one can touch Lin Yuerou. You should go now."

However, at this time, a person walking in shadows suddenly appeared in front of the two. Lord Manager knew that this was a subordinate of Lord Shadow. He thought to leave first, but the newcomer promptly spoke up.

"Li Yunmu has been found."


Lord Manager was slightly shocked. He had the greatest authority in Cloud City's Steel Castle in the Fifth Dimension and he still hadn't discovered Li Yunmu's whereabouts, but this side already had them?

But soon he learned where the information had come from. Surprisingly it didn't originate from the Central Continent, but rather the side of the new ocean G.o.d of the humans in the Northern Continent.

The subordinate of Lord Shadow projected out a vague image from the stellarcomm device on his wrist. They could see three figures fighting against rooster dragons in the sky.

"That's right, one of the people among these three is Li Yunmu. And if my guess is correct, then the other two should be the rumored Li Yun and Li Feng who hadn't yet appeared publicly," Lord Manager said hoa.r.s.ely.

When he saw that Li Yunmu, Li Yun ,and Li Feng had gathered together, according to the video, he suddenly became worried and felt a headache coming. After all, he was only the main authority of the Fifth Dimension's Steel Castle, so his genuine cultivation base was only at golden crystal layer and not any higher.

When Lord Manager realized that the three of them had gathered together, he became restless thinking how he'd gotten caught up in the whirlpool between Lord Sage and that mysterious sect.

If he had known earlier that Li Yunmu had such profound background, he would have kept the matter of him entering the entrancement realm a secret. Naturally, Lord Manager now didn't have any way out.

"Very good, this is the Setting Sun Garrison Camp. While as to that mysterious Li Sect, Lord Sage wants to see the basis for their confidence, since they've only shown their tail, keeping the head hidden. In any case, extensive preparations eventually pay off, it's time for the Shadow family to take action."

Lord Shadow faintly smiled.


"Setting Sun Garrison."

"Yes, Setting Sun Garrison…"

"Mysterious Li Sect's three direct disciple have gathered in the skies of Setting Sun Garrison and are battling rooster dragons…"

The numerous fluxers who were paying attention to the current matters, at this moment, considered Li Yunmu to be out of luck in their hearts. Yet they couldn't deny that his person possessed truly enormous guts. After causing such a huge ruckus, he didn't think to hide himself and was out hunting dimensional beasts at Setting Sun Garrison. And he also got recorded by a hunter squad.

The people watched attentively as Li Yunmu, Li Yun, and Li Feng slaughtered rooster dragons, who were known as the overlords of the sky in the Fifth Dimension, and their mental states begun to calm. Most of them lost the effect the news of the deity's secret region being revealed.

In the video, the forum goers saw the three direct disciples of the mysterious Li Sect gathered together for the first time. The fact that these three were now moving together caused many organizations to quickly reconsider whether they had the strength to enter the currently turbid waters or not.

The mysterious Li Sect was yet to appear in the world properly and reveal its strength in front of everyone, yet those powers who had somewhat weaker executives, at this moment, calmed down, abandoning the thoughts of capturing Li Yunmu.

However, there were still many organizations who were willing to expose themselves to risk and enticed more people to subst.i.tute for those who had abandoned this mission. Yet after watching the video sent from the Northern Continent, many of these organizations suddenly discovered that capturing Li Yunmu might not be as easy as they'd thought.

The kid's combat strength was extremely formidable. And now Li Yun and Li Feng, these two disciples, had also joined him.

The organizations which had only sent golden crystal fluxers immediately realized that this level of strength wouldn't be sufficient. After becoming aware of this, each clan and organization in Central Continent increased the number of people they had dispatched. Now the Fifth Dimension was filled with supreme experts there - rainbow layer fluxers.

In a short while, a large number of golden crystal and rainbow crystal fluxers from all cities in Central Continent emerged and transferred to the Setting Sun Garrison. The small camp, which was previously peaceful, filled with clamor and noise.

The most powerful had gathered!

Shadow Hack Chapter 148: Gathering at Setting Sun Garrison

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