Shadow Hack Chapter 135

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Li Yunmu’s one sentence slightly shocked the elders of all the major powers and clans, but no one dared to oppose.  

Among the partic.i.p.ants of this interest group, the weakest person had a cultivation of Transcendent layer, but at this moment, everyone understood that Li Yunmu’s words represented the wishes of the sect behind him.

A majestic sect, furthermore one which possessed a terrifying existence like a Domain Sage. As long as that existence established its presence in the city… Once the people thought about it, they shook their heads, not willing to comment on this matter. Before a lot of time pa.s.sed, all of them had nodded in agreement, indicating that none of them had any problem with this wish.

The only ones truly unhappy were the Fu family’s people from the Cold Cloud City. But the their family’s strength could only be considered as second-ranked within the Cold Cloud City, so naturally, even if they had enormous guts, they still wouldn’t try to fight with a sect over any benefits.

"Good, indeed very good. In the future, when Nephew Li’s Martial Uncles and Aunts enter the fray, I wonder who will dare to make fun of us."

"Yeah, presently our side has Blue Cloud Sect and Li Sect. We now will no longer need to be afraid of the threat of that lord and Heavenly Moon Sect."

Everyone talked back and forth, made a few scant comments, and then decided the direction in which Heavenly Cloud City’s situation should advance in the future. When they did that, they would take glimpses at Li Yunmu with fear apparent in their gazes. This was a person who truly outranked all of them, with just one sentence, he had decided the fate of a countless amount of people.

But presently, he was also a member of this group, just like they. Couple months ago, no one would have dreamed that an ignorant and rebellious youngster like him would advance to his present level of importance.

It has to be said that the one whose thoughts ran the deepest on this matter was Lin Li, who was standing in attendance by the side of Chu Qingyu. During his triumphant journey, Li Yunmu had surpa.s.sed what she thought were extreme limits again and again. Even right now she felt like she was in a dream.

She wholeheartedly used to believe that she was better than him and had to climb even higher, hoping to witness the Fifth Dimension with her own eyes one day. For this reason, she had thoroughly abandoned Li Yunmu and walked away at the most crucial moment.

However, she had never even dreamed that the headstrong and rash youngster whom she had parted her ways with would reach such heights, and surpa.s.s them.

Once Lin Li caught the eye of the eldest daughter of Chu family from Hidden Rain City, her hopes of becoming a fluxer were raised. However, at this moment even Chu Qingyu herself could only stand at the back silently.

In a heartbeat, Lin Li’s innermost feelings became complicated, very complicated.

To her surprise, she discovered that there wasn’t the least bit of change in Li Yunmu’s personality. He was still rude and headstrong like before. As it happened, he once again opened his mouth.

"I can only invite my Martial Aunt once more."  

Only invite her once? And you still want a city for yourself?

Furthermore, this city wasn’t a seaside small town like Lucky Wind City, but one of the ten major citadels which was ten times the size of his hometown, and far more prosperous.

In Lin Li’s opinion, Li Yunmu had really gone crazy.

However, she was completely taken aback when she saw that Chu family’s master, who always had a serious expression on his face, at this moment spoke up with a smile.

"That is no problem. If your n.o.ble sect’s senior can grant you one more favor, that is sufficient."

"Yes, the words of Chu family’s master are completely correct. There is no need to disturb your majestic Martial Aunt. Being a Domain Sage, she only needs to appear at the most crucial time and sufficiently intimidate the enemy evildoers."

The reactions of the masters and elders of the majestic powers caught not only Lin Li off guard, but even Li Yunmu hadn’t expected this type of a reaction.  

Apparently he was still underestimating the power of a sage level existence. Not to mention that these people mistakenly believed that little Shadow Female Ancestor was a Domain Sage.

The truth of the matter, which was only known by Li Yunmu, was that, after replicating the cultivation base of the city lord, the highest level which she could display was at most only of quasi sage layer.

However, what was the origin of the Shadow Female Ancestor? She was a life-form whose inner vitality was almost as formidable as that of deities. Thus, when she replicated the cultivation base of the city lord and attained the quasi sage layer cultivation base, she unlocked three innate abilities.

Moreover, one of them was a sage layer innate skill, Shadow Domain. It was this skill which made everyone, including Lin Yuerou, to yield to him and mistakenly believe that little Shadow Female Ancestor was a formidable Domain Sage who moved within the shadow s.p.a.ce.

Moreover, this shadow domain was even more formidable compared to domains of other Domain Sages. Given this reason, it was no wonder that the people present in the meeting had completely taken a U turn and lowered their heads in front of Li Yunmu’s demands.  

Following which, he basically didn’t take part in the further negotiations. This sort of trading benefits and favors annoyed him greatly, for his only goal was to increase his heavenly world.  

Oh no, his goal was to become a Flux Sage. After experiencing the terrifying power of a Flux Sage, which was like the frightening might of the nuclear warheads used in dark ages, he became even more determined to achieve reach this level.

Thus during the whole negotiations, he just remained seated without saying anything. He didn’t need to know what kind of plans were these people making, neither did he care how they would take action. He only wanted to ensure that he had sufficient s.p.a.ce elements to make sure that the Shadow Female Ancestor could attack once more. If he could do that, then it would be sufficient.

As for whether these people would try to fight with him over the distribution of benefits?  

Li Yunmu wasn’t afraid that any such thing would happen. None of them would ever even consider that Li Yunmu wouldn’t be able to use the power of the Flux Sage for more than a few seconds.  

On the contrary, these people would be extremely happy inwardly and think that fortunately Li Yunmu was only a youngster who didn’t have much experience. Otherwise, how could a sect which possessed a Domain Sage be satisfied with just occupying a single major citadel. After all, with such a Martial Aunt, the Sect Master would have to be an even more terrifying existence.

However, regardless of whatever everyone was thinking in their hearts, this conference about distribution left everyone satisfied. And compared to everyone else, Li Yunmu the happiest with this agreement.

As long as he continued to play the role of a sheep in wolf’s clothing, he could continue to swallow all the resources and taxes of a citadel with his one trick.

With the resources of a citadel, would he still need to worry about the development of his heavenly world?

At night, Li Yunmu stayed at the city lord’s mansion. Lin Yuerou arranged a serene, independent courtyard for him. Its name was ‘Red Rain Pavilion’. 

Li Yunmu was extremely fond of such a quiet and secluded environment. However, he soon discovered that the two young maids were sneaking glances at him with strange expression on their faces.

"What? Is there something on my face or is it just too beautiful?"

Li Yunmu laughed once and extended his hand to pinch the cheek of one of the pretty maids. The face of this maid called Little Ya turned red because of his action.

"He he, son-in-law, why are you so naughty. It hasn’t been long since our family’s young miss left and you can’t control yourself and are already taking liberties with Little Ya. Aren’t you afraid that we will inform our young miss?"

Another maid called little Xia laughed while covering her mouth .

"Ha ha, afraid of what, I’m not going to eat you. Don’t tell me you both still are… Oh…"

Li Yunmu felt something odd was going on, and he suddenly asked in confusion, "Wait a minute, what did you call me just now?"


What the f*ck!

When Li Yunmu heard this for the second time, he finally managed to react. No wonder he felt something strange was going on, so this was the problem here!

"Stop stop, what son-in-law, you little can’t just shout anything. Who made you call me son-in-law?"

Li Yunmu saw another headache coming. He suddenly didn’t feel so comfortable anymore. He had certainly missed something, or perhaps misunderstood.

"Naturally it was our young sis, son-in-law, what are you still confused about? Our young miss who is considered the G.o.ddess of Heavenly Cloud City has already chosen you. You’re really terrible to make us say it!"

Both the maids kept on laughing without stopping.

"No such thing happened, hey hey hey… What are you both up to, why are you removing my clothes, where is Lin Yuerou, your young miss?"

Li Yunmu was completely confused this time.

"Son-in-law, young miss has already left for Blue Cloud Sect. Many things happened today so she has to hurry back. However, before leaving, she left instructions that we both must carefully serve you.

"And we aren’t mistaken, this Red Rain Courtyard is the private residence of our young miss. Normally, no man is permitted to enter here, even Young Master Qingyang isn’t allowed. But since young miss has made you stay in her courtyard, then naturally you are our son-in-law."

The next scene left Li Yunmu completely dumbfounded. He had just wanted to enjoy the comfortable bath of this wealthy family, but who could’ve thought that these two maids would remove his clothes , only leaving behind a thin piece of cloth on him, and would enter the bath after him.

Seeing their jade bodies visible through their thin and transparent gowns, as well as their bashful faces, Li Yunmu felt that he was going to really explode this time.

Little Xia, who was relatively more audacious, was already leaning against Li Yunmu’s back, her soft chest pressing tightly against him. She started to gently ma.s.sage his temples.

At that moment, Little Ya spoke up from his side. "Son-in-law, young miss is cultivating some forbidden technique of the sect so she cannot lose her virginity for the time being. Hence, before she left, she instructed us to serve you well tonight.

Shadow Hack Chapter 135

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