Shadow Hack Chapter 150: Wanting to Cause Despair to the Enemy

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Chapter 150: Wanting to Cause Despair to the Enemy

Translator: Mercurial Editor: DarkGem

There shouldn’t be any confusion about how the system could monitor the outside world. It was very simple, really; because the three shadows had returned after completing their fights in the dimensional battlefield and were now guarding the coordinates of the entrance to Li Yunmu’s heavenly world. The system could then naturally monitor the movements of the outside world through them.

"Capture me? Why?"

[Due to lack of sufficient relevant information, the reason cannot be deducted for the time being, ] the system replied.

Li Yunmu nodded, but didn’t say anything. It seemed like he had to find a way to purchase a dimensional s.p.a.ce eye from the black market. Once he had one, he could use it to link his stellarcomm with the main source. After that, he would be able to maintain a connection with the outside world even after entering the dimensional wilderness.

However, it wasn’t too difficult to find out the details of this matter; after all, he still had the Virtual Dimension World. Soon after entering it, he found out the reason why so many fluxers were hunting him.

This wasn’t because Li Yunmu was extremely efficient in obtaining information. Rather it was because almost everyone who was part of any group knew of it and were talking about it.

"Have you heard, not long ago the w.a.n.g family of Snow Moon City also moved a group of silver crystal fluxers with two golden crystal fluxers to the Setting Sun Garrison Camp."

"Yeah, numerous silver and golden crystal fluxers from every region in Central Continent have been despatched. All of them are transferring to Setting Sun Garrison, and reportedly even rainbow crystal fluxers are making their move."

Li Yunmu took a stroll through the flouris.h.i.+ng main street of the Virtual Dimension World, and it didn’t take him half a minute to hear people discussing this matter.

"So this happened."

Li Yunmu suddenly realized everything , and immediately sneered. A large amount of silver and golden crystal fluxers were coming to create trouble for him?

If this had happened before he had went to the Tower of Glory, then this amount of power could have been considered sufficient. Right now? They were only delivering themselves to him on a silver platter and nothing more.

Although Li Yunmu was thinking this by himself, other people weren’t.

A fluxer pa.s.sed by him and joined one of the conversations. "All the clans and powers of Central Continent, aren’t they just overdoing things by sending so many fluxers to capture one low level cultivator?"

Li Yunmu, who had disguised himself as an ordinary pa.s.serby, halted for a moment, but then he immediately lost interest. He was now only confused about one matter, how had the secret of the city lord’s residence had gotten revealed?

Did Lin Yuerou deliberately deceive him?

Li Yunmu quickly shook his head. Lin Yuerou wouldn’t be as foolish as to reveal something related to this extremely valuable treasure, the pisces jade pendant, just to deceive him.

Before long, he returned back to the Peaceful Residence. There, to his surprise, his father, mother, and Liu Ruyan were all present.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t tried to contact his family in the past two days. All of them had already received the invitation to reside in the Hanxia King City long ago, before he had even cleared the fifteenth level of Tower of Glory.

"Little rascal, everyone’s outside is talking about how you brought a calamity upon yourself and you dare to reveal yourself?"

Clearly, He Jie, his mother, didn’t know the extent of trouble her son had gotten himself into.

"Don’t worry about it, I’m being careful. Otherwise, how would I find the time to come see you all?"

Hearing this, his father and mother breathed out a sigh of relief. Only Liu Ruyan glanced at him with veiled worry, as if she wanted to say something.

"Sister, I’m not in danger."

Li Yunmu quietly gave Liu Ruyan a look filled with rea.s.surance. He then went to an empty s.p.a.ce in the courtyard and waved his hand once.

It filled with the corpses of all sorts of dimensional beasts. There were ordinary crystal, black crystal, silver crystal, and even golden crystal ones.

"You killed all of them?"

After seeing the several hundred intact corpses, the people of Li Yunmu’s family were startled.

"En, I will hand them all over to sis, since I don’t lack money presently. Sis can take better care of them. In the future, I will need your help again."

After saying this, Li Yunmu didn’t stay much longer in the Virtual Dimension World.

This was mainly because he didn’t have much else to say to his family. These few hundred dimensional beast corpses were like a guarantee, in case something did happen to him.

When he withdrew from the Virtual Dimension World, he asked the system to inform him about the general situation.

As for the large number of fluxers who had entered the Fifth Dimension to hunt for him, he wasn’t the least bit worried. After all, with the items he had obtained in the Tower of Glory on system’s suggestions, dealing with this matter wouldn’t be a problem.

"Perfect, this is just great with my Archery Foundation Skill having entered the outstanding realm. Since you all dare to chase me, then I, Li Yunmu, will let everyone in the world experience my long range offensive strength."

The next instant Li Yunmu left his heavenly world.

At this moment, Li Yun, Li Feng, and Li Tian, the three shadows, had already exited the Dimensional Battlefield because the time set for the hack had ended. They were protecting the entry point of the heavenly world.

Several tens of beast which had tried to intrude had been killed by them. Li Yunmu collected the flux crystals from their corpses but didn’t immediately open and fill the flux point to upgrade to Black Crystal Flux Disciple.

He still needed to suppress his cultivation base for the time being, as he wanted to enter the Tower of Glory again. If he increased his cultivation, the additional drop rate of tower badges would decrease by a substantial margin.

Yesterday night, while Li Yunmu was killing rooster dragons, he had also killed many black crystal dimensional beasts and obtained their flux crystals, so he already had more than enough. If he didn’t need to suppress his cultivation base to continue obtaining more tower badges, then entering the silver crystal layer would be as easy as lifting a finger to him.

Chu Qingyu, the child of a powerful family of a citadel, could enter the silver crystal layer at the speed of a rocket, so Li Yunmu could as well. The whole process only required him to throw more resources. Presently, with the three shadows, Li Yunmu no longer lacked low level flux crystals.

He opened his profile panel:

Experience points: 9 630 points.

Ability points: 58 781 points.

s.p.a.ce elements: 4 363 points.

Blood fiend points: 18 332 points.


When Li Yunmu looked at all the amounts, which included the earnings obtained from killing rooster dragons as well as those from dimensional beasts, his gaze instantly focused on the ability points which were getting close to sixty thousand.

Since he knew that a large number of fluxers were coming to catch him, then he only needed to do just one thing, which was to increase his defense.

At this moment, the progress of his Admiralty Cover had already stopped at the eighteenth level for many days. Seeing this, Li Yunmu, who hadn’t decided on how to spend his large amount of ability points, quickly made his decision.

Nineteenth level, 9 000 ability points, upgrade!

Twentieth level, 10 000 ability points, upgrade!

[Ding, your Admiratly Cover has been upgraded to the twentieth level, the damage reduction provided has been increased to 50%.]

[Ding, because your Admiralty Cover has reached the threshold of the twentieth level, it has obtained a new ability "Cover Within Cover". If host wants to use this ability, he will lose the previous ability of reflecting damage. Requesting host to make the decision.]

Li Yunmu’s choice after receiving the system’s notification was clear as day. After upgrading the Admiralty Cover to twentieth level, its damage reflection would also increase to 20% damage, while the Cover Within Cover would reduce injuries received by 20%.

The choice here was obvious. Increasing defense to the point that others wouldn’t be able to get past it even if one remained motionless would be interesting. Li Yunmu didn’t hesitate and chose the new ability.

The next instant he went and activated Admiralty Cover. Outside the golden-colored cover on his body, an even thinner one appeared, buzzing with a faint energy.

Shadow Hack Chapter 150: Wanting to Cause Despair to the Enemy

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