Shadow Hack Chapter 136

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Li Yunmu was quite young, so facing this kind of situation it was extremely difficult for him to control himself. And since he couldn’t control himself, then he had to do it. 


The sound of a slap rang out. Li Yunmu ruthlessly hit Little Ya’s small, round b.u.t.t, and his complexion instantly became unsightly. He said right away, "Go, both of you, get out. I know your young miss is here and is using these little tricks to dupe me."

Li Yunmu had almost lost his control. After all, he hadn’t expected that he would have to face such a trap in the city lord’s residence. He also hadn’t antic.i.p.ated that he would be made to enter this sort of unclear and unreasonable relations.h.i.+p with Lin Yuerou. 

The most important thing was that due to his temper he extremely hated being forced. He had carelessly become the husband of the city’s G.o.ddess; what kind of an unfunny joke was this?

What was this Lin Yuerou thinking?

After experiencing Lin Li’s matter in the past, Li Yunmu wasn’t a beginner in such things. 

Even his childhood sweetheart with whom he had grown up had dumped him for future prospects, so how could one even speak about Heavenly Cloud City’s G.o.ddess being accepting?

This woman was a Temporal Flux Master and had only been acquainted with him for one day, so the relations.h.i.+p between the two of them couldn’t progress to this degree so quickly. 

The sudden change in Li Yunmu’s behavior placed the two maid servants at a loss. Even if they were personal servants of Lin Yuerou, they were still considered just servants.

And who was Li Yunmu?

He was a ruthless person who had dared to attack Young Master Lin Qingyang without any hesitation. 

"Son-in-law..." Little Xia cautiously prodded. 

When Li Yunmu saw how frightened were the little maids, his stance softened and he commanded in a slow but firm tone. "Don’t call me son-in-law and call your young miss out here.",

"Yes, Little Xia you both go out."

Suddenly a voice came from outside the bath spring, it was Lin Yuerou’s voice. 

Li Yunmu stood up, not mindful about the fact of no clothes. His flux energy immediately burst forth and instantly ordinary crystal flux armor covered his whole body, except for his face. 

"You’re worthy of being a disciple of a mysterious sect. Surprisingly you even discovered my existence."

When Li Yunmu walked out of the spring, Lin Yuerou was looking at him with a complicated expression in her eyes. 

"Miss Lin, I want to know what is all this? I’ve already entered the alliance with the city lord’s residence, so why are you scheming against me. Could it be that you just want to bully me thinking that I’m a powerless youngster?" Li Yunmu asked indifferently.

Li Yunmu naturally couldn’t discover the existence of a Temporal Flux Master who had concealed herself. Yet even though he couldn’t, the system could. 

Presently, he was considered to be a descendant of a battle sage and had become a delicious cake in the eyes of many powerful people. As long as he remained on Earth where there were no rules repressing the powerful, how could he not be on his guard all the time. 

Anyone would feel suspicious if a Flux Sage who stood on top of this planet’s hierarchy lowered himself to personally bother with a youngster like him. If this wasn’t the city lord’s residence, he wouldn’t have stayed on earth even for one night and would have transferred to the Fifth Dimension long ago. 

When Lin Yuerou heard that his way to address her had changed from Sister Yuerou to Miss Lin within an instant, she understood that the he was truly angry. She hadn’t expected that he would have such a fierce temper. 

"This has nothing to do with the alliance. Just now, I only wanted to test your character."

The calmness which she usually wore on her face was replaced by a profound expression at this moment. 

"Test me? For what? Why were they calling me son-in-law?" Li Yunmu asked, startled. 

"My father has pa.s.sed to us his most precious treasure, the pisces jade pendant. From that instant, you became Yuerou’s future man. I don’t have any maliciousness against you and just wanted to see what kind of person was my future husband," Lin Yuerou explained, revealing a rarely seen on her face shyness. 

What? This jade pendant had this kind of significance?

This time, Li Yunmu was flabbergasted. In a moment, he recalled that the pisces jade pendants were always in a pair, so apparently it truly did signify what she was saying. 

The most important thing was that when the jade pendant flew towards him at that time, he didn’t think much and accepted it as the keepsake of the city lord.

"You know the history of this jade pendant key?" Lin Yuerou suddenly asked.

"No, but since the respectable sage had treated it so seriously, I think it should at least have some sage level weapons as treasure." 

"Wrong, it contains a secret. A secret related to life-forms of Seventh Dimension which are at deity level from the time they are born. This pisces jade pendant is actually the only key to open that secret region."

"If this was the case, then why hadn’t the city lord opened it after reaching the sage layer, before his body suffered from backlash?" Li Yunmu asked, surprised by the girl’s words.

Innate deity level life-form!

What is deity level lifeform? That is a deity. 

Does this world have any deities?


Because, to this day, the most powerful existences among humans were battle sages!

Even the flux ancestor of the fluxer guild, if he didn’t rely on the great influence of his enormous guild, he couldn’t hope to achieve deity level. 

Yet even though he had used sinister tricks, his heavenly world had only congealed seven stars. He was still quite far from congealing the full circle of twelve stars. 

Even the Shadow Female Ancestor who was revered as a G.o.d level existence by the formidable Shadow Clan was actually only a life-form that was approaching deity level. 

Approaching it and being one—the difference of it couldn’t be described. 

But… after several years of having had contact with the true Seventh Dimension, humanity had finally verified that within the higher dimensions there had once been innately deity level existences.

Why one?

Because presently, there wasn’t a singly true deity even in the Seventh Dimension. Everything had happened in the past, probably some several hundred years ago. Or several thousand. Or several tens of thousands. 

Li Yunmu suddenly understood what the jade pendant key signified. This was a heaven defying secret, one which could provide a chance to humans and higher dimensional life-forms to reach deity level. 

It contained the secret to become a true deity! 

Even battle sages would go crazy to learn this secret!

Li Yunmu had never imagined in his wildest dreams that the city lord in his final moments would bequeath him with one half of the key to such a heaven defying secret location, giving him the chance to learn the secrets of becoming a true deity. 

Logically, this other half should have been left for Lin Qingyang. So why? Li Yunmu’s heart began to pound fiercely. 

He was extremely astonished by the history of this jade pendant. What was the meaning behind the city lord’s actions? Why did he bequeath him with such an important treasure? 

Li Yunmu had never believed that there was hatred without any reason, and in the same manner that there was no love without reason in this world. Then why? He began to ponder deeply on this issue. 

"Because my father was unable to open it. Originally, he had thought that it was because his cultivation was insufficient. Controlled by his greed, he used the forbidden technique and paid a heavy price to enter the sage layer. However, when he went to open that door again, he learned that he couldn’t open the door previously not because his cultivation was insufficient. Rather, it was because it required two people to open it together.

"This pisces jade pendant requires a man and a woman who practice dual cultivation to open that secret location. Apart from this, even if a battle sage tries to force his way in, he won’t be able to put even half a step inside."

Lin Yuerou finally revealed the deepest secret of this pisces jade pendant. 

And Li Yunmu understood it in a split second!

It wasn’t that the city lord hadn’t thought to keep this secret location key aside for Lin Qingyang. The main reason why he didn’t do so was because his son was a trash who basically had no chance of reaching the Nirvana layer, and he also couldn’t practice dual cultivation with Lin Yuerou. This was the reason why he had chosen Li Yunmu as the partner who would cultivate together with his daughter. 

No wonder then that the two maids had called him son-in-law. This was also the reason why Lin Yuerou, who hadn’t allowed any men to enter her personal courtyard previously, already considered Li Yunmu as her future. 

Shadow Hack Chapter 136

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