Shadow Hack Chapter 139

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When Li Yunmu flew with Wings of the Wind through the sky, he became aware why the system had called the Transcendent Flux Masters’ flying by controlling the air as inferior.

If only compared on the basis of alt.i.tude, Wings of the Wind were already a million times better.

The Transcendent Flux Masters could at most fly at an alt.i.tude of one kilometer. Any higher and they would no longer be able to bear the amount of flux energy used up.

After all, the higher the alt.i.tude, the fiercer the air resistance. So since a Flux Master had to use flux energy to form a protective s.h.i.+eld around themselves to endure this air resistance, the amount of flux energy required for it wasn’t ordinary.

However, Wings of the Wind didn’t have this hidden flaw. They were torn from a descendant of an ancient G.o.d whose body held complete control over the power of wind.

That’s why, Li Yunmu kept on flying higher and higher: one thousand meters, three thousand, seven thousand, ten thousand, until he was twelve thousand meters in the air. Only then did Li Yunmu feel some pressure.

A wind cover was automatically produced by Wings of the Wind, which s.h.i.+elded Li Yunmu from the air currents. At this moment, he suddenly discovered that there were no other dimensional beast flying at this alt.i.tude.

After all, this was the Fifth Dimension. Ordinary aerial dimensional beasts naturally wouldn’t fly so high up, so Li Yunmu, leading his two shadows, descended to an alt.i.tude of three thousand meters.

Not long after, he then encountered a group of rooster dragon beasts. They were extremely terrifying!

It has to be said that at the dimensional world’s boundary, most dangerous time was certainly the night. At this time, many dimensional beasts came out and were the most active.

On top of it, the most dangerous place wasn’t the earth but rather the sky!

Right then, when Li Yunmu and his two shadows encountered the group of rooster dragon beasts, it was exactly the time when dimensional beasts were the most active. They were leisurely wandering around, apparently not expecting that a human may suddenly appear before them. The sky this high up was, after all, cla.s.sified as their domain in the the Fifth Dimension.

While they were startled, Li Yunmu swiftly rushed in towards them. Only now did the rooster dragon beasts finally managed to react.


The next instant, the group of rooster dragons immediately became busy.

Humans kill dimensional beasts to absorb their flux crystals, but there’s a reason why dimensional beasts eat the blood and flesh of humans after killing them as well.

That is because this gives them the opportunity to evolve. The higher the flux energy cultivation of the human they eat, the closer to evolving they get.

This is usually a far better and faster way to improve than hunting their own kind. Due to this, between the two parties there wasn’t any possibility of coexistence. After all, survival instincts mixed with greed result in an irreconcilable conflict.

This pride of rooster dragons had thirty members. Their appearance matched what humans had named them: They had the head and neck of a rooster, the body of a dragon, and the tail of a bird.
It was a silver crystal layer hegemon of high alt.i.tude. It possessed extremely fast flying speed and the beak which had extremely high penetrative power. A pair of their asian dragon claws could easily tear apart a silver crystal fluxer’s flux armor.

The most important thing though was that this hegemon of the skies, apart from having swift attacks and high speed, also possessed the asian dragon bloodline, thus having extraordinary strength. The asian dragon armor on its body could even protective it from attacks of golden crystal fluxers.

In short, these silver crystal layer rooster dragons weren’t weak. Within the silver crystal layer, the strength of each mature member of their pride was already at the peak.

Furthermore, let alone facing thirty rooster dragon, even fighting one was enough to give a headache to golden crystal fluxers.

Because they could fly.

That’s right, this was one of the few species of dimensional monsters who could fight against beasts that were one layer higher that it. In fact, even golden crystal fluxers were often treated as prey by these silver crystal rooster dragons.

From this, the terrifying strength of this group of dimensional beasts could be understood pretty clearly.

Naturally, Li Yunmu knew all of this. He recognized all their characteristics in one glance, but he wasn’t startled. Happy rather, with his eyes s.h.i.+ning brightly.

"What a fortune, every part of these guys’ bodies is a treasure; they’re just a large amount of money coming towards me! This time, I’ve struck gold."

Li Yunmu almost couldn’t believe his good luck. He had never expected that the first time he flew out he would encounter a group of rooster dragons.

Now that he had encountered them though, it meant that this area of the sky of at least several hundred kilometers should be their territory. There had to be many more of them around here.
Once Li Yunmu reached this conclusion, he instantly renounced the idea of hurrying towards Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain. The reason for it was simple, these rooster dragons were extremely valuable.

Among humans, they were known as a creature whose whole body was a treasure. And this wasn’t said in exaggeration. According to the book of monsters, the body of an adult rooster dragon was worth quite a fortune. In dimensional beast parts’ shops in the Fifth Dimension, they could easily fetch a million dimensional coins, or maybe more.

If the corpse was more or less intact, then it could even garner the price of 1,300,000. Why was this price so high? There was only one reason for it—it was extremely difficult for human fluxers to catch these rooster dragons with their abilities.

Those who hadn’t become Flux Masters couldn’t enter the sky, and even if Temporal Flux Masters were able to enter the Fifth Dimension, ordinary Temporal Flux Masters couldn’t fight at three thousand meter alt.i.tude.

Therefore, it was extremely difficult for humans to hunt rooster dragons.

As for using the technologically advanced aircrafts developed by humans to deal with them? What a joke, how could a pile of aerial weapons be more flexible than naturally evolved high level monsters in the sky? If the fighter aircrafts used homing missiles to attack, then naturally they could deal with these beasts, but the costs of manufacturing these fighter aircrafts wasn’t proportional to the earnings.

Because of these various reasons, the bodies of the rooster dragons were considered a treasure. The value of the parts of a beast who possessed the bloodline of the asian dragon wasn’t lacking, and given the scarcity of them, the price was brought up to one million.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Li Yunmu had struck gold when he suddenly encountered these rooster dragons. If one added the prices of their silver layer flux crystals to the mix, then the total price of these thirty beasts would certainly surpa.s.s fifty million dimensional coins, or maybe even go higher.

Fifty million dimensional coins!

From the time Li Yunmu was born, he hadn’t seen such a large amount of money. If he considered the price of second layer flux crystal as one hundred thousand dimensional coins, this amount would fetch him full five hundred crystals.

In other words, as long as Li Yunmu got rid of this pride of rooster dragons, his heavenly world could immediately be expanded to twice its original size. Holy sh*t, and this was only one small group next to him.

Time to kill.

Li Yunmu immediately halted in the air without saying anything. His five fingers opened and the underworld raven battle bow appeared in his hands. At this moment, his Archery Foundation Skill had already been upgraded to fifth level ‘Reaching Perfection’.

Thus, when he started attacking this time, Li Yunmu didn’t hold anything back.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

Five flux energy arrows covered with thunder, one after another, heavily slammed against the body of the rooster dragon who was in the lead.

This beast simply hadn’t expected that the attack of a human who appeared to only be an ordinary crystal fluxer would be so swift and fierce.

Five successive arrows slammed into its body, one after another. The first arrow couldn’t break its formidable asian dragon bloodline armor, and only created a little nick. But then, following the first arrow, the next four arrived.


A large amount of thunder blasted against the body of the rooster dragon, rus.h.i.+ng inside him and blowing up his insides with its violent energy.

The next moment, the dimensional beast leading the attack towards Li Yunmu released a blood-curdling shriek and fell from the sky.

"Success, one million coins obtained."

The whole process had only taken three seconds. In such a short amount of time, Li Yunmu had killed a prey worth one million dimensional coins, or maybe even more.

At the same time, a dimensional pa.s.sage to the true fifth dimension opened in the sky and the first underworld raven arrived.

Second beast, third, fourth… let the bloodbath begin!

Who could’ve expected that after coming out of Tower of Glory, Li Yunmu would become so formidable that he could even hunt the hegemon of the skies who could easily take care of golden crystal fluxers.

There was only one thing for him to do at the moment, to start a bloodbath.

It couldn’t be denied that the defense of these silver crystal layer descendants of the asian dragon was extremely close to the defense of golden crystal fluxer’s flux armor. But with painstaking effort, Li Yunmu had become extremely proficient in Archery Foundation Skill, its current level having reached the fifth, perfection stage.

The flux energy arrows shot by Li Yunmu now were extremely fast and ruthlessly accurate, resembling a homing missile. Moreover, the energy compressed in each of his arrows far surpa.s.sed what was contained within the arrows of ordinary ranged attackers. Not to mention that his, also had the added element of the destructive thunder energy.

Shadow Hack Chapter 139

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