Shadow Hack Chapter 151

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Li Yunmu closed his eyes for a moment to get the feeling for this skill. Immediately his heart felt complete carefreeness. This was truly heaven defying—this Safeguard special ability was really awesome. 

Safeguard only provided 20% damage reduction, but it would be the first to block that percentage of the total attack. If numbers were used to demonstrate, then a.s.suming the enemy’s attack at full strength was 100 points of damage, the first 20% of the damage would be reduced by Safeguard. Afterwards, the remaining strength would touch the internal layer of Admiralty Cover and the damage would be further reduced by 50%. This way the damage reaching Li Yunmu would only be 40 points. 

In other words, this Safeguard, which reduced 20% of damage, was virtually the same as his Admiralty Cover, with its effect swelling for every ten levels. 

One might as well ask what else could he possibly need?

But there was something even more terrifying. Even after Li Yunmu had upgraded his Admiralty Cover to the twentieth level, he still wasn’t done with upgrading his skills as he still had 39 700 ability points left. 

First he used up another 13 000 points on the seals of underworld raven bow and broke them to the thirtieth level.

As for the remaining 26 700 ability points left, he poured them directly into the Copper Body Secrets, this B grade defensive cultivation method. 

Eleventh level Copper Body Secrets, 1 000 ability points, upgrade!

Twelfth level Copper Body secrets, 2 000 ability points, upgrade!

Thirteenth level Copper Body Secrets, 3 000 ability points, upgrade!

Fourteenth level Copper Body Secrets, 4 000 ability points, upgrade!

Fifteenth level Copper Body Secrets, 5 000 ability points, upgrade!

Sixteenth level Copper Body Secrets, 6 000 ability points, upgrade!

After Li Yunmu upgraded the Copper Body Secrets by six levels, although the ability didn’t reach the twentieth level, it still gained a new property. When Li Yunmu activated the Copper Body Secrets which had reached the sixteenth level, the iron color on his body became even more profound. 

Presently, with this ability’s defense alone, he estimated that he could manage to resist an all out attack from an initial silver crystal fluxer. After he coupled Admiralty Cover with Safeguard, combining these two damage reducing s.h.i.+elds, the real damage he would receive would only be the damage which had pa.s.sed through king’s crystal armor and Copper Body Secrets as well. 

At this moment, even Li Yunmu himself didn’t know how formidable his defense had become. Not to mention that he still had his heavenly world which could absorb an initial stage golden crystal fluxer’s full power attack. 

"Come, come, I will let you all experience what is true unrivaled defense. I will also let you understand the real terror of more than a hundred underworld ravens which can even make a rainbow crystal fluxer withdraw."

After using up the majority of his ability points, Li Yunmu didn’t delay anymore and immediately rushed out of the cave and entered the mountain areas which had even more dense and complex environments. 

He led the three shadows while using the agile Insect Step. Due to it, all of them were like insects. Their speed, postures, and directions were all changing frequently, instead of remaining constant all the time. Sometimes they would speed up, while at other times they might suddenly dash forward. On occasion they would seem as if they were teleporting. One instant they’d be at their original location and by the next they would appear several tens of meters away, having burst forth with Insect Step. 

When Li Yunmu used the fifth level frequently changing Insect Step and activated it to its extreme limit for the first time, even the range attackers known as G.o.dly archers would have been driven mad at that moment.

His movement speed was extremely fast and swiftly changing, there wasn’t anybody that could equal him in it. But that wasn’t even all, not only was his movement speed changing all the time, even his direction wasn’t constant. Even the movements which couldn’t be done because of the human body were being performed by Li Yunmu when he used the extremely agile Insect Step. 

Lateral movement, forward dashes, rapid retreats, high leaps, urgent descents—all of them were now possible. After attaining the fifth level, ‘Outstanding’, he could fully use the movements of all categories of insects to the extreme. 

If one considered ranged attackers trying to hit him, let alone mentioning an instinctual attack, even if they just wanted to lock on Li Yunmu for a second that would be difficult to accomplish. 

How does comprehending a skill with infinite potential produced by the system looks like? Exactly like this.

Li Yunmu continued moving while leading the three shadows. They would shoot an arrow in some direction in the mountain forests after every five bursts of Insect Step, always. .h.i.tting a low level dimensional beast.

Spilling the blood would certainly summon an underworld raven. One person and three shadows kept repeating this action, and within a short amount of time, they had forcibly summoned a hundred and twenty underworld ravens. They stopped at this solely because this was the limit, since only thirty levels of seals on the sage level bow had been broken. 

However, Li Yunmu wasn’t done yet. He next led the one hundred and twenty underworld ravens deep within some mountain forests to train them. 

Everywhere this group of pets pa.s.sed, regardless of whether it was the silver crystal or even the golden crystal dimensional beasts which existed in small numbers in Setting Sun Garrison, one after another, all of them were eaten by the underworld ravens who pounced on them. 

What followed was a large amount of experience, ability and blood fiend points. Apart from that, one by one, the amount of flux crystals in Li Yunmu’s storage badge started to increase. 

If one wanted to know what the full power of the hack was, then the current situation where the underworld ravens were going on a ma.s.sacre without any restrictions was the perfect example. All hundred and twenty of them ate the flesh of a large amount of dimensional beasts and temporarily broke through to the silver crystal layer. 

At that time, Li Yunmu stopped crazily training his pets to raise their cultivation. He waved his hand and all the underworld ravens disappeared without a trace. 

It wasn’t that they were reverse summoned to the true Fifth Dimension, but that all of them had entered Li Yunmu’s heavenly world. Li Yun, Li Feng, and Li Tian suddenly shook for a moment and once again returned to Li Yunmu’s shadow. 

After the preparations were over, Li Yunmu unleashed his Wings of the Wind and started to accelerate, rus.h.i.+ng out of the mountain forest he was in and into the clear sky above.

His last action was like that of a person poking the hornet’s nest. 

"Here’s Li Yunmu, he’s in the sky!"

"Quickly move, the key to the deity’s secret region is on him."

"You can wear out iron shoes in fruitless searching, and yet by a lucky chance you may find the lost thing without even looking for it. Our Moon Wind Manor will be taking him…"

Li Yunmu rushed about, flying high in the sky. 

Before a lot of time pa.s.sed, a squad of high level fluxers searching in the vicinity discovered something strange. Their group was quite small, though. 

It had eight silver crystal fluxers and one golden crystal fluxer as a leader, all of them having come to capture Li Yunmu. They had made preparations and even knew that he used some flying equipment based on the video shot by Ocean G.o.d’s people. 

Thus, these nine fluxers from Wind Moon Manor had also been allocated a set of soldier flying armor. It has to be said that this power called Wind Moon Manor had invested quite a lot to capture Li Yunmu this time. 

It also had some influence, otherwise they wouldn’t have dared to s.n.a.t.c.h food from a tiger’s den. But they could’ve never antic.i.p.ated what kind of an abnormal enemy were they going to face. 

"Wind Moon Manor? What nonsense place is that, I will let you all experience this grandfather’s truly ferocious arrow."

Standing in the sky, Li Yunmu closed his eyes for a moment. His five fingers spread once and he fired a volley of targeted arrows towards the person who had discovered him right away. 

It wasn’t just two targeted arrows either but rather six. This attack was just one arrow away from the renowned seven deadly targeted arrows. 

Wind Moon Manor’s nine fluxers hadn’t finished celebrating when everyone suddenly felt a swift killing intent approaching them.

"Six deadly targeted arrows?! How is that possible?"

Shadow Hack Chapter 151

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