Shadow Hack Chapter 167: Even Ascension Won't Save You

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Chapter 167: Even Ascension Won't Save You

Translator: Mercurial Editor: DarkGem

Only now did Li Yunmu realize the system's foresight and fully admired its intelligence as well as its ability to calculate and deduce what may become most useful. Sure enough, no one was aware that during daytime, while he was waiting for the night to arrive to launch his battle, he had gone off to somewhere.

Back then he hadn't stayed idle all the time, waiting, but instead had silently rushed thousands of miles to reach the closet camp to the Setting Sun Garrison Camp. While everyone was thinking that he was somewhere within the Setting Sun Mountain Range, hiding from the large number of fluxers chasing him, he had actually led the one hundred twenty underworld ravens who had made a temporary breakthrough to the silver crystal layer and challenged the Tower of Glory once more.

Relying on the great increase in his strength as well as the one hundred twenty silver crystal underworld ravens, from the twenty-second level where he had stopped last time, he cleared until the twenty-ninth level. Thus, he exchanged for the two additional parts and got his hands on the transcending sage level weapon, Void Disk.

What was the difference between a sage weapon and a transcending sage weapon?

On the basis of name, the difference was only in one word. However, on the basis of essence, the difference between them was quite large. The sage weapon could only access a small portion of the domain, while the transcending sage weapon was filled with the force of the supreme domain.

Therefore, in the presence of the supreme domain of the transcending sage weapon, all the sage weapons were like small stones that could be crushed into powder by an enormous wheel.

Furthermore, this Void Disk was retrieved by Li Yunmu based on the system's suggestion to break all restrictions. As long as there was some restriction around him, it could break them all.

So when Li Yunmu took it out, all the restrictions used by that Lord Sage turned into clay chickens and pottery dogs 1 .

As long as, this item was in Li Yunmu's his hands, he didn't need to fear that his fate would be sealed by other people. The reason why the system had insisted on exchanging for this item was because the remarkable ability to break several restrictions with one disk would be able to protect him on his future path.

Li Yunmu's defense was extremely formidable, so he didn't fear battling, nor dealing with large numbers of opponents. The only thing that might become a problem to him was the power of restrictions. In case the opponent used a sage weapon touching upon the the sealing power of some domain, then even if his flesh could endure for a long time, he would still be no more than a livestock waiting to be slaughtered.

"Return, now it is time to pay back for that spear."

Li Yunmu waved once towards the distant horizon and the enormous disk instantly returned to its original appearance, allowing him to collect it back in his storage badge.

The next instant a pair of green wings sprouted from Li Yunmu's king grade crystal armor. Now that the aerial domain sealing barrier was removed and Wings of the Wind had come out, if he still couldn't fight back then when would he be able to!

"Where are you going!"

Li Yunmu flapped his Wings of the Wind and a wave of snapping sounds resounded in the sky. With one flap, he had already broken through the sonic barrier.

Another flap and he attained supersonic speed.

Gu Chengfeng hadn't yet been able to escape more than several hundred meters when Li Yunmu's figure flashed once and he appeared on his left side.

Aurora Killing Justice!

In an instant, a pointed blade energy was launched along with the the blood fiend cold thunder energy. Li Yunmu lifted his blade and sliced down towards Gu Chengfeng. This attack didn't contain just one aurora killing justice but had condensed four of them.

Aurora Killing Justice was widely renowned as a deadly skill because of its formidable power. The four blade energies sharpened to the extreme sliced down together with a hint of terrifying thunder and freezing energies.

Gu Chengfeng felt that this strike was filled with endless killing intent. Just the outer layer formed by blood fiend blade energy already broke his rainbow energy protective cover.

After this, the first strike, second strike, third strike, fourth strike… All of the four blade energies landed on the rainbow crystal flux armor.

A majestic rainbow crystal fluxer was unable to endure Li Yunmu's most powerful strike. This one attack was the superimposition of many types of enormously destructive powers which included the strength of several tons which his body now managed to produce after he started cultivating the Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets.

This one hit deadly skill was extremely terrifying!

Gu Chengfeng died right after his armor was destroyed!

However, Li Yunmu wrinkled his brows. The opponent had died too easily. Although Li Yunmu knew that his combat strength was quite formidable, but he was aware that he wouldn't accomplish the feat of killing a rainbow crystal fluxer with just one all out strike, let alone killing someone like Gu Chengfeng who was a Halted Fluxer.

Soon, he discovered that one of his Aurora Killing Justice's strikes had surprisingly only sliced down a strange tree leaf.

Halted Fluxers had collected many life-saving and escape treasures to avoid being hunted down by the powers of Earth. The strange tree leaf was also one of such methods which had an effect similar to that of the reincarnation tree possessed by Li Yunmu.

However, using the reincarnation tree, Li Yunmu could resist one strike of a Flux Sage, while this tree leaf could only resist the power of Transcendent Flux Master and nothing more.

However, even then, it still provided an opportunity for Gu Chengfeng to flee quite a distance away.

"Ha ha, I, Gu Chengfeng have been devious throughout my life. But I never expected that I would be mistaken on this matter. Li Yunmu, I never should've been deceived into provoking you. The only way now for me to live is to ascend to the Sixth Dimension. In the future, if I see you, I will clear the path for you. Presently, you've already forced me to ascend, so after this the grudges between us are even."

Several kilometers away, Gu Chengfeng bitterly smiled and gazed at the sky of the Fifth Dimension. After using all sorts of methods to suppress his cultivation to remain within the Fifth Dimension, he now could only choose to ascend to save his life.

Otherwise, after destroying the aerial domain sealing barrier, Li Yunmu, who possessed Wings of the Wind, was just like an aerial battle sage in the Fifth Dimension. No matter how Gu Chengfeng would try to escape, he wouldn't be able.

"Ascending to save your life? How will that be so easy, since I said that I will chop you down, then I must chop you down."

Li Yunmu didn't pay any attention to his opponent's words of them being even. Since there was hatred, then it must be avenged. This was his nature.

In his eyes, there were only two types of people in this world: those who stood on his side, and his enemies. Soon, Gu Chengfeng's body erupted with rainbow energy and a the pa.s.sageway to the new dimension descended from the sky. However, Li Yunmu raised his blade and sliced down towards the Gu Chengfeng entering the pa.s.sage faraway.

Deity Execution Skill appeared once again!

Even if Li Yunmu had to use up ten thousand blood fiend points, he still wanted to kill his enemy.

"Deity Execution!"

The projection of an ancient savage giant sliced down. This strike covered the distance and cut the entrance of the pa.s.sage which had closed moments before.

At this time, Gu Chengfeng, who had already transferred to the Sixth Dimension, had just breathed a sigh of relief, having escaped death. However a wave of blade energy, crossing the distance and dimensions, arrived chasing after his mind.

The projection of the savage giant opened its eyes and loudly said, "Die."

A blood curdling scream came from the already sealed entrance of the dimensional pa.s.sage. Gu Chengfeng, who wanted to rely upon ascension to the new dimension to save his life, was instantly killed by Deity Execution.

Hearing it, a chill ran down the spine of Earth Dragon Valley and dimensional heavy cannon squad's fluxers. Even after escaping to new dimension, Gu Chengfeng still couldn't escape this person's deadly attack. The skills used by Li Yunmu were really extremely profound.

After killing Gu Chengfeng, Li Yunmu didn't pay anymore attention to the people of the two squads. He opened his Wings of the Wind and flew directly in the direction the runic spears were being launched from.

However, at this moment, the fluxers of Earth Dragon Valley and dimensional heavy cannon squad discovered that after the restriction on the earth was removed, something happened. At some point of time, one after another, silver, golden, and even rainbow crystal underworld ravens flew out from a couple holes in the ground

Li Yunmu didn't let them get away. He instead set them up for the group of underworld ravens that had returned from the Tower of Glory.

"Collect the sage weapon and run, this person is coming to kill us."

Several kilometers away, halfway to the peak of a mountain, a group of people wearing black clothes hurriedly dismantled the runic spear sage weapon. After all, at this moment, all their tricks had become completely useless.

Shadow Hack Chapter 167: Even Ascension Won't Save You

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