Shadow Hack Chapter 153

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Suddenly, Li Yunmu sensed something and his gaze s.h.i.+fted toward the horizon. At the same time, the system aptly notified him, [A dimensional s.p.a.ce eye has been detected in the surroundings and is approaching host.]

Clearly, the sounds of the recent battle had alerted the monitoring devices created from merging dimensional items with technology.

"Does it belong to the fluxer a.s.sociation?"

[No, it doesn't. It should belong to some private power. The system has already decoded their signal source code. From this moment, host's stellarcomm's connection with the main network is restored.]

"Very good, connect with the main official network and search for all the information related to me. Sort out the useful intelligence and discard the useless," Li Yunmu instructed the system. After locking on the dimensional s.p.a.ce eye's movements he could again access to the official networks. 

Once Li Yunmu eliminated the squad of high level fluxers sent to catch him, he immediately removed his Wings of the Wind and descended from the sky and began to search for some place to conceal himself. 

Li Yunmu finally took out the Heavy Pincer Gigantic Beetle's egg, which he had exchanged for with fifteen tower badges in the Tower of Glory, and dropped a drop of blood essence on it. The egg immediately began to rupture and a hatchback-sized black beetle with huge pincers crawled out of it. 

This large insect belonged to the huge insect race from the true Fifth Dimension. Although it only had the strength of a silver crystal layer, but it possessed two special properties. 

First, it could dig through the earth. It could quickly create a cavity in the earth even on a rocky mountain. 

Its second ability was the innate defense of its insect sh.e.l.l. Its thick outer sh.e.l.l's defense was comparable to that of the crystal armor of a rainbow crystal fluxer. 

However, because of the insect's body being extremely huge and c.u.mbersome, this enormous beetle had a threatening appearance but not the power to back it up. 

The reason why the system had recommend Li Yunmu to choose it was only because of its ability to dig through earth, as well as its outstanding defense so that it could be used as a mount on the surface. 

When Li Yunmu released the beetle, he would naturally use its abilities. 

"Go, start digging, I want a place to hide," Li Yunmu ordered it through his consciousness.

The large pincered beetle began to quickly dig through the earth, and in half a minute, it was already a hundred meters deep. What astonished Li Yunmu even more was that not only was this large beetle's digging speed pretty fast, it could also push the dirt backwards to fill the hole behind itself with the help of its eight limbs. The deeper it dug, the more the hole filled up. 

It was really incomparably secretive, and this beetle worked with unimaginable efficiency. When Li Yunmu felt that the depth was great enough, he put the large pincered beetle into his heavenly world. 

Li Yunmu was now a hundred meters under the surface of the ground, and the pa.s.sageway through which he'd come had also been filled. Like this, even a dimensional s.p.a.ce eye with an awesome detecting ability would find it difficult to detect his true location in a short time. 

After this, Li Yunmu disappeared, leaving behind three shadows to defend his position while he entered the heavenly world. 

Dimensional box!

The dimensional box was already in his hand. Until now, only two of them had fallen into his possession. The first one had contained the coolest Admiralty Cover, while the second one contained the extremely formidable Wind G.o.d Tornado Kick. What will this third dimensional box provide him with? 

Li Yunmu was full of expectations towards it. 

Without saying anything, he slowly opened the lid of the dimensional box. Instantly, a dazzling golden light filled the surroundings and a gold-colored cultivation relaying globe appeared inside.

[Congratulations host, you have obtained an A grade cultivation method from the dimensional box-- Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets. This is an extremely formidable bone refining and muscle strengthening cultivation method. After practicing it to the limit, the muscles and bones of your entire body will become invulnerable, like those of a devil dragon, and possess devil dragon's strength. Do you wish to consume ten ability points to cultivate the first level of Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets…]


Li Yunmu's whole body trembled. 

That thing was really worthy of being called a dimensional box, an item produced by the system which provided what he needed the most. From the beginning, Li Yunmu lacked a top notch cultivation method to refine his internal organs. 

Now he had obtained the Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets, this top notch cultivation method for refining one's bones. Although he still couldn't refine his internal organs, according to the system's explanation, this cultivation could not only strengthen his muscles and refine his bones, but it would also amplify the power of his flesh. 

If Li Yunmu had been required to choose, this kind of cultivation method would have certainly been his first choice. Having obtained it now, he exploded with excitement. 

"System, what kind of a creature is this devil dragon?"

Li Yunmu had already returned Liu Noujie's books of monsters to her, but he still had the system's scan of the whole book. 

[Devil dragons are creatures which possess the bloodline of the devil dragon. According to human cla.s.sifications, they are cla.s.sified as human-type monsters. They have extremely formidable flesh, a powerful bloodline, extraordinary strength, and possess devil dragon's armor. They're a humanoid life-form with innately powerful flesh, and the strength of an adult devil dragon may not be inferior to that of a Temporal Flux Master. 

The flesh of the strong individuals who can awaken the devil dragon's innate skill may even rival that of a powerful Flux Sage. When this Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets is cultivated to its limits, the strength of host's body will not be inferior to that of a Flux Sage. Encouraging host to work harder.]


Li Yunmu suddenly noticed that he had obtained an A grade cultivation from every dimensional box, and apparently all these skills were far more formidable compared to the ones he had obtained in exchange for s.p.a.ce elements. 

Why would I still wait, let's cultivate!

First level, second level, fifth level, tenth level… Li Yunmu used up 550 ability points, and in a moment, the Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets was upgraded to the first major threshold of the tenth level. 

There was a cracking sound that came from all his bones and muscles. The latter were being broadened by some unknown force, becoming even tougher and more durable, while the density of his bones increased greatly. At the same time, Li Yunmu felt as if he was sinking, because of the rapid increase in his body weight. 

It wasn't like he was becoming fatter but rather that his bone ma.s.s had increased. With the blood and flesh moving around violently, Li Yunmu's height also increased by three centimeters, reaching one hundred and eighty-one. 

He felt as if there was an enormous power concealed within his body, which was ready to explode. He was almost certain that his fist could break the heavens and his kick shatter the earth. 

Formidable, formidable, formidable! 

This was an innately formidable physical body. At this moment, the strength of Li Yunmu's physical body was certainly not greatly inferior to that of a Flux Master, even if he had only practiced his new cultivation method to the tenth level. 

Naturally, possessing a powerful physical body didn't mean that he possessed the strength to fight a Transcendent Flux Master. Even so, Li Yunmu had a profound sensation that even if he had to fight against the greatest power in the Fifth Dimension—a rainbow crystal fluxer—he didn't need to lose heart. 

It wasn't just excitement in his heart, either, but the realistic confidence which comes from great increase in strength. 

[Ding, congratulations, host, you have cultivated to the big threshold of the tenth level, and the first ability of Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets has appeared. It is called Bone Armor. This Bone Armor cannot be upgraded to the next level, however. The strength of this ability can only increase along with the increase in your cultivation of Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets.]

Shadow Hack Chapter 153

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