Shadow Hack Chapter 154

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Chapter 154: A Source of Easy Money

"Devil Dragon Bone Armor? What is this thing, does it have a more formidable defense than my king crystal armor?"

[Host is mistaken, this Devil Dragon Bone Armor can only be generated inside your body, acting as the most important line of defense by protecting the internal organs of your body. The reason why the dragon devils can rely on their powerful flesh to battle against Flux Sages is that their Dragon Devil Bone Armor can protect the organs inside their bodies," the system explained. 

"Internal bone armor?"

Li Yunmu clearly hadn't been aware that this armor would be internal. Now that he was though, he suddenly understood that it would protect his weakest point, his organs. This way, his defence would become even more formidable.

This being the case, what was he waiting for? He must pile up as much defense as possible! The next instant Li Yunmu accepted the newly appeared Devil Dragon Bone Armor ability. 

However, right away, a period of truly incomparable suffering began for him. 

Pain, intermittent numbness, heart wrenching pain, unprecedented pain—Li Yunmu felt the insides of his body being ripped apart. The pain was such that it left him half dead. 

At this time, if he could inspect his insides, then it wouldn't be difficult for him to see a layer of bone armor rapidly growing outside his sternum. 

Humans have twenty ribs in total, but at this moment, all the ribs on top of Li Yunmu's sternum were rapidly expanding to cover his heart, spleen, lungs, kidney, and other weak internal organs of the human body, tightly confining all of them inside. This was akin a tough bone armor covering all his internal weak points. Even the s.p.a.ce within the ribs was also filled up. 

At this moment, even if Li Yunmu's physical body was pierced by a sharp weapon, there would still be a layer of bone armor which could defend against it. 

Apart from a set of Devil Dragon Bone Armor growing from his sternum, the same thing happened around his brain as well. A layer of bone-like thing began to grow, and a thick layer of armor surrounded the brain, which originally had weak defensive capabilities. Since the most important part of one's body was the head, naturally the protection there was the thickest. 

Li Yunmu didn't know for how long he would continue to suffer. At times he felt as if quite a long time had pa.s.sed and at other times as if only an instant had went by. All he truly knew was that right now his appearance was like that of someone who had come out of a pool of water, for his whole body was perspiring with sweat. 

Fortunately, this f*cking Devil Dragon Bone Armor was finally completely generated. Li Yunmu's defense thus achieved an unprecedented transformation. His final weakness had been removed with this new armor covering his insides. 

It was no wonder that the physical body of a dragon devil was so tyrannical. It has to be said that the Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets obtained by Li Yunmu had obtained from the dimensional box was extremely impressive and had surpa.s.sed his expectations. 

He firmly clenched his hand to form a fist whose power was similar to that of a hollow artillery sh.e.l.l and heavily slammed it against the garden in his heavenly world. Instantly, a deep hole appeared in the garden because of the fist. 

Not only had the resistance of Li Yunmu's muscles and bones greatly increased, but his power had also went up substantially. Presently, his one fist had the explosive strength of one ton or more. 

Li Yunmu was confident that even without flux energy his one fist could blow away a silver crystal fluxer. This was the fierceness of Devil Dragon Body Refining Secrets on the outside. 

"System, for how long have I cultivated Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets just now?"

[It hasn't been long, approximately one hour has pa.s.sed.]

"What about the information I told you to collect?"

[Most of it is

just useless information. According to a rough estimation, there are around two hundred fifty-six independent powers spread over the entire Central Continent who have despatched around one thousand six hundred something fluxers with silver crystal or higher level cultivation base to this Setting Sun Garrison Camp.]

"So many? Just for me?"

Li Yunmu felt as if the bitterness of his life had finished and its sweetness begun. At this moment, his mood was very good, and when he spoke there was a giddiness to his voice. 

Two hundred fifty-six powers, and one thousand six hundred fluxers, which after careful calculation meant tha teach power had despatched at least six people. 

Using so many high level fluxers only to capture an ordinary crystal fluxer, this was an unprecedented major event. In fact, the news that all the major powers on the Central Continent were trying to capture Li Yunmu had already caused an uproar. 

In every city and every region, both online and offline gambling stores opened up one after another, taking bets on this grand hunting operation. 

Included among the stores was the largest lottery company on the Central Continent, which had even started offering bets like how long would Li Yunmu hold on. 

The system told all of his to Li Yunmu

His eyes lit up, and he suddenly felt as if he wasn't completely out of luck. He had instead stumbled upon a huge opportunity. 

"System, the three largest lottery companies of Central Continent, what bets have they put on me?"

[They are offering quite a lot of bets. They have bets on how long you will last. In this bet one can choose the time by himself. The longest is three days which has a compensation rate of 1/36]

the system indifferently replied.

"1/36? What the f*ck, apparently these betting companies want to go bankrupt."

When Li Yunmu heard the bets, a chill went down his body, from head to his toes.

He didn't ask the system for further details and timely entered the main star network and arrived at the Central Continent's largest betting company. 

After taking a careful look, he confirmed that the system's words were indeed not false. The other party had really opened bets of all sizes focused on the matter of his search and capture. 

Included among these was the bet with the highest compensation rate, which the system had told him about. The bet was on whether he would get captured within three days or not, the odds were 1/36.

However, even if this was the case, Li Yunmu saw that the number of people who took this bet wasn't large. Among the fluxers of the whole Central Continent, mere twenty-seven people had gambled on him, with the overall amount being less than three hundred thousand dimensional coins. 

Other wager which was crazily being betted upon was whether he, Li Yun, and Li Feng, the three disciples, could persist until tonight or not. 

What the f*ck, what am I still waiting for, this is a far more easier way to make money than fighting!

In an instant, Li Yunmu became extremely excited. 

He could earn one thousand two hundred million after hunting rooster dragons for the whole night, which required him to invest a lot of physical labor into it. This gambling, on the other hand, was far easier compared to hunting monsters. 

But Li Yunmu wasn't hasty in making a wager. He instead went to the second largest betting firm and looked through the bets offered there. 

Evidently, the three largest betting firms on the Central Continent had reached some sort of agreement about the bets offered this time. The largest betting firm offered bets about how long Li Yunmu could persevere for. 

The second largest then opened wagers on how many high level fluxers the three Li Sect disciples would kill before they were captured. The options were from one to a thousand. 

Li Yunmu didn't look through all the bets and turned directly to the one thousand killed one, which had the odds of 1:300. Seeing the number of people wagering on this option, Li Yunmu couldn't even smile. Surprisingly, not one person had taken this bet.

F*ck, don't tell me no one is optimistic about me?

In fact, Li Yunmu himself also didn't dare to take this wager because this figure was just too large. Even if he took the initiative and went on a killing spree, accomplis.h.i.+ng this may still not be within his power. The problem was that even if he had absolute confidence in himself to kill them all, he was still just one person. If all the people started fleeing in different directions, then how could he kill them? 

Thus, he lowered his aim and found the wager of killing one hundred people, the odds of which were 1/42. It was different compared to the one thousand one, for some people had taken it, around twenty of them.

Shadow Hack Chapter 154

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