Shadow Hack Chapter 169: A Mountain of Loot

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Chapter 169: A Mountain of Loot

Translator: Mercurial Editor: DarkGem

"One hundred killed, the odds on it were 1/42, and a big wager of two hundred million dimensional coins. My G.o.d, this anonymous person really bets ruthlessly. With this rate, his final earnings would be eighty-four thousand million dimensional coins."

"You're mistaken, it wouldn't only be eighty-four thousand million dimensional coins. I found that this account had also betted two hundred million on third largest company's bet that no one would be able to capture Li Yunmu. The odds on it were even more terrifying, reaching 1/100."

"This person has also pledged in the second largest company. He had betted six hundred thousand something dimensional coins that Li Yunmu will survive for three days, the odds on it there were 1/30."

At this moment, the outcome of the largest search and capture operation launched by all the powers in the Central Continent were almost clear. Reportedly, two hundred seventy-eight powers had joined in the operation, dispatching a total of 1863 higher layer fluxers.

Out of all these, after one night, two hundred sixty-four would eternally sleep within the Setting Sun Mountain Range.

The names of these fluxers had cracked and completely disappeared from the fluxer library terminal.

As for the remaining one thousand something fluxers, almost all of them had been recalled back by the powers controlling them once they sensed that this matter was already out of their control. This then allowed those people to withdraw with their lives intact.

Thus, it wasn't important whether Li Yunmu could fight back for three days or not, because now, without any further threats, let alone three days, even surviving a hundred wasn't a problem.

Many people had betted heavily on the Colossal Lion City's Lu Family's enormous lion squad to be the final winner.

But after these people woke up the next day, they discovered that the entire world had gone crazy because this Li Yunmu was extremely terrifying.

Surprisingly, in one night, he had transformed from a prey into a hunter and killed two hundred twenty-six silver crystal fluxers, twenty golden crystal fluxers, and more than ten rainbow crystal fluxers.

Was this b.a.s.t.a.r.d still human?

Everyone who received this information in the morning were momentarily struck silent. Apart from remaining speechless, they had no way to express their astonishment.

Was this truly something that a human could achieve?

Perhaps there was truly someone among humans who could achieve this, and moreover, there were more than one. But those were all Battle Sages, who were unrivalled existences in this world, the knowledge of which was clearly etched into the hearts of everyone.

However, Li Yunmu was just a trifling lowest layer fluxer, what did he rely on to kill more than two hundred fluxers, shocking the majority of the powers enough to remove all their troops from the scene?

"Sh*tty Lu family of Colossal Lion City, and sh*tty all the other major powers. Don't tell me that all people they dispatched were trash. They really caused a large loss for my family."

"Finished, we are finished. This person who had wagered anonymously should certainly be Li Yunmu? He really has a surplus of self confidence and enormous guts!"

For a period of time, the majority of people couldn't accept this matter, but no one could deny it as untrue. The largest search and capture operation involving the majority of Central Continent's powers was a failure, a complete and utter failure.

Everyone who didn't have faith in Li Yunmu lost. There were only two winners today: one was Li Yunmu himself, and the other was that anonymous person who had secretly betted on him.

At this moment, all the major powers of the Central Continent were completely silent after witnessing the outcome of last night. They seemed to have no qualms in accepting that there wasn't anyone more ruthless than Li Yunmu. Last night's formidable battle in which the troops dispatched by them were mercilessly slaughtered confirmed this fact like nothing else.

The reaction of all these people was as if they had seen the most terrifying and ruthless person who stood above the clouds raising his blade high while stepping on the mountain of corpses. Even if they were a great distance away in a different dimension, his killing intent still managed to pa.s.s through, and they felt a faint sense of it.


At dawn, who could know how many clan masters and leaders were perspiring in cold sweat because of the fear produced by the unexpected spectacle they witnessed last night. It was impossible to say how many broke their chair handles or destroyed countless dark age antiquities of incalculable value.

"Who will even be able to punish this person now?"

"Mysterious Li Sect, the hidden powerful sect, who knows how much trouble it will cause us."

Many of the powers weren't willing to accept the result, but with such an outcome, even if they didn't accept, it didn't matter.

From now on, until the day Li Yunmu left the Fifth Dimension, no one could do anything to him.

Li Qinghong couldn't, Blade Overlord Lin Jian couldn't, and as for Gu Chengfeng, it was reported that he had ascended to escape but still couldn't avoid dying. He was also killed and his corpse still lay within the Sixth Dimension.

Even a person who ascended was also killed!

Those who knew the complete truth were aware that some of the major powers had reached an agreement with some lord and even used two sage tools. The first of them sealed the sky and the second the earth, but Li Yunmu still broke out. Even the runic blood spear, this extremely deadly weapon which was at seventh place on the list of forbidden weapons, couldn't deal with Li Yunmu.

As this extremely shocking information was transmitted over from one place to another, the Setting Sun Garrison Camp, which was bustling with excitement and liveliness, emptied out in a heartbeat. Once all the fluxers present to watch the spectacle and maybe make use of some opportunity learned of what had happened, they disappeared without a glance back.

This was too shocking! In one night, the intimidating troops of all the powers of the Central Continent were slaughtered or forced into a retreat.

"Young miss, we failed our mission, we couldn't deliver the letter of War G.o.d Temple," a member of Secret Heavens reported to the city lord's mansion.

"Why, he won, so you could have delivered it to him."

At this moment, Lin Yuerou's feelings were extremely complex. She hadn't expected that the person her father had chosen for her would be so formidable.

The troops dispatched by more than two hundred powers of the Central Continent were forced to evacuate within one night because of his slaughter. What caused her to be even more astonished was that Li Yunmu had clearly returned the jade pendant to her, but he was so unyielding that under the pretense of checking his strength, he hadn't offered a single line of explanation to anyone in the outside world. Why did he do so?

"One of the members of Secret Heavens tried to get close to him by revealing his ident.i.ty, but he still killed him. Apart from that, many members of Secret Heavens had sneaked into the Setting Sun Mountain Range, but because of this, they got entangled in the conflict with all the other powers, which resulted in a loss of numerous lives…"

When Lin Yuerou heard this, a trace of a bitter smile appeared on her face. She knew well what Li Yunmu was thinking.

"System, scan the surroundings of the mountains for me."

At this moment, Li Yunmu had returned to the place of the siege. He was greeted here by a group of underworld ravens which had upgraded to the peak.

After the great battle, out of the several tens who had returned with him from the Tower of Glory, only thirteen were left. After absorbing the blood and flesh of their comrades, these thirteen underworld ravens had broken through to the rainbow crystal layer.

As for the Earth Dragon Valley and dimensional heavy cannon squad as well as the two rainbow crystal fluxers remaining behind, under the attack of these high level underworld ravens, naturally none of them were able to escape.

One side had flying type dimensional monsters which had been upgraded to golden crystal layer from black crystal layer, while their opponents were humans which relied on technologically created wing armor. Even the last rainbow crystal fluxer was only able to run several kilometers before more than ten underworld ravens caught up and killed him.

"What a pity, the one day time limit of blood summoning is approaching. You all, disperse."

Li Yunmu waved his hand and the thirteen rainbow layer underworld ravens instantly returned to the true Fifth Dimension.

[Scan completed. There are no suspicious people in the vicinity,] the system timely replied.

After receiving the confirmation, Li Yunmu found a cave and commanded Li Yun, Li Feng, and Li Tian to defend his position.

He himself then entered his heavenly world. What a fortune! This time, the largest profits might not be from the enormous bets as everyone expected, but… the spoils of war he had obtained after killing the fluxers of several major powers.

These spoils of war formed a mountain in his heavenly world, after being carelessly stacked up during the night. Some distance away, there were also four extremely deadly weapons, considered as forbidden by the six continents.

This time Li Yunmu had truly reaped an enormous profit.

Shadow Hack Chapter 169: A Mountain of Loot

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