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Night came and darkness fell, to the extent that one couldn't even see his own hands. The Fifth Dimension didn't have any moonlight, but within the Setting Sun Garrison Region's Setting Sun Mountain Range, there were still a lot of fluxers searching for Li Yunmu's whereabouts. 

From the beginning of the large scale search and capture operation, more than ten hours had pa.s.sed. Yet the high level fluxers coming from every region of the Central Continent still hadn't found any tracks or even any traces of Li Yunmu. 

Oh, it wasn't correct to say that they hadn't found any tracks. 

There was one trail with clues that suggested that Li Yunmu was still within the several hundred kilometers area of the Setting Sun Mountain Range. 

The dimensional s.p.a.ce eye previously had managed at the last instant to capture a trace of him. But more importantly, the news of the extermination of the fluxers from the Wind Moon Manor spread out. Due to this, the high level fluxers were feeling seriously down.

A squad which was composed of eight silver and one golden crystal fluxers was completely annihilated. This incident had placed everyone on high alert against Li Yunmu, and they didn't dare be careless for a second. He was no longer underestimated as somebody with an ordinary crystal layer cultivation, because he was special. 

Naturally, there were many high level fluxers who expressed their disdain towards it; they simply couldn't believe that a low level fluxer's battle strength could be enough to exterminate a group of high level fluxers. The news of Wind Moon Manor's squad being wiped out caused them at most to think that they had fallen for the trap of some "fellow comrades" and nothing more. 

However, since the dimensional s.p.a.ce eye had captured an image of Li Yunmu, certifying that he was still within the region, that made it much easier for the fluxers hunting him. The squads sent by the powers of each city utilized their tracking methods and vowed to dug out that youngster's whereabouts. 

There was also a reason why each power's squads were working so hard—great rewards. Since a lot was offered for Li Yunmu's capture, this naturally caused many brave and capable people to join. 

Among these brave and capable, there was a five-man squad which was searching around the hole dug out by the large pincer beetle. 

The strength of each individual in this squad wasn't very high, as they all only had the cultivation of silver crystal layer. But they hadn't come as the main force to deal with Li Yunmu, all they wished was to obtain the bounty for finding Li Yunmu's tracks. 

"I hate this work! Zhizhi informed me that underneath the surface here, there is a large hole which has just been dug out not long ago,"the leader said with a s.h.i.+ne in his eyes. 

The other four members also couldn't help but feel pleased with themselves. They had complete confidence in their leader's Zhizhi, because this creature was actually an evolved bat beast of whose kind there were only a few remaining in this world. This beast had weak strength, but it possessed ultrasound detection which was extremely useful when searching.

One member of the squad placed his foot lightly on top of the recently moved ground and asked in a low voice, "Will it really be Li Yunmu and his group?"

"Definitely, apart from him who's trying to hide, who else would dug out a hole here."

"That's great, we all should immediately notify the bounty administrators."

"Yes, yes, quickly inform them. Money is secondary here. If the news that Li Yunmu was discovered by our tracking group spread, then our reputation will skyrocket." 

In the darkness, the squad members waited for quite a while, but they didn't see their squad leader making any movements. It instantly made them sense that something was wrong here. 

"Captain, why do you keep leaning forward, move back," one of the members said with a hint of fear rising in his heart. Yet the captain who was crouched on the ground a dozen meters away from them still remained motionless. 

The member who had spoken suddenly became frightened and hastily called out to his other squad mates. However, all of them remained motionless, not saying a word. The fear in the member's heart grew as he watched them standing still not far from him.

"No need to shout, they've already followed in the footsteps of the hunting G.o.d and left for an unknown dimension. They won't be be returning again."

"Who are you?"

In an instant, this squad member's heart filled with terror. 

"The person who could make your reputation skyrocket."

Suddenly, a thin arm caught the man's head and twisted it slightly. 


There was a m.u.f.fled sound, and the last member of the tracking squad followed out after the rest. 

Bat G.o.d Hunter Squad, exterminated!

This wasn't the only squad to be exterminated tonight, just one of the first ones. Li Yunmu, leading Li Yun and the other two shadows, only then came out of the darkness. 

The five people that had just died now gave him several hundred experience and ability points. At the same time, their tracking devices which had considerable value also fell into Li Yunmu's hands. 

He brought these spoils within his heavenly world, including the corpses. He didn't want to leave anything on the ground. 

Soon, Li Yunmu and his three shadows disappeared once again. With the cultivation of the Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets reaching the tenth level, the strength of Li Yunmu's arms had increased greatly. Now he could even kill a silver crystal fluxer like it was child's play. 

After all, who is the master of shadows? 

Li Yunmu started roaming all around the jungle now that it was night. He led his three shadows, going on a killing spree.

At this time, on the official network board of the largest betting company, many fluxers who were paying attention to the search and capture operation even at night were suddenly startled. They just watched, unable to voice any thoughts. 

Ka-cha, ka-cha, ka-cha, ka-cha…

On the official network, the names of the fluxers which were known to be part of the search and capture operation, following the arrival of night, began to break one by one.

The breaking and disappearing of a name represented that the fluxer had died!

Since the betting companies were connected to the library's terminal with the fluxer badges, they could authenticate the news of their death in real time. 

Apart from certifying that one is a fluxer and providing some storage s.p.a.ce, the fluxer badge had one more additional function—they could detect their owner's vitality. 

Thus, the disappearance of the partic.i.p.ants' names naturally signified that they had died. This having happened at the ravine in the Setting Sun Mountain Range, it was pretty clear who the killer was. 

Wind Moon Manor's squad, exterminated. 

Bat G.o.d Hunting Squad, exterminated. 

Adam Hunting Squad, exterminated. 

Hundred Earth City's Tao family, exterminated. 

Hidden Dragon Pavilion's disciple squad, exterminated. 

Thousand Unique Valley's squad, exterminated. 

Each and every squad member of these squads had come from various powers of the Central Continent. Some of them were famous and some low profile high level fluxers. 

At this moment, all of them were being silently killed one after another as if they had encountered a death G.o.d. In fact, even their corpses and any trace of their existence seemed to have disappeared from the Setting Sun Mountain forest. 

Everyone felt depressed, for no one had expected this result. During the day, most of them were freely cursing Li Yunmu for being a gutless chicken. After all, he surprisingly hadn't dared to appear for the whole day, having hidden so deep and well that no one could locate him. 

However, once night came, this person instantly transformed into a death G.o.d and began to collect the lives of those within the Setting Sun Mountain forest. 

These people he was hunting were all high level fluxers. In fact, most of them had become famous in the Fifth Dimension a long time ago. Yet none of them were able to escape from the clutches of this death G.o.d. 

Forty-seven silver crystal fluxers and four golden crystal fluxers… By now, more than fifty high level fluxers had fallen under the hands of this person. 

As each name on the official network of the betting company disappeared, the stifling sensation continued to rise a little higher in the audience. Even those powers and clans who had partic.i.p.ated in this search and capture operation at this moment turned dead silent. A formidable and terrifying pressure enveloped the hearts of people who belonged to the powers partic.i.p.ating in the search and capture operation. 

Shadow Hack Chapter 156

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