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At this moment, somewhere in the Setting Sun Mountain range, a group of fluxers with high cultivation was receiving the news through their communication device of the fluxer names being removed one after another from the fluxer badge library terminal. 

The disappearance of four golden crystal fluxer names was a lesson written in blood. This removal of their names because of their death served as a constant reminder to everyone still on the hunt that their opponent wasn't an ordinary low cultivation layer fluxer, but rather a lunatic who had even caught the eye of the War G.o.d Temple. 

"Mountain Falcon, you should remain alert, the opponent is extremely formidable and has the ability to kill even golden crystal fluxers. His ability to conceal himself is also quite formidable. Don't be careless and throw your life away."

"I understand, leader, but you don't need to be afraid. More than a thousand fluxers have entered this mountain range, so he won't be able to bounce for long."

However, Mountain Falcon hadn't yet disconnected his communication device when, suddenly, he saw a beam of flickering light coming towards him from far away.

What is that?

The next instant, before he could manage to grasp what was happening, he sensed an enormous power slamming into the right side of his body. A swift killing intent attacked his mentality, and a berserk thunder energy wreaked havoc on his internal organs. 

Mountain Falcon instantly took out the Sacred Life Water from his fluxer badge, but he had already exhausted all his strength and was unable to open the bottle's lid. This bottle, flickering with green-colored light, rolled out of his hand and fell to the ground. 

"Mountain Falcon, calling Mountain Falcon, what's your present situation…"

The voice of the leader came once again from the communication device hanging on the disciple's ear, but this time he couldn't reply. 

He was sure he was dying, yet he still couldn't figure out how had his killer shot him from several kilometers away. It was the middle of the night now, after all, and he was also camouflaged against a tree.

Still, a single arrow had instantly killed him, this peak silver crystal layer fluxer who was going to break through to the golden crystal layer anytime now.


There was a small sound nearby, one of someone stepping on a small branch. Moments later, a long, thin arm suddenly picked up the bottle of Sacred Life Water from the ground. 

Li Yunmu hadn't expected that this treasure, for which he had been searching for a long time and which he hadn't found even in the Tower of Glory, would surprisingly be carried by a silver crystal fluxer. 

"Dad, your both legs will be healed."

A trace of excitement rose within Li Yunmu's heart, and he quickly collected this bottle of Sacred Life Water and put it in his fluxer badge. Then he waved his hand once again and moved all of Mountain Falcon's equipment, including his body, into his heavenly world. 

However, at this moment, Li Yunmu suddenly felt his heartbeat quicken. He subconsciously dodged sideways, yet a gold-colored flux beam from a ray gun still slammed directly into his chest. 

Li Yunmu was sent flying. After knocking against and breaking many thick trees, he lay sprawled on the ground, out of breath. 

"Li-Yun-Mu, I've finally caught you! Mountain Falcon, I'm sorry I'm late."

A golden crystal fluxer emitting threatening aura rushed over from a distant place. 

He, Bai Changshan, was exactly the leader Mountain Falcon had been talking to. He was one of the top ten most powerful in his secondary city last year, and his cultivation base was just one step away from entering rainbow crystal layer. Due to this, he was great at combat. 

Bai Changshan couldn't find the corpse of Mountain Falcon, so he quickly went to check-up on Li Yunmu, who had lost consciousness. As he stood there, a hint of excitement started to rise in his cold heart. 

Ancient deity's secret region's key, the descendant who possessed the battle sage bloodline, the person who was being chased by more than two hundred powers of the Central Continent—all of these things were now in his, Bai Changshan's, possession. 

However, at this time, he suddenly sensed that Li Yunmu, who previously had been out cold, suddenly opened his eyes. Instantly, they filled with an even more berserk killing intent . 

"World Killing Fist, kill him for me!"

A fist which seemed to seal off the world attacked Bai Changshan's chest in retaliation. 

He tried his best to dodge, but Li Yunmu's fist felt as if contained the mighty force of an entire world. Thus, even though flux energy erupted from his whole body, he could only move half an inch. 


A powerful fist slammed heavily against Bai Changshan's golden crystal armor, which had formidable defense, and it cracked like gla.s.s. 

Berserk killing intent and thunder energy invaded his body, after he was. .h.i.t by the explosive fist which seemed to be able to crush an entire world. 

You, just what kind of monster are you? This was the last thought in Bai Changshan's mind before he collapsed. 

Yes, in Bai Changshan's eyes, the present Li Yunmu was like a humanoid beast. The power contained in his fist was just too great, not something he should possess. 

Not only was his fist br.i.m.m.i.n.g with the the power of his flesh, which had become extremely strong recently, it also contained the fatal thunder energy. And on top of that there was also the crus.h.i.+ng power of the world killing fist. 

The amount of world power which Li Yunmu could utilize had already reached the level of an all out attack of a golden crystal fluxer. In a normal situation he would not use it casually, for the fear of revealing his secret. 

However, dead people didn't reveal secrets. They knew best how to keep something private.

Bai Changshan, dead!


On the main network, almost at the same time, the line representing Bai Changshan's name cracked and disappeared. 

"Bai Changshan, Bai Changshan is dead!"

"How is that possible, he's Heavenly Falcon City's Bai family's most outstanding person in the younger generation! How could he perish here?"

Astonished, everyone suddenly felt a chill going down their bodies. One of the true top ten of a secondary city last year, a person whose combat strength was so extraordinary that he could fight against rainbow crystal fluxers had surprisingly fallen at some nameless desolate mountain in Setting Sun Mountain. 

Bai Changshan's death seemed to have lifted the spell of no one being able to find Li Yunmu, for before long a pretty and elegant woman who was holding a Frightful Imperial Spear could be seen calmly roaming within the woods. 

Given the fact that almost everyone was aware that numerous high level fluxers had silently died around here and she still dared to move independently, it was clear that she had a lot of self confidence. 

Suddenly she stopped in place after raising her foot to take another step. Right then, a flickering beam of light closed in on her, about to go straight through her. 

"Six deadly targeted arrows! Nice."

The thin lips of the pretty and elegant woman curled upwards slightly. Her figure instantly flickered and she unleashed a specific rhythmic footstep and forcefully dodged three of the arrows. 

The fourth one struck her spear, but the energy within it did not diminish and it fiercely collided against the fifth arrow. Only when the sixth arrow arrived did the woman brought back the spear close to her body and erected it in front of herself. 


The arrow collided with the spear, resulting in an explosion that forced the woman to retreat a few steps. 

Still, she destroyed six deadly targeted arrow. Clearly she was quite formidable!

At this time, the shadow of a huge tree on her side flickered. Using that moment of movement to hide his own actions, a black crystal armor wearer who was hidden there launched a strike towards her face from above. 

His war blade, which was laced with black-colored energy, emitted an icy aura. There was a thunder dragon coiled around it, and though it hadn't yet reached the woman, its intensely fluctuating killing intent had already enveloped her whole body. 

"Violent Blade Skill… Which disciple of the Li Sect are you?

Shadow Hack Chapter 157

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