Shadow Hack Chapter 158

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Li Feng swung towards the rainbow armor on the woman's body. The first strike hadn't injured her, but it was quickly followed by another and another. They fell on her like howling wind and torrential rain. 

Yet the woman kept operating her Frightful Imperial Spear calmly, thrusting it back and forth repeatedly to counter attack. Surprisingly, she hadn't been suppressed by Violent Blade's successive strikes. However, soon her expression changed. 

This was because at some unknown point in time someone had once again snuck up on her and then attacked from behind using Violent Blade. Now she faced an opponent in front of her and another at her back. Both of them were continuously using the same skill, one whose strikes were each heavier and swifter than the previous ones.

The pressure on the beautiful woman instantly increased greatly. However, even with this kind of a.s.sault, she didn't feel threatened. 

Li Yunmu wasn't alone, both Li Yun and Li Feng were also fighting. The three of them had joined hands to deal with this woman.

Another flux arrow was shot, laced with thunder energy, and its power made the woman retreat two steps. The large amount of thunder energy along with the blood fiend's cold energy created a p.r.i.c.kling sensation in her body

Immense regret entered the woman's heart—these three people surprisingly managed to pose an unprecedented threat to her life. 

When the arrow hit the woman, she wasn't affected in anyway besides being forced to take a few steps back. The problem was that when she did so, a powerful kick slammed into her back. This attack seemed to contain some sort of mysterious whirlwind power and was launched by the fourth attacker who had dropped from the sky. 

How can there still be a fourth person? How can there be a fourth person using Li Sect's Violent Blade Skill and Wind G.o.d Tornado Kick...

This was the final thought in that woman's mind. 

After a long while, Li Yunmu arrived at the scene holding the underworld raven bow, finally clearly seeing the appearance of the woman whom he had just killed. She was an unrivaled beauty with an outstanding temperament. 

Just because of these attributes she wasn't inferior to Ling Shuang in any way. After all, she was a nineteen-year-old who had congealed rainbow armor. 

She was definetely not someone ordinary from a younger generation of some large clan because of it, and she also held the Frightful Imperial Spear, which was a Fifth Dimensional Treasure Weapon, in her hand. Unfortunately she had been insistent on provoking Li Yunmu, and so even if she was the most beautiful person on earth and her background was high in the clouds, he still had to kill her.  

A rare hint of admiration appeared in Li Yunmu's heart for this woman. He picked up her body, as well as the Frightful Imperial Spear, and placed them in his heavenly world. 

This woman had indeed been powerful. This was not because of her cultivation base though, but because of her battle prowess. When fighting with her, Li Yunmu felt as if he had returned to that day when he had fought against Ling Shuang. 

Unfortunately for her though, the present Li Yunmu wasn't the same as before, when he had only used second level Violent Blade. He wasn't just one person or two anymore either, but four. 

After he got rid of the woman, a large amount of high cultivation fluxers rushed over. 

After all, she had really taken her time to die...

"System, how many people have I already killed?"

[Host has already killed seventy-nine silver crystal fluxers, eleven golden crystal fluxers, and one rainbow crystal fluxer. The toal is thus ninety-one.]

"Not bad, just a little away from one hundred."

Li Yunmu calmly scuttled into the woods and in a moment once again disappeared without a trace. 

It wasn't that he could move incredibly swiftly, but that he used the underground pa.s.sage create by the large pincer beetle to appear in a new location. While moving there, he had to accept that this new pet of his he'd acquired due to the system's suggestion truly had some weird abilities. No wonder then that it had entered the rewards of the Tower of Glory.


On the main network of the betting company, a name cracked and disappeared. The significance of it caused everyone to collectively take in a shuddering breath.

"Li Qinghong," someone yelled out with a s.h.i.+ver running down his spine.

All the fluxers felt as if a bolt of lightning had struck them and the earth had turned upside down. Li Qinghong dead? How could she fall here as well?

Some newcomer fluxer didn't know about her and couldn't refrain from asking, "Who was this Li Qinghong?"

"She was the most outstanding female disciple of Chaotian Sect two years ago. She was only nineteen years old, but heavens had bestowed the pinnacle grade innate talent on her, thus the Chaotian Sect viewed her as the disciple most likely to enter Domain Sage realm. If she hadn't left the Chaotian Sect two years ago for some unknown reason and decided to stay within the Fifth Dimension for protection, then she would have long ago entered the Flux Sage layer. "

Someone provided a simple explanation and instantly many newcomer fluxers were left extremely shocked. This Li Qinghong woman had been so formidable. 

Pinnacle grade innate talent bestowed by heavens, former most outstanding disciple of Chaotian Sect, rainbow crystal layer, regardless of whichever information they looked at, all of it caused people to feel suffocated. 

If she had just died on Earth, perhaps it wouldn't have caused such a commotion. However, Li Qinghong had died within the Fifth Dimension, where she stood at the top of the food chain with her strength. 

Apart from twelve light king grade dimensional beasts, who else within the Fifth Dimension could have dealt with her? Yet she had been just killed by Li Yunmu. 

Perhaps Li Yunmu hadn't killed Li Qinghong by himself, but was that important? No, it didn't matter. She was formidable to the extent that the disciples of Chaotian Sect hadn't been able to fight her for numerous years, yet she had been outmatched by a single person, and this person was called Li Yunmu. 

Ninety-three, ninety-seven, a hundred kills!

Everyone was still in shock from the news of Li Qinghong's death, but Li Yunmu's hand of death hadn't stopped. The names representing many high cultivation fluxers cracked and disappeared within a brief period of ten minutes. 

During this time, two golden crystal and one rainbow crystal fluxer had silently died under Li Yunmu's hands. 

All the people who were paying close attention to this search and capture operation of unprecedented scale were stupefied again and again, especially after the death of Li Qinghong. 

Later, another person who had suppressed his cultivation and remained within the Fifth Dimension for two years, Blade Overlord Lin Jian, fell in the Setting Sun Mountain. Only at this moment did some people finally managed to react. 

He just couldn't be suppressed! Even if there were still many high cultivation fluxers present within the Setting Sun Mountain, Li Yunmu's heaven defying battle prowess couldn't be suppressed. 

He was unrivaled within the Fifth Dimension, similar to how a Battle Sage stood above the world, with no one worthy to be named his opponent. 

One hundred kills… Heavens, that anonymous person who had wagered two hundred million on one hundred people being killed shouldn't be Li Yunmu, right? 

At this moment, the fluxers in Setting Sun Mountain Range could no longer continue to act like they stood above the world like before. Instead, each and every one of them began to feel danger, for Baichang Shan, Li Qinghong, Blade Overlord Lin Jian, one after the other, had fallen. At this time, the positions of the hunter and the hunted had began to slowly change. 

"Don't wander off. All of us must remain together and not leave on our own. Our present target has completely exceeded common sense…."

A golden crystal fluxer from Heavenly Lake Mountain gathered all his members nervously, as if some powerful enemy was getting close. 

However, at that moment a heavenly dog resembling an enormous deity pounced on them, appearing suddenly from the darkness. 

This was the skill Heavenly Dog Engulfs Moon!

Everyone from the Heavenly Lake Mountain was greatly startled. However, the next instant they discovered that there wasn't only one shot of Heavenly Dog Engulfs Moon but four. From all four directions, all the enormous heavenly dogs were rus.h.i.+ng towards them, full of a devouring aura. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Four explosions, large enough to cause a lunar eclipse, resounded the moment the arrows reached their targets. Instantly all the fluxers of Heavenly Lake Mountain were exterminated. 

Ka-cha, ka-cha, ka-cha, ka-cha…

Another nine names cracked and disappeared. The squad of Heavenly Lake Mountain was instantly destroyed. The people watching were left completely shocked. At this moment though, they suddenly discovered that after Li Yunmu had attained one hundred kills, his killing rate became even quicker, to the extent of being called berserk. 

"Die, you monstrous freak!" 

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three golden crystal fluxers joined hands and attacked Li Yunmu together using their fists!

However, Li Yunmu didn't even need to move from his position.

"Weak, too weak, this little bit of power is unable to even penetrate my fifth layer of armor, the Devil Dragon Bone Armor."

Shadow Hack Chapter 158

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