Shadow Hack Chapter 173: Clearing a Full Account

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Chapter 173: Clearing a Full Account

Translator: Mercurial Editor: DarkGem

"Heavenly master, you want us to bring your family to the Fifth Dimension mainly to ensure their safety, right?"

After hearing the first matter which Li Yunmu had asked them to carry out, Lin Jian surprisingly became lost in thought.

Li Yunmu nodded in confirmation. "That's right, although my family is already living within the heavenly general mansion in the Hanxia King City, but I just slaughtered many fluxers from every power in the Central Continent. I don't think that a mere t.i.tle of Heavenly Major General will be enough to intimidate them. I must ensure that there is no threat to my family's safety."

Li Qinghong and Lin Jian were two Halted Fluxers who were presently considered dead. This secret mission was perfect for them, since they could complete it without anyone taking wind of it.

Moreover, the two of them stood at the peak of the Fifth Dimension in terms of strength. So once his family entered the Fifth Dimension, Li Yunmu won't have to worry about them with these two protected them. The cultivation of these two had already reached the limits of the Fifth Dimension, and so they were now suppressing their cultivation and instead working to increase their mental state rather than their strength. So by entrusting these two to protect his family, Li Yunmu didn't have to worry about hindering their cultivation.

As for the Cloud City Steel Castle, although there had always been the law that fluxers couldn't bring ordinary people with them, Li Yunmu didn't care about it much.

What are laws? They're just some regulations made by humans, so they can also be broken by humans.

Lin Yuerou was temporarily subst.i.tuting as the city lord of the Heavenly Cloud City, so as long as she said one word, the people ruling Cloud City Steel Castle would naturally follow it obediently. However, the next instant Li Qinghong's words caused great upheaval in his plans.

"Heavenly master, your way of doing things is mistaken. Even if with mine and Lin Jian's strength, we can ensure their safety, but there will certainly come a day when some accident happens."

"Furthermore, which place in this whole world is more safe than the great courtyard of War G.o.d Temple? I know that War G.o.d Temple has already sent you an invitation to partic.i.p.ate in their trial by fire, so once heavenly master it, your family will be able to enter the great courtyard. Then who will dare to offend a monster like War G.o.d Temple, even Battle Sages wouldn't dare," she explained, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

She could now clearly see that the mysterious Li Sect behind Li Yunmu didn't exist, otherwise he wouldn't be so clueless about all this secret knowledge which was known to every fluxer.

"Oh? If I enter War G.o.d Temple, my family will also obtain the qualifications to reside in its great courtyard?"

Li Yunmu was startled.

"Naturally, otherwise how could War G.o.d Temple ensure that their members only focus on cultivation without being affected by the worldly matters."

Lin Jian also smiled and proceeded to explain, "Basically, as long as a fluxer becomes a member of War G.o.d Temple, War G.o.d Temple will voluntarily a.s.sist them in settling the trifling worldly matters, so that they don't need to worry about them anymore.

"The great courtyard of War G.o.d Temple is also in the heavenly world of War G.o.d Temple's founder. Apart from members of the temple and their families, no one else is allowed to enter it.

"Li Qinghong's words are right, there isn't any place in this whole world which is more secure than War G.o.d Temple, which is like Bladewood which I used to serve previously."

This time Li Yunmu became completely silent. He only now discovered that the letter of invitation to the trial by fire sent by War G.o.d Temple, which he hadn't attached any importance to previously, had this sort of huge benefit.

"War G.o.d Temple's invitation letter hadn't been delivered to me."

Li Yunmu had a slight headache. He remembered that there was someone who claimed that he was a fluxer of Heavenly Cloud City when trying to approach him. That person had stated that his purpose was to deliver War G.o.d Temple's invitation letter to him.

However, at that time, Li Yunmu's situation was extremely critical and he was being ambushed from all sides, so how could he easily believe some stranger. Furthermore, he also didn't view War G.o.d Temple's invitation with any importance at that time, thus he didn't stop and shot an arrow towards that messenger to make him withdraw.

"Doesn't matter, the things that War G.o.d Temple wants to deliver, regardless of anything, they will find a method to deliver them in your hands,"Li Qinghong said with absolute certainty.

"Moreover… from the moment you were added to their list, as long as you don't fail the trial by fire, other powers won't dare to have any ideas about your family. That's why, presently, heavenly master, your family is relatively safe. As long as you don't fail the trial, no one will dare to bring the slightest harm to them."

"So overbearing?"

Li Yunmu understood that he had greatly underestimated those transcending powers.

"Transcending powers are naturally overbearing. They don't intervene in the worldly matters, but they are still greatly respected by the worldly powers."

Lin Jian, who was a former member of Bladewood, had the most right to say this sentence.

"Then for the moment I don't need to worry about my family's safety? Are you sure?"

"Fairly certain."

Li Qinghong and Lin Jian nodded together.

"That's good then, this matter had caused a lot of headache for me. Since it is settled now, then I feel even more unrivaled."

Li Yunmu began to laugh his head off.

Since there wasn't any threat of external factors, then he could move unhindered within the Fifth Dimension, not to mention that he also had the two of the most powerful Halted Fluxers by his side.

"Let's go. Since we don't need to worry about it, then from now on, you don't need to hide yourselves. You should join me now and enter Virtual Dimension, we have an account to settle."

Li Yunmu waved his hand. The black cloud over him had disappeared, so he wanted to go wild.

The next moment, leading his two followers, he entered Virtual Dimension.

Their first target were the offices of the three largest betting companies. At this moment, Li Yunmu didn't need to conceal his whereabouts, and he also didn't need to hide his head and show his tail 1 .

Once the king crystal armor emitting the multicolored light which was rarely seen on Earth appeared on the main street of Virtual Dimension, it immediately attracted the attention of all the fluxers.

"My G.o.d, isn't this the king crystal armor? A fluxer adorning king crystal armor is extremely rare."

"Who is he? Surprisingly today I got to see such a thing, someone actually dared to use a king's dimensional crystal to congeal armor, so domineering."

"Am I going crazy, this is the Halted Fluxer Li Qinghong. Hadn't she perished at the Setting Sun Mountain Range? I was sure of it."

"That person beside her is Lin Jian, the person known as blade overlord within the Fifth Dimension, give him a blade and he will suppress the whole world. He didn't die?!"

"Li Qinghong, Lin Jian, these two top tier Halted Fluxers, they both have appeared together!"

At this moment, Li Yunmu's group of three people was really too dazzling!

A person wearing king crystal armor and two adorning rainbow crystal armor had appeared together in the main street of the Virtual Dimension. This was a rarely seen sight.

However, when the somewhat knowledgeable people discovered the true ident.i.ty of Li Qinghong and Lin Jian, they were shocked as if they had seen a ghost in broad daylight.

Halted Fluxers could move unhindered in the Fifth Dimension, but this didn't mean that they were unrivaled. Since they had suffered from the suppression of some great powers, they usually wouldn't reveal their tracks, not to mention walk on the main street of the Virtual Dimension with such swag. Furthermore, Li Qinghong and Lin Jian had appeared together.

They hadn't perished but were instead following behind a youth at this moment, so who was this person? Who was this great character who could make these two tyrants of the Fifth Dimension into his willing followers?

Soon, while great waves were surging within everyone's heart, the news of Li Qinghong and Blade Overlord Lin Jian following after a king crystal armor wearing youth spread through the Virtual Dimension, and then even through the whole outside world.

Suddenly, some quick-witted people had guessed the name of that youth in their hearts—Li Yunmu?

Surprisingly, he was able to turn Li Qinghong and Lin Jian into his followers!

Shadow Hack Chapter 173: Clearing a Full Account

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