Shadow Hack Chapter 174: Appraisal

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Chapter 174: Appraisal

Translator: Mercurial Editor: DarkGem

Li Yunmu led his two followers to pay a visit to the three largest betting companies one by one. When they walked out of the last one, Li Yunmu had received his 30.9 billion.

He was instantly wealthy!

Thirty billion dimensional coins—this was not a laughable amount.

For an ordinary person, thirty billion dimensional coins was an amount they wouldn't be able to earn in a hundred lives. If an ordinary person's monthly salary reached three hundred dimensional coins, they wouldn't be considered somewhat rich but rather wealthy.

But given the spendings of a World Master of a heavenly world, thirty billion wouldn't last even a day.

The three of them didn't continue strolling around the Virtual Dimension. After making a round, they concealed their crystal armor using a black cloth and went to the Good News Pavilion.

When Li Yunmu entered its rear courtyard, a mult.i.tude of thoughts were running through the old shopkeeper's mind. Although he had heavily betted on Li Yunmu before the large search and capture operation and transferred three hundred million to him in exchange for a favor, but this favor, if it was honored right away, naturally wouldn't be worth much.

However, if it was repaid after a couple decades...

When the old man saw Li Yunmu coming over with Lin Jian and Li Qinghong, he instantly became aware that his previous gamble had worked out!

Although he hadn't expected this youth to be able to reverse the situation so quickly. The net cast by nearly two thousand fluxers had been tyrannically broken, the youth having cut a b.l.o.o.d.y path out of it.

And not only had he seized overwhelming victory, he had also gained two formidable people famous in the entire Fifth Dimension as his followers—Li Qinghong and Lin Jian.

Today, the old man was finding it quite difficult to control the excitement in his heart. Blade Overlord Lin Jian, this name needed no introduction. He was one of the disciples of Eight Broadswords Senior of Bladewood. His existence alone placed him on the highest clouds, making him one of the forerunners among the people who would become the most powerful in the world.

If it hadn't been for his revenge which caused him to suppress his cultivation, he would have already entered Temporal layer before reaching twenty years, and would've been looking to step into the Nirvana layer.

As for the beautiful and elegant young woman, Li Qinghong, her name was even more powerful than that of Lin Jian. Her Frightful Imperial Spear had slain who knows how many powerful enemies within the Fifth Dimension. Even if a powerful sect like Chaotian Sect had been sending numerous elite disciples into the Fifth Dimension for the past two years, they still weren't able to capture her.

Moreover, since the old man had some dealings in the underground market, he had even more understanding of that situation. Reportedly this Li Qinghong had stolen the undying sage blood which was the founding treasure of the Chaotian Sect.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that this young girl, Li Qinghong, if she didn't face any mishaps in the future, she would certainly enter the Sage layer. Moreover, she was an extremely formidable person who had a chance of becoming a Flux Sage before she became thirty years of age.

However, these two formidable people who could dazzle anyone had become Li Yunmu's followers. When faced with this, not just the old man but the majority of fluxers who heard it expressed their astonishment and incredulity.

What kind of courage and self-confidence did this Li Yunmu have that he even accepted these two people as his followers? No one had a clue about what had happened between these three people during the brief period of half a day.

"Unimaginable, unimaginable. No wonder so many people outside are calling you a freak of nature. This old man didn't believe earlier, but now I am convinced."

The old man hurriedly greeted the three of them, gesturing for them to take a seat, showing proper etiquette for the whole group.

"Stop with the formalities, Old Hou. I believe you know why I came here today."Li Yunmu mentioned the main question of his presence here right away, while sipping his tea.

"I have already guessed, you don't need to say more. When the time to appraise the products comes, the capital and manpower of my Good News Pavilion will be at your disposal. Everyone is a relative of mine whom I trust, which will ensure that your matter will be handled at the fastest speed," the old shopkeeper said, beaming with smiles.

"That's good, I will first settle the account."

Li Yunmu wasn't fond of owing money to people. Three hundred million dimensional coins were transferred to the account of Good News Pavilion in a moment.

He then waved his hand and the rear courtyard was filled with a mountain of loot. There were exactly seven hundred seventy-seven items, not one more, not one less.

The items started from weapons of all grades to every kind of life saving treasure and healing medicine. In fact there even some items with strange uses.

Although Old Hou was mentally prepared, but when Li Yunmu produced such a pile of loot, he was still greatly shocked. Were these the spoils of war he had seized after killing all those fluxers?

Moreover, these spoils of war had been carried by fluxers on their bodies, not deposited in their storage badge, so their value to their owners had been quite significant.

Old Hou instructed people to immediately start with the appraisal. Eight middle-aged men who were responsible for this task weren't fluxers but ordinary people. All of them were loyal servants of Old Hou's clan and had been raised under the control of his relatives, thus he didn't need to worry that they would divulge some secrets.

The appraisal process was quite fast. One by one the spoils of war were quickly categorized into different groups.

"Ahh, these are extremely rarely seen five A grade poison bayonets. They're a relatively special type of weapon which is forged from five highly toxic ores. Even if a rainbow crystal fluxer is stabbed with one, he won't be able to survive unless he uses a spirit grade healing medicine.

"Initial estimate is two hundred eighty million dimensional coins. However, the owner will certainly not want to sell them and would set them aside for his own use. If they're used together with a poison type flux skill, then the results will be even more terrifying," one of the middle-aged appraisal masters said with astonishment.

He hadn't expected that even this kind of extremely terrifying weapon wouldn't be able to interest this youth. Immediately the admiration in his heart grew even more, especially since only heaven knew how this person had resisted against that large scale hunting operation.

Appraisal masters were ordinary people, so they didn't understand. What terrifying five poison weapon, if it couldn't break the opponent's defence, then it was useless. They also didn't know what absolute defense meant.

"This is a C grade body protecting jade treasure which can somewhat resist an all out attack of a golden crystal fluxer. The price would be 130 million."

Li Yunmu was surprised when he heard it. "Even a C grade body protecting jade treasure is so valuable?"

"Life saving treasures have always been more expensive compared to traditional weaponry. Since they can save one's life at a critical time, naturally they will be more valuable."

"This is an item made by using dimensional technology. It is called the great sun golden cover and can resist an all out attack of a silver crystal fluxer. After it is recharged once, it can resist five attacks continuously, and it can be recharged over and over again. It is an extremely advanced dimensional technology product, so its value is also very high. In the black market it can be sold for around three hundred million dimensional coins."

Shadow Hack Chapter 174: Appraisal

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