Shadow Hack Chapter 160

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Chapter 160: The Great Siege

Halted f.u.xer was a special t.i.tle in the Fifth Dimension. People who managed to offend great powers in the real world could only suppress their cultivation and remain within the Fifth Dimension. They represented the pinnacle power within it and used this status to resist against the large powers hunting them.

If they ascended to the Sixth Dimension, they would lose the protection of the Fifth Dimension's laws and would certainly encounter Transcendent Flux Masters or higher level fluxers who would try to hunt them down.

Could Li Yunmu be considered a Halted Fluxer?

Naturally no, his cultivation still had to attain the pinnacle layer allowed by the laws of the Fifth Dimension, so how could he be considered another Halted Fluxer. However, given his present situation, he indeed could be considered as half-step Halted Fluxer without any doubt.

After all, right now Li Yunmu basically couldn't leave the Fifth Dimension and step into the outside world. If he did that, most probably some Flux Master or higher level fluxer would come to hunt him.

As for the mysterious Li Sect standing behind him, many people had apprehensions about it. But this didn't mean that it had the power to intimidate all the powers. Only if a Battle Sage personally stepped in to kill the people who dared to come after Li Yunmu would that change. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to intimidate some of the enormously powerful organizations and families.

When all is said and done, he was only a disciple of a sect and a disciple didn't mean anything to a sect.

However, Li Yunmu had never thought that far. Halted Fluxer? He was far from that. By the time his cultivation attained the rainbow crystal grade, with his resources and united battle strength of the multiple shadows, even if he ascended to next dimension, what would he need to fear? 

This night, Li Yunmu seemed to have transformed into a representative of death. The speed at which he was slaughtering people became faster and faster. One person three shadows kept shooting Blind Shots with their eyes closed.

One after another, true sight arrows laced with thunder energy seemed to grow eyes and kill silver crystal fluxers, one after another.

As long as a person's cultivation hadn't reached golden crystal layer and they entered the three kilometer effective range of Li Yunmu's skill, they would be shot dead by continuous arrows. All of which were full of thunder energy, one of the most destructive energies.

One hundred fifty-seven killed, one hundred sixty-three killed, one hundred seventy-nine killed, one hundred eighty-two killed, two hundred killed… Finally, when Li Yunmu led Li Yun, Li Feng, and Li Tian to fight to another side of the mountain, the kill count broke through two hundred.

Many families and powers finally realized one thing at that moment—that the troops they had dispatched were completely unable to catch Li Yunmu. Furthermore, let alone speaking of catching, even killing him wasn't possible.

This was clear from the intelligence received from the frontlines. It made it obvious that not only was Li Yunmu's personal combat strength heaven defying, he had also been joined by three disciples of Li Sect in fighting against the hunters.

One Li Yunmu was already hard enough to kill, but now three more disciples of Li Sect had joined him.

The fact that caused the most despair to these powers, though, was that the defenses of every Li Sect's disciple surpa.s.sed their imagination. Even an attack from golden crystal fluxer using his full strength wasn't able to injure them in the slightest.

Soon, the first group of powers managed to wake up and recalled their forces. Nearly two thousand fluxers with high cultivation, swarming the Setting Sun Mountain Range, instantly retreated.

They had come here possessing high fighting spirit, but could only run with their tails between their legs at the end. At this Se

tting Sun Mountain Range battlefield, the silver crystal fluxers were no more than cannon fodder, while golden crystal fluxers were peris.h.i.+ng in large numbers.

The final group which had the qualifications to remain behind represented the group of fluxers which were considered as most powerful within the Fifth Dimension. They were those who had congealed golden crystal flux armor and were only half a step away from entering rainbow crystal layer. With their combat strength, these people were quite hard to defeat for the people with the same cultivation. If that wasn't so, they wouldn't be so confident as to remain behind along with the group of rainbow crystal fluxers who stood at the peak of the Fifth Dimension. Altogether there eleven of them whochose to stay.

It wasn't that the number of rainbow crystal fluxers was extremely small. The main reason was that those fluxers who had attained the rainbow crystal layer either didn't appear in the world since they were preparing to enter the Sixth Dimension or had already ascended and were no longer present in this dimension.

It was unknown what mutual agreement the eleven people had reached, for they a.s.sembled together to wait for their target.

"Li Yunmu, we don't need to fight against each other. Just hand over the key to to the secret region to us. Once we have it, we will leave this place."

After the night battle which had lasted for more than half of the night, the eleven people with power equivalent to rainbow layer a.s.sembled together and formed a large scale blockade. Each position had at least two rainbow crystal level fluxers protecting it together.

What left Li Yunmu even more flabbergasted was that these people certainly had come prepared. They were equipped with Heavenly Bat Wings which were considered as the most technologically advanced product of the Central Continent. Every people halted in the sky and looked straight at the distant Li Yunmu.

According to rumors, these technologically advanced Heavenly Bat Wings was the only wing armor sold within the market which could be used in actual combat.

Before it, the exoskeleton wing armor and others were useless; they only provided the ability to fly. These heavenly bat wings, though, could be used for fighting in sky. Reportedly, the technology used in the latest releases of this product were especially suited for such an activity. 

What's more, the eleven people, which had the strength of rainbow crystal layer, had merged exactly with this fourth generation product.

They really had come well prepared. However, how could they know that the wings refined by Li Yunmu weren't any ordinary wings. They had been torn from a Wind Child. Thus, Li Yunmu naturally didn't take their urging seriously.

Instead, he was anxiously hiding in a defensive position. At the moment, after having cultivated the Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets, he could already fight on even grounds with a rainbow crystal fluxer.

If he joined forces with the three shadows, then even a formidable person like Li Qinghong couldn't resist them and would only perish.

Apart from these eleven people who had the strength of rainbow crystal layer, there were several dimensional s.p.a.ce eyes moving in a spiral over the area, gradually forming a confinement ring.

Below, in the woods, there were also several golden crystal fluxers who were acting as reserves. Among them, the most eye catching group was formed of eighteen people, each of whom had a cultivation of golden crystal fluxer. All of them were riding an enormous beast. Presumably, these were the people from Lu Family of Colossal Lion City.

Additionally, there was another group of people composed of twenty individuals. All of them had a multicolored lizard sitting on their shoulder.

The system aptly informed Li Yunmu that these people were from Earth Dragon Valley. This place had power only second to that of sects. Usually they paid minimal attention to the worldly matters and very few of them took the effort to partic.i.p.ate in them. But the deity region matter had brought them out.

The third power present was an influential family from the three king cities. The number of people that belonged to this faction was quite large, reaching altogether thirty-six people. Each of them was a golden crystal fluxer and wore quite strange equipment. Surprisingly they weren't using ordinary weapons but were carrying pitch black artillery on their backs. 

"Those are individual heavy dimensional cannons which use the fluxer's flux energy to fire. Under ordinary circ.u.mstance, one needs to be at least a silver crystal fluxer to operate them. Each cannon has the power to kill an initial golden crystal fluxer. If they fired at host simultaneously, even host's defense may not be able to resist," the system faintly warned Li Yunmu.

He nodded. As long as he didn't allow the enemy to fire collectively, he didn't need to fear them.

Shadow Hack Chapter 160

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