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Lin Jian pondered for a moment and said, "Master, may I offer some advice regarding Chaotian Sect? You absolutely must not take it lightly."


Li Yunmu nodded to his words. He naturally wouldn't underestimate the power of a sect. Although he had killed more than two hundred high-level fluxers that belonged to the major powers of the Central Continent, they weren't the strongest around.

Even though these people's average cultivation levels was high, but their combat strength and cooperation, even the techniques used by them, were far lacking compared to those of sect disciples.

In fact, the little bit of tactics used in the search and capture operation were only used by the final few powers. Others had been dominated by their l.u.s.t and had underestimated Li Yunmu's strength.

But the present situation was different since Chaotian Sect had given him a notice in front of the whole world. This made it clear that they had some tricks up their sleeve, to deal with Li Yunmu.

"Blade Overlord's words are correct, the reason why Chaotian Sect cannot let you go is mainly because I am a traitor of their sect. I also possess the undying sage blood of sunG.o.d bird, which itself has natural suppression over the core disciples of Chaotian Sect. If they are determined to deal with master, then I'm afraid it will be difficult to predict the results,"Li Qinghong said.

"Don't tell me Chaotian Sect still has some heaven-defying method?"
Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories. Li Yunmu wasn't a fool, and he wouldn't foolishly wait for the enemy to attack him with preparation.
"If I'm not mistaken, Chaotian Sect will certainly use Great Sun Killing Spell to capture you," Li Qinghong said after some thinking.

After she explained what this spell was, Li Yunmu finally became aware of Chaotian Sect's relatively secret purpose.

By gathering six transcending sage weapons, their aim was to perfect the true Great Sun Killing Spell, which was also called "SunG.o.d Flame Killing Spell".

For Chaotian Sect, the undying sage blood drop of sunG.o.d bird was the foundation of their sect. This sect had also grasped a secret technique known as "Great Sun Secret Technique", which was created from the innate transformation in the body of the sunG.o.d bird.

This Great Sun Secret Technique, frankly speaking, was a method to cultivate dark flux energy by receiving the energy provided by the sun. This dark flux energy was also known as SunG.o.d Flame Energy.

Since it was known as a secret technique, only the core disciples of Chaotian Sect could cultivate it. If many of them then joined together to activate the Great Sun Killing Spell, its killing power would certainly be terrifying.

According to Li Qinghong, although the Chaotian Sect hadn't collected six transcending sage weapons to create the true Great Sun Killing Spell, but if the sect only wanted to deal with Li Yunmu, then there wasn't any need for them to use transcending sage tools.

They only required six fifth dimensional treasure weapons used by six core disciples. 

When Li Yunmu heard this, he was inwardly astonished. It was the first time he had come in contact with the secret methods used by a great sect of a continent. Apparently dark flux energy could also be cultivated.

After hearing everything, Li Yunmu wrinkled his brows and asked, "Then since I myself haven't cultivated this SunG.o.d Flame Energy, how can I break this spell?"
"Simple, follow me and cultivate the Great Sun Secret Technique," Li Qinghong replied.

"Condense your blade intent to the pinnacle and reincarnate as a blade, one blade can break ten thousand restrictions," suggested Lin Jian, who was himself chasing this dream.
[Use absolute power and destroy everything,] the system offered, simple and straightforward as always.

Li Yunmu had his own path, and an instant he put the system's reply "absolute power" in his heart!
This was his path, after all. He could practice the Great Sun Method like Li Qinghong had suggested, but given his innate talent, it would take far too long.

Blade Overlord's suggestion of incarnating into a blade to break ten thousand restrictions was better than Li Qinghong's and, in fact, even approached the system's intention of absolute power. But this was a path that wasn't suitable to Li Yunmu, as at least presently, he was far from accomplis.h.i.+ng it. Thus, in the end, he could only walk on his own path, that of absolute power!

"System, what should I do?"

[Increase your cultivation base, then exchange for a top quality body refining method and cultivate it to strengthen your physical body and walk on the path of obtaining absolute power.]

"Good, apparently this is the only way."

Li Yunmu decided to stop suppressing his cultivation, which allowed him to earn more experience and ability points, and decided to plant his feet firmly on the ground.

"I decided that for the time being I will not search for the entrance of the secret region but will advance my cultivation,"Li Yunmu suddenly said.

When Li Qinghong and Lin Jian heard this, they were startled, but shortly afterwards, they nodded to express their approval. After becoming Li Yunmu's followers a couple days ago, they naturally became aware of how abnormal was their master. Not even speaking about other things, but just with the three shadows he wouldn't lack flux crystals to open and fill his flux points.

They had no clue why Li Yunmu was suppressing his cultivation, and now that he finally gave up on this idea, they, as followers, were naturally quite happy about it.

"There are five locations remaining, one of which is the entrance of the secret region. I will hand over the task of searching for it to both of you."
After a long while of silence, Li Yunmu quickly a.s.signed this mission to the two Halted Fluxers.

He then took out seven items from the spoils obtained previously and gave them to his two followers. These seven items were all protective treasures, meant for escaping, healing, and such.

After that he took out two fifth dimensional treasure weapons which he had taken out earlier for appraisal.

"Fifth Dimensional Armor!" Li Qinghong and Lin Jian said together.

"That's right, one of them is Rainbow Bird Armor which is mainly used by those who are nimble and agile, while the other is the Nine Phantom Fierce Tiger Armor which is for those who rely on power. Both of them are for you too, remember don't die,"Li Yunmu said earnestly.

He had received these two treasure items with the remainder of the towers badges after he exchanged for the Void Disk in the Tower of Glory.

Both of these fifth dimensional treasure weapons were one of their kind, and both of them possessed the ability to strengthen the combat ability of their wearer. Li Yunmu had exchanged altogether for three such treasures, so as to obtain more choices for himself later.

At the moment, since he already had one component of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, even if it wasn't an armor piece, he still gave up on the idea of refining another fifth dimensional armor. Thus, he he handed the treasures over to his two followers.

Since both of them were now part of his group, Li Yunmu naturally didn't want them to lose their life while searching for the entrance of the deity's secret region. 

Frankly speaking, all armor which came from the true Fifth Dimension were considered fifth dimensional items, like Li Qinghong's frightful imperial spear and Lin Jian's regretful blade.

But the amount of armor which came from the true Fifth Dimension was very low, to the extent that their prices were seven, and sometimes even ten times higher than those of weapons.

This was the reason why people like Li Qinghong and Lin Jian couldn't merge some dimensional armor with their crystal armor and thus increase their combat strength to the next level.

Soon, the two of them chose a set for themselves relying on their understanding of the other. Li Qinghong picked the Rainbow Bird Armor, while Lin Jian took the Nine Phantom Fierce Tiger Armor without the slightest hesitation.

"As long as I can refine it, my weak defense will greatly improve and my flexibility will also increase. With this, I can bring up my frightful imperial skill to the next level. Master, you take care of yourself!"

"Words cannot express my grat.i.tude!"

Lin Jian didn't know how what to say. The Nine Phantom Fierce Tiger Armor was simply made for him. After obtaining the natural blade intent stone earlier, now he also received this armor, which would allow his strength to increase greatly in next few days. This was all provided to him by Li Yunmu, giving him the opportunity to advance on the path of becoming a Flux Sage.

"Take care of yourself, and go now."

After sending off the two people, Li Yunmu found a hidden place to stay and sat down cross-legged. He swept his hand and instantly many second layer black crystals appeared in it. None of them were stable.

He absorbed the first crystal and his flux energy began to transform to Black Crystal Flux Disciple's flux energy.

Quote by Sun Tzu

Shadow Hack Chapter 183

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