Shadow Hack Chapter 193

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Chaotian Sect's six elite disciples clearly didn't intend to personally slay Li Yunmu. They weren't that stupid, and Chaotian Sect didn't allow them to handle things this way, either. 

Regardless of the fact that they disdained Li Yunmu, his capabilities had already been proven. It didn't matter what tactics this youth had used, he was still someone who had cleared the twenty-fifth level of the Tower of Glory with a cultivation of ordinary crystal layer, as well as someone who managed to force Li Qinghong and Lin Jian to become his followers. 

This was sufficient for Chaotian Sect to be on guard against him. 

Thus, the six people didn't make any movements to engage Li Yunmu in close combat besides constructing the killing spell. These six were considered the hope of Chaotian Sect's youngest generation. If any of them perished, it would certainly be a great loss. 

Once the Six Corner Flame Killing Flags were placed, a turbulent transformation happened to Li Yunmu's surroundings. Once the six people poured the sunG.o.d flame energy into the flag, they began to shake fiercely. 

Gradually, six void doors opened up at the location of the flags. In the depths of those six doors, s.p.a.ce rippled, then shaped into smooth spatial mirrors. 

Once these smooth mirrors were formed, a major upheaval happened within most of the Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain.

The black clouds above didn't dare to congeal anymore, seemingly having been dispersed by the invisible push of the spatial mirrors, and a scorching sun appeared in the sky. 

Its blazing energy seemed to be attracted by the six spatial mirror, and little by little, more heat energy was cast toward them. 

Buzz buzz buzz buzz…

One beam of blazing sun energy followed by another fell on the six spatial mirrors and was reflected back.

Every beam's temperature became frighteningly high after being reflected. The six spatial mirrors, which were being controlled using the sunG.o.d flame killing flags, turned toward Li Yunmu who was standing at the center and reflected all the heat beams. 

This was the Great Sun Secret Technique of Chaotian Sect. The sunG.o.d flame energy, which appeared after cultivating this technique, together with treasure weapons would allow people to utilize the killing power of the sun. 

Even if the elites couldn't display the peak power of this killing spell since they didn't have the six transcending sage weapons, how could a trifling Flux Disciple resist against the killing power of the flame energy of the sun. 

In a split second, all six spatial mirrors simultaneously aimed at Li Yunmu. The SunG.o.d Flame Killing Spell was a success. The six blazing killing shots rushed out with extremely fast speed. 

Li Yunmu's fifth level Insect Step wasn't even worth mentioning in front of such heat energy. But the six people felt extremely weird when Li Yunmu didn't even try to dodge or even seem to have any intention of trying to struggle. 

Not one bit. 

He kept standing there calmly, watching everything happening in front of him.

When confronting the killing spell's formidable might, Li Yunmu must be feeling hopeless, thought Flame Devil and the others.

However, their expressions soon changed, because the extremely terrifying killing heat energy which fell on Li Yunmu's body completely disappeared without a trace, like water mixing with milk. 

And Li Yunmu kept on watching them attentively, with the same dull expression. 

"How is this possible?"

"He is human, not G.o.d."

A hint of irresistible fear took shape inside Chaotian Sect's six elite disciples. They subconsciously increased the output of sunG.o.d flame energy. 

However, Li Yunmu still remained motionless, like a mountain, like he had taken roots there. 

"This is the greatest treasure of Chaotian Sect, SunG.o.d Flame Killing Spell? This is actually really formidable, the burst damage of this spell is simply terrifying."

Finally, Li Yunmu reacted. His lips curled slightly upwards to form a smile.

At this moment, although nothing was heard by the six elites of Chaotian Sect, one after another, a series of notifications from the system echoed within Li Yunmu's consciousness sea in succession. 

[Ding, congratulations host. Your Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets has rapidly advanced after receiving extremely pure sunG.o.d flame energy from the outside. Your Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets broke through to the eighth level.]

[Ding, congratulations host, your Chaotian Sect's Great Sun Secret Technique has finally advanced from initial stage of minor threshold to middle stage because of receiving extremely pure sunG.o.d flame energy. Your sunG.o.d flame energy has become even more pure and profound.]

[Ding, congratulations host, your Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets has advanced rapidly and broken through to the ninth level after receiving extremely pure sunG.o.d flame energy from the outside world. Your Chaotian Sect's Great Sun Secret Technique has advanced from minor threshold middle stage to minor threshold late stage…]

Because of the formidable might of the six elites of Chaotian Sect, Li Yunmu's Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets were quickly advancing. This S grade supreme body-refining technique's first level required ten thousand points to be cultivated, but it was now receiving the heat energy reflected by the six spatial mirrors. 

This allowed Li Yunmu's technique to advance without requiring ability points. Every level he advanced was equivalent to eighty thousand, ninety thousand, or even one hundred thousand ability points. 

At this moment, how could Li Yunmu not feel extremely excited. He had never antic.i.p.ated that the killing spell which Chaotian Sect considered as their most guarded secret would turn out to be such a supreme treasure for him. If this wasn't a precious supplement, then what was? 

Apart from the Great Sun Body Muscle Marrow Secrets swiftly rising, the Great Sun Secret Technique he had learned from Li Qinghong was also advancing rapidly. 

Previously, the trace of sunlight being cast down from above the black clouds was being emitted precisely by the minor sun, which Li Yunmu had formed after cultivating the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets. 

But the amount of flame energy Li Yunmu possessed was far from the major threshold stage. Although his absorption rate of sunG.o.d flame energy was thirty times compared to that at the beginning, that amount could barely enter the minor threshold stage and nothing more. 

However, because he had congealed the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets' minor sun, in terms of purity, it was three grades higher compared to that of Li Qinghong, and at least four grades higher than those of the six elite disciple like Flame Devil, Northern Black Wind, and others. 

He didn't need for there to be extremely high disparity between the quality of his sunG.o.d flame energy compared to others. The current status quo was good enough. 

[Ding, congratulations host. Your Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets has advanced rapidly because of receiving extremely pure sunG.o.d flame energy from the outside. Your Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets has now broken through to the tenth level.]

[Ding, because your Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets have broken through to the tenth level, the little sun which you had congealed previously, attained the great circle of minor threshold. You can control the power of the minor sun with your thoughts.]

Tenth level!

During these few days, Li Yunmu had been able to use ability points and cultivate two cultivation methods which complemented each other to forcefully raise the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets from the fifth level, where it was originally at, to the seventh level. 

Yet now, after directly receiving the attack of Chaotian Sect's killing spell from the six elite disciples, he had instantly attained the major threshold of the tenth level. 

This time, no unique ability had appeared from the S grade cultivation method, but… Li Yunmu had finally gained control of the minor sun. 

Shadow Hack Chapter 193

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