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"King's True Territory, what's that?"

While all others became absurdly excited, Li Yunmu was left baffled.

Among all sorts of secret regions about which he had read in books, there was none which was named King's True Territory. But at this moment, when he saw Li Qinghong, this formidable woman who didn't like to smile, filled with excitement, he instantly felt that finding this secret region's entrance from the damaged runic pages which he had obtained from the Dwarf Witch Clan was a great fortune.

"There are very few mentions of King's True Territory in books. In the recent years, the number of King's True Territories discovered by humans have greatly decreased in number. A hundred years ago was the golden era of searching for them," Underworld Hand explained with a smile on his face: "I even heard that the last time a King's True Territory was discovered in the Fifth Dimension was four years ago."

"Four years, for full four years none of the fluxers had been able to discover a King's True Territory, yet we have found one now."

Such a long amount of years without anything certainly verified that it had become increasingly more difficult to find this type of secret regions. But Li Yunmu still didn't know what this King's True Territory contained that so many people would be interested in it.

Could It be related to king cla.s.s dimensional beasts?

Li Yunmu's conjecture was more or less correct. There was great amount of king cla.s.s dimensional beasts wandering freely in such territories, thus the chances of encountering one was many times higher compared to the outside world.

Once Li Yunmu became aware of this, his blood began to boil with excitement!

At this instant, he probably was the most excited person in the whole group, because discovering a King's True Territory was simply an enormously great fortune for people who had congealed the king's crystal armor.

And Li Yunmu was precisely one such person.

These few days his cultivation base had had a number of breakthroughs and attained golden crystal layer, but Li Yunmu still didn't feel that his strength had undergone a qualitative transformation.

It was precisely due to king's crystal armor which couldn't be strengthened without king dimensional crystals.

Ordinary crystal layer, black crystal layer, silver crystal layer, golden crystal layer—after advancing through three layers in succession, Li Yunmu hadn't found a good opportunity to strengthen his king's crystal armor even once. 

This was the main reason why he couldn't increase his cultivation casually at the start. Otherwise, a fluxer who had condensed king's crystal armor and had the cultivation base of a golden crystal layer would certainly be a Boss level existence with his heaven defying flux energy and defense.

Even after searching for a long time in the outside world, Li Yunmu still hadn't been able to discover a second king dimensional beast. From this it was clear that a territory which possessed a large number of king dimensional beasts was a heavenly treasure.

"King's True Territory also has a second major benefit. The pa.s.sage of time within the territory is twelve times faster compared to the outside world. For each rainbow light, the pa.s.sage of time will increase by one fold, so twelve folds for twelve times. Furthermore, the increase in pa.s.sage of time has no effect on the people's age, for it follows the time of the outside world," Li Qinghong explained.

When Li Yunmu heard this, a s.h.i.+ver pa.s.sed down his back. Even if this territory had only one use—to affect the rate at which time pa.s.sed—it would still be an extremely high level secret region. 

"According to history, 417 king dimensional beasts were killed in the largest discovered King's True Territory. According to the intensity of the twelve rainbow lights that dispersed in the sky from the territory which we discovered, this King's True Territory can probably be considered even larger than that one."

Devil Monkey pinched his face, to check if he was really not dreaming.

As for whether they would be able to kill the king dimensional beasts, no one present here was worried about it. The six Halted Fluxers were all among the top twenty of their kind in the Fifth Dimension.

Besides, none of the people present here, including Flowing Cloud, were weak and hold others back. Thus, if they couldn't kill king dimensional beasts even with this squad, then all of them should just return home and start farming.

There was also another factor which calmed everyone's hearts the most—they still had an extremely formidable master whose name could cause any Flux Disciple's hairs to stand up.

"Look, the twelve light protective cover is rapidly thinning. After a few more minutes at most we will lose its protection. Everyone be careful, if we are really unfortunate and encounter two king dimensional beasts at the same time, we'll be at risk. We cannot be careless," Underworld Hand said solemnly.

After everyone entered the King True Territory, they were provided with a certain amount of time to adjust. During this period, they would be s.h.i.+elded by a layer of twelve rainbow lights, which restricted their movements but also acted as a defensive barrier.

After several minutes, the final layer of twelve rainbow light cover shattered like a bubble, and everyone hastily took their positions with Barbarian Niu and Demon taking the lead.

Barbarian Niu had a large build and cultivated a rare defensive cultivation method which greatly supplemented his strength. Strictly speaking, he wasn't a fluxer of Central Continent but an evolved human from Desolate Continent.

He had fused with Enormous Horn Desolate Ox and obtained its blood vessels. Therefore, among the six Halted Fluxers, Barbarian Niu could be considered as the person with the highest durability and battle endurance. He was ranked fourteenth among the most powerful Halted Fluxers, and his dominant cla.s.s was Armored Soldier.

He was also someone who had an equal amount of offensive power, and his weapon was a fifth dimensional treasure s.h.i.+eld which was the size of a bed's board and weighed thirty-six hundred kilograms.

If he wasn't an evolved human from the Desolate Continent who had merged with an innately dominant beast's bloodline, then he probably wouldn't have been able to lift his s.h.i.+eld.

Thus, Barbarian Niu took the initiative to walk in the front. There was no one else more suitable than him for the job, and, frankly speaking, he was a meat s.h.i.+eld who was ranked among the top fifteen Halted Fluxers.

Demon was the person who was most fond of killing within the group and possessed a relatively good strength. His offensive power was comparable to Underworld Hand's, and he was ranked at the twelfth position, even higher than Barbarian Niu.

He came from the Northern Sea and was also an evolved human.

The sea G.o.d's people have three major differences compared to ordinary people. 

First, they have a fin on their backs. When they walk on the land, this fin usually remains concealed, withdrawn into their bodies. If they entered water, it would sprout back.

Because of this every seaG.o.d's person is extremely formidable in water battles. They are heaven blessed swimmers who cannot be caught by anyone except sea beasts when in water. They are innately domineering, and their position is the most unique and independent among the people from the six continents.

Second, they can breathe underwater.

Third, seaG.o.d's people are innate summoners. As long as one of them awakens as a fluxer, they will naturally form a contract with an evolved sea beast and be able to summon it at any time and at any place.

Demon, this Halted Fluxer from Northern Continent, was also quite unique among all of seaG.o.d's fluxers. When he awakened, he formed a contract with an extremely formidable sea beast who could not only fight in the sea but, for a short amount of time, transform itself and fight on land as well. 

Shadow Hack Chapter 200

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