Shadow Hack Chapter 201

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When Demon fought together with his sea beast, even Blade Overlord Lin Jian, who was ranked ninth position among the Halted Fluxers, wouldn't have a hundred percent certainty to win. 

Demon wasn't an Armored Soldier but a Warrior. The weapons he used were two fifth dimensional devil beheading blades. His position was similar to Barbarian Niu's, at the front of the squad. 

The second line was formed of Li Yunmu and Flowing Cloud, while the third had Li Qinghong and Lin Jian. As for Devil Monkey who was a hunter, he wandered all around the squad.

The three dimensional s.p.a.ce eyes were all been sent out under the system's precise control. One of them was probing the area in front of the group, while other two monitored its flanks. 

It had to be said that even without Li Yunmu, this would be an extremely formidable battle squad covering all the positions to make it so. But even when such a formidable battle squad moved through the valley in the King's True Territory, they still felt an enormous pressure. 

Devil Monkey was quite experienced with secret regions. He'd said previously that King's True Territory was extremely large, and once the eight of them started walking forward, they learned of the truth in his words.

When they left the valley, they discovered on the black plain in front of them a group of fifth dimensional monsters roaming about. 

Their number roughly crossed one hundred and thirty. As for their strength, the beast with the lowest strength was a rainbow crystal dimensional beast. 

Devil Monkey's fearful warning came from the front. "Ape G.o.ds, and a large group of them. We're a little out of luck. They are extremely terrifying, so be extremely careful and cautious. Halt, don't move forward."

Ape G.o.ds were considered as ma.s.sacring fiends even in the true Fifth Dimension, and now there were more than a hundred and thirty of them in front of the group.

The strength of these beasts was far more formidable compared to that of ordinary rainbow crystal dimensional beasts. If Devil Monkey wasn't certain that they were truly in the King's True Territory, he would've certainly mistaken this place for the Sixth Dimension. 

What the f*ck? Why did the first dimensional beasts they encountered had to be the extremely formidable ape G.o.ds, and this group they met even contained more than a hundred and thirty of them. Didn't they exceed the level of this King's True Territory?

For a short while, the battle squad which could be ranked as the most powerful battle squad within the Fifth Dimension in terms of strength held back their breaths from fear.

All of them lost their previous lofty ambitions. The situation had changed greatly, to the extent of making them lose all hope of advancing. 

Fortunately, Devil Monkey was an extremely outstanding hunter and had discovered the danger early and promptly warned them. If the battle squad had entered this region in a rush, then even if they wouldn't have been exterminated due to their formidable strength, the majority of them would still have fallen here. 

"We should take a detour, we cannot provoke them," Li Qinghong decisively suggested the most optimal plan. If it had been a group of ordinary rainbow crystal dimensional beasts before them, then they would have had the courage to battle them, using the terrain to their advantage, but this was impossible now.

It would never work again the ape G.o.ds.

It was embarra.s.sing to admit it, but if they were discovered, they would have little chance to escape the resulting chase by those extremely powerful beasts.

However, at this moment the shadow behind Li Yunmu's body suddenly shook once and divided into four. The four shadows then charged forward to kill the ape G.o.ds. 

"No need to take a detour. Leave this group of monsters to my shadow clan," Li Yunmu said with a trembling voice, which was shaking not because of fear but excitement. 

Previously he'd had no knowledge of the enormous benefits offered by the King's True Territory. Now, however, not to mention one king dimensional beast, he had found a whole group of them. It alone would be sufficient to make him instantly wealthy. If the whole body of a silver crystal rooster dragon was a treasure and each part could be sold for large amount of money, then this group of ape G.o.ds in front of him, which were many times larger, were multiple times more valuable. 

Rainbow crystal layer ape G.o.ds were extremely intelligent and possessed terrifying strength. Due to the former, they could be trained to become servants. 

Since they were quite durable and could also fight, they were usually sold as a labor force. The most important thing was that they could use human weapons and even practice flux skills. This resulted in them becoming the first choice of large clans and sects when they needed guards to defend their mountains. The prices of these beasts far surpa.s.sed those of ordinary rainbow crystal fluxers who were sold as slaves. 

In addition to that, ape G.o.ds were extremely dedicated. Once they accept someone as their master, they would see that person as their master to the day they died. 

Due to ape G.o.ds' intelligence, their souls were extremely close to those of humans. This made them one of the few types of dimensional beasts who could undergo Soul Refining in a heavenly world. 

In short, within the Fifth Dimension, ape G.o.d was one of the top three races based on its rarity and value. Although it has to be mentioned that the value only existed if the beasts were caught alive.

The value of a live ape G.o.d within the black market was one billion! The value of rooster dragons which Li Yunmu had sold before couldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence. 

Their group, including Li Qinghong, however, didn't dare to harbor the idea of fighting them even if they had found them. Yet, to their surprise, their master attacked without any hesitation.

"You all hide yourselves properly. Don't let them discover you or otherwise no one will be able to save you. As for those beasts, let my shadow clan deal with them."

Li Yunmu was full of excitement. 

He not only wanted to fight against these ape G.o.ds but to also capture them alive. Each of them was worth one billion, but Li Yunmu didn't intend to sell them to others. 

This group of formidable ape G.o.ds was perfect for his heavenly world. He would then also be able to use them, these subdued formidable beasts, as simple thugs.

"Master, your four shadow clansmen, are they qualified? It would be a great loss if even one of them died."

Barbarian Niu might usually be thickheaded, but he understood the stakes here. 

Ape G.o.ds were valuable, but the four shadow clansmen—which was how Li Yunmu had introduced his shadows to others—summoned by him using secondary flux energy were even more valuable. 

All of his followers truly believed that he was a formidable summoner and the shadows were life-forms from the Sixth Dimension. And since they were alive, then it meant that they could also be killed.

If Li Yunmu hadn't used any excuses, he wouldn't have been able to explain them to Li Qinghong and the other Halted Fluxers. Regardless of how experienced they were, they could never wrap their heads around the fact that Li Yunmu's four shadows might be products of the system instead of life-forms summoned using secondary flux energy. 

"These four clansmen I summoned aren't ordinary shadow clansmen and neither are they elite shadow clansmen, but king shadows!" Li Yunmu didn't provide much explanation just spouted some nonsense. 

But once he closed his mouth, his followers were scared out of their wits, unable to believe their ears. 

The four shadow clansmen were all king shadows?

How was this possible? What enormous fortune and profound strength would one have to possess to summon four king shadows?

Yet once everyone thought about all the things which Li Yunmu had shown them, they immediately became numb to this new discovery. This master of theirs certainly couldn't be measured by ordinary standards. 

"According to legends, ordinary shadow clansmen can reveal 50% of master's strength, elite shadow clansmen can reveal 70% of master's strength. As for king shadows, they can reveal 100% of master's strength…"

Flowing Cloud's mouth opened but didn't close. 

If the four were truly all king shadows, then wouldn't they…?

Instantly, all seven fluxers looked at each other, to make sure the others were as shocked as they were. 

If these were really four king shadows, then wouldn't all four of them possess the same terrifying defense as Li Yunmu?

This was the first thought that simultaneously entered everyone's mind but which they couldn't believe. 

Reality, however, was even more unbelievable than their imagination. Li Yunmu's four shadows soon used their actions to a.s.sure everyone that when all was said and done, they were king shadows. 

The four of them were like tigers who'd entered a pack of wolves. They took out their blood fiend thunder cold blades and mayhem descended on the group of enraged ape G.o.ds. 

The four burst forth with Violent Blade which had reached the fifth level and erupted with golden crystal flux energy in addition to blood fiend, thunder, and cold energies, and the terrifying sunG.o.d flame energy which Li Yunmu had recently cultivated.

When the final layer of extremely pure sunG.o.d flame energy, which resembled the great sun true flame, appeared around the blade, it looked as if G.o.d himself was a.s.sisting the shadows. 

First strike, second strike, third strike, fourth strike, fifth strike, sixth strike…

Li Feng, Li Yun, Li Tian, and Li De—these four shadows seemed to be completely in sync with each other. They first launched Charged a.s.sault, then unleashed Violent Blade on separate ape G.o.ds at the same time, launching six continuous strikes against them. 

When these continuous strikes laced with sunG.o.d flame energy descended on the formidable bodies of the ape G.o.ds, it was like a high temperature rod had encountered snow. The formidable bodies of ape G.o.ds couldn't resist against the stacked strikes. 

The huge arms and st.u.r.dy legs of the beast were chopped off, and the four ape G.o.ds who possessed formidable combat strength instantly turned into vegetables. 


When the seven fluxers on the sidelines saw this scene, a thought suddenly formed in their minds—Li Yunmu wasn't simply hunting the beasts; he actually wanted them alive. 

Shadow Hack Chapter 201

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