Shadow Hack Chapter 221: The Pitiful Chaotian Sect

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Chapter 221: The Pitiful Chaotian Sect

Translator: Mercurial Editor: DarkGem

Who was Li Yunmu?

The ruthless person who stepped upon the six elites of Chaotian Sect a few days ago. No one had expected that no more than ten days after that event, he would go out of his way to disrupt Chaotian Sect's plans.

Extremely ruthless!

He had cleared the seventieth level before anyone else? And with a cultivation of golden crystal layer? For a while, many people were speechless, unable to comprehend what they had just heard.

The majority believed that he wasn't qualified to compete with the twelve sons and daughters of heavens, but he actually rushed to the top a step faster than them, achieving supreme glory.

However, it didn't matter, because Li Yunmu wasn't part of the bets offered by the three largest companies. Although many people were frightened when he suddenly appeared, they soon discovered that it was a false alarm since Li Yunmu stepping foot on the seventieth level didn't affect their bets.

Yet he was still an extremely ruthless person full of viciousness.

Before his fight with Ye Qing, he forcibly s.n.a.t.c.hed the imminent fame that was about to fall in the other party's hand.

Naturally, such thoughts were entertained only by ordinary fluxers and normal people who didn't know what was happening behind the scenes. The powerful people and great powers knew that Li Yunmu had cleared the seventieth level at a crucial time. They all breathed a sigh of relief, which was soon followed by a swift intake of deep breath.

Li Yunmu had stepped foot into the seventieth level? With a cultivation of golden crystal layer which was a step lower than that of others? There was only one thing everyone could take from this—This youngster is too ferocious!

This was the thought of many influential and powerful people at the first moments of receiving this information. Clearing Tower of Glory's seventieth level was just too ruthless.

It must be known that in the last ten years, even the fiercest Flux Disciple layer had only been able to step into the seventy-eighth level and not farther. But this person had long ago ascended to the Sixth Dimension and turned into a senior.

Moreover, Xiye Hanbei, who was considered as the most powerful person in the Fifth Dimension, had only been able to reach the seventy-fourth level. But it couldn't be viewed as simply a difference of just a few levels. After the seventieth level, advancing past the next level was like crossing a gargantuan abyss.

Therefore, Xiye Hanbei reaching the seventy-fourth level was already quite terrifying.

The seventieth level of Tower of Glory had always been considered as a threshold. It was also known as the "Control Line".

As long as any Flux Disciple crossed it, then they would be viewed as an "Unhindered Fluxer", meaning he would have no rival in the entire Fifth Dimension and could go anywhere.

There weren't many of those who had reached this level. Li Yunmu knew only of Xiye Hanbei, Man Tian, Hai Yue, Zhan Wuyan, and a few others who could be counted on two hands. However, he crossed this line even though he was a newcomer. After being out of the spotlight for ten days, he actually stupefied everyone by clearing the seventieth level!

After this, the majority of influential and powerful people had only one thought in their minds—a wolf has appeared.

He was really a wolf and one that was extremely young. He was rus.h.i.+ng forward like torrential rain and howling winds.

If previously the majority of people believed that although Li Yunmu was very formidable, he didn't have the qualifications to step across the Control Line, then he had now beaten a different opinion into their heads. Even if he was a rookie, he still possessed the qualifications to join the very best of the Fluxer Disciples.

At this moment, Man Tian's group at Ocean City had also received the news from the Tower of Glory. Many of them were left tongue-tied. After a long while, Man Tian slowly raised his head.

"Seems like I underestimated this person."

"Yes, he's really a formidable dragon."

A bitter smile made its way to the face of Green Wolf.

At some barren region in the wilderness.

Xiye Hanbei and Ge Ya, these two vagrant lions of the wilderness, were also startled at this moment.

"Li Yunmu? He's really growing too quickly."

A hint of seriousness finally appeared on Xiye Hanbei's face. Like everyone, he hadn't expected that Li Yunmu would be able to clear the seventieth level of Tower of Glory so quickly.

Let alone Xiye Hanbei, none of the major powers of the six continents had expected this.

"This young king, it seems like he also desires the qualifications to enter the Continental Battle. Interesting, interesting."

Ge Ya standing in the wind howled with laughter. His expression became colder with each moment that pa.s.sed.

The smiles on Chaotian Sect's people were frozen. But they still had a ray of hope—that Li Yunmu won't act for the sole purpose of harming them and insist on s.n.a.t.c.hing the last component of Refining PaG.o.da from in front of Ye Qing.

"He won't, he certainly won't. We already possess two parts of the Refining PaG.o.da. He certainly won't pay such a large price to obtain something useless to him."

However, Chaotian Sect Sect's people soon felt as if they were being suffocated to death by Li Yunmu's actions.

At the next instant, all the Flux Disciples of the six continents received a notification from the fluxer a.s.sociation.

"Congratulations, Central Continent's Li Yunmu. You have obtained the third part of the transcending sage tool in exchange for eight hundred eighty-eight tower badges!"

This time, Li Yunmu hadn't concealed the information that he had obtained a part of a transcending sage tool from the Tower of Glory. Obtaining ordinary product naturally wouldn't be noticed, so there wouldn't be any notification, but there were only three transcending sage tools in the entire tower, and they naturally belonged to a different cla.s.s. Thus, this time, the information was broadcasted to everyone.

Once this information came out, all the fluxers in the world suddenly felt suppressed. Li Yunmu had surprisingly spent eight hundred eighty-eight tower badges just to exchange for the final part of Refining PaG.o.da?

Vicious, extremely vicious!

Many people knew that Chaotian Sect had already gotten their hands on two parts of the Refining PaG.o.da long ago. Hence, Li Yunmu didn't gain anything by spending such a large amount of tower badges and obtaining the final part.

This was true viciousness and great boldness.

"He, how does he dare? How does he dare to act like this? He dares..." An elder of Chaotian Sect in the palace hall at the main peak seemed to have gone wild.

No one had expected that Li Yunmu would dare to act like this, dare to be so bold, to exchange for just a part of the transcending treasure while sacrificing a lot of money.

But Li Yunmu had done so.

At this time, when Li Yunmu got his hands on the third component of Refining PaG.o.da, another notification suddenly came from the Tower of Glory.

In it, there was nothing unexpected. The fluxer a.s.sociation had released two repeated notifications

"Congratulations, Holy Spirit Continent's Ye Qing for successfully crossing the seventieth level and claiming the glory."

These repeated notifications followed just after the notifications about Li Yunmu, and a strange expression appeared on everyone's faces.

"Hahaha… This Chaotian Sect's Ye Qing really has miserable luck, huh?"

Yes, at this moment, Ye Qing was really pitiful. After exhausting Chaotian Sect's resources and suffering countless tribulations, he had managed to clear the seventieth level of the tower. After attaining his goal, he didn't care for anything else and rushed straight to the tower stele, wis.h.i.+ng to quickly exchange for Refining PaG.o.da's third part.

He searched and searched, but even after going through the list twice, he still couldn't find it.

"It cannot be. I'm just too tense, need to take a deep breath."

He naturally searched again to confirm, but he still couldn't find it.

Soon, he checked the recently exchanged items on the tower stele and saw the information—Refining PaG.o.da's spirit, recipient Li Yunmu.

Time, barely a minute ago!


Ye Qing felt as if he had been struck by a bolt of lightning. The most important part, the spirit of Refining PaG.o.da had been surprisingly retrieved by Li Yunmu just a minute ago?

What bullsh*t is this?

Shadow Hack Chapter 221: The Pitiful Chaotian Sect

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