Shadow Hack Chapter 206

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"This drop of sage blood, did it come from that devil king?"

Everyone confirmed the blood's origin in succession, and among them Barbarian Niu seemed to be the most excited. 

"That's right, there is still one more thing."

Li Yunmu held out a king dimensional crystal in his hand. This dimensional crystal was flickering with eight rainbow lights, proving that it was just an ordinary devil king's dimensional crystal . 

In fact, when Li Yunmu had killed that terrifying devil king cla.s.s monster, he had obtained three items in total. 

First was the blood essence shrouded in golden color, which had floated down from the body of the devil king and was completely untainted. 

Second was the eight light king cla.s.s dimensional crystal, which was a completely authentic eight rainbow light king cla.s.s dimensional crystal. 

The third item was a dimensional box, which was dropped by the system, thus others couldn't see it. 

When everyone looked at the eight rainbow light king crystal, although excitement appeared on their faces, once each of them examined it, they discovered that it was just an ordinary dimensional crystal congealed by an eight rainbow light devil king. 

It was completely ordinary. Although it was highly valuable, it didn't reflect the unusual nature of that terrifying devil king. 

"The dimensional crystal is completely ordinary. Apparently the reason why that devil king's power surpa.s.sed the ordinary level was this drop of sage blood?"

Sage blood was otherwise known as divine blood. 

It didn't refer to the blood essence of a sage layer life-form but was instead a divine blood. It actually contained a hint of divine nature!

The founder of Chaotian Sect had refined a sunG.o.d bird and only obtained one drop of sage blood essence from the whole sacred beast which contained a hint of undying divine nature. 

This hint of undying divine nature was related to the sunG.o.d bird, because the it had turned into an undying divinity because of natural evolution. 

Because of it, as long as Li Qinghong harbored the drop of undying sage blood within her body, then regardless of the number of injuries she sustained or how fatal they were, she would still come back to life. This was the power of that drop of undying sage blood that came from the sunG.o.d bird. 

As long as her soul didn't disappear completely, her body couldn't be considered as being destroyed. This was the divine characteristic of the undying sage blood within her. 

One drop of divine blood could be obtained from refining a sacred beast. From this, the preciousness of sage blood was clear. Yet the devil king cla.s.s dimension beast which Li Yunmu had just killed surprisingly also possessed a drop of sage blood.

"That's not right, this drop of sage blood doesn't have any divine characteristics, how can it be? It has clearly attained the grade of sage blood, but it doesn't have the slightest hint of divine nature."

Li Qinghong held the most authority in this field. After careful inspection, she discovered a minute difference between the drop of blood she owned and the one Li Yunmu had acquired from the devil king. 

When the others heard her evaluation, they rushed to the drop of sage blood and closed their eyes. They began to carefully sense the energy fluctuations. The extreme purity of the energy contained in the drop of sage blood terrified them. But it indeed didn't contain any hint of divine characteristics. 

It has to be known that this blood was called sage blood because of the hint of divine within it. However, the one in front of them didn't have any of it. In other words, it only appeared to be divine blood but didn't have any divine characteristics. 

The preciousness of a divine characteristic lay in that hint of divinity. Blood without a divine characteristic, regardless of how pure it was, was only a drop of extremely pure ordinary blood whose quality was equal to that of divine blood. 

But even so, a drop of divine blood was sufficient to make Lin Jian, Underworld Hand, Barbarian Niu, Demon and the others go crazy.

A drop of sage blood, which had divine nature, had led to the creation of Chaotian Sect!

Although this drop of sage blood didn't have any divine characteristic, it was still an extremely precious treasure in the eyes of Flux Disciples and Flux Masters because the extremely pure energy which it contained was extremely pure. 

If they possessed it, they would have a chance of nurturing their bodies to enter sage layer, which was more than enough to interest all of them. 

If the soul imprint of this group of people hadn't been bound to Li Yunmu's heavenly world, then this drop of sage blood would have probably resulted in a fight from which only one would come out alive. 

However, everyone naturally wouldn't act like that right now because their fates were in Li Yunmu's hands. 

Devil Monkey breathed a sigh of relief and tried to a.n.a.lyze the unexpected situation, "We're now certain that the reason why that eight rainbow light devil king could surpa.s.s ordinary devil kings was because it had swallowed this drop of sage blood. Apparently this secret region is really King's True Territory, it was just our bad luck to run into a devil king which had encountered a great opportunity previously and nothing else…"

The others instantly shook their heads, as if having thought of something that disagreed with his evaluation.

"That isn't right. If the reason behind that eight rainbow light devil king's excessive strength was this drop of sage blood, then how could those eight phantom kings by his side also surpa.s.s ordinary phantom kings by so much? Could they have also swallowed a drop of sage blood?"

Flowing Cloud raised the doubt which caused everyone's heart to throb from fear. 

"How could they have obtained so much sage blood?"

This was something Li Yunmu wondered about, and also what filled the others' hearts with confusion. All of them could think of one possibility, but they didn't dare to believe it, let alone voice it. They were absolutely terrified of mentioning it, because this possibility would likely shatter all they knew. 

For a short while, all of them looked at each other in dismay. Perhaps it was really a King's True Territory, since this secret region was an existence which far surpa.s.sed outer world and had a surplus amount of king cla.s.s dimensional beasts, but there was another possibility and it was…

"A place where a deity once perished."

Lin Jian and Li Qinghong finally couldn't endure anymore and voiced this possibility. It alone could explain perfectly why an eight rainbow light devil king as well as eight four rainbow light phantom kings could be more than ten times more formidable compared to other dimensional beasts of their kind.

All of them had swallowed a drop of divine blood!

However, how could there be so much divine blood? A sacred beast of dark ages which was refined using special methods would only give one drop of divine blood. 

It was evident that only a deity level life-form could have enough divine blood for all of these king cla.s.s dimensional beasts to devour a drop. 

Only this could explain the existence of such a large amount of extremely pure sage blood without the slightest hint of divine nature. This was because all the divinity within the divine blood had been congealed into a divine crystal by the deities. 

When a divine crystal exits, divine characteristics naturally don't manifest themselves. 

True deity, it's a true deity level life-form which perished here!

Right then, this thought rose in the hearts of all of them, including Li Yunmu. Each one of them came to this conclusion, but none of them dared to speak it out loud.

A deity had surprisingly entered a King's True Territory within the Fifth Dimension, and even died there. How could there exist such a huge coincidence.

This was both a King's True Territory and a Deity's relic.

"Confirming whether there truly was a deity life-form which perished here is quite simple. We only need to kill a phantom king and it would verify our suspicions."

Li Qinghong seemed to have turned into a blazing cannon with her eyes burning like fire. 

The hearts of others were also burning pa.s.sionately. This guess was extremely terrifying. They wanted to try her suggested method but were also afraid to be proved wrong. 

"Let's go and confirm it."

A hint of excitement appeared within Li Yunmu's eyes. If this experiment required him to fight another devil king, he probably wouldn't have the courage, but if it was just one four rainbow light phantom king, he was absolutely certain they would be victorious. 

Each of their hearts boiled with the desire to verify the guess without wasting any time. If this was really a King's True Territory where a deity had perished, then this secret region they discovered would be unprecedented in history. 

There was no need to say anything. Regardless of what kind of enormous price they had to pay, they had to occupy this place and turn it into Li Yunmu's private secret region. No one should be allowed to get a share of these resources.

Shadow Hack Chapter 206

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