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The group quietly returned back to the plains. The three dimensional s.p.a.ce eyes, which were flying at a high alt.i.tude, turned on their stealth mode and began to secretly investigate.

Gradually, everyone began to develop a little sense of familiarity towards this area.

"I've already confirmed that this area is the domain of the king," Devil Monkey said.

"On the east of these plains, I discovered another eight rainbow light devil king. On the west side, there is another one," Li Qinghong added.

"If we count the one we just killed on the south, that would make a total of three devil kings. There should be more than that for certain."

Underworld Hand also spoke up. "I couldn't gather much information over there. There is a mystical fog at the center which is obstructing the dimensional s.p.a.ce eyes. If my guess is correct, then there should be an even more terrifying king cla.s.s life-form there."

A twelve rainbow light king, according to standard criteria, should at least have eight devil kings and sixty phantom kings by its side for protection.

This was the lowest number of king cla.s.s protectors at the side of a twelve rainbow light king. As for the number other monsters, it would vary but there should be at least a hundred of them.

This was just the lowest estimate.

Some extremely formidable twelve rainbow light kings had even more devil and phantom kings, which also were also even more formidable. The numbers of the former creature increased greatly, surpa.s.sing the lowest estimate of eight, so there was no need to even mention what happened to the other ones.

When Li Yunmu had killed the dwarf witch king at the valley of dwarf witches, it didn't have any king cla.s.s monsters by its side for protection. And neither could it maintain its king cla.s.s strength all the time.

After coming to this King's True Territory, Li Yunmu finally understood something. Apparently that dwarf witch king he had killed hadn't truly been a king cla.s.s being.

However, it had certainly come from this King's True Territory because of some serious reason. Otherwise, why would a king cla.s.s dimensional beast possess a G.o.dly treasure like an origin dimensional stone? There were also the map fragments pointing to this location.

It was absolutely certain that the dwarf witch king was a twelve rainbow light king who had fled from this King's True Territory because it had obtained a G.o.dly treasure from the deity's relic. Others must have started hunting that kind down for the origin dimensional stone, and thus forced it to enter the Fifth Dimension.

This would explain why it couldn't maintain the form of a twelve rainbow light king all the time, and also why it didn't have any king cla.s.s dimensional beasts protecting it.

The domain of the twelve rainbow light king which they were investigating now clearly followed all the standard patterns. There were devil kings and phantom kings as guards, as well as countless other dimensional monsters which hadn't entered king cla.s.s.

If all of them hadn't devoured sage blood, then Li Yunmu probably would've already led everyone to kill them. However, it was clearly impossible now.

It wasn't sensible for Li Yunmu to put himself in grave danger every time to trigger Danger Critical Strike when confronting monsters as terrifying as the devil king they had faced previously.

Not even speaking of Li Yunmu, even if Xiye Hanbei who was publicly acknowledged as the most powerful person in the Fifth Dimension came here, he would also have to bow his head.

"Target discovered, that group of phantom kings appeared once more, but they're under the command of another devil king."

After hiding for half a day, a new devil king came out, leading sixteen phantom kings by its side.

This time, no one dared to overestimate themselves and confront the terrifying might of the devil king before them. They didn't need to do so, either, since their only aim was to verify their theory.

They had to just kill a phantom king and check whether a drop of divine blood would appear after it died.

"Target has appeared."

"Lock on to that phantom king at the back."


"Ready to shoot."


This time, Li Yunmu, who had burned his hands previously, led everyone to conceal themselves at a mountain peak more than ten kilometers away. At such a distance, even if he couldn't use the underworld raven sage bow, all of them could still kill a single four rainbow light phantom king.

There was one best way to do this, and it was by using the four runic spear forbidden weapons which he had s.n.a.t.c.hed from the shadow squad.

Presently, they had been installed on top of the mountain.

Under the control of Underworld Hand's group, the four extremely deadly weapons locked onto the same phantom king with the help of coordinates provided by a dimensional s.p.a.ce eye.

Next instant, the four forbidden weapons shook violently, and the formidable recoil even removed an a layer of dirt of the mountain. Four deadly runic spears rushed towards the target at eight times the speed of sound, whistling through the air.

They rapidly covered the distance of several kilometers and shot towards the phantom king at the rear of the group. It was instantly blown away like a kite from the enormous force of the collision.

But the single spear did not kill lit. Life-forms who possessed sage blood were excessively formidable, but after the first attack came the second, then a third and a fourth.


There was a faint noise of something heavy dropping on the ground, and the four successive runic spears finally took the life of an extremely formidable phantom king.

A drop of golden blood came out of its body and hovered in the air.

"Second drop."

"It's really a second drop of sage blood!"

This time they confirmed that there was certainly a deity level life-form which had perished here, and all king cla.s.s dimensional beasts here had benefited from that.

It was thus no wonder then that the devil king could instantly break Li Yunmu's absolute defense. Also it was no longer that surprising that it had turned the jade coin given by Lin Yuerou, which could resist an all out attack from a Nirvana Flux Master, into dust within an instant.

After all, these king cla.s.s dimensional beasts had already obtained treasures from the deity's relic. 

"Run, that devil king has sensed our location. It's rus.h.i.+ng over here and is running very quickly. Escape immediately!"

Devil king was yelling out loudly as it rushed over, but Li Yunmu's group was already fleeing.

Li Yunmu waved his hand and instantly collected the four forbidden weapons back into his heavenly world. He then opened his Wings of the Wind and flew up, while others used their own methods to escape as quickly as possible without paying anymore attention to the drop of sage blood in the distance.

There was nothing they could do after all. If it was only a phantom king who had devoured sage blood, they could still deal with it by joining hands. But right now they were being chased by a devil king, from whom they could only flee.

It was the first time that Li Yunmu had to flee. Until now, whenever he had faced dimensional beasts, they wouldn't even be able to break his defense, let alone force him to run away.

This devil king was exceptionally formidable, but everyone's heart was boiling with excitement. They had obtained their confirmation that this King's True Territory was indeed a deity's relic, which was more than sufficient.

As for the excessively formidable dimensional beasts, they could be handled. Given enough time to strategize, there would certainly be a day when they could deal with these abnormal creatures.

Everyone in the group was thinking the same thing. Fortunately, the ten kilometers were a sufficient buffer, so even though the devil king was chasing after them at an extremely fast speed, with everyone trying to return to the transfer point in the small valley as fast as they could, they were able to return safely.

"Now we must quickly return to Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain."

At this time, Li Yunmu made his decision and commanded everyone in a firm tone. 

"Yes, we don't have to rush to exploit this secret region. What we must do for now is to destroy the flowers over the waterfall and capture all the noronha within the water. We must keep our hold on this secret region.

"This secret region is an enormous reserve, and I'm afraid that someone might use the other pages to find another method to enter.

"If there really is a second way to enter, then we'll have to kill one if one comes, and kill two if two come."

Everyone returned through the transfer point back to the valley. When they met outside, they could still feel their loud heartbeats. Regardless of what methods they had to use, they had to keep their hold over this secret region.

With it, they could enter the Sixth Dimension, and it would be fairly certain that all of them would become Flux Sages.

Shadow Hack Chapter 207

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