Shadow Hack Chapter 223: The Emergence of Formidable People

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Chapter 223: The Emergence of Formidable People

Translator: Mercurial Editor: DarkGem

"System, gather all the information related to the secret behind Continental Battle and the upcoming changes to Earth."

The first thing Li Yunmu did after leaving Vega Palace was to order the system to find out more about what was happening.

[Host, I have already started gathering the data pertaining to this matter. However, I must remind host that you must not have high expectations. There isn't much information that can be gathered on the network.]

The system had already started to research and so already knew that the results wouldn't be so great.

"Don't care about that. Even finding some hints will be good, so set this matter as a priority."

Li Yunmu was prepared for anything, but this matter was just too important to leave it to chance. The upcoming event pertained not only to him but humanity as a whole. If he couldn't find any information regarding it, then he'd be able to only watch pa.s.sively as the changes happened, unable to to affect them.

Li Yunmu, didn't want to be just a pa.s.sive spectator. He wanted to be the person causing the changes.

[All right,] the system replied.

After coming out of the Vega Palace, the female commander of Vega Royal Guard brought a chariot. "Your Lords.h.i.+p Azure Dragon, under the orders of Her Ladys.h.i.+p, I will escort you to the King City."

"What about transfer points?"

This female commander was called Zhang Wei. Her cultivation was at Nirvana layer, and she was one of the most trusted followers of Battle Sage Vega.

She was the commander of Vega Royal Guard, which had eight female warriors besides her. The strength of each individual warrior was at Temporal layer.

That's right, none of them was weaker than Lin Yuerou. Even in the whole Central Continent, Temporal experts were as rare as a des qilin's horn 1 , but this was just the tip of a Battle Sage's profound strength and nothing more.

Li Yunmu didn't dare to oppose Zhang Wei's words, but since he still wanted to know, he had asked about transfer points with some hesitation.

"There is a little bit of a problem with Earth's spatial fields. The transfer points can still be used for small distances, but as for large distance transfer points, even Domain Sages wouldn't dare to use them casually now," Zhang Wei said gloomily.

Hearing this, Li Yunmu took a deep breath. Spatial fields had become unstable? Even Domain Sages couldn't use the points casually?

At this moment, Li Yunmu became certain that there was really something wrong with Earth, now that he learned that its spatial fields had become unstable.

Anyone who used a large scale transfer could get lost in a spatial crack or maybe even be torn to shreds.

"Thank you."

Li Yunmu forcefully kept his calm and bowed towards the female commander. She had revealed a little information to him, which was very important.

"It's nothing much, although I had a selfish motive in doing so. Your Lords.h.i.+p Azure Dragon, if you find a female Flux Disciple named Zhang Ting, then I request you to show consideration to her."

The female commander took out a life saving jade seal and gifted it to Li Yunmu.

"This jade seal can hold against five full strength attacks of a Nirvana Flux Master, and before it breaks, it can teleport you at a random location five kilometers away from your original location. Please accept."

Li Yunmu was shocked inwardly. Abnormal, this jade seal is too abnormal! It was several times more formidable than the jade coin given by Lin Yuerou.

This was clearly a treasure which could only be refined by a Battle Sage. Its final live saving ability of teleportation was simply unimaginable. The treasure as a whole was extremely similar in its use to the reincarnation tree in Li Yunmu possession.

When a reeincarnation tree was grown at some secret location, a piece of bark taken from it could resist an all out attack of a sage level expert and instantly teleport its user. The person would be teleported to the location where the reincarnation tree was growing, and the user would be out of danger's way.

The life-saving jade seal might not be as effective as the reincarnation tree, but it was still an extremely formidable life-saving treasure.

Faced with such a life-saving treasure, Li Yunmu couldn't decline. Since this item could save his life someday, he silently collected it and asked, "Who is Zhang Ting?"

"This is her photograph. In the future, if your lords.h.i.+p sees her in some difficulty, then I request you to show her some consideration. She is my little sister."


Li Yunmu didn't question the female commander about the gift. She was a Nirvana layer expert, so it was surprising that her sister might need any consideration from Li Yunmu, but who was he to question her.

While the female commander was making her request, Li Yunmu had gained some information, and he believed that the system would've certainly gleamed some answers from it.

After Li Yunmu entered the chariot on the request of the female commander, before long, he realized that the chariot had left the ground and was moving through the air.

Clearly, this was an extremely strange runic chariot which was an extremely precious treasure. Li Yunmu even had a feeling that this was Battle Sage Vega's personal chariot being used to safely escort him to Hanxia's King City.

His true protection wasn't the female warriors but the chariot itself. Since it was Battle Sage Vega's personal vehicle, who would dare to lay a hand on Li Yunmu?

The two mounts which were pulling the chariot also weren't ordinary creatures. According to the system's identification, the two mounts were sacred beasts - kamaitachis 2 .

They were Seventh Dimension's extremely rare heavenly beasts which could walk on air. Their speed was relatively fast, able to surpa.s.s the speed of Wings of the Wind.

Even the beasts under the control of a Battle Sage weren't simple.

Li Yunmu suddenly felt that this world was indeed too large. He was a Flux Disciple, one who could stand among the best of them, but compared to the experts on Earth, he was still insignificant.

Li Yunmu closed his eyes to rest and muttered to himself, "It doesn't matter, I just started walking on this path. There will be a day when I will certainly reach the top of this world."

Given that he was the master of the system, he didn't need to underestimate himself.

This time's destination was Hanxia King City, Azure Dragon mansion. This place had been cla.s.sified as Li Yunmu's official residence, but he hadn't been there before.

Currently, he wanted to use Battle Sage Vega's power to see his mother and father in the real world, and use the time before the Continental Battle to regrow his father's limbs.

While Li Yunmu was moving towards Hanxia King City, the results of the compet.i.tion at the Tower of Glory were slowly spreading.

After Ye Qing had left everyone in the dust and became the first one to cross the seventieth level, Zhongshan Anling came up second, just minutes after him.

At the final moment, the fifth largest clan of Northern Continent had fully displayed the enormous strength of their clan. If Chaotian Sect hadn't been preparing for so long, then probably Ye Qing wouldn't have been able to come out first.

The third person was Yan Xing, who belonged to the sect of Extreme Devil Path.

At the fourth position, there was an upset! The person who took this place was actually Devil!

This was a person who didn't have any backing. His result caused many major powers to crease their brows. None of them had expected that Devil would be able to clear the seventieth level, let alone come at the fourth place.

The fifth person was Qing Yue, Hai Yue's little sister. She was the younger sibling of transcending power SeaG.o.d Temple's holy daughter. Qing Yue herself might not be affiliated to a transcending power, but the SeaG.o.d's people considered her as one of the two moons.

Due to her coming out only fifth, Man Tian's group suddenly felt a little pressure.

"The Earth is really on the verge of some major transformation. All the major powers are making their move, so this time's Continental Battle won't lack difficulty," Men Shan said.

Even the most powerful characters in the six continents couldn't think to achieve victory alone. Not only Man Tian's group but all the other proud sons and daughters of heavens were feeling that the situation now was extremely critical.

At this instant, no one dared to say that they would be able to achieve victory.

The sixth person was Xie Qianxue, and the seventh was Ling Shuang.

Despite having to confront members of many major power while being rookie fluxers, these two disciples of battle sages had overcome all obstacles. The other continents couldn't help but exclaim in surprise. The Central Continent, which was considered as the most powerful continent, still had such a profound foundation.

At this time, it was actually the Central Continent which had tried to stop Chaotian Sect's plans most fiercely. Even the disciples of battle sages were mobilized.

There was still one month left before the Continental Battle. No one had any doubt that these two disciples of battle sages would make great progress, given that they had already displayed such magnificent results.

Although one month's time wasn't considered a lot for ordinary fluxers, but for disciples of battle sages, it was sufficient to allow them to greatly improve their strength.

At this moment, almost every person coveting qualifications to enter the Continental Battle was feeling great pressure.

Shadow Hack Chapter 223: The Emergence of Formidable People

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