Shadow Hack Chapter 209

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A+ A- Chapter 209: Heavenly World Expanded Once More

In the backyard of Good News Pavilion, which was in the Virtual Dimension, a mysterious guest had arrived secretly.

"Little brother, what on earth is this?"

When Old Hou personally received Li Yunmu, his expression revealed a hint of cautiousness. He rarely saw this boy displaying such cautiousness, trying to keep his whereabouts hidden.

Could it be because Ye Qing, who had recently left Chaotian Sect, had already put Li Yunmu's life in danger?

However, when old man remembered that Devil, who was ranked second, also didn't dare to accept Ye Qing's challenge, he no longer found it strange. If even Devil, who was an extremely savage person, was afraid of Chaotian Sect's Ye Qing, then Li Yunmu being a little careful about his whereabouts was completely normal. 

"Old Hou, what's the progress regarding the purchase of dimensional crystals?"

More than ten days had pa.s.sed since Li Yunmu came last time. It was clear then that he had now come for the flux crystals.

"Of the twenty billion, I have barely spent more than half. I didn't dare to spend it wantonly outside, so as to avoid attracting attention and thus keep your ident.i.ty secret."

With a command from Old Hou, his people began to carry out trunks filled with flux crystals, one after another.

Li Yunmu collected all the trunks filled with flux crystals into his heavenly world and instructed, "No need to be hasty, you continue to purchase slowly and don't let anyone outside learn about the deal between you and me."

"Little brother, is that Ye Qing of Chaotian Sect really so formidable? Even you have to be careful about whereabouts.?" Old Hou couldn't help but ask this before Li Yunmu departed.

"Ye Qing?"

Li Yunmu was startled at first, and then started to laugh. Clearly this old man had misunderstood. He wasn't being so careful because of Ye Qing's threat but because he needed to secretly return to the real world.

He wasn't afraid of some Flux Disciple, but of Flux Masters and higher level experts. However, he didn't explain anything and quickly departed from the Virtual Dimension.

After returning to the forest near the waterfall, Li Yunmu immediately told everyone what their task was. "I'm leaving now. You all must quickly break the Seven Star Scale Spell. I'm afraid that Chaotian Sect won't be willing to let this matter end. It is highly probable that they learned of the secret behind our stay in Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain."

Devil Monkey and the others were still striving hard to learn the Seven Star Scale Spell. If they wanted to be the sole owners of the King's True Territory, then they had to break the spell at its entrance.

Destroying it was relatively simple, if they chose to use force. Deciphering it, on the other hand, required a specialized squad and certain knowledge.

In fact, this Seven Star Scale Spell was the only key to entering their King's True Territory. As long as they removed this key, they could occupy that land by themselves, without anyone else being able to enter it.

All major powers and sects possessed something like this. Their disciples and younger generations didn't need steel castles for cultivation, just to enter the secret regions owned exclusively by the powers whom they belonged to and cultivate their secret techniques until they could make a name for themselves in the world.

If some power didn't have an a secret region of its own, then how could it provide sufficient resources for the quick improvement of its disciples and younger generations.

Li Yunmu and his group were actually in the middle of accomplis.h.i.+ng such a task. Although Li Yunmu didn't have a squad of people specialized in spell formations, he had the system.

For several days now, he had been relying on the system to break down the Seven Star Scale Spell. Every night during the wee hours, when the spell would appear for three seconds, the system wou

ld meticulously try to a.n.a.lyze it.

After the a.n.a.lysis of several days, it had made some progress.

The current responsibility of Li Qinghong and the others was to capture all the noronha in the large pond, because they were the most crucial point of the spell.

These seemingly ordinary noronha which were found everywhere had something extraordinary within themselves. Each of the noronha had extremely fast speed underwater, and they had also developed G.o.dly senses. If they felt a premonition of danger, they would escape quickly and disappear without any trace, thus it wasn't as easy to catch them as one might think.

Under the large pond, there was an underground river. When Devil Monkey and the others dived in to chase them, the fish entered the underground river, making it difficult to track them.

The only moment to catch them was the instant when the red flowers floated down at the wee hours.

The seven of them had been staying here for several nights. By now, they had captured more than ten fish, but they still had a long distance to go when it came to capturing all of them without leaving any behind.

After a.s.signing this task to them, Li Yunmu's figure flashed and disappeared into his heavenly world.

The trunks containing eleven billion dimensional crystals stood in a pile stood nearby. Without almost any hesitation, Li Yunmu poured them all out on the ground.

Soon after, heavenly world's hundred meter diameter began to increase at a speed which could be observed with a naked eye.

This time, although Li Yunmu felt his heart aching at the thought of investing such an enormous sum of more than ten billion, he clearly understood that heavenly world's area must be increased.

The reason why Xiye Hanbei was considered as the number one person in the Fifth Dimension, apart from his innate talent and great fortune which admittedly played a major role, was because he possessed a heavenly world.

Furthermore, he had already congealed two suns in his heavenly world.

Otherwise, even if he had exceptional grade innate talent and heaven defying battle prowess, he still wouldn't have become unrivalled in the Fifth Dimension filled with numerous fluxers from all the six continents.

Such a frightening character, even Li Yunmu couldn't help but admire him.

A lone Flux Disciple without any great background or any major power supporting him would need great determination to advance his heavenly world to two suns. And even with many powerful organizations trying to hunt him down, he was still alive and well.

Xiye Hanbei was a genuinely formidable person and wasn't like the proud sons of heavens. He was extremely determined and had formidable perseverance.

All three of the factors mentioned earlier had brought him enormous rewards, allowing him to advance quickly.

Man Tian and Hai Yue had cleared the twentieth level of the Tower of Glory when they only had the cultivation of ordinary crystal layer, attaining supreme glory.

According to Li Yunmu's deduction, it was highly possible for both of them to possess an enormous reserve, like a heavenly world, apart from possessing the formidable bloodline of evolved humans.

After all, Man Tian was the son of Desolate Continent's Barbarian G.o.dking, who had the authority to turn the entire Desolate Continent upside down. Hai Yue didn't have a simple status, either. Her other name was Holy Daughter of the SeaG.o.d.

Even if Li Yunmu was beaten to death, he would never believe that these two people had cleared the twentieth level on their own, without possessing their own heavenly world. This was because if he hadn't had the a.s.sistance of the underworld raven sage bow and the strength of the three shadows, the farthest he would've advanced would've been the fifteenth or sixteenth levels.

This time, since he had decided to break Chaotian Sect's plans, he must use all means to advance his combat strength as quickly as possible. After all, now that his cultivation had reached the golden crystal layer, tower badges wouldn't drop that easily for him.

That's why he didn't hesitate to throw nearly eleven billion flux crystals onto his heavenly world.

After half a quarter of an hour had pa.s.sed, the land underneath his feet finally stop extending and stabilized at a diameter of five hundred meters. In terms of area, it had grown by more than ten folds, while the diameter had roughly increase four times.

Shadow Hack Chapter 209

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