Shadow Hack Chapter 217

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A+ A- Chapter 217: First Female Shadow

b.e.s.t.i.a.l Sage's death was only the beginning.

In less than half a day, another terrifying news spread—a loner Flux Sage immersed in cultivating in seclusion had died mysteriously at his residence deep within his mountain.

This news was discovered three days after he had died when a Flux Sage who was his friend had paid him a visit. This Flux Sage's death was a homicide, and the Heavenly Star Pearl which he had on him was taken by someone.

Before long, a Nirvana Flux Master in the Sixth Dimension was also killed. His corpse was discovered after six or seven hours, and by that time only his skeleton remained, the flesh having been eaten by dimensional beasts. His cape which was a transcending sage tool was never found.

It was impossible for monsters to eat the transcending sage tool, and it was also impossible for them to have been destroyed. This Nirvana Flux Master was the seventh most powerful person in the Sixth Dimension, a Nirvana layer Halted Fluxer.

Otherwise it would've been impossible for him to keep a transcending sage tool, Tyrant Cape. But this time a violent death had met him because of it. 

Soon after, all the online platforms were flooded with news that not only on Earth but even on the Fifth and Sixth Dimensions Flux Disciples, Flux Masters, and Flux Sages were dying one after another.

In a short while, the number of deaths grew by leaps and bounds. Even ordinary people sensed that there was something greatly unusual going on. They observed formidable experts from everywhere appearing simultaneously, all of them searching for precious treasures. These treasures were cultivation methods and battle skills which could swiftly increase their combat strength.

The most noteworthy point was that the fluxers who were killed were all lone wolves and didn't have any background.

Some major

powers who could access some information from even higher echelons discovered a little about the cause behind this.

"Continental Battle."

Many people were inwardly shaken. This time's Continental Battle was going to be extremely different from the ones in the past, and many people could sense the smell of great danger and enormous opportunities. As long as a power had certain capability, they would mobilize their full strength to fight for a qualification for their members.

And at this time, Chaotian Sect spread the news with great fanfare that Ye Qing would formally challenge the Tower of Glory and would certainly crush the seventieth level.

Chaotian Sect even sent two Flux Sages to secretly protect him until he entered the tower. Swiftly, this event attracted the attention of most fluxers and all sorts of powers.

And not long after, the news of a fluxer who was extremely sinister and belonged to the path of the devil having entered the Tower of Glory spread far and wide.

Among the well informed people, someone transmitted the news that Fifth Dimension's second most powerful Halted Fluxer Devil had also entered the tower through some capital city.

Instantly, a good number of fluxers started moving.

Apart from entering the tower, some famous Halted Fluxers and Flux Disciples suddenly entered some sect or joined some power which officially granted them a backer. The continent's major powers and sects also suddenly relaxed their conditions for entering and invited some of the formidable Flux Disciples to join them.

Li Yunmu, Li Yun, Li Feng, and the rest also weren't forgotten. Among them, the number of invitations sent out to Li Yunmu formed the highest pile. However, at this moment, Li Yunmu couldn't be distracted by the changes in the world outside.

After cruising through another ten levels, Mist Fiend had feasted on the corpses

corpses of even more powerful monsters and finally congealed four rainbow lights.

This had easily blown away the monsters of the fifty-first level.

The strength of each monster on the fifty-first level and above had increased to four rainbow light phantom kings' level. Although Mist Fiend also possessed the same level of strength, it belonged to the race of devil king cla.s.s monsters. It had also been transformed by divine blood, which caused it to become even more terrifying and savage. One human, one monster, and four shadows quickly swept through the level and advanced forward.

After reaching the fifty-first level, the drop rate of tower badges finally increased. This was because the levels above the fiftieth level were considered as rainbow crystal fluxers' territory. Li Yunmu had finally reached the level which was created for fluxers one layer above his strength.

But the increase in the drop rate of tower badges wasn't the only thing that changed, the earning rate of experience, ability as well as blood fiend points had also doubled.

After more than half of the day pa.s.sed, Li Yunmu finally killed his way to the sixtieth level's major threshold. The Boss there was an eight rainbow light devil king.

Li Yunmu decided to test the strength of his own devil king who been transformed by divine blood and sent Mist Fiend to attack alone.

At this moment, after feasting on the corpses of dimensional beasts of the past ten levels, the little devil king had already matured to the peak, with eight rainbow lights being emitted from his body, radiating around the whole level.

When Li Yunmu looked at Mist Fiend's attacks now, he was faintly reminded of the terrifying devil king he had encountered in the King's True Territory.

The present little devil king's strength had reached the same level as that

as that of the divine blood devil king.

Similar strength as that eight rainbow light devil king's, similar transformation from divine blood.

The little devil king's current strength in fact already surpa.s.sed Li Yunmu's own. Even if his tyrant body had attained the minor threshold and his world power had also increased greatly, according to the system's gathered data on combat strength, he wasn't an opponent to his Mist Fiend Devil King. Only if his four shadows' combat strength was also counted could he battle on even grounds.

Li Yunmu had to accept that devil kings transformed by divine blood were too abnormal. Mist Fiend attacked repeatedly with frightening speed and got rid of all the phantom kings.

It then challenged the last opponent which was an ordinary eight rainbow light devil king, and the outcome of the battle gave Li Yunmu a fright. The ordinary devil king couldn't last three minutes under the fierce attack of Mist Fiend's fierce claws. The battle ended with Mist Fiend tearing the ordinary eight rainbow light devil king into shreds.

This was the disparity between an ordinary devil king cla.s.s monster and a devil king transformed by divine blood. When Li Yunmu had unknowingly met such a devil king, if he hadn't used the five Danger Critical Strikes at the crucial time, he would have really died.

Li Yunmu stepped into the sixty-first level. There were only ten levels left till his target.

The sixth-first level was even larger and could easily match a small town in size. It had ninety-nine phantom kings, nine devil kings, and one twelve rainbow light king.

It was the first time Li Yunmu encountered a genuine twelve rainbow light Boss within the tower.

Battle started!

This time, Mist Fiend finally couldn't hold against the siege of ninety-nine phantom kings and was constantly injured. Although it had Although it had defeated an ordinary devil king within three minutes, but when ninety-nine phantom kings attacked together, then even if it had undergone evolution due to divine blood and possessed extremely formidable strength, it would have still died if Li Yunmu hadn't intervened.

Mist Fiend was very formidable, but the monsters at sixty-first level were even more formidable.

Here, all of the monster were king cla.s.s ones, and none of them were ordinary. Although they didn't possess divine blood, the fact that they were king cla.s.s creatures were enough to prove that they were extraordinary.

After Li Yunmu and his four shadows entered the battle, this level was cleared without any major mishap. The twelve rainbow light boss monster was killed by the four shadows acting together in the end.

With Li Yunmu's full battle capability, he could easily crush twelve rainbow light king dimensional beasts.

Furthermore, the system notified him that the experience points acc.u.mulated by him had already crossed four hundred thousand. Just this level alone had yielded him one hundred ten thousand experience points.

Instantly, Li Yunmu was pleased beyond words. He immediately congealed the fifth shadow, and he named it Li Mei.

He also constructed her an avatar at the dimensional battlefield: He set her height at one hundred seventy centimeters, then gave her a beautiful face and slender figure.

Finally, after Li Yun, Li Feng, Li Tian, and Li De, his fifth shadow was established as a female shadow.

The strength of each shadow was synchronized with Li Yunmu's strength, so when a new one was added to his group, his combat capability increased greatly. It had to be said that as his personal strength grew, each newly congealed shadow was born with increasingly more strength.

Sixty-second level was next.

Li Yunmu stormed to the seventieth level with his confidence growing after clearing each level. 

Shadow Hack Chapter 217

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