Shadow Hack Chapter 237: Death Zone

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Chapter 237: Death Zone

Translator: Mercurial_ Editor: DarkGem

At this time, Blade Overlord who understood Nangong Gongzi the best said with a sigh, "If you're still thinking of leaving with your life and getting your revenge, then tell us Devil's whereabouts."

He had the same goals as Nangong Gongzi; both of them were living in order to get their revenge. The group's goal was to capture Devil and not kill Nangong Gongzi, so there was nothing wrong with giving him a way out.

"Good, good, good. If you want to learn about Devil's whereabouts, then you must battle me."

Being the third most powerful Halted Fluxer, Nangong Gongzi naturally had his pride. His rainbow energy erupted forth, and he took the initiative to move toward Li Qinghong.

Lin Jian and the others didn't make any movements. They only wanted to cut off Nangong Gongzi's path of retreat from all four directions.

"Currently, you aren't my opponent, this is just a needless struggle."

A hint of battle intent appeared on Li Qinghong's cold face. The next instant, her rainbow energy also erupted forth, and eight rainbow lights appeared from her Rainbow Bird Armor.


The Frightful Imperial Spear which was filled with berserk flux energy swiftly stabbed once. With just this one attack, the two fell apart. Li Qinghong didn't move even half step from her original position, while Nangong Gongzi was forced to retreat eight steps in succession because of her one frighteningly powerful strike. Even when he managed to stop himself, he was still wrecked by a large amount of energy shockwaves.


The rainbow armor on Nangong Gongzi's body cracked, and a mouthful of blood sprayed out from his mouth. At this moment, shock filled this Halted Fluxer's face.

In the one month that he hadn't seen her, Li Qinghong had already reached an unimaginable state.

Her sunG.o.d flame energy had become even purer and more profound while her rainbow flux energy was now like a bottomless abyss. With just one attack, she had injured yesterday's third most powerful Halted Fluxer Nangong Gongzi.

"Dimensional armor, eight rainbow light king armor as well as the terrifying strength of your flesh, I cannot believe…"

Nangong Gongzi felt like a wounded lone wolf.

He shouted out loudly, and the next instant he rushed with an even faster speed toward Demon who was standing to his right. This man's presence was the weakest in his group, and the disparity between him and Nangong Gongzi had been the greatest previously.

When when Demon saw him turning toward his side to escape the encirclement, he smiled coldly and continued watching like a spectator. At this moment, the s.p.a.ce in front of him twisted slightly and two sea beasts stepped out.

Once these two savage beasts appeared on land, they immediately opened their mouths and roared loudly. Then, under Demon's control, they looked attentively at Nangong Gongzi who was approaching them with their blue eyes.


Nangong Gongzi saw the two ferocious sea apes pounce in front of him, their eyes locked on his person. One of them howled loudly while the other launched a punch at him. At this moment, the first moved in and swiped at him with its armored claw.


After Nangong Gongzi received the two successive attacks, his injuries from before became even more severe. He was forced to retreat, but the two sea beasts didn't proceed to follow him and remained standing in their original spots while viciously staring at him with their blue eyes.

"Two beasts, impossible, and even if you could summon two, how can they be so formidable."

Nangong Gongzi's face turned gloomy.

Li Qinghong had become even more powerful and so had Demon, to the point that even he who was considered to be the third most powerful Halted Fluxer had become completely powerless when faced with him. It was as if no matter how much he struggled, he couldn't catch up. He was definitely quite young, yet he suddenly had a sense as if he was already past his prime.

Meaningless struggle, this was really just a meaningless struggle.

Once these four people surrounded him, regardless of who he chose to fight, all of them would be more powerful than him by a large margin.

"Ordinary sea devil apes can't be so powerful. These two are divine blood sea devil apes," Demon explained, having finally opened his mouth.

Barbarian Niu's then spoke up in a strong voice. "Nangong, you and Devil are only collaborating because of mutual benefits. I remember you showing me some consideration in the past, so you should stop this meaningless struggle. We're not going to back off because we're handling a task from our master whom no one can stop within the Fifth Dimension."

"What level has Li Yunmu reached?"

Nangong Gongzi lost all his strength at this moment, and his shoulders drooped when he looked at the four people around him. He could clearly see the great transformation these four had gone through during the time they had been away from sight. Although they hadn't used their full strength to attack him, given the confidence and presence they emitted, he instantly thought of one level - Overlord cla.s.s.

The strength possessed by these four would allow each of them to be cla.s.sified as an overlord.

"Such enormous guts, you all sure are gutsy. Has your master obtained a King's True Territory?"

"That's right, now walk. As long as you hand over Devil's whereabouts to us, then as fellow Halted Fluxers, we won't make things difficult for you," Lin Jian said.

No one knew about this scene that happened in the Profound Devil Valley. And neither was anyone expecting that the Halted Fluxer previously ranked as the third strongest would be easily captured alive, without having any power to retaliate.

After several days pa.s.sed, the chaos triggered by the heavenly transformation began to gradually settle down.

The continuous flow of informations which appeared suddenly and astonished everyone disappeared without a trace. There were no more sudden news about some Nirvana Flux Master or Flux Sage being killed by someone in the wilderness.

The heavenly sons and daughters who had crossed the seventieth level of tower were also no longer being ambushed by other powers. Everything returned to normal except for the Tower of Glory which would still occasionally release the repeated notifications that some person from some continent cleared the seventieth level.

But everyone had already become numb to this. Among the people who had cleared the Control Line recently, the majority represented those who hadn't prepared sufficient resources, but were still unwilling to give up without staking their lives.

There were three days left till the Continental Battle. Yes, only three more days.

At this instant, in all the six continents, whether it were fluxers or ordinary people, all of them had their attention focused on upcoming Continental Battle.

Although the majority of people didn't know what kind of changes would happen to Earth during the Heavenly Transformation, they were clear on the reason behind all the chaos recently. It was for the ticket to the Continental Battle that all the flux disciples and the powers behind them had went crazy about clearing the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory. All of them just wanted a spot and nothing more.

On this day, nine people entered a death zone in the Fifth Dimension which was usually avoided by all.

This death zone was called the Netherworld Death Zone!

In the Fifth Dimension, the areas labelled as death zones were visited by few people. Even those whose strength surpa.s.sed the rainbow crystal layer or who were Halted Fluxers avoided it.

The danger in a death zone far surpa.s.sed that of a hidden domain. The most important thing was that these death zones were enveloped by an air of death which didn't allow any living beings to thrive.

Those who entered a death zone had their strength suppressed, and they would swiftly start feeling unwell. Besides, there was nothing in those zones of benefit to fluxers, so those places were automatically forbidden.

Shadow Hack Chapter 237: Death Zone

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