Shadow Hack Chapter 222

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A+ A- Chapter 222: On the Verge of Huge Changes

Just after Li Yunmu came out of the tower, the two declarations carrying the news that Ye Qing had cleared the seventieth level of Tower of Glory was being transmitted.

"Wew, this was a close call. Fortunately I entered a day earlier than he."

When Li Yunmu heard the information, the corner of his lips curled upwards to reveal a hint of a glittering smile.

Fortunately, he'd had the a.s.sistance of two parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit. If he hadn't used them, he wouldn't be standing here now and would've been delayed for a long time.

He had to accept that after crossing the sixty-fifth level, the difficulty of each successive level became much greater, and the monsters also became more formidable, more difficult to kill. In fact, Li Yunmu almost lost his life when fighting against the last boss at the seventieth level .

If he hadn't gotten the Mist Fiend Devil King from the special dimensional box and his combat strength hadn't increased to its current level, then killing the last major boss would've been next to impossible.

He had to say it was a narrow, a very narrow escape. He had almost gotten to the point of losing, but in the end still managed to be a step quicker than Ye Qing and obtain the last part of Refining PaG.o.da.

Refining PaG.o.da was one of the major transcending sage tools within the Tower of Glory. On the basis of the minimum conditions for each of the three transcending sage tools, it was clear that Flux Ancestor had allocated them for ordinary crystal, silver crystal, and golden crystal layers respectively.

Void Disk required an ordinary crystal fluxer to reach the twenty-fifth level of the tower, only then could one exchange for its final part. Each part also required eight hundred eighty-eight tower badges.

If a black crystal fluxer tried to

exchange for it, then the price would be doubled, and if was a silver crystal fluxer, then the price would be triple the original, which was already extremely high. This was the reason why even people who had sufficient tower badges didn't dare to exchange for it. The price simply became too high after it doubled or tripled.

The exchange price for the last part of Refining PaG.o.da was perfectly equal to the amount of tower badges collected by rainbow crystal fluxers after clearing the seventieth level.

Thus after Li Yunmu cleared it, he hadn't only picked his target, the third part of the Refining PaG.o.da, but also chose an extremely deadly weapon with the remaining tower badges.

With the extremely deadly weapon entering his a.r.s.enal, he finally gained the confidence to deal with the divine blood king cla.s.s beasts in the King's True Territory. Because of it, he was now in an extremely good mood.

"Congratulations, Lord Azure Dragon. I have come to safely escort you on the order of Her Ladys.h.i.+p Vega."

Under the tower, the female commander of Battle Sage Vega, who was extremely thorough, was waiting under the orders given to her.

"Fortunately I didn't betray your master's trust and got my hands on this piece at just the perfect time. It was really an extremely close call," Li Yunmu said with a laugh.

The female commander who had been waiting outside had, in truth, been quite anxious for Li Yunmu. The piece of transcending sage tool which was the key for Chaotian Sect's success had almost been obtained by Ye Qing.

When many people who looked down upon Ye Qing's personal strength found out that the time they had estimated he would require was wrong, they realized that with the a.s.sistance of Chaotian sect, his strength had certainly increased greatly.

Although the people dispatched by all the continents to disrupt

disrupt Chaotian Sect's plan failed, Li Yunmu was successful at the last moment, allowing the governing authorities in each continent to breath a sigh of relief.

"Lord Azure Dragon, let's move. Her Majesty Vega is waiting for your return."

The female commander left together with him while beaming with smiles.

In a short while, Li Yunmu once again saw Battle Sage Vega.

"You're really good. I had arranged many other candidates, but they all lost. You were the only one to succeeded. To be honest, you weren't the one I was most optimistic about."

Battle Sage Vega's tone had became even gentler this time, and her words even more frank. If not the brilliant flame being emitted at all times by the Dual Star Supreme Suit's armor on her body, she would resemble a kind senior.

It was no wonder then that all people of the Central Continent and even the people of other continents admired her. She was the gentlest and closest to ordinary people quasi deity.

Having such a defender G.o.ddess was really a great fortune for the people of the Central Continent.

"Your Ladys.h.i.+p is overpraising, this junior was just a bit luckier than his peers and nothing more." In front of a Battle Sage, Li Yunmu didn't dare to be reckless and spoke with extreme modesty.

"Luck is also a part of one's ability. If I hadn't had that fortuitous encounter, I wouldn't have been able to see this day and lived out my life as an ordinary woman." 

Battle Sage Vega smiled without the slightest hint of dismay regarding her origins.

At the moment, she was very interested in Li Yunmu and also appeared to be quite fond of him. This was perhaps because his background was quite similar to hers.

As for the rumor about the Li Sect standing behind Li Yunmu or the mysterious Domain Sage had had invited before, they didn't

they didn't mean anything. Such things could convince all the normal people, Ordinary and Domain Sages, but they weren't sufficient for a Battle Sage. A person with a mental state which was without any flaws was just too tyrannical.

Not to mention that behind Battle Sage Vega stood the Imperial Court of Central Continent. She had great influence and status in the Imperial Court, so if she wanted to check Li Yunmu's personal information, she could obtain definite and convincing answers right there.

Battle Sage Vega and Li Yunmu had a long conversation, during which Li Yunmu learned about the events that had taken place after he had entered the Tower of Glory. When he listened to the great changes, he was completely dumbstruck.

In just two short days, so many major events had happened in the outside world. b.e.s.t.i.a.l Sage had died? Many Flux Sages had encountered enemies, peris.h.i.+ng one after another? And even Flux Disciples and Flux Masters were being killed?

Li Yunmu, who possessed a sharp intuition, instantly became aware that given the great upheaval, some great changes were about to happen.

"Your Ladys.h.i.+p. I want to ask you about the Continental Battle," Li Yunmu said with some hesitation. He had some information about it, but it wasn't enough.

This was a grand contest organized by the six continents and took place every three years. Flux Disciples and Flux Masters could both partic.i.p.ate, and it was the great stage which gave rise to many formidable names in the past.

However, since it was meant as a contest, then it was really just a contest. Regardless of how majestic it was or how much attention it attracted, it could only remain a show.

Yet after b.e.s.t.i.a.l Sage's death, one after another many formidable people met with accidents. Li Yunmu, with his sharp intuition, could clearly sense that some earth shattering secret was certainly secret was certainly concealed behind this Continental Battle. Otherwise, why would a character like Battle Sage Vega be alerted by a trifling battle contest and personally kill b.e.s.t.i.a.l Sage only to obtain the second part of Azure Dragon Deity Suit for a n.o.body like Li Yunmu.

Battle sages and domain sages from all walks of life were now making their moves and secretly killing many sage level characters. This was simply terrifying.

"Ehh… Normally, given your strength, you wouldn't possess the qualifications to learn this secret." Battle Sage Vega paused for an instant, then revealed a hint of information. "But this time's Continental Battle is different, because Earth is going to undergo a major transformation soon. You must obtain the qualifications to enter the Continental Battle. This time, it won't only affect the future situation of the Central Continent, but can also prove to be a major opportunity for you."

When Li Yunmu left Vega Palace, great waves were surging in his heart, which he couldn't pacify for a long time. Earth was going to undergo a major transformation?

Battle Sage Vega hadn't revealed much, but her single sentence allowed Li Yunmu to realize that something really major was going to happen next.

It was no wonder then that sage level characters had made their moves in such a short period of time. The secret concealed behind the upcoming event was even more serious than Li Yunmu had thought.

Not only was it related to his personal growth, but would also change the future power structure of the six continents and even cause a great transformation in the current situation on Earth.

Earth… What kind of transformation was going to happen there?

Li Yunmu had a vague feeling that the aftereffect of this time's transformation would not be inferior to the changes caused two hundred years ago by the Dimensional Shooting Star falling to Earth.

Shadow Hack Chapter 222

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