Shadow Hack Chapter 226

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A+ A- Chapter 226: Sword Sage's Fury

Using Wings of the Wind, Li Yunmu advanced toward the Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain with lightning speed.

By this time, the news about him being ambushed at the Setting Sun Garrison had already been posted on all the online platforms of the six continents.

"The An Family of Tower City has really low IQ, even Chaotian Sect couldn't do anything to Li Yunmu, but An Family still dared to create trouble for him."

"Good G.o.d, the current Li Yunmu is a human-shaped monster. How can the power of his flesh be so terrifying?"

"Yes, given the tyrannical power of his flesh, when the time comes for his body to enter the sage layer, I don't think he will face any problems."

The video of Li Yunmu killing all the ambushers was quickly spread around. When people saw how he swept through the ambushers sent by the An Family with lightning speed, all of them were left completely astonished.

"This Li Yunmu's strength is increasing very quickly."

Halfway throughout the video, people saw Li Yunmu's reflection shaking once and six powerful shadows being summoned to kill the fleeing enemies.

"Could these be the shadow clansmen from the true Sixth Dimension? Surprisingly, he also possesses secondary flux energy. This Li Yunmu has concealed his secrets too deeply," some expert commented on the origins of Li Yunmu's shadow clansmen.

Not only the veteran fluxer from the online platform, even Li Qinghong, Lin Jian, and the rest of Li Yunmu's followers, thought that his shadows belonged to the Shadow Clan of the true Sixth Dimension.

However, how could outsiders know that these six shadows were not related to the Shadow Clan?

"Reportedly, the troops dispatched by the An Family were led by two Halted Fluxers who were ranked within the top thirty, yet they were crushed by Li Yunmu with just one punch."

"He didn't even use flux energy, simply relying on the

power of his flesh. Too monstrous."

Many people mocked An Family for losing their brains and daring to provoke this Lunatic Li. Yet when An Family heard about this matter, they soon released an explanation that the people who had attacked Li Yunmu weren't related to them.

When everyone heard this, a wave of shock pa.s.sed through their hearts.

This was chaos! The entire fluxer community was in great chaos.

An Family hastily produced a lot of evidence to prove that those people hadn't been sent by them. However, the wave of attacks wasn't over yet. Suddenly, the disciple of Sword Sage Ling Shuang also met with an accident.

She was returning to the Sword Sect when she was attacked by three groups of masked attackers. This was on Earth, though, not the Fifth Dimension.

Under the attack of the three groups, two of Ling Shuang's four junior sisters died. Ling Shuang also sustained injuries, but at the most crucial time, she and the other two junior sisters used Sword Sect's life saving seals to kill more than ten attackers and break through the siege.

Reportedly, the highest level expert among the attackers was a Temporal Flux Master. Furthermore, there were even two Transcendent Flux Masters.

However, Sword Sect's disciples had many treasures to save their lives. They relied on the formidable might of the Sword Sect's treasures to kill more than ten rainbow crystal fluxers and one Transcendent Flux Master before escaping.

Once this news came out, the whole world was left astonished.

One of those women were a direct disciple of a Battle Sage while the rest were his sect's disciples, and someone had dared to attack them?

Although there was no video since the ambush happened in the wilderness, Ling Shuang killing a Transcendent Flux Master still caused many people to exclaim.

However, this was just the beginning. Before long, a news which shook everyone spread

spread across the six continents—Sword Sage was furious!

Those who attacked Ling Shuang hadn't expected that they would infuriate a quasi deity level existence to this extent.

There was a secret organization located in the Higher Dimensional Continent. In a single night, the whole organization which comprised of more than 1600 people was flooded with corpses.

Lots of information kept being transmitted, but reportedly, this secret organization's extermination was caused by Ling Shuang's master Sword Sage.

In half a day, he had crossed to another continent and exterminated an enormous organization.

No one had thought that a Battle Sage's response would be so fierce, but only a few people knew the real reason behind his fury. Right then, whoever dared to attack Ling Shuang, would have to suffer the rage of this terrifying existence.

However, even after Sword Sage's fury, the attacks didn't slow down. While returning to the Snow Temple, Xie Qianxue was also ambushed.

This attack would have even succeeded if Xie Qianxue hadn't revealed her heavenly world. With the a.s.sistance of world power, she was finally able to escape the calamity. Yet the two Temporal Flux Masters and four Transcendent Flux Masters dispatched by the Snow Temple to protect her were killed.

Xie Qianxue had her own heavenly world! This news shocked many people

What happened next was according to expectations. When Xie Qianxue returned to the Snow Temple after being injured, the whole place was shocked. The Snow Temple then made a public proclamation that they would certainly exterminate all the attackers and offered an extremely precious treasure, which startled the people to the extent that their mouths went agape, for anyone that could offer information on the attackers.

The entire Snow Temple was now full of murderous intent.

In less than half a day, four Ordinary Flux Sages and one Domain Sage were dispatched toward the Northern Continent. Furthermore, Xie Qianxue's master Battle Sage

Battle Sage Snow had already rushed over there and started a killing spree.

Sword Sage, Snow Sage—the fury of these two quasi deity level existences kept burning the six continents for the whole day.

But the attacks were still not over. On the third day, astonis.h.i.+ng news kept coming in one after another.

Xiye Hanbei was ambushed within the Fifth Dimension.

Reportedly, some secret organization had planted a large amount of explosives on the route he had to take, which turned the perimeter of several kilometers into a death zone. But Xiye Hanbei surprisingly didn't die in the explosion. However, when he came out of the death zone with serious injuries, he was attacked by four Halted Fluxers and several rainbow crystal layer fluxers.

At the most crucial moment, an extremely formidable mysterious person attacked and savagely killed the few Halted Fluxers, then escaped from the scene carrying Xiye Hanbei.

Although this news wasn't as mind boggling as Sword Sage and Snow Sage's fury, but within the Fifth Dimension, it wasn't one whit inferior.

The most powerful person of the Fifth Dimension had surprisingly suffered serious injuries, and the enemy hadn't hesitated to use a large amount of explosives.

But what caught the attention of people the most was the mysterious person who had saved Xiye Hanbei. Who was he?

The attacks on Li Yunmu, Ling Shuang, Xie Qianxue, Xiye Hanbei were just the beginning. After this, even Chaotian Sect's Ye Qing also met with an accident.

He was ambushed by three secret organizations who'd joined hands. The flux sage dispatched by Chaotian Sect to protect Ye Qing suffered some serious injuries, then used some secret treasure of the sect to flee from the scene with his charge. Their whereabouts were currently unknown.

The provoked Chaotian Sect sent several flux sages and a large amount of Flux Masters to rescue them right away.

This was real chaos. The whole six continents were six continents were in chaos!

For the several days after, the ambushes continued. When Tyrant Jiang left the territory of Barbarian King, he was also ambushed, but Barbarian King had been prepared for the attack and repelled the attackers.

There were, of course, some ambushes which succeeded. Extreme Devil Path Sect's Yan Xing was ambushed by a formidable secret organization, because of which this person who had recently become an Unhindered Fluxer after clearing the seventieth level perished.

As for the proud sons and daughters of heavens who continued to reach for the seventieth level in the past few days, some of them also suffered ambushes. Many of these new stars who had just become unhindered began to fall one after another.

Even then, many more powers still dispatched their disciples to clear the seventieth level.

What is happening in this world? This question rose up in the hearts of ordinary people and many fluxers who weren't privy to secret information. As for Li Yunmu, the first person who was attacked, he was completely forgotten as the news of astonis.h.i.+ng events kept flooding in every day.

Many people had already given up on the idea to attack him. Even many behind the scenes actors realized that killing Li Yunmu was even more difficult than killing Xiye Hanbei.

The reason for this was his absolute defense, the headache of many would-be attackers. A large amount of explosives had been able to harm Xiye Hanbei, but it wasn't certain that it would pose any problem to Li Yunmu.

Yet even so, some people were unwilling to give up and entered the Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain. There, they used all sorts of underhanded methods to search for Li Yunmu's whereabouts.

However, they could only discover that Li Yunmu was nowhere to be found. It was as if he and the six Halted Fluxers under his command had vanished from the Fifth Dimension.

Shadow Hack Chapter 226

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