Shadow Hack Chapter 229

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A+ A- Chapter 229: I also Have a Killing Spell

Damage Reflection, Safeguard, Universe Cover!

Li Yunmu thought for some time, then clenched his teeth. He still decided to follow his route to the extreme and continuously upgrade his absolute defense.

Because of this, he chose to retain Safeguard. After being upgraded to the thirtieth level, it could already block 30% of the incoming damage, which was then reduced further by 60% because of Admiralty Cover.

The effectiveness of this damage reduction ability could cause people's hairs to stand up.

If a hundred points of damage were inflicted upon him, then they would first be reduced by 30%, leaving behind only seventy points of damage, which would then be reduced by 60%. The final amount of damage that that pa.s.sed through Admiralty Cover would then be just twenty-eight points. In other words, just by relying on Admiralty Cover, he could weaken the enemy's attack by more than 70%. What opponent wouldn't despair after learning of this?

Currently, the most formidable person in the Fifth Dimension was certainly Xiye Hanbei, but the person with the greatest defense was certainly Li Yunmu. 

Perhaps his offense couldn't be compared to Xiye Hanbei's, but when talking about defense, Xiye Hanbei couldn't claim any superiority over Li Yunmu. This was why that number one Halted Fluxer had been seriously injured by the large amount of explosives.

If it had been Li Yunmu, perhaps not a single d.a.m.n point of damage would have been inflicted upon him!

In other words, his defense could only be broken by relying on weapons with extraordinary attack power, like runic spears. Otherwise, nothing could break through.

This was why the ambushers had relied upon a large number of heavy crossbows to kill him. However, they hadn't expected that after Li Yunmu's Tyrant Body attained the

minor threshold, its defense became even more domineering.

"I still have 530,000 ability points, pour them all into Admiralty Cover."

By now, Admiralty Cover had been upgraded to the thirtieth level, and the damage reduction had already reached 60%. Since Li Yunmu had decided to walk this path to the extreme, he then poured out all of his remaining ability points into this unusual cultivation method.

Thirty-first level, 100,000 ability points, upgrade!

Thirty second level, 200, 000 ability points, upgrade!

After pouring three hundred thousand ability points, he could only upgrade the cultivation method to the thirty-second level and attain 6%, raising his defense by a bit.

"System, what about now. What is the difference between me and Xiye Hanbei?"

After advancing his Admiralty Cover to the thirty-second level in one breath and Safeguard's damage reduction increasing after reaching the threshold of the thirtieth level, Li Yunmu's defense had increased explosively. At this time, he again asked about the disparity between him and Xiye Hanbei.

[Only two chips. Moreover with host's current strength, an opponent at the level of Xiye Hanbei couldn't threaten your safety.]

The system paused for a moment, then added, [Naturally, this hypothesis is based on the strength which he has revealed publicly. If he has some additional strength which he has concealed, then like before there will be a certain amount of disparity between you and him.]

Li Yunmu nodded, implying that he already knew that. Everyone had their trump cards, which definitely wouldn't be revealed to the public. However, his aim for now was only to get close to the level of strength which that man had publicly revealed. That alone would be sufficient.

Because after this, he would still continue to increase his strength.

After coming out of his heavenly world, he

he returned to the transfer point in King's True Territory where Li Qinghong and the others were sitting in a circle.
"During the next month, our goal is to increase our strength till the bottleneck. To achieve this, we need to kill a twelve rainbow light king ahead of us."

This time, Li Yunmu had prepared well. After continuously increasing his strength, especially since his Tyrant Body had attained the minor threshold and Admiralty Cover improved a lot, he wanted to have another battle with the divine eight rainbow light devil king.

At the moment, they didn't have much time left. So he immediately led everyone into the domain of the twelve rainbow light king after pa.s.sing through the plains where Ape G.o.ds were roaming around.

This time, when everyone entered the plains, fifty or sixty Ape G.o.ds had gathered there. But because Li Yunmu was pressed by time, he didn't command his followers to attack. He kicked the earth and like a human-shaped monster rushed towards the group of beasts by himself.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

Li Yunmu shook six times and every time a shadow separated from his body.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang

With one person and six shadow as well as the Mist Fiend attacking, Li Yunmu didn't even need to use flux energy and relied solely on world power and the strength of his flesh.

Continuous punches of World Killing Fist ruthlessly killed more than half of the Ape G.o.ds. In a heartbeat, the rest of the Ape G.o.ds who were transformed by divine blood were left crippled and then were brought into the heavenly world.

The number of Ape G.o.ds in Li Yunmu's heavenly world attained new heights, crossing more than one hundred fifty.

"Master's strength has increased again."


increased again."

"You're simply a human-shaped killing machine. For some reason, when I see master battling, I feel my heart palpitating, like when I see Xiye Hanbei and Man Tian's battles."

Li Qinghong and the others were greatly startled. In less than ten days, Li Yunmu's strength had leaped up by a great margin once again. Right then, even killing these formidable rainbow crystal dimensional beasts which had been transformed by divine blood was no different for him from slaughtering ordinary rainbow crystal dimensional beasts.

Just by relying on the power of his flesh, he brutally suppressed every Ape G.o.d, and soon, they returned to the domain of the divine blood devil king.

If it had been an ordinary king's domain, then with Li Yunmu's present strength, only the twelve rainbow light king would force him to expand some effort.

However, this domain belonged to a king dimensional beast who had been transformed by divine blood, and thus even someone as domineering as Li Yunmu could only survey the surroundings cautiously from the distance.

"Master, wo aren't capable of handling phantom kings, let alone divine blood devil kings. It's too dangerous."

When faced with the divine blood devil kings, Demon had already become afraid.

As for Li Yunmu, he could now fight a divine blood devil king on his own, and according to his estimations, each of his shadows could also fight with a devil king. Mist Fiend could also be included in the calculations now. With his current strength, he was also a devil king transformed by divine blood.

However, underneath the mound on which they had established their camp, there were three devils kings and twenty-six divine blood phantom kings leading a terrifying amount of dimensional beasts. They were all freely roaming about.

Everyone's intention of about.

Everyone's intention of attacking together was swiftly dispelled.

However, since Li Yunmu had dared to return, he naturally had come prepared. He waved his hand and four runic spears weapons appeared on the mound.

"Demon, Barbarian Niu, the two of you will be responsible for these weapons."

Li Yunmu commanded without giving any leeway for hesitation. He then made another grab at the air, and a small eight attribute yellow banner appeared in his hand.

Once this small eight attribute yellow banner appeared, all his followers instantly cried out in surprise, "Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner."

"That's right, you're all pretty good. This is exactly that Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner which cost me tower badges. It's one of a kind item in this world."

Li Yunmu laughed mischievously.

This was another great harvest he had obtained from the Tower of Glory. With his golden crystal fluxer cultivation, after the fiftieth level the drop rate of tower badges in each level's small and big boss rooms had increased significantly. When he reached the sixtieth level and then the seventieth, the drop rate became even higher.

Thus, after rus.h.i.+ng to the seventieth level to exchange for the soul of Refining PaG.o.da, he still had another goal. It was to exchange for the Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner to conquer this King's True Territory. Otherwise, he wouldn't have the confidence to be able to train his followers in the short time they had to the point that they could clear the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory.

After obtaining the Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner, everything was different. Regardless of whether it was the divine blood phantom kings or divine blood devil kings or divine blood kings, all of them would be killed one by one!

Shadow Hack Chapter 229

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