Shadow Hack Chapter 231

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A+ A- Chapter 231: Enormous Harvest from the Battle

At this moment, Flowing Cloud had surpa.s.sed the power of the five Violent Blades stacked together displayed by Li Yunmu and his four shadows. She was capable of this because of the Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner's ice flag.

However, it wasn't over yet. Once Flowing Cloud became more accustomed to the ice flag's controls, she launched another round of attacks.

Suddenly, an array of ice arrows covered the sky. More than a hundred missiles rushed toward the devil king.

Soon, it was no longer able to dodge, and out of more than a hundred arrows, it was struck by nearly 90% of them. The formidable might of this attack surpa.s.sed even the ice cones falling from the sky.

This time, more than half of the rainbow light was extinguished from the body of the divine blood devil king. The power of each ice arrow was extraordinary, and although they couldn't be compared to the enormous ice cones, their power was concentrated and thewere much more of them.

"Ice Dragon Attack!" Flowing Cloud yelled out, and an ice dragon took form. It was half a meter wide and ten meters long, and upon appearing, it rushed straight for the devil king.

"Ice Dragon Attack!"

"Frozen Prison!"

"Frost Ray!"

Flowing Cloud seemed to have gone out of control. She commanded and incredibly large amount of deadly ice energy to attack the devil king.

Since she cultivated the ice flux energy and flux skills related to it, she had grasped two medium level killing techniques: Ice Arrow and Frost Ray. However, with the a.s.sistance of Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner's ice flag, she could unleash skills that she hadn't yet comprehended nor had enough power for. At this moment, she didn't even have to worry about exhausting her strength.

This was the deadly power of a killing spell!

Apart from Li Qinghong and Lin Jian who had experienced it before, the others hadn't encountered such spells.

Today, they saw for the first time how deadly were the killing spells.

It was evident that this Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner which was operated by Flux Disciples was only a small-scale deadly spell. It had the perimeter of roughly three hundred meters. Yet even so, a devil king like the one which had almost killed Li Yunmu before could only howl fiercely when faced with the attacks from the deadly spell. The craeture had no power to retaliate.

"System, gather data on Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner and categorize it according to attributes and their killing power."

Li Yunmu became apprehensive and asked the system to a.n.a.lyze the details of this deadly spell.

He could already see some of the outer threads. The crucial part of this Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner wasn't the high level hallucinations or illusionary sounds, but the s.h.i.+eld that prevented monsters from sensing anything.

With the terrifying movement speed of the divine blood devil king, if it hadn't lost all sense of direction, then how could it have gotten hit by the rain of ice arrows. While entrapped, the devil king simply didn't know where the attacks were coming from. Even its ability to sense danger had been blocked, leaving it unable to retaliate.

Soon, the second divine blood devil king, which was also entrapped within the valley, rushed toward Li Yunmu's thunder flag. Instantly, Li Yunmu became extremely excited and began to attack crazily.

Once he began operating the thunder flag, he instantly understood why Flowing Cloud had become so violent. At this moment, seven deadly thunder skills appeared within his consciousness.

Heavenly Thunderbolt, Mad Thunder, Thunder Explosion, Thunder Serpent, Thunder h.e.l.l, Heavenly Thunder Earthly Flame, and Thunder Chains.

Li Yunmu commanded with a thought, and instantly a Heavenly Thunderbolt flashed toward the second devil king who had entered the zone of thunder, but the attack wasn't too effective.

This was because there was

was little of Heavenly Thunderbolt released. It required more power.

The next instant, Li Yunmu inputted even more thunder power, and instantly, great changes occured in the surroundings covered by the thunder domain. One after another, bolts of thunder flashed, falling on the body of the divine blood devil king.

Because of this, one rainbow light was soon extinguished. Thunder dark flux energy deserved its t.i.tle of the most destructive energy. It wasn't given to it without any basis. Before Li Yunmu tested the flag's power, he did not think too much about it, but after trying it out himself, he was left in shock.

He had roughly used up a percent of the thunder dark flux energy, and the flag produced eleven Heavenly Thunderbolts. The power of this killing spell was just too excessive, and its formidable might was even being amplified by the amount of power Li Yunmu inputted.

"Thunder Serpent, kill it."

Instantly, a bucket-sized thunder serpent, which was made up of thunder energy compressed to its utmost, descended from the sky and pounced toward the divine blood devil king.

"Thunder h.e.l.l."

This time, the scene became even more terrifying. The whole thunder domain, including the sky, earth, and everything in-between, was covered by a large amount of thunderbolts.

All of Li Yunmu's thunder energy was extracted within an instant for this ranged type deadly technique. Once he unleashed it, the phantom kings and other monsters which had followed the devil king inside began to wail like ghosts.

By this time, the zones of other attributes were also activated by Underworld Hand and the others. None of them had expected that operating a deadly spell would allow them as Flux Disciples to display this level of power.

The difference between the two realms of Flux Disciples and Flux Masters was considered so enormous that even Xiye Hanbei wouldn't dare to claim that he could bypa.s.s it and fight with a Flux

a Flux Master. The disparity between the two realms was simply something that could not be bypa.s.sed.

But right then, the deadly spell had accomplished just that.

An eight rainbow light devil king's strength almost reached the pinnacle of Flux Disciple realm. However, at this moment they were entrapped by the deadly spell and ruthlessly hammered by various abilities.

Still, the three divine blood devil kings were extremely terrifying. When they only had two rainbow lights left, they went berserk.

These devil kings who had been transformed by divine blood suddenly burst forth explosively. Both their movement and attack speed reached a terrifying level. They exploited their berserk attacks and attacked the maze within the valley, trying to get outside the deadly spell.

The formation regrettably lacked two spells. According to the system's a.n.a.lysis, this resulted in some loopholes in the restrictions on the five senses. And since they were there, in time, the divine blood devil king's found the best locations.

They were the heat and the earth domains. These two positions lacked someone controlling them, but they were covered by the four runic spear forbidden weapons.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

Blade Overlord and Barbarian Niu used the deadly weapons in unison, launching the four spears which finally crushed the devil king that was trying to escape.

However, a second divine blood devil king was already there. It broke out of the spell while the four deadly weapons were being reloaded.



Bang! Bang! Bang!

With the attack speed of fifteen attacks per second, the berserk devil king rushed to the edge of the deadly spell and began to attack its protective cover.

Everyone's faces turned pale at this instant. None of them had expected that after receiving the attacks of the deadly spell, these devil kings would still remain alive and even come to threaten them.

The cover formed by the deadly spell began to shake under the attacks of the berserk devil king. The see-through king. The see-through s.h.i.+eld was on the verge of disappearing.

However, at this time, another eight rainbow light devil king came from somewhere and attacked the first devil king, sending it flying.

Another divine blood devil king? And one with none of its rainbow lights extinguished? Where did it come from?

The answer presented itself quickly. It was the Mist Fiend devil king which Li Yunmu had obtained from the special dimensional box. This creature belonged to Mist Fiend race like the others here, and it also had been transformed by divine blood and had eight rainbow lights.

Instantly, the two devil kings forgot their surroundings and began to battle fiercely. They had similar strength, but in the end, the enemy devil king was torn to shreds after having extinguished four of the rainbow lights of Li Yunmu's Mist Fiend.

A drop of divine blood floated into the air. No, there were three drops, because all three of the devil kings had died.

One had died after being critically injured by the forbidden tools, one had been killed by the Mist Fiend, and the final one had died in Li Yunmu's thunder zone.

Thunder dark flux energy was indeed worthy of being called the most powerful destructive power. Under Li Yunmu's control, it had exterminated the third devil king.

Once the three devils kings died, there was no longer any suspense toward the outcome of the battle. Even though there were more than twenty phantom kings left, they simply couldn't break out of the spell's field with their strength.

In an hour, the battle was finished. During this time, the Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner had killed three divine blood devil kings, twenty-seven divine blood phantom kings, and more than three hundred sixty high level dimensional monsters.

The only thing left when the spell was deactivated was a large pile of flux crystals as well as thirty drops of divine blood!

Shadow Hack Chapter 231

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