Shadow Hack Chapter 234

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Chapter 234: Great Opportunity

It was known that Li Yunmu had appeared in the Northern Continent.

Naturally, the information about his whereabouts had been deliberately revealed by his own self because he wanted to mislead others.

While people were discussing about the three Overlords who had finally revealed themselves instead of remaining hidden like the others, Li Yunmu had actually secretly led his followers back into the Fifth Dimension.

"That's strange, when did this Devil enter Frontline Heaven? He had been a rogue fluxer for so long, so when had he formed such a relations.h.i.+p with the transcending power of the Northern Continent?"

This was the reason why Li Yunmu had revealed himself in the Northern Continent together with his followers and then quickly returned back to the Fifth Dimension.

Together with his seven followers, he had been bitterly cultivating day and night in the King's True Territory for the whole month, besides showing outside today. The speed of their recultivation once they discarded their previous cultivations was faster than he had imagined.

Most importantly, though, Li Yunmu's own strength had increased greatly during this month. By relying on his own strength as well the Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner and the runic spears, he had already exterminated five divine blood kings' domains while also dealing with a large number of divine blood phantoms and divine blood devil kings. Even the twelve rainbow light divine blood kings which could give a fright to any Flux Disciple had been killed by him. Five of them even.

As a result, his cultivation had entered the pinnacle of the Fifth Dimension, the rainbow crystal layer. Moreover, he had also obtained five twelve rainbow light king dimensional crystals.

His twelve rainbow light king dimensional armor was finally strengthened five times by the king dimensional crystals. It could now truly display its superiority and extraordinariness.

Each time Li Yunmu strengthened the king crystal armor, he had an option to improve one of five different areas. The first one he chose was the brain region. Strengthening it meant that when he adorned the king crystal armor, his brain would break through into new grounds under the armor's effects.

Reflexes, eyesight, hearing, perception of other senses, intuition as well as advanced judgment—all of these would be greatly upgraded once his king crystal armor strengthened

the brain region.

In second place came his agility, which was mainly around the crystal armor's leg positions. After strengthening them, his movement speed as well as the power displayed by his legs would undergo a terrifying transformation.

The third place that was strengthened was his power, which came from the position of crystal armor over his chest. Heart was the engine of the human body which transported blood through it. This made heart the most important organ in one's body. 

After strengthening this region, the crystal armor there would emit radiation toward the body which would propel the heart to increase in size, thus greatly increasing the output of flesh. Li Yunmu then could also eter a state in which he would surpa.s.s the normal limitations of his body. With his extremely formidable flesh, this kind of improvement would be displayed to the peak.

The fourth thing that was strengthened was defense, which was around the torso region. Once the armor there was improved, its defensive capability was greatly reinforced and became even more profound.

The fifth thing improved was energy usage. All of the king crystal armor was strengthened in general, so when it burst forth with flux energy, its usage would be substantially reduced.

In the Flux Disciple layer, everyone had the opportunity at some point in time to strengthen their armor in five ways. This didn't apply to just king crystal armor but all of the crystal armor condensed by Flux Disciples.

Depending on their strengths, different fluxers used different flux crystals to do so. Li Yunmu had used only the twelve rainbow light king dimensional crystals to strengthen his armor, wherein lay the difference. Even if it was not explained in detail, anyone could tell that the difference would be huge.

After the five strengthenings, the disparity between king crystal armor and other flux crystal armor became even larger.

Thus, in just one month, Li Yunmu had not only advanced to rainbow crystal layer, but also achieved his dream of strengthening his king crystal armor. It really hadn't been that hard once he got some twelve rainbow light king flux crystals.

He was fully aware that during the strengthening, rather than choosing directions for comprehensive strengthening, it was better to follow one path to the end. Thus, the

the regions he had chosen were all related to power.

Since he had chosen to strengthen the heart region of his king crystal armor, he could now surpa.s.s the limits five times. This was because his body would be affected by the radiation from the armor over his chest.

After activating the first level, his power would increase by half.

Once he activated the second level, another half of his original power would be added to his current strength.

If he activated the fifth level, which was the highest, his flesh would become three times stronger than normally.

That's right, three times. It wasn't written wrongly before. When the final state was activated, Li Yunmu's power would increase to three times its original power.

The reason why he had chosen power was naturally to display the dominance of his physical body to the peak. According to the system's a.n.a.lysis, after he had completed strengthening his armor five times, not only did his current strength overtake Xiye Hanbei's strength from a month ago, it had even surpa.s.sed him by one chip.

If the power of the two shadows he had congealed after hacking day and night in the King's True Territory was added to the count, then Li Yunmu's current strength had surpa.s.sed Xiye Hanbei by a whole line.

Although the disparity between them wasn't of a whole grade, it was still a clear difference.

Even if Xiye Hanbei's strength had increased during this month and his hidden trump cards were added in the calculation, Li Yunmu was still certain he would have a chance to come out victorious in the battle against the number one person in the Fifth Dimension.

It wouldn't be the slightest bit of exaggeration to say that he had already surpa.s.sed people like Xiye Hanbei, Man Tian, Hai Yue, and Zhan Wuya in a few short months.

This was the result of him persisting on following a path to the end and insisting on congealing a king crystal armor. The Flux Disciple realm was known as a foundation laying realm. Every time he built up his foundation, he would surpa.s.s others by a chip. When this amount was added together, the difference didn't remain at just one chip but increased to one line or even one or two grades.

That's why, from

why, from the beginning, Li Yunmu had tried to build the most formidable foundation. It was only a pity that time didn't wait for people. There were less than ten days left till the Continental Battle, and he didn't have time to congeal even one of the twelve rainbow lights in his crystal armor. A real pity.

At this crucial time, Li Yunmu didn't hesitate to reveal himself. He was actually monitoring Devil at the moment. Although it would be better to say that he was monitoring the Azure Dragon Leg Guards that were in Devil's possession.

If Li Yunmu could kill Devil before the day of change and obtain the Azure Dragon Leg Guards, he would then have three parts of the supreme battlesuit and its power would be exceptionally terrifying.

The Azure Dragon Pearl given by Battle Sage Vega was the core vessel to store the killing power of Azure Dragon. Because of this, it was the strongest part.

Unfortunately, in the middle of his laborious chase, Li Yunmu discovered that Devil had entered Frontline Heaven. Once he heard that, he could only return back to the Fifth Dimension.

"Master, I just thought of something. I don't think that this matter is a coincidence." A hint of seriousness appeared on Lin Jian's face.

"Northern Continent's Frontline Heaven's Frontline G.o.d also possesses two parts of Azure Dragon Deity Suit." Li Qinghong gave voice to Lin Jian's worries.

"You suspect that Devil had secretly gotten help from Frontline Heaven?"

Li Yunmu was shocked inwardly. It wasn't only Lin Jian and the others who had thought of this, but he had also come to suspect it.

Why would Devil who had been a lone fluxer for ages now return to the real world and secretly enter Frontline Heaven. Besides, given his foundation, if he hadn't received favor from some powerful person, it would've been very difficult for him to cross the seventieth level just by relying on the Azure Dragon Leg Guards.

But now, everything made sense. 

Gloominess settled over everyone. Northern Continent's Frontline Heaven was a transcending power. It wasn't as formidable as Bladewood or War G.o.d Temple, but it wasn't too much weaker than them. After all, it was a transcending power of a whole continent, so how could it be weak.

Given that Li Yunmu that Li Yunmu possessed two parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, he had already developed an unresolvable conflict with Frontline G.o.d of Frontline Heaven.

Only if Li Yunmu willingly handed over the two parts of Azure Dragon Deity Suit would the enmity between them be resolved. However, not only Li Yunmu, even his followers would be against this.

In the current world, the five supreme battlesuits were extremely important. There was almost no other treasure which could compare to them, for even the five transcending sage tools weren't worth mentioning in the same sentence.

For example, War G.o.d Temple's Battle G.o.d only had four parts of the Barbarian Battle Deity Suit, but he was still publicly acknowledged as the number one person in the six continents.

Although there weren't many people at the level of a Battle Sage, when all of them were counted they still numbered to a decent amount. The reason why Battle G.o.d was seen as the most formidable, to the point of being acknowledged as the strongest person in all of the sixt continents, was because he possessed four parts of the Barbarian Battle Deity Suit.

Li Yunmu hadn't yet entered the sage layer, but he couldn't just hand over the opportunity to reach the pinnacle in the future. Even if the other party was a transcending power's master, he still couldn't do it.

A light flashed in Demon's eyes, and he fiercely said, "It's a big trouble, but also a big opportunity. Maybe Devil will secretly join Frontline G.o.d's group . If that happens, it'll be very likely that he'll be in possession of three parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit. Master, you shouldn't miss this sort of an enormous opportunity."

Even War G.o.d Temple's Battle G.o.d hadn't yet managed to collect all five parts of a supreme battle suit.

"Demon is right. What transcending power, master is bound to rise to the peak in the future. We must capture this opportunity, if Demon's words are right. If Devil has three parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit with him, then we must be ready to bet our lives for master."

Barbarian Niu's eyes turned red.

If master possessed five parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, his followers would be like heavenly envoys at the side of G.o.d.

Shadow Hack Chapter 234

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