Shadow Hack Chapter 250

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Chapter 250: Soul Refinement

Soon, the group discovered several more original ma.n.u.scripts in the ancient copper box. Surprisingly, all of them were cultivation methods of the Ghost Clan.


Instantly, all of them subconsciously realized that Devil had stumbled upon and harvested the complete inheritance of the exterminated Ghost Clan.

Ghostly Evasion was a temporal layer secret technique. Although it wasn't a sage level skill, according to the system's evaluation, it still surpa.s.sed the A grade cultivation methods.

Ghostly Evasion was different from the Ghostly Image Subst.i.tution technique. The latter allowed the user to cheat death by moving through the void and mainly focused on using a ghost image to escape death by confusing the enemy as well as concealing one's own whereabouts. Due to this, the enemy wouldn't be able to locate the user.

Ghostly Evasion, however, focused on fleeing speed.

Devil was previously acknowledged as the person with the fastest movement speed in the Fifth Dimension. Besides the Azure Dragon Leg Guards, that t.i.tle greatly depended on this secret technique as well. After cultivating it, he could transform into a black line which moved through the air like a ray of light. As his cultivation became higher, the speed of the black ray would also increase.

In short, if he wanted to escape, then no one could stop him.

However, the Ghostly Evasion had two fatal weak points. First, it could only be cultivated by people who possessed the bloodline of the Ghost Clan. Second, during daylight, the black line was eye-catching and could easily be tracked. Due to all this, it lost all meaning as an evasive move and just relied on its speed.

When the group heard about this

secret technique, they instantly cried out in surprise.

Again, only those who possessed the Ghost Clan's bloodline could cultivate it. This requirement was really too annoying.

But their harvest wasn't just limited to those two ma.n.u.scripts. They found another one which was called Ghost King's Body Refining Secrets!

This was a temporal grade body-refining method which had eighty-five levels. Successfully cultivating it to the peak would allow its user to reach the peak form of the Ghost Clan- "Ghost King".

With the body as tyrannical as that of a Ghost King, they could move unhindered in the whole world.

This ma.n.u.script was better than the others because everyone noticed that it surprisingly didn't have any cultivation requirements. Every fluxer could cultivate it, though as its cultivation continued to become more and more profound, the fluxer's temperament and shape would come closer to that of a Ghost King.

"This, can I cultivate this? I don't care whether I remain human or become a ghost, as long as I can become more formidable, I am willing to pay the price," Underworld Hand and Devil Monkey said almost in unison.

"You can, but first let me create a cultivation relaying globe for the two of you of this Ghost King's Body Refining Technique."
After saying that, Li Yunmu wondered about their eagerness. He hadn't expected that Underworld Hand and Devil Monkey would surprisingly be willing to go to such extremes to chase after power.

However, once he carefully thought about it and gathered the rumors and facts from all the major online platforms, he felt that it was ordinary. After all, a powerful temporal layer body-refining method was just too rare.

It wasn't just

just a simple cultivation method but rather a way which promised to the reduce the distance between them and the sage layer.

Everyone knew that the first requirement for stepping into the sage level was to break the limitations on one's own flesh. The human body was like a natural prison. If you couldn't surpa.s.s the limitations and break this prison, then how could you still talk about entering the sage level.

This temporal layer body-refining method could allow not only Underworld Hand and Devil Monkey, but even ordinary sage level characters a chance to reach for the higher layers.

Secret techniques and battle skills were fundamentally on different levels. Skills were only the means to display one's power. Even if they were higher level, they would only determine one's combat strength. 

Secret techniques acting in a different manner. A temporal layer body-refining secret technique was related to one's own cultivation bottleneck. Even if it wasn't a sage level supreme secret technique, it would still be valued by a lot of characters on the path to enter the sage layer.

Even if one became a member of a transcending power, they still wouldn't have the qualifications to cultivate a supreme secret technique. Only those who were seen as successors of transcending powers would qualify to cultivate the secrets which acted as the foundation for a transcending power.

Thus, finding a temporal layer body-refining technique among Devil possessions implied one obvious thing, and everyone was clear about it.

"I-, can I also?"

Nangong Gongzi also couldn't resist.

"That's okay, but first you must bind your soul imprint to my heavenly world, then I won't discriminate."

At this time, Li Yunmu's mind wasn't

mind wasn't on this, since this Ghost King's Body Refining Secrets were really a major foundation.

He possessed the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets, so he naturally wouldn't cultivate this Ghost King's Body Refining Secrets which was slightly inferior. However, he could certainly create a major power with real foundation using this secret technique.

Furthermore, since the system could manufacture cultivation relaying globes, that prerequisite would also be satisfied.

Li Yunmu soon discovered the third ma.n.u.script pa.s.sed on by the Ghost Clan - Devil Soul Refinement.

A sage cla.s.s cultivation method, this is surprisingly the rumored sage cla.s.s cultivation method!"

This time, even Li Yunmu couldn't help but be startled. As for Li Qinghong and the others, they no longer even knew how to describe their feelings.

What a fortuitous encounter had this Devil experienced, ahh?

No wonder he had always been patiently enduring and hadn't hesitated to discard his cultivation and re-cultivate. It wasn't just so he could use the Azure Dragon Leg Guards, but so that under the pretense of them he could conceal having received the Ghost Clan's inheritance.

Devil Soul Refinement not only involved the Ghost Clan of the true Sixth Dimension, but also the highest evolved life-forms of the Ghost Clan - Devils.

Naturally, the Devil Clan had nothing to do with Devil's name. It was a genuinely existing group of life-forms in the Seventh Dimension.

Devil life-forms couldn't be cla.s.sified as a race. All of them were solitary creatures, each of which possessed sage layer strength.

They resided in the highest layer and were even more terrifying than battle sages. The few life-forms which could threaten battle sages in this world lived in the Seventh Dimension.

The the Seventh Dimension.

The little shadow whom Li Yunmu had found previously was precisely one of such creatures. Devils were just like that as well

Li Yunmu shuddered a little while clasping the secret method engraved on some unknown creature's leather. After careful inspection, he discovered that this method pertained to the cultivation of one's spirit and also touched upon the mind.

There were three layers in sage layer Ordinary Flux Sage, Domain Sage, Battle Sage. Entering the sage level required one to break the prison of one's body and achieve transcendence over it, but that was just the first step

To take the next one, the person was required to congeal a sacred domain, and the requirement for congealing a domain was to cultivate the spirit.

Since cultivating spirit had to do with the mind, in layman terms, it meant strengthening one's spirit.

Thus, a soul-refining cultivation method was a necessary requirement for entering the Domain Sage layer. And the Devil Soul Refinement was precisely such a method. It could help an Ordinary Sage to form their own domain.

At this instant, everyone turned completely silent. Now, even a pin drop would have echoed like a scream.

Li Yunmu couldn't maintain his self-control, because although the system had many cultivation methods, could create supreme body-refining techniques, it didn't have any high level soul refining techniques.

Furthermore, even if the system could unlock this sort of soul refining method as it upgraded, it would fall short of this original ma.n.u.script. This was because the system's cultivation methods couldn't be transferred outside. No cultivation relaying globes could be created for them.

But for this technique in front of Li Yunmu, they could be!

Shadow Hack Chapter 250

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