Shadow Hack Chapter 255

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"This time, I will become truly unkillable."

After comprehending Plant Essence Innate Healing Reversal, this SSS grade technique, Li Yunmu understood how monsterous and heaven defying it was.

Moreover, after being combined with the ability to store vitality, the side effect of becoming weaker was also diminished, as long as he had sufficient vitality in reserve.

Thus, right then, Li Yunmu was basically unkillable.

If other people knew that in addition to his defense and an SSS grade skill Ghostly Image Subst.i.tution, this wastrel had also cultivated another supreme secret technique, probably not only Flux Disciples, but even Flux Masters would feel despair.

As a matter of fact, it had been less than half an year since Li Yunmu had started cultivating. Perhaps he hadn't acc.u.mulated a profound foundation and wasn't the most threatening person, but his combat strength was certainly the greatest. No one could compare to it.

Therefore, his five lives in addition to his endurance and endless combat strength would be pure nightmare for his enemies.

Li Yunmu decided to cultivate Plant Essence Innate Healing Reversal immediately. This SSS grade skill he had obtained after using all his s.p.a.ce elements also had ninety-nine levels.
The amount of ability points required to cultivate the first level was ten thousand.

Li Yunmu was prepared to cultivate to the tenth level right away, but when he tried to use the ability points to advance his cultivation, he discovered that he couldn't upgrade this skill.

[Reminder, because host is cultivating an SSS grade supreme cultivation method, you require a material from which you could absorb life essence. Without it, you won't be able to advance your cultivation,] the system promptly stated some crucial information.

"How can that be?"

Li Yunmu was startled.

But very quickly, he came to understand it.

For the real world's cultivation methods, attaining an SSS grade would mean that they had truly become supreme sage level cultivation methods. If Temporal layer cultivation methods were only S grade and ordinary sage level secret techniques were SS grade, then SSS grade or higher would mean that the method is at a supreme sage level. As for why they were considered supreme, that's because they were the pinnacle level cultivation methods.

Li Yunmu remembered that other SSS grade skill, Ghostly Image Subst.i.tution, he had cultivated previously had required resentful souls as the medium. Plant Essence Innate Healing Reversal, which was also an SSS grade cultivation method, required some material which could be the medium as well.

And this medium would be the stored vitality, in other words, the power of life he had stored up.

After figuring this out, Li Yunmu took out a small bottle from his storage badge. Inside the bottle were thirty nourishment pills which were called Life Preserving Food Pills.

One of these pills would provide nutrition and energy required for one day. A single bottle was meant to last a month.

Li Yunmu had stored several bottles of such nourishment pills in his storage badge. If he got stuck in some place where he couldn't find food, he could rely on these pills to last him for a whole year.

He now took out several pills and swallowed them to store up vitality which could be absorbed from them. However, he discovered very quickly that they had low efficiency.

Even after consuming thirty-seven pills, the system still stated that the amount of stored vitality wasn't enough to cultivate to the first level.

Finally Li Yunmu hardened his heart and pushed a hundred pills into his mouth like they were candy.

The system then relayed the information that he could cultivate to the first level.

F*cking finally.

After eating nearly a hundred nourishment pills, he had acc.u.mulated only enough for the first level? Li Yunmu burped a few times. He was now aware that even if these nourishment pills were purer than ordinary food, they were far from sufficient to allow him to cultivate the reversal cultivation method.

Since the nourishment pills were insufficient, then he would switch to herbs.

Soon, he fished out another small bottle. Inside it were three longan fruit-sized pills and swallowed them.

And sure enough, as he had expected, the three pills were worth much more. With them having giving him a large boost in vitality, he immediately cultivated to the second level. The three pills were equal to a hundred nourishment pills he had taken previously.

However, this grade of supplements also wasn't sufficient.

After some hesitation, a hint of ruthlessness rose in Li Yunmu's heart, and he took out a mountain ginseng he had obtained from an enemy. Then, without caring the least bit whether his body would negate it or not, he ate it straight away.

All of it was transformed into vitality essence and stored.

A few hundred year matured Ginseng which had quite a high value allowed his cultivation to reach the fourth level.

Fourth level!

My G.o.d! Li Yunmu's head began to ache. It showed up that as his cultivation advanced, the amount of stored vitality required to cultivate higher increased as well.

Li Yunmu instantly dispelled the thoughts of consuming other precious and expensive herbs. He wanted to cultivate to the tenth level, but given the rate at which the amount needed to reach the next level was increasing, even if he used up all the precious herbs he had in his storage badge, it would still prove to be insufficient. 

Suddenly, he saw a thumb-sized green crystal bottle from the corner of his eye - Sacred Life Water.

Yet as his heart jumped at the thought, he forcefully calmed it down.

Although using Sacred Life Water could give him lots of vitality, it would be a little too wasteful of him. After all, as long as he continued to eat the flesh of beasts with formidable vitality, he would acc.u.mulate the necessary amount sooner or later.

However, the thing he didn't have the most right then was time. After a bit of hesitation, he took out the bottle of Sacred Life Water and turned his head upward to swallow a drop of it.

Instantly, the effects were easy to see. After swallowing one drop of Sacred Life Water, Li Yunmu had obtained a notification from the system that he had the qualifications to cultivate to the thirteenth level.

From fourth level to thirteenth one, this was the effectiveness of one drop of Sacred Life Water which contained enormous amount of life force. It was thus no wonder then that just five drops of it would be enough for an ordinary person to regrow his limbs.

First level, ten thousand ability points.

Second level, twenty thousand ability points.

Thirteenth level, one hundred thirty thousand ability points.

In a heartbeat, Li Yunmu had poured in a large amount of ability points. Nine hundred thirty thousand of them vanished in an instant, leaving none behind. However, when Li Yunmu checked his profile panel created by the system based on the data gathered, he saw that Minor Reversal and Major Reversal had finally began to s.h.i.+ne, shedding their greyed out colors.

Ha ha, f*cking finally, the thirteenth level was reached.

Li Yumu took a deep breath. The thirteenth level of Plant Essence Innate Healing Reversal meant that he could use Minor Reversal four times in succession or one Major and one Minor Reversal.

This should be enough for the time being.

In the future, after he acc.u.mulated even more vitality essence which could act as his reserves, he would advanced further, but now it wasn't necessary. Thus, Li Yunmu didn't devour the last two drops of Sacred Life Water and put the bottle back into his storage badge.

Shadow Hack Chapter 255

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